tagIncest/TabooLittle Mandy and Her Daddy

Little Mandy and Her Daddy


Little Mandy Williams lay in her bed, her long, blonde hair in pigtails, wearing her Power Puff Girl nightie and surrounded by her teddy bears and other stuffed animals. She wondered if her daddy would come to see her, the way he had been doing most nights, ever since her mommy left to live with Grammy. She hoped so, because he always has candy for her, and they play some games together that are really fun. Sometimes he hurts her a little, because his plaything is so big, but Mandy knows that Daddy loves her and doesn't mean to do it.

"Little Mandy" isn't really all that little. At 20 years old and in her second year in college, she is five and a half feet tall and sexily plump, with large breasts, that she loves having fondled and sucked and licked. She also has a juicy pussy, that gives her even more pleasure when it gets that same kind of treatment from men and sometimes women. All of her boy friends, and even a few men and women she hardly knew, have done those things to her extremely well, but her daddy does them better than anyone, which was why she hoped he would soon come and join her. Besides the strictly physical pleasure, which is great for both of them, sex together is so much more enjoyable when they pretend that Mandy is about eight years old. That was the reason for the little girl nightie and for her being surrounded by the stuffed animals that had been packed away in the attic after she became a teenager.

The door slowly opened, allowing the light from the hallway to enter her bedroom. "Daddy?" she called out softly, as if there were anybody else in the house.

"Hi, Mandy, Honey. This is Daddy." He carefully tip-toed across the carpeted floor to her bed. There was plenty of illumination, from the night light and shining through the open door, for her to see him, tall and handsome and athletic, with blonde hair and a ready smile. She could also see he was naked and his plaything was big and hard, just the way she liked it to be when they played their games together.

"I've got some candy for you, Honey. But, first, give me a nice, big kiss." He stood by the head of the bed, holding his cock in his hand and leaning his face toward her.

Mandy eagerly presented her face, mouth wide open, to her daddy. Their lips and tongues met almost simultaneously, and Frank's hand went from his cock to his daughter's luscious breast. He observed, happily, that her nipple was already erect, and anticipated some great sex that night with his hot and horny offspring. For almost a minute, they stayed in that position, lips grinding together and tongues caressing, until she wanted something better in her mouth. Such as the kind of candy she knew he had for her.

"That was fun, Daddy. Can I have the candy now?"

Frank stepped closer to the bed, holding the candy out for her, and Little Mandy leaned forward and started licking the head of his cock. "It's really yummy, Daddy, but why don't you get in bed with me, so I can eat it better?"

Frank, of course, wanted nothing better, so he climbed onto the bed and lay on his back, as Mandy sat up to give him room, and so she could suck him off better. Her pussy is only one of several places where she loves getting a big, stiff cock, like that of the man who had just joined her in bed. She knelt beside him, and leaned forward, one hand supporting her weight and one holding onto the big, white stick of candy that Daddy had for her.

Eventually, she would suck him off and swallow his semen, but Mandy preferred to take her time, and really enjoy the fun toy that Daddy was offering to her. She started by licking one side, and continued by curling her tongue around to the underside and licking up the shaft, all the way from his balls to the slit on the end. That is one of her favorite places, and she especially likes it when a drop of his pre-cum oozes out to please her taste buds. Her favorite texture on the plaything is the velvety surface of the end. She loved the way it felt, and caressed it with her tongue for almost a minute. She could have licked better by getting between her Daddy's legs, but she likes so much to have him reach under her nightie and play with her poo hole and pee pee place that she continued kneeling where she was.

Frank likes doing that just as much as she likes having him do it and, just seconds after his daughter had knelt beside him, he folded the Power Puff Girl nightie onto her back and his hands were caressing the soft, smooth skin inside her ass cheeks. He didn't know whether he would fuck her there or in her pussy, or both, but he was in no hurry to decide. Either place is truly delightful, and he would probably let Mandy make the choice anyhow. That wouldn't be for quite a long while, so he decided to concentrate on the exquisite pleasure his daughter's mouth was giving him.

