Little Mandy and Her Daddy


After her orgasm, Mandy's arms flopped out at her side, and her legs released their grip on her daddy's head, but remained draped over his shoulders. Frank greedily devoured the nectar from her thighs, crotch, belly and pussy lips, but he left it inside the place that had produced it. He knew they would be fucking in a few minutes, and it would be needed to provide its natural function of lubrication. After his feast, Frank got off the bed and went to the bathroom to get the bottle of Aqualube and a condom. When he returned, his cock was fully hard again, and he opened the small foil packet and rolled the prophylactic in place, so he would be ready to fuck after Mandy had rested a little from her great climax. He set the Aqualube on the nightstand next to the baby wipes so they would be handy when needed.

When he stood next to his daughter's bed, her eyes were open and she was smiling happily, especially when she saw his cock, hard and ready again. "That was super fun, Daddy. I hope you liked the candy I had for you."

"It was delicious, Honey. Thank you for the yummy treat. If you're ready, do you want to play doggie?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy!" Little Mandy clapped her hands in joy. "I really, really love to play doggie with you." Preparing to play the game she loved so much, Mandy got onto her hands and knees on the bed.

Frank got on right behind her, and put his hands on her hips. "Let's get rid of this first, Honey. It'll just be in our way," he suggested, referring to her Power Puff Girls nightie.

"Okay, Daddy." Mandy quickly pulled the garment off over her head, leaving herself just as naked as the man who would be playing doggie with her. Wanting to present herself as well as possible for the game she loved, Little Mandy leaned forward, resting her weight on her chest, while she reached under herself to hold open the place where Daddy's plaything would go. She was so wet already, some of her juices were trickling down her legs.

Frank held his cock in one hand and rubbed the head against the wetness. With father and daughter both ready, he placed the hard tip against the adorable pink hole being presented to him and gave a firm push. The head popped inside, evoking a blissful moan from Mandy. She bowed her back, raising her hips even more and giving her daddy an even better target for the thing he would be using to play doggie. .

Frank smiled at his daughter's sound of joy and the way she was offering her pussy to him. He really enjoyed giving her a good time and her tightness felt as wonderful to him as his cock felt to her. Another firm push, and more of his shaft squeezed inside her, resulting in a louder moan, and an even better sensation around the head of his cock. It was far enough inside her pussy, and was held tightly enough that he no longer needed to hold onto the shaft, so he placed both hands on her hips. Besides liking the feel of her soft skin, he would pull against her and be able to drive his cock all the way inside with a few strokes.

Little Mandy no longer needed to hold her pee pee place open either, so she pulled her pillow against her chin and hugged it, placing her elbows and forearms on the bed beside her face. The next time she felt his big, hard plaything surging into her, she pushed herself back to meet it, and almost the entire shaft was enveloped. Wave after wave of exquisite pleasure crashed through her body from where her pee pee place was being crammed so full. On the next stroke, she thrust back again, and their bodies came wetly together, with Frank's pubic hair tickling his little girl's smooth crotch.

Over and over, father and daughter fucked together, using long, slow strokes and imbedding his entire cock in her pussy. Mandy met every thrust halfway and, as her pleasure mounted, her moaning continued, becoming even louder. Her body writhed in front of her daddy and her hips swung from side to side with every stroke. He knew, even though they were taking their time to make it last, that she was rapidly getting close to cumming. The edge had been taken off his horniness when she sucked him off, so he would not climax when she did, and he knew what they would do after her orgasm.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she whimpered. "Oh, Daddy, that feels so super good!"

Her daddy played this game and others with her better than anybody, and that night was one of their best times together. Over and over, his plaything plunged into her, while her movements steadily grew more frenetic. She was going to have her happy time soon, and she hoped he would reach underneath her and play with her fun spot, the way he usually did. Telling him would have been out of character, but she pretended to reach toward her pee pee place, hoping her daddy would know what she was trying to tell him.

Frank knew, and he reached around his daughter's hip and put his hand against her pussy. Mandy's juices were running freely, and he smeared some on his fingers and reached up to carefully take hold of her clit. She was too sensitive there, he knew, for him to squeeze her directly, but, using his thumb and fingers, he gently pinched the swollen love button between two folds of her pussy lips. Frank started delicately stroking Mandy's clit, synchronized with the thrusts of his cock into her adorable, tight love hole. To hold her in place and keep her from falling, he took his hand off her hip and wrapped that arm around her to grip his other wrist.

Little Mandy's movements under her daddy became even wilder. She continued fucking back to meet the thrusts of his cock; her hips swiveled; her legs pistoned into the bed and her whole body thrashed around, but he held her in place. "Oh! Oh! Yes!" she cried out joyously, as she started cumming. This lapse in her role playing was also disregarded.

His daughter pitched and tossed and bucked under Frank. His arms kept a loose grip on her, letting her move around and completely enjoy what was happening, but keeping her from throwing herself off the bed in her exuberance. For the entire time she was cumming, his cock rammed in and out of her pussy and his fingers and thumb caressed her clit. When Mandy climaxed, her muscles clenched, and she bent her back under him, ramming her pussy against his cock for the final time. After her orgasm, she collapsed forward, sprawling onto the bed, and Frank carefully removed his cock from her pussy. He hadn't cum, but he would while they were playing the second part of doggie.

