tagRomanceLittle Lissa Ch. 03

Little Lissa Ch. 03


Okay for those of you who haven't read Chapters 1 & 2 (shame shame shame), Melissa has come to her father's friend Robert with seduction in mind while her parents, Peter & Evelyn, are away for the weekend. Lissa has decided that Robert is the one she wants and, despite interruption after interruption, Little Lissa is determined to get him.

Once again I owe a huge debt to aussie_101 for all of his help and especially for his patience. As always I appreciate any and all positive/constructive criticism.


"Robert! Thank God!"

Even though Robert was holding the phone to his ear, Melissa could hear the sound of her father's worried voice. Robert closed his eyes as he contemplated the scene of talking to his friend while said friend's daughter sat topless astride his lap. But they soon flew open as Peter's words penetrated the rising tide of shame he was feeling.

Melissa cringed as Robert's gaze narrowed on her. Feeling exposed, she crossed her arms over her chest and held his stare, her eyes large and anxious.

"You mean she didn't call you?"

Melissa groaned and closed her own eyes. Oops. Robert jiggled his legs, signaling her to look at him.

"No...no man. Relax." He calmed her father. "She's here. She locked herself out of the house and came here for the spare set of keys."

She tried to smile encouragingly but could only manage a sickened grimace before Robert was handing the phone to her. Unable to easily locate her own shirt, she grabbed his and held it over her naked breasts before taking the phone. With a deep breath, she tried to affect a cheery tone.

"Hi Daddy." She tried to disentangle herself from Robert's lap while still clutching his shirt with one hand and the cell phone with the other. She couldn't help the small gasp that escaped when Robert's hand touched her hip to steady her. Her gaze shot to him and she found that he too, even in the midst of this situation, was affected by the touch.

"Um...sorry, what?" she asked, having lost track of the conversation she was supposed to be having with her father.

"I said what in the sam hell is going on? Your mother and I go away for the weekend and the very first night, we can't locate our only daughter!" Her dad's voice was rising with each word and Melissa could hear her mother in the background trying to calm him.

"I'm sorry Dad," she interrupted. Turning her back to Robert she fought to remember the engineered explanation. "I locked myself out of the house. So Jen drove me over here to Uncle Robert—"

She heard Robert hiss at the 'uncle' reference and looked back only to find him with his head against the back of the couch and his arm thrown over his eyes. Realizing her father had asked her a question, she hastened to continue the contrived story.

From his position on the couch, Robert could hear Melissa moving around and could catch snippets of her end of the conversation.

"Uh huh...scared to stay alone...creepy...stay the night..."

'What a joke' he thought to himself. 'No, actually Peter,' the little devil popped onto his shoulder to explain, 'what happened was your daughter came over here hoping I would fuck the shit out of her.' He cringed at the crude gleeful tone of his inner demon.

A soft cough had him uncovering his eyes. She stood a step away from him still clutching the shirt, his shirt, to her chest and holding out the phone. "He wants to talk to you."

She began to chew on her lip as he warily took the cell phone from her outstretched hand. "Yeah man," he answered.

"Hey buddy. Sorry 'bout Mel. I can't believe she flaked like that but thanks for taking her in. I told her that she better not cause any trouble."

Robert looked at the half-naked young woman standing in front of him and thought of all the ways she could definitely be a problem for him. He fought to keep his mind on his friend's voice.

"Hey, not a problem, man," Robert said into the phone, catching and holding Melissa's gaze. "I'm sure we'll be okay. You guys just go and enjoy yourselves."

He heard Evelyn's faint giggle over the line and Peter's distracted voice simply say, "Thanks again, buddy."

The sudden click told Robert that the conversation was over. Slowly he closed his cell phone and set it down on the couch beside him. He continued to look at Melissa. The silence grew as he studied her tense half-covered form. "Fuck," he muttered faintly, scrubbing his face as he let his head fall back.

"So everything's okay, right?" Her soft question had him cutting a look at her.

"No Lissa. Everything is not okay. That was your father, my friend, calling right at the exact moment I had you half naked in my lap and your tit in my damn mouth. That is so not okay."