That was a great deal of pleasure, and she enjoyed doing it just as much as he enjoyed having it done. After licking all the plaything her tongue could reach, Mandy moved closer and started to engulf it in her mouth. Moving very slowly, she raised and lowered her face, every stroke taking more of the long shaft into her warm, wet pleasure chamber. She loved everything about the toy her daddy was letting her play with. She loved its hard, thick roundness as her lips enveloped it, and the smooth skin that was tightly stretched over that hardness. As she felt his shaft slide into her mouth, her tongue especially relished the feel of that skin, and she licked the entire length as it glided inside.

Over and over, she bobbed her head, taking more and more of the plaything into her mouth, until the hard tip pressed against the back of her throat. That was the best part up until then, but it would get even better. Making a slight adjustment of her mouth, she took it in even deeper, actually letting the head slide down her throat. Mandy has learned the trick of deep-throating her daddy's big hard plaything, and reveled in the way it filled her mouth, and in the way he appreciated her efforts to please him.

Frank was deriving terrific pleasure from his lovely daughter sucking him off. Her lips, her tongue and, most of all, the muscles in her throat were all combining to give him some of the best sex he had ever had. To do something nice for her too, he removed his hand from her ass cheeks, wetted his middle finger in his mouth, and slipped it into her lovely pink rosebud. She squirmed as he inserted it, letting him know how much she liked the special attention. Once the finger was inside Mandy's sweet, young ass, all the way to his knuckle, and he was slowly thrusting it in and out, she started fucking back to meet his gentle strokes.

She loved everything about what her daddy was doing, and letting her do, but the best thing so far for Little Mandy was the big white candy pole in her mouth. Taking her time, making it last as long as she could, she spent almost thirty minutes sucking her daddy off, until she felt his toy starting to throb inside her mouth. She knew that the big candy stick was about to give her a delicious taste of what she loved so much, and Mandy adjusted her mouth around it. She very much did not want Daddy's candy to be squirted directly down her throat. That happened one time, and she was so sad and disappointed at missing out on the flavor and texture of it in her mouth, that she always made sure it didn't happen again.

Instead, she positioned her tongue so that every time the delightful candy stick surged between her lips, it slid over her tongue. She continued to lick the tight skin, because it felt so good, and she knew there would be time to place her tongue in the proper position to catch the candy it would have for her. Mandy sucked faster too, because she knew the greater speed would be necessary for Daddy to squirt his treat into her mouth. Even while she reveled in the plaything going in and out of her mouth, she squirmed in pleasure at the feel of Daddy's finger in her poo hole. She knew that later, the thick shaft that was in her mouth would replace his finger and, although it would hurt a little at first, it always felt really, really good after a few seconds. Later on, she would get the warm, wonderful feeling that Daddy always gave her when he played with her in her bed like he was doing that night.

His candy stick started jerking in her mouth, and Little Mandy knew that she would be getting the delicious treat in seconds. She tightened her lips around it and started bobbing her head and sucking faster, until the first gob landed right where she wanted it. It was delicious, as she knew it would be, and felt really good as it spread out on her tongue. She swallowed it, and another spurt from Daddy's candy stick replaced it. She kept that one on her tongue, and it was quickly joined by a third. Although Little Mandy continued sucking, she didn't get any more of the treat from Daddy, but she knew where he had more for her. She swirled the candy around in her mouth, getting full enjoyment from the texture and the taste, before swallowing it.

Frank moaned from the extreme pleasure as he ejaculated into his daughter's mouth. The blow job Mandy had just given him was a masterpiece, as they always are, and he knew she wasn't through, even after he had finished cumming. He felt and saw her take his cock gently in her fingers and remove it from her mouth. Mandy's tongue thoroughly cleaned all his cum off the shaft, the head and under the ridge. She didn't want to lose any of it, he knew, and the next thing he felt was her hand at the base of his cock, with the fingers on the top, while she slid her thumb along the bottom. Mandy squeezed out all the semen that was still inside, letting it land on her tongue, and didn't stop until her thumb and fingers reached the head. After getting it all, she swirled it around in her mouth, relishing the taste and texture, before swallowing it. Even after that, she licked all over his whole cock again. Frank knows his little girl really loves her daddy's cum, and doesn't want to waste any more of it than she can help.

