Little Lisa Grows Up Ch. 1


Lisa arrived a few minutes later, wearing the standard gray plaid uniform of the school. I let her in and she wanted to start kissing immediately. I said, “Lisa lets wait to start kissing because I have ordered a pizza for us and I don’t want the delivery boy to catch us making out. She started to pout a little bit but then the bell rang and she was excited to have pizza.

While we were eating she was looking at the magazines again and asking question after question. I was answering them with total honesty for her. I could tell she was getting excited again because she was starting to squirm and I could also smell her slightly musky aroma. We started kissing again and her soft lips drove me wild with lust and passion.

Lisa broke the kiss this time to look at the magazine again and pointed to a man going down on a woman. Then she shocked the hell out of me by asking if we could kiss each other there. I didn’t know how to respond and I think I mumbled something like “we will do it soon enough dear”

Since we had finished eating and she had been asking a ton of questions about the magazines she got up and sat on my lap again. Lisa said, “Dave, are you excited to be with me; like the people in the magazines?” I told her I was very excited to be with her and she was sitting on my erection. Lisa said, “I know I can feel it pressing against my bum”

I asked her if she was excited to be here with me and she kind of giggled and said she was very excited but a little scared also. She said she wanted to know all about sex but had heard that it hurts real bad.

I told her that it hurts bad if the boy does not get you excited and real wet in your pussy. I also mentioned that there is a position that will have very little pain if any for the first time she has sex. Lisa asked, “ can I get that excited and what is the position?”

I said that to get that excited the boy should put his head between your legs after you make out for a while and lick and suck on your pretty little pussy. As soon as I said this, she started kissing me with all of the passion she had the day before. She started sticking her tongue so far into my mouth; I thought it would touch my tonsils.

I know this is wrong but I started kissing her with just as much passion and started rubbing my hands up her sides and on her cute little butt cheeks. As soon as I touched her butt she pressed even harder against me, I could feel her little nipples pressing into my chest. Lisa has the tiniest little ass; I can cover both cheeks with one hand.

I kept one hand on her ass cheeks and started running my other hand up and down her silky legs. What amazed me the most is that she grabbed my hand and placed it on one of her tiny little tits. I started rubbing and could feel the nipple standing at attention.

I broke the kiss and started licking and sucking on her neck while rubbing and slightly pinching her nipple to see how she would react. She actually squealed with delight from the sensations.

I pulled away from her for a moment and said that we should slow down. Lisa pleaded with me to keep kissing her. She said that she loved kissing and having me feel her.

I know when I actually stepped over the boundary with Lisa. Lisa started kissing me again and not being one to refuse her, I kissed back just as passionately. I actually started to unbutton her blouse and got three buttons open. I slid my hand into her shirt and I slid a finger between her bra and nipple. She just about went crazy when I touched her nipple. Her nipple was as hard as a little pebble. Lisa started asking me to finish taking off her top for her. I stopped kissing her neck to actually look at what I was doing while I unbuttoned it. My hands were shaking so bad that I could hardly hold onto the buttons. I finally got the remaining two buttons undone and pulled the tails of her top out of her skirt. I kept the white blouse on her shoulders so she wouldn’t feel embarrassed or vulnerable.

Lisa was squirming around on my lap so much that I was ready to cum in my pants just from the friction. I asked her to sit back down on the couch so that I could kiss her all over. She reluctantly scooted over and leaned back onto the couch and just relaxed.

I got onto my knees on the floor between her legs and leaned forward to kiss her again. When my lips touched hers, she instantly threw her arms around my neck and pulled me so close that bulge in my slacks was pressing against her skirt and panty covered little pussy.

We continued kissing for a few minutes when I finally broke loose and started to gently kiss and lick her neck. I worked my way down her neck and chest and licked and kissed just at the edge of her bra driving her even more insane with lust.

Lisa begged me to undo her bra and do the same thing to her little titties. I have always had the ability to undo any bra with just one hand but not this time. My hands were shaking so much from the excitement that I needed to use both of them to reach around her back to undo the single clasp.