He knew his language was rude but he needed her to see the situation for was it was. From the way her eyes widened and she let out a small gasp, he figured the crudeness worked. She jerked a little as if the words had a physical impact and the shirt, his shirt, slipped down to reveal a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage. He groaned at the sight.

Maybe if he hadn't groaned. Maybe if he had been able to be stoic and impassive at the sight of her, she would have walked away, but that one small sound had her straightening and narrowing her eyes at him. Whatever she saw had a small coy smile spreading slowly across her face.

With a confidence she didn't know she possessed, she took the step toward him. When he made a motion to move, she quickly straddled him, resuming her earlier position.

Frozen by the intent he could see in her eyes, the hot resolve he could feel radiating from her body, he could only sit and stare at her. Her voice low and throaty teased his senses, "You don't mean that, Robert."

He tried to shake his head, tried to speak but her hand lowered and the shirt, his shirt, slipped again, this time revealing just the tips of her breasts. Her nipples played peek-a-boo with the fabric and his mouth went dry.

She leaned forward and whispered into his ear, "Admit it, you like it. You liked..." She paused to gather the courage to repeat his earlier words. "You liked having my tit in your mouth."

The combination of her warm breath and the words in his ear caused him to shudder. He could feel her smile against his cheek and then he felt just the faint flick of her tongue against his ear lobe. He moaned.

She sat back and waited for him to look her in the eyes. "Admit it, Robert," she said softly. "You want this as much as I do."

She could see the battle being waged within him, his desire fighting with his sense of duty to her father. The coquette in her laughed and urged her forward.

His eyes darkened with lust. She could feel his desire rising beneath her. She let his shirt slip from her fingers but kept her hands over her breast. She could feel him tense in an effort not to reach for her. Not content to simply sit there, she began to rock against the bulge pressing up into her. Her hands no longer simply covered her breasts – they began to knead and massage them. Every now and then one of her nipples would slip between her fingers and she would release a small moan at the friction.

Robert was now shaking with the effort to control himself. His control broke when her third dare took on a pleading tone. "Please Robert. Please want me."

Releasing himself from self-imposed restraint, he surged forward. His shaking hands clasped her head as his mouth silenced her plea. His tongue swept into her open mouth and laid claim. Her hands stole around his rib cage to clutch at his back and her soft breasts were crushed against the sharp planes of his chest. They both moaned at the contact. Her teasing had unleashed something wild and dangerous in him. She could feel the sharp taste of his need in his kiss. His tongue flicked and danced within the moist, wet contours of her mouth, leaving her gasping at the onslaught of sensations. He tilted her head and again his mouth took hers. She was being devoured and in the presence of his unbridled lust, the coquette within her fled.

He could sense her retreat and inwardly cursed himself for losing control. Loosening his grip in her hair, he gentled the kiss. He began to nibble at her lips and murmur, "Sweet...lovely...Lissa..."

She let out a soft moan as his words beckoned to her.

"Beautiful Lissa," he rasped. "God, I want you. Need you so damn much."

His hands combed through her hair, laying it down her back and across her shoulders with his fingers. Still he continued to whisper to her. "Want you too damn much."

Her head fell back as he trailed kisses down her throat. She arched back, giving him unfettered access to her body. He growled in appreciation as her breasts were again within reach of his mouth. His tongue curled around one distended nipple.

"Oh," she gasped. "Oh!"

A wild primal feeling of possession filled him as her hands once again curled into his hair, urging him closer. He drew the hardened tip further into his mouth and he was rewarded with another sharp cry. Melissa could feel the pull of his tongue all the way to the core of her being. A warm liquid heat began to pool between her thighs and she sobbed at the new sensation.

They hung there, seemingly suspended above the couch. Melissa bowed back upon Robert's lap. He had curved up and was suckling at her young breast. Finally he let it slip from his mouth and turned his face to nuzzle the space between the two firm globes of her flesh. The rasp of his stubble on her sensitive skin had her crying out. He turned his attention to her other breast, gently licking and sucking at the engorged nub.

Melissa wanted to feel that pull again and arched into his mouth. She tried to get him to do more than simply tease, but still he kept his touch light. Just a flick of the tongue, a brush of the lips, an exhalation of breath – only the barest, most fleeting contact, designed to drive her crazy and succeeding.

