tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLittle Man has Arrogant Swagger

Little Man has Arrogant Swagger


My neighbor in college was hooking up (pleasing) a loud college bro that we all knew. I say pleasing, because she would come over, service him, then get kicked out. She would tell me of all the time she spent getting primping, prepping, planning only to get to his party and have him ignore her. He would openly flirt with other girls and every once in a while would he acknowledge her.

This was infuriating on so many levels because he had the key to the campus social scene, all of our friend group adored him, and because he was arrogant. Sure many college guys have this bravado and unwarranted swagger, but this guy was particularly reproachable. He was so nice to everyone, so they all liked him and made it difficult to say anything bad about him. I could read through his facade though... he was just another jock trying to garner a likable reputation, like a politician, but without an office to run for. I knew he was putting up this act and then ignoring girls so they would vie for his attention. Unfortunately, it worked.

He was known to hook up with a different girl every weekend and they would all say nice things about him afterwards, led on, like they were going to have a relationship with him or they were his favorite. He'd flirt with them throughout the week and then hook up with their friend the next week. It was all part of his scheme... I swear he liked to get girls to fight over him so his insecurities would be quelled for another couple of days.

Anyway, my neighbor was essentially servicing him when he wanted and sometimes he would "do her the favor" of fucking her. I walked in on them hooking up once and wrote a story about that, but this one focuses on my second encounter wit him.

There was a new crop of freshmen girls on campus and it was early enough in the year where we were all getting to know each other. Of course his party featured and he would literally lead groups of girls around to his house and hand them over to his friends like pieces of meat. After a few weeks of him leading the freshmen girls one, he finally settled back in with my neighbor, Sam. Sam went through a deep depression when he wasn't paying attention to her, but was now suddenly fine.

The light from her phone lit up the room and she hurried to reach for it. She quickly sighed and put it down without replying. It must not of been from him.

"Sam! Forget it, let's go out and have our own fun" I exclaimed. Immediately I regretted this, because she said yes, but I also ran through the list of possible places to go that night... and he was probably going to be there. Her phone lit up and buzzed again, but she quickly sighed and put it down. This carried on all night even as she was surrounded by cute guys.

Finally we "end up" at his house party, even though our feet were magnetically getting drawn there, we made it seem like it was accidental. Sam bee lined for the bathroom to freshen up saying "Can you get me a drink? I've got to make sure the girls can get his attention and I need something to hold so he doesn't think I'm lame. Or wait, should I not have something in my hand so he will offer to get me a drink?"

"Go to the bathroom, you lunatic! I'll get a drink ready" I quipped, but as I walked towards the back kitchen, I smiled thinking she was smart and thoughtful, but also maybe overthinking things.

Sam came out with her boobs displaying prominently and a little arch to her back. She didn't need to try, they were huge boobs. All the guys she walked by immediately became distracted, like dogs to a high pitch whistle. It's almost funny watching them try to be sneaky and catch a glance without getting notice. I say almost, because I was jealous. At least she was hooking up with the guy (sometimes) and she, no doubt, had the boobs. Oddly this made me proud to be her friend, as she got a lot of attention.

I was kicking myself... why compete for this one guy when we both could have all these other guys? They were all cute. It made it even more frustrating knowing that girls were missing out, but we were all focused on getting with this arrogant little bastard.

"Hey! Quick! Move!" I heard Sam whisper yell in a quiet and sharp tone as she put her hands on my hip to slide me over. False alarm. He walked right by and didn't say hi to us, but waved to the freshmen girls.

One of the girls gestured him over and asked if he got a new haircut. She ran her fingers through his hair as the rest of the group giggled and acted interested. He targeted this particular freshman (also with big boobs) and put his arm around her as he started to tell a story to the rest of the group.

We were pissed to the say the least. We were older and should have been invited. How did these girls get noticed and not us? He finished his story, and kissed the freshman on the cheek then strutted away past us. "Was that a wink?!" Sam asked in disbelief? I knew it was, but tried to calm her down. Why would he do all that then wink at Sam? Do you see what I mean here, it's social warfare against her poor mind. It was an unfair, cocky, and down right dirty move. Damn him, it worked.

We left to get food because it was getting late and saw him out at the diner. He smiled at us and then came up and put his arm around Sam, grabbed her phone and took a picture. Without hesitation, she flirted back and took his hat and wore it. Pro move, now he has a reason to stay and talk to her... maybe even go back to her place to "recover" the hat. Smart girl!