I finally unhooked the clasp and then lifted her bra up with my teeth to expose her beautiful little mounds. This little girl had the prettiest little puffies ever; the aureoles were a very light pink and no larger than a quarter with the tinniest nipple standing on top of them. I started to lick all the way around her boobs without touching the nipples and this really drove her crazy. Lisa was moaning and shaking and holding my head against her titties.

I finally sucked in one nipple and then the other and kept alternating between the two. At this point my cock was so hard I thought it was going to split in two. As I was sucking on each nipple Lisa started whimpering and moaning even more, she finally said, “Dave my body feels all tingly and it also feels like I have to pee.”

I pulled my mouth off of her nipple and sad “Honey you are on the verge of your very first orgasm, please let me finish for you and you try to just enjoy it and don’t be scared”. Lisa whispered OK and I looked her directly in the eyes while sucking on those pert little puffies.

While I was sucking and licking her nipples I got real brave and started rubbing her skirt and panty covered pussy with my hard cock that was still in my pants. She went crazy and asked what I was doing. I said that I was adding a new sensation to her lessons and to really enjoy her upcoming orgasm. I was sucking on those nipples while dry humping her and thinking that if I didn’t stop I would cum in my pants.

The problem was that I couldn’t stop and neither could she. Lisa was fast approaching her first orgasm. She was shaking and quivering all over the faster I humped away. Lisa said she felt all hot and numb at the same time and that it felt like her stomach was cramping.

I was holding her so close and still sucking her pink nipples and dry humping when her first orgasm skyrocketed into her tiny little frame. I was so excited at being able to do this for her that I actually came in my pants at the same time. Lisa started telling me that she wanted to feel like that again. I told her that was her very first orgasm and that will be a lot more of them and I will be more than happy to give them to her.

Lisa hugged me tight and actually started crying because she was so happy that I had made her feel so good. I felt a little embarrassed that I had shot off in my pants but I don’t think Lisa understood that part yet.

We sat and talked for a while when I mentioned that it was starting to get late and she should go home so her mom doesn’t start to worry about her. Lisa asked me when I could teach her more about sex and I told her that I had a meeting tomorrow night and couldn’t but the day after that would be good.

Lisa got all excited and hugged me again and re-hooked her bra and buttoned up her blouse. I promised that in two days I would teach her more stuff and she let out a little squeal and jumped into my arms to give me a big juicy kiss. Lisa left to go home and I couldn’t get my cock out of my pants fast enough to cum again with visions of her naked body next to mine.

Lisa arrived exactly on time two days later, as I closed the door behind her she jumped up and threw her arms around my neck. I finished lifting her by her tiny little ass cheeks and feeling the white cotton panties that covered them as she locked her legs around my waist. She instantly started French kissing me and when her cheeks were flushed with excitement pulled away and said that she wanted to learn all about the oral sex part.

I had fixed a light meal for us and said that we should eat something first. Lisa said she was to excited to eat but would try for me. While we were eating I asked her if her mom was worried about her coming home a couple of hours late from school. Lisa said she had told her mom that she was hanging out with one of her girlfriends at the local mall and would be home later.

After eating a few bites we both looked at each other and started kissing once again. While kissing her I started to undo her blouse and she started moaning into my mouth. I also unhooked her bra one more time and now she asked to completely remove her top and bra. I did as she had asked with shaking hands. I must tell you what an exquisite site it was to actually view Lisa topless with those puffy little aureoles and nipples. I began kissing and nibbling on her neck and shoulders while she continued moaning and squirming on the couch. I slowly worked my way down to her erect nipples and circled her titties with my tongue. I got off of the couch and slid between her legs until the bulge in my slacks was once again pressing against her panty-covered pussy.

I stopped my oral manipulations of her upper body to ask her if she would like to go into my bedroom to lie down. Lisa looked very nervous and apprehensive about this and I promised her that I would stop the instant she ever felt uncomfortable. She gave a small smile and nodded her head, Lisa was breathing so hard at this point she could barely speak. I picked up this tiny beauty and carried her into the bedroom and ever so gently laid her on the bed. I sat next to her and asked her if she was ok.