When he finally, lovingly suctioned her nipple into his mouth, she sobbed. She could feel the corresponding warmth radiating from her center. He hummed and the vibrations had her jerking and again pushing herself up to him.

Again Robert let the tip slide from his lips. She wanted to cry out at the loss of his rough tongue on her. He leaned back and brought his hands around to skim lightly over her bare stomach. It contracted at the touch, and he chuckled.

"Lissa, look at me," he softly commanded.

Her hair curled about her shoulders as she lifted her languid gaze to meet his. His fingers lightly traced the contours of her chest and stomach. She shivered at his touch and shifted against his straining erection.

His hand slid beneath her hair to caress the back of her neck. He smoothed his thumb across her jaw and waited for her to focus on him.

"You want this?" he asked, wanting to know that she was fully aware of what she was doing, of what they were doing. "You're sure?"

She blinked at the question. Finally as understanding sank in, she smiled and nodded.

"Say it," he growled.

"Yes!" she cried out. "Yes Robert. I want this. I want you."

His hand curved around the back of her neck and brought her mouth to his.

Once again he claimed her with his kiss. His lips were firm and insistent against hers. His tongue plundered her sweet opening, exalting in the taste he found there. With his other hand he urged her forward to lie against him. Her breast tingled at the warm contact of his chest.

He twisted and soon she was lying on the couch with him settled between her legs. She sank into the cushions, her senses awash in his scent. She reveled in his touch.

Trailing scalding kisses down her throat, Robert slid to savor and suckle her breast. When she tried to embrace him, he caught her hands. Encircling her wrists, he lifted them above her head to the arm rest and with a quick squeeze made his intention clear. Without ever lifting his lips from her breast or saying a word, Melissa was made to understand that her hands should remain there.

She mewled in protest to his unspoken command.

Robert lifted his head and locked eyes with her. Without breaking her gaze, he plumped her breast and brought the hardened nub to his open waiting mouth.

Melissa closed her eyes in anticipation. When nothing happened she frowned. Cracking her eyes open, she found him poised above her still. A wicked glint that screamed 'watch me' was in his eye. This time she held his gaze, watching intently as his tongue slicked over one nipple.

She was still watching when he gently teased the bud with his teeth, but she began moaning when he encased the entire tip of her breast with his mouth.

Robert slid lower to nibble on the underside of her breasts, and then lower still. Planting moist searing kisses down her stomach, he reached for the button of her jeans.

He could feel the heat emanating from between her thighs and wanted to rip away every piece of fabric separating him from her center.

She felt his fingers fumble with the button, heard the rasp of the zipper. Without conscious thought she began undulating as if to help shed the denim fabric.

His fingers trailed over her hips and down her thighs as he slid the jeans down. She moaned and shivered at the feeling of his hands on her newly exposed flesh. His fingers slid over her knees and caressed her thighs, bunching the fabric down around her ankles.

His muffled laughter echoed in the apartment. Jerking her head up, she found him sitting on his haunches at her feet. He was staring at her feet and simply laughing.

She frowned in confusion. "What?"

But his laughter stopped her. He looked up at her and then back at her feet. "Your shoes," he laughed. "I was in such a hurry, I forgot about your shoes."

Looking at her ankles she realized that her jeans were halfway over her shoes and so tight she could barely move her legs. Struggling did nothing to alleviate the situation and only served to increase Robert's humor.

"Take them off," she laughed. "Help me!"

"Hold still," he chuckled as she continued to squirm and pull at the binding fabric. After a few moments he was able to slide the denim up enough to reach the laces and remove her shoes. Kneeling on the floor he pulled her jeans off and she was finally free. Raising her ankles he admired the finely turned bone structure before slipping first one then the other sock off of her dainty feet.

Fixating for a moment on the delicate arch, he skimmed the tip of his finger over the sole of her foot. She jerked at the feather light touch.

"You're ticklish," he teased, unable to resist repeating the motion. She jerked again and he laughed. He leaned down and licked at her ankle which had the scratchy plane of jaw graze the sensitive spot a third time. With a cry, she pulled her foot from his grasp.