She also loved the feeling of his finger going in and out of her poo hole, and stayed where she was, fucking back to meet it while it continued. After his climax, he would need a minute or so to rest before he was ready for the next fun thing, which would be licking her pee pee place, but sticking his finger in her poo hole like he was doing didn't take any energy. When he felt ready, he gently removed it, and smiled back when she turned to face him, a big grin on her pretty face.

"That was really nice, Honey, and I hope you liked the candy Daddy had for you. Now, I want you to do the same thing for me."

"Okay, Daddy! I really, really liked it, and I hope you like the candy I will have for you too."

"I'm sure I will, Honey."

As Frank moved out of her way, Mandy lay down where he had been, first pulling her nightie up above her breasts so he could get at the places where they both liked him to lick. Before doing anything else, he carefully cleaned off the finger that been inside her ass, using some of the baby wipes that had been left there for that purpose. With the digit clean, he approached on his knees, cupped a hand under either of her succulent breasts, and leaned forward to start licking one of her nipples. It was even more rigid than it had been earlier, for Mandy had gotten highly aroused from sucking him off and having her ass fucked by his finger.

"You sure are getting to be a big girl, Honey. And pretty too."

"Thanks, Daddy. I'm glad you think I'm pretty."

Frank knows his daughter is not just pretty, but beautiful, with her clear skin and blue eyes to go with her long blonde hair. Her figure is gorgeous also, in a very sexy way, and he knows she has her choice of men. He believes she probably chooses a lot of them too, judging by the way Mandy has talked and acted ever since she was much younger. There are no real flaws in her appearance, but two of the most beautiful parts of her body are her lovely breasts, that he was starting to lick.

Their firm, vibrant flesh felt good to Frank's hands, and Mandy's erect nipples felt even better to his tongue. He switched back and forth between them, sometimes licking with broad strokes and sometimes just dabbing her areola and nipple with the tip of his tongue. Either way felt good to him and to his daughter, whose body was squirming under his face and cooing from the pleasure he was giving her.

Her sounds of joy became even louder when her daddy drew one of the luscious globes into his mouth and started to suck, while his tongue continued its caresses. The movements of Mandy's upper body escalated into writhing, and she thrust her breasts up into his mouth, each in its turn. Her cooing turned to blissful moans, as she expressed her great appreciation for what her daddy was doing to her chest.

Her daddy's mouth loved it too, but he could see and smell something that his lips and his tongue would love even more. Mandy's lower body was active too, and her pussy lips were wet with fragrant juices. Frank was aware of how delicious they would be, and of how much they would both enjoy it once he had his face buried in Mandy's crotch. He left her breasts, with some reluctance, and kissed and licked his way down her belly, stopping to blow into her navel, as he used to do when Mandy really was a little girl. She giggled, and told her daddy how much she loves him, and how much she loves playing with him.

When he reached her mons, rather than eat her pussy from the 69 position, Frank got up off the bed and got back on at the foot, holding a pillow in his hand. Mandy saw him approaching on his knees, and she knew what kind of game he wanted to play with her, and what the pillow would be for. She raised her little bottom from the bed, and her daddy slid the pillow under her, raising her pee pee place to the perfect level for the game. With the pillow situated, Mandy raised her legs and smiled as her daddy ducked under them so they would rest on his shoulders. This was a game she really likes to play, giving candy to her daddy, especially after the delicious treat he had given to her.

Frank gazed, enraptured, at his daughter's lovely pussy. The skin around it is naturally fair, and she has her pussy waxed regularly, including having the procedure done that morning. As a result of the lack of hair, and the creamy whiteness of the soft skin surrounding the area, Mandy's pussy really does look like that of a young girl, except for her dark pink inner lips. They were already so swollen they were pushing their way through her slit. The same lips were shiny with their wetness, and more of her juices were dripping out of the pink hole between them. Frank's arms reached around Mandy's thighs until his fingers met, and gently parted those labia, letting him gaze into the most beautiful part of her pussy, the lovely pink hole that was the source of those juices.