Lisa said, “Dave, I have never felt like this; you make me feel so good. I have these really strange feelings all over my body and I feel like I am going crazy. Dave? Please don’t ever stop what you are doing with me.”

I responded by saying “Lisa, I will continue to please you for as long as you like. I have strange feelings also and I promise that I will never hurt you.”

I leaned over and started to swirl my tongue once again around her titties and work my way down to her belly button. I stuck my tongue into her belly button and she started giggling and telling me that it tickled. I started moving even further south on her body until I got to the waistband of her plaid skirt.

I looked up at Lisa’s beautiful face and asked her if she was ready for me to move further down her body. She appeared a little nervous and I reminded her of my promise to stop.

Lisa said, ”Please Dave keep making me feel real good”.

I left her skirt in place and kissed across it down to her kneecaps and down her calves to her ankles. I worked my way back up her legs and slid her skirt about halfway up her thighs so I could continue kissing her silky smooth legs. I could smell her wonderful aroma when I was half way up her thighs and wondered how wet is she right now.

I tested the waters again by raising her skirt up just high enough to view her white panties. I started kissing her legs once more and the higher I went the more she squirmed on the bed. Her legs at this point were glistening from the amount of saliva that I had left behind with my tongue. I spread her knees further apart and then ran my tongue along the edge of the leg band on her panties and with everything I had done up to this point; Lisa started squealing and bouncing around the bed with the second orgasm of her life and clutched my head so tight to her leg that I could barely breath.

Lisa lay there with her eyes shut and gasping for breath, she finally came back down to earth a little bit and opened her eyes. Lisa looked directly at me and said “Dave, what did you just do to me?”

I said, “I have just given you a small example of how good oral sex can be. I haven’t even touched under your panties yet so maybe you can image how good it will feel if we get that far.”

Lisa said, “Dave, will you do me a favor?” I said I would do anything for her. Lisa then said, “Please take your shirt and shoes off and lay next to me here on the bed. I want to feel your skin touching mine.”

When I had my shirt and shoes off, I stretched out next to Lisa and pulled her close to me so we could kiss some more. She actually wiggled around until she was laying directly on top of me with her hard little nipples pressing into my chest. I have to admit that when she was on top of me I almost came in my pants again just from the sheer excitement of our bare skin touching each other. We started kissing again and after a few moments due to our size difference Lisa started grinding her mound onto my stomach. I reached down and lifted the back of her uniform skirt and started fondling those cute little ass cheeks of hers again, I then slid one hand under the waistband of her cotton panties and realized that her skin is as smooth as silk.

Lisa was moaning into my mouth again and really getting excited with what was going on. I slid my hand across both of her cheeks and ever so gently down the crack of her ass. I lightly pressed against her back opening, she didn’t flinch or jump the only thing Lisa did was ask me was “why I was touching her there.” I responded that if done properly her backside would get her as excited as touching her titties and pussy. Lisa said, “Please keep doing it and just don’t hurt me.”

I continued the manipulation of her tight little dark opening and then slid my fingers even further to gently touch her sweet little pussy lips. Lisa instantly reacted my pushing her mound against my stomach even harder. I continued to lightly stroke her lips and then brought her juices back to her asshole. When I had her backdoor wet, I slide just the tip of my pinky finger inside of her. She started thrashing on top of me experiencing another orgasm.

When Lisa caught her breath she slightly pushed herself up and looked directly into my eyes and asks me if I would completely undress her. I responded by unzipping the side of her skirt and rolling her over so that we were lying side by side. I asked to lift her hips while I gently slid her skirt down her legs. Once the skirt was completely off, I gazed up at her panty covered pussy and noticed how wet they were. I slid back up and licked some of her juices from the outside of her panties while she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tight against her. I pulled back hard enough to break her grip and slid my fingers under the edge of the waistband and slowly pulled her panties off of her legs. As I was pulling her panties down I noticed how they clung to her pussy from the wetness.