He just moved on down the line and talked to some other girls like a celebrity for the next 15-20 minuets. As he swooped back around he hugged Sam goodbye and in the same movement slid his hat off her head and disappeared into the night. She sat down next to me in a really cheery mood. I figured she'd be disappointed, but she was all smiles. Really? One hug from the guy can make up for a whole night of rudely ignoring her? It can cancel out strategically flirting with the freshmen 10 feet from her just to make her jealous?

She finally shared "he told me I should come over later!' she squeaked. And just like that, the night continued. We ran back to ours and brushed our teeth; me for bed, and her for kissing breath. We waited and waited, but no text ever came. Sam disappointingly changed into granny panties and sweats. We started to call it a night, when her phone lit up.

She pulled down her sweats and flung her cotton panties across the room. Slipped in to her lacy lingerie and asked if she looked okay. I feigned annoyance, "we figured this out before we left, you keep asking me! Yes! You look hot!" But I wasn't really annoyed. I enjoyed looking at her body.

She freshened up for the 5th time tonight in anticipation of him, and then jolted out the door. I laid in bed angry, confused, and wondering why I even cared. I was fighting the urge to pick up her panties, but failed. My excuse was that I wanted to put it in the hamper and clean up our common area, but I knew deep down I wanted to touch her used panties. A moment ago they were right next to her pussy. My middle finger slid on the inside of them as I picked it up.

How could they be this damp? She just had them on? Does he really make girls this excited? My thoughts raced to myself. Well I got excited at the thought and quickly hated myself for feeling this way. I shamefully got into bed and pulled Sam's panties close to my nose and disgustingly took a deep breath. I accidentally let them touch my nose and chin and lips. I bit my lips to get a little taste and couldn't stop it anymore.

I started to rub myself with her panties, turning them inside out to use her juices to mix with mine. At first it was just for a few strokes, just a little bit. Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to 20. I was cumming from using Sam's as a little finger accidentally got inserted through the fabric pushing in. Ahhh what the hell, I wanted to see if she'll remember so I folded it up neatly and placed them back in her drawer on top. They'll probably dry and she'll use them. I enjoyed knowing my juices will be rubbing against her pussy lips as she walks around in them.

I tried to go to bed, but I was disgusted with myself. Why would I do this? Why does it turn me on? What have I become? Am I sick? Should I tell her? Fuck this arrogant little bastard!

That's when I decided to get Sam and end this once and for all. She's better than him. I marched across the walking path towards his house thinking I should just give her a quick talk to make sure she knew what she was falling into. When I got to his house, there were beer bottles and cans every where. People were still up playing video games and eating in the kitchen. The campus van was parked outside and looked like people were hot boxing it. Does this guy ever stop partying?

I marched through the droves of late nighters and up the stairs to his room. I knocked. Then knocked again. Finally he comes to the door with no shirt on but wearing sweatpants hanging off of him. He low waistband revealed his body and his bouncy dick outline was very apparent through the sweat pants. He looked groggy and I expected (wanted) him to be upset for waking him up. It would have made it easier to be mean to him. But he had that cocky crooked sly smile and asked if I was okay. I wake him up at this hour and he ask if I'm okay.

I started to ask where Sam was, but wanted to give him a piece of my mind for using her like that. I pushed right past him through the door because I felt crazy and didn't want anyone else in the hall to hear me be mean to this nice guy. I appeared like the crazy girl at 1am or whatever time it was yelling at Mr. Nice guy in the hallway so I just pushed him in. His chest was warm as I placed my hand on it and oddly enough it was kind of a hard chest. I noticed his veins and shoulders and smell as I pushed past. He didn't immediately move so my hip and thigh touched his as I came in. Shit! If I can smell him, surely he can smell me. He could have easily smelled the touching session I just had with myself.

To my chagrin, Sam was just coming out of the bathroom when I noticed the freshman girl was on the bed. I was shocked, but also a little excited. Threesome! Really! I felt like a loser. They were having the most fun of college times exploring and I was in a dark corner of my room masturbating like a lonely loser to the thought of Sam's and this guy's body. But this freshman gets to actually enjoy what I was fantasizing about! How did I get left out of this.

Why did I care?

I was a mess... I was crying with what amounted to a naked guy and two naked girls from pure jealously and feeling left out. Alone in the middle of the floor of this guys bedroom. Now he thinks I'm crazy, I've embarrassed Sam, and this freshman will think I'm an unstable loser.