"No fair," she pouted.

"Aww sweetie, it's all fair," he promised her. The wicked look had returned to his eyes and had her squirming and trembling in response.

His eyes travelled up from her feet taking in the rounded curve of her ankle and muscled flare of her calf. He touched the smooth supple skin of her thighs and they parted at his caress. Smiling at her responsiveness, Robert leaned forward and placed a kiss just on the inside of one. She shifted and parted them further, inviting him closer. Lowering his head just slightly, he breathed in the scent of her essence covered only by the simple white cotton panties he had left in place and groaned his approval.

He wanted to taste her. He wanted to fall on her and feast upon her. She lay on the couch like an offering for the gods. Her arms, still stretched above her head, created a long line of beautiful flesh and curves. Her eyes had darkened with desire to a deep slate blue and her hair was burnished by the lighting of the few lamps scattered around the room.

He felt desire punch and his breath catch.

Slowly he rose to his feet, his pants made unbearably tight by the vision before him. She said nothing, simply watching him with those dark blue eyes. For a fleeting moment their color made him think of Van Gogh's Starry Night and he wondered if there was a name for that color blue. That swirling blue that right now was in her eyes.

Bending down he slid his arms beneath her.

"What are you doing?" she squeaked as she felt herself being lifted and hauled up against his chest.

"I'm too damn old to be making love on a couch," he grumbled, striding across the living room and down the short hallway.

She giggled and buried her head in his shoulder as he swung her through the open doorway to his bedroom.

"Especially when I have a perfectly good bed just a few steps away."

The bedside lamp did little to alleviate the darkness of the room, the light swallowed up by the unrelenting gray fabrics and dark wood furnishings. He laid her on the bed, stepping back to admire the image of her clad only in white cotton panties atop the nickel gray comforter of his bed. She was beautiful in the soft lighting.

"Aren't you going to join me?" her low voice reached for him.

"I will. Just give me a minute."

She propped herself up on her elbows and smiled at him. He knew in that moment he would never again walk into this room without seeing her here like this, beckoning to him with wanton eyes and an innocent siren smile. Quickly he began unbuttoning his pants.

"Be careful of your shoes," she teased.

He laughed and made a production of toeing them off before pushing his pants and underwear down, stepping out of those as well.

He felt himself harden even more, if that was possible, as her eyes took him in. The look of appreciation in her gaze made him feel boyish and proud of his body.

She slid to the edge of the bed and sat up. Reaching out, she beckoned for him to step closer. She wanted to touch him and he craved her touch. Couldn't wait for her touch. But when she began to run her fingers over his chest, began to caress him, he knew that it was a mistake. There was something electrifying about her simple caress that touched every part of him. Perhaps it was the months of waiting, of imagining. But somehow he knew if he let her touch him, this would be over long before it started. He laid his hands upon hers and choked out, "Stop."

Startled she looked at him. Grimacing he leaned down and kissed her softly. "I'll never make it if you do that. This is for you. Just lie back and let me."


"Lie back," he commanded.

Looking concerned and more that a little put out at being denied the opportunity to feel him, she did as she was told. Moments later she felt the mattress shift as he came down beside her. And then she felt it, the soft whisper of his lips on her shoulder. She turned her head to look at him.

He smiled and began to map her body with his mouth—the curve of her shoulder, the slope of one breast, the underside of the other. His tongue dipped into her belly button. His teeth nipped at her hip bone just above the white underwear.

He slid over her and nuzzled at the juncture of her legs, inhaling the scent that was uniquely hers and wishing fleetingly that he could bottle it for the future, for when she was gone and he had only memories to sustain him.

Shaking himself back to the present, he licked at the inside of one thigh. Her moan encouraged him to slide further down and nip along the soft skin of her knee. She jerked and he couldn't help teasing, "Still ticklish?"

Her hands came to grab at him, to pull him up to her, but he evaded her embrace. Instead he reached up and began to slip her panties down the silken length of her legs. He groaned at the gradual revealing of her plump and aroused sex.

There was Heaven. There lay the doorway to Paradise.

'Or to Damnation' the happy little devil reappeared on his shoulder to rejoice.

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