When he moved her lips to uncover her wet hole, a fragrant cloud arose to please his nostrils. His daughter's pussy has the most enticing aroma he knows of and, when he leaned forward and licked some of the juices off her crotch, they were delicious, tasting even better than they smelled. He looked up at Mandy's face, and saw her smiling and looking back at him, as she nestled her head in the pillow He could see she very much expected and wanted Daddy to bring her to her happy time by playing the game of licking between her legs.

He wanted the same thing, so Frank moved his tongue to below her dripping love hole and started licking one of her outer lips. Totally relishing the texture of Mandy's ultra-smooth and soft pussy, he slowly licked all the way to her mons. When he got there, he glanced up at Mandy's face again. Her head was tilted back into the pillow and her eyes were closed in bliss, as she thoroughly enjoyed what was being done to her. Extremely happy about the pleasure he was giving her, and enjoying it just as much, Frank returned his mouth to where it had begun and started licking Mandy's other outer pussy lip. This one was just as soft and smooth and delectable as the first one had been, and Frank took his time licking it, until his tongue again reached her mons.

"Now I've got some nice candy for you, Daddy," the sweet little girl announced.

She did have a real treat for him. Fresh juices were flowing from her pussy, and her daddy eagerly licked them up. They were delicious, and he informed her how much he liked the delightful candy she had shared with him, before starting to lick between an inner and outer pussy lip, expecting to produce more. His tongue began by caressing the small area below her love hole, where the texture of her skin is unbelievably erotic, and licking to where the inner and outer lips are close together.

Frank tilted his head slightly so he could squeeze the flat of his tongue into the seam between the labia. Mandy murmured softly at the sensation, a sound he loves to hear. Moving his tongue slowly, and covering both lips, he licked his way to the place where the inner lip merges with the other inner lip to form Mandy's clit hood. He didn't want his tongue to start caressing her succulent love button yet, because he wanted to build up her pleasure for a long time first, but he did stroke across the top of the hood. His daughter moaned blissfully at his touch and Frank smelled the additional fresh juices her adorable pussy produced.

After savoring them, he started on the other pair of outer and inner lips and licked these the same way. This time, when he reached Mandy's clit hood, her pussy was fucking up against his face and, when he glanced up at her, he saw her body was writhing from the pleasure he was giving her. Mandy's eyes were closed and her head tossed from side to side on her pillow. After Frank stroked its protective hood, he curled his tongue underneath and gently fondled her precious clit that was so swollen it had pushed its way almost completely clear.

"Oh!" Mandy blurted, and the movements of her body became even more pronounced.

It was almost time for his daughter's orgasm, Frank knew, from the heavy flow of delicious fresh juices and from the way Mandy's hips were swiveling under his face, thrusting her legs out and back over his shoulders, like pistons. He probed his tongue into the lower edge of her dripping pink hole, relishing the fresh drops that spurted out onto his tongue, and started slowly working his way up the side of the delectable orifice. His tongue alternated between probing the edge, and exploring under Mandy's inner lip, always relishing the flavor of her fresh juices. By the time he reached the upper edge, his extremely aroused daughter was whimpering from the exquisite pleasure her daddy's tongue was giving her, while her body pitched and tossed all over the bed.

It got even better for both of them. Opening his mouth wide, Frank moved his face upward to engulf his daughter's clit. While his lips formed a seal, he sucked, and his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top of the succulent morsel. For almost a minute, he continued, while Mandy's movements grew even more frenetic.

Suddenly, she cried out joyously "Oh! Oh! Yes! I'm cumming!" Her pronouncement was slightly out of character; she usually referred to her happy time, but Frank had no intention of pointing out the lapse. Mandy's thighs clamped onto her father's temples, and her hands went to the back of his head, jamming his face into her pussy, which was exactly where he wanted it to be just then.

Holding her father's head a willing prisoner, Mandy's body twisted back and forth on the bed, rolling from side to side, while her pussy jammed up and down or sideways into his face. His arms kept a tight grip on her thighs and his mouth remained firmly clamped around her clit, as he enjoyed the wild ride. In the throes of cumming for several minutes, Mandy babbled incoherently and thrashed about on top of her bed until all her muscles clenched simultaneously, and her back arched, as she climaxed.

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