He was so kind and graceful about the whole thing, asking the freshman to leave and comforting me with a pillow and blanket. He picked me up and put me on the couch and gave me a keystone light. I hated that this gesture of kindness worked. Sam put on her lingerie and one of his shirts. He suggested that Sam take me back to our place, but then offered to let us stay a little bit until we could control my emotions. I looked around and there was a condom on the ground and realized I should take inventory of myself.

I was wearing sleep clothing, really short shorts that pressed up against my crotch and displayed the leftover residual juice from my self pleasuring session and a too small teeshirt that clung to my body and now noticed my nipples were poking out. Between the wet spot hard nipples, I already looked trashy. Add to that the make up running down my face. Sam picked me up and led me to his bathroom. She instructed me to wash my face off.

As I came out they were on the couch and I joined them to apologize. He was so nice and invited me to sit down (in hind sight it was probably to be polite, but he probably wanted me gone). I admitted to them why I came over and he was so gentle about it making me feel like it was okay. Sam was rubbing my leg and it only made me hornier. He went to bed a few feet away and said we can stay as long as we like. I must have fell asleep in Sam's arms because I woke up on the couch a few hours later. Sam was in bed with our favorite guy who started to win me over that night.

I laid back down and when I woke up again it was because of a strange noise. After a few seconds that noise became all too familiar as I regained my bearings. It was a bed getting moved around. I peeked my head up and over the couch and saw him pounding Sam hard. I thought maybe they forgot I was there, but I could hear him tell Sam to quiet down because he didn't want to wake me. Even as he was pounding Sam, he was considerate enough to think about me. Fuck him!

I made some noise purposefully to alert them I was awake. He paused, came over to me and asked if it was okay. I crashed his sex night in his room and he was asking me permission if it was okay to continue rather than kicking me out. Fuck him!

His dick was dangling in front of me and I could tell Sam was annoyed that he stopped. It was soaking wet dripping with Sam's pussy juice. I didn't know what to do so I just nodded. He motioned for Sam to come over and he sat on the couch next to where I was laying, reminding me that he's about to get it all wet with sex juices like I do at home on my couch. I started to feel dirty thinking I laid asleep in his sex juices and the juices of other women he's fucked. I started to get turned on. I didn't know if I wanted to suck him because I wanted him in my mouth or because I wanted to taste Sam's juices. Fuck him!

Sam grinded oh him and the wet sloppy sounds made me excited. A hand travelled down to my legs as I started to stroke my skin. Why!? What is happening!? He leaned back and his head tilted as he let his arms spread to the side. He knew what he was doing as it grazed my leg and body. I shivered a little to let him know I was there and give him a chance to move his hand, but he pressed his weight down into me even harder.

I felt trapped, but could have left. He looked at me and said it was okay to touch myself. He grabbed my hand and speeded up my stroking. His knuckles pressing in to my puffy mound and he surely could feel how wet I was. This went on for what felt like hours, but was probably just minutes. I came as quietly as I could, but it wasn't as muffled as I hoped. Sam and he just looked at me grinning. I just rubbed one out in front of people.

He grabbed her by the waist, picked her up in one fell swoop and brought her back to the other side of the room and continued. I laid there in what must have been my juices, his juices, Sam's juices and what must have been others too. I felt dirty, ashamed, and sexy all at the same time.

Sam tapped me on the face in the morning and said we were leaving. My panties were still moist and we did our walk of shame home. We must have passed a dozen people who all smiled as they were doing the same. I smelled body odor and the unmistakable scent of sex as we entered our house. Sam bee lined for her shower and me for mine. I rubbed myself in the shower.

I timed it to come out the same time as Sam so I could see her glistening naked wet body. She went to her dresser drawer exclaiming: "ugh, I'm sore and can't wait to get some clean clothes for brunch. She reached in and pulled out the first pair of comfortable panties she found and pulled them on. I didn't have the heart to tell her what I did to those last night after crashing and ruining her sex session. I got wet all over again sitting across from her a brunching, thinking about how dirty her panty/pussy situation was right now. She was literally stewing in our juices as her own clothing trapped our dirty actions on her mound. I felt so guilty, dirty, shameful, and sexy all at once.

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by Anonymous

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by nastynasto04/18/19


Thank you, I was nervous that no one would read this. "Self-Betrayal" and whole-gender betrayal is an interestingly fitting term that I never heard before. That's exactly what this is. Keep the feedbackmore...

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Mmmm nice story!

Thank you for the read... Very sexy to imagine competing for a piggy man who only intends to use me... I like a self betrayal as well as betraying my whole gender... 5*

Love and kisses,

Allie xxx

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