Once I had her undressed with the exception of her knee high stockings, I just sat and studied the scene before me; Lisa’s pussy lips were pink with slightly darkened tips. The black pubic hair was thin like most Asian women; almost non-existent but there was a small fluffy area on and around her Mound of Venus. I reached up between her legs playing with the soft down between my fingers, just tickling the fine soft ends, sending diminutive shocks to her pussy. Gradually I moved up between her legs easing her feet up towards her tiny little ass cheeks. I started kissing and licking her stocking covered ankles, moving upwards towards her knees. I continued my path up her thighs, alternating between both of them. I ran my tongue up the area where the thigh connects to the groin and this little girl went insane. I pulled my face back slightly and gazed at her beautiful little pussy.

Lisa gasped as I went down on her; my lips encircled her clitoris, with a squeezing motion drawing it up then letting go, almost as if I were using my lips to stimulate jerking off movements. Every now and again, my tongue would slip between her pussy lips ever so slightly, flicking up and down. I gave her a real shock by running my tongue down her juicy little lips to gently press against her anus. Her juices were flowing so freely that I was licking them off of her little asshole. The excitement to her young body was immense and she could not stop shaking and moaning.

Lisa felt like she was going to explode with Dave’s nose, tongue and chin working in harmony. Her juices were flowing heavily. Euphoric spasms were coursing through her loins; her pussy lips became more prominent. Lisa threw her head back and screamed and thrashed around on the bed as she went through the most intense orgasm of her young life.

I never slowed my licking of her delicious little pussy; my delight was too much; with a squeal, she arched her back, her body stiffened as she came once more. I moved my hand up to her pussy to collect some of the juices onto my fingers from her pouting pussy lips, and then ever so slowly started to locate her asshole again. Lisa reached down to her side gripping the bed covers as she felt my finger slide smoothly inside her anus, causing her more spasms; she shuddered dragging her fingers up the bed still gripping the bed covers. My middle finger was now fully inserted into her dark passageway, Lisa went through one orgasm to the next, and her virginal pussy and back passage were contracting as one.

So far nothing had entered her pussy other than my tongue, but this was soon rectified, I brought my free hand slowly towards her pussy, with my mouth and tongue lifting to her clitoris while easing the tips of two fingers into her pussy, sliding in only to the fist knuckle. Lisa arched her back once more, multiple orgasms surging through her while her tiny little body was going from hot to cold, she faded to black for a few minutes. My fingertips were twisting around between her pussy lips, Lisa knew she had at least two of his fingertips in her pussy with the other one still completely inserted in her tight little anus. She had never felt like this before in her young life and wanted to try and please Dave.

Lisa reached for Dave’s hand and reluctantly removed it from her sopping little pussy. Lisa looked directly into my eyes and said, “Dave, will you teach me to kiss your penis like I saw in the magazine?” I heart skipped a few beats when she said this and I swear my cock increased in size thinking this sweet young virgin would soon have my cock nestled in her mouth.

I said, “Lisa I would love to teach you but first you must start calling it by the names that we discussed earlier.”

Lisa responded, “Dave, will you teach me to kiss your cock like in the magazine?”

I smiled at her use of the word cock and said ”Lisa I will be very happy to teach you. The first thing you must do is remove my pants and shorts and get me completely naked.”

It is hard to describe what is was like to actually watching this little beauty fumbling with the belt and button on my slacks. She was so nervous and excited that her little hands were shaking like mine had been. She finally was able open my pants and then tried to pull them down my legs but my cock was standing straight up and getting caught in my slacks. I reached down and pressed my cock down and lifted my hips so that Lisa could pull. My boxers were tented due to my cock and the head was trying to poke out from under the waistband.

Lisa looked at my boxers and got a gleam in her eyes and said, “Dave, I am so excited, I am actually going to see a real pen.. I mean cock, and I am glad that it is yours.

I replied, “Lisa, I am as happy as you are that the first one you are seeing is going to be mine. Lisa what you will need to do is slide my boxers down my legs as I lift my hips.” I lifted my hips and Lisa started sliding the boxers down my thighs. The excitement that I witnessed in her eyes is absolutely unbelievable as each inch of my cock was uncovered.

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