While his daughter caught her breath from her climax, Frank scooped some of the juices from her pussy, and licked them off his fingers. They had provided lubrication for his cock for the first part of doggie, but what she called her poo hole was tighter, and had none of its own. Those from her pussy would not remain slippery for as long as he expected to take fucking her ass, so he picked up the bottle of Aqualube and twisted off the cap. Holding her cheeks spread with the fingers of one hand, he inserted the neck into Mandy's adorable pink rosebud, and squeezed in a big dollop.

Before he could start applying the lubricant, she reached her hands back and spread her cheeks to help her daddy prepare her for more fun. While she held her cheeks apart, Frank inserted his middle finger up to his knuckle, and coated the inside of her ass as far as he could reach. His cock was already covered with enough juices from her pussy that he wouldn't need to add any artificial lubrication. Wiping his fingers off with more of the baby wipes was all the additional preparation he needed.

Little Mandy took the pillow she had been hugging and slid it under her waist. She knew what her daddy would be doing next, and she wanted to give him the best target she could. Turning her head and grinning at him happily, she also moved her fingers closer together and pulled her poo hole open wider. She knew the plaything Daddy would be sticking into her in this part of playing doggie was a lot bigger than his finger. He would need her to make a bigger hole for him, and to present it to him as well as she could. Eagerly, Mandy awaited the penetration by Daddy's toy that would, she knew, lead to her third and best happy time of the night.

Her nice daddy didn't make her wait very long. Little Mandy felt the blunt tip of his plaything pressed against the hole that wanted it so badly. The head moved around slightly, before wedging inside, sending tremendous waves of pleasure crashing out from where it penetrated. She sighed happily, and wiggled her hind end, wanting to help him stick the whole thing inside her poo hole, knowing how it would give both of them lots and lots of fun.

Frank wanted the same thing. The tightness of his daughter's ass sent ripples of bliss, starting from where it was clamped around his cock and swirling through his entire body. He delayed only a few seconds before thrusting forward again, squeezing two inches of his shaft inside the tight hole she was creating. Her whole body was moving under him, with her ass being more active than anywhere else. He knew that Mandy wanted every inch he had, and he wanted to give it to her. There was no longer any need for him to guide his cock, so he let go of it and moved his body forward to lie full-length on his daughter's back, although most of his weight was supported by his hands and knees.

Still wanting to help her daddy, Little Mandy continued holding her poo-hole open for him. She loved the feeling of his big, strong body lying on top of her, and she loved the way Daddy was playing doggie with her. Most of all, she loved the way it felt when he thrust his plaything into her. He did it again and again whole her body squirmed under him, driving it in deeper every time, and flooding her body with even stronger waves of pleasure.

"Daddy, I love it when you put your big plaything into my poo-hole like that. Can you get the whole thing inside me?"

"Yes, I can, Honey. It's almost all the way in you already. Just keep holding yourself open like you've been doing." Frank gave one more strong thrust, and felt his legs squash against his daughter's succulent ass cheeks. "Okay, Honey, it's all the way inside you now. Let's just lie here for a while and enjoy how it feels."

"Okay, Daddy. It feels really, really good."

Little Mandy wasn't lying very still, and she didn't actually want to. Her whole body moved under her father from the incredibly delightful sensations she was getting from his big, hard plaything, as it stretched what she would continue calling her poo-hole. Additional joy throbbed out from the adjacent channel, where she was being crammed so full. Mandy knew she would be sore there the next morning, but she was having so much fun playing doggie with her daddy that it was worth it.

Frank was deriving tremendous pleasure also, especially from the way his daughter's ass was caressing his cock as she squirmed under him. After a minute of lying in place, he slowly pulled it most of the way out of her, paused, and drove it all the way back in. She moaned from the exquisite pleasure, and her body moved even more, her arms and legs waving back and forth on the bed as if she were swimming. Over and over, Frank plunged his cock in and out of Mandy's ass, his level of bliss building slowly to what would eventually be ecstasy.

Her level was building even faster than her daddy's. Every time his plaything drove into her poo hole, she could feel it mounting. She whimpered her delight with every thrust, and hoped it would continue for a long time, and that her daddy would play with her fun spot again. Before that could happen, though, she would need to get onto her knees so she could play doggie even better with him.

"Daddy, that feels super wonderful. Can I get on my knees?"

"Sure, Honey."

He raised his upper body, and Mandy took the pillow from under her waist and slid it forward so she would be hugging it and fucking back to meet her father's thrusts again. While his cock remained imbedded deeply inside her ass, he moved back while she got to her knees. After getting into the right position for playing doggie the best way she knew, Little Mandy turned her head to grin at her playmate.

"Okay, Daddy. I'm ready."

Frank knew why Mandy wanted to get to her knees, rather than lying face down. Although the little girl might act passive, the young woman is more involved. He drew his cock most of the way back and, pulling on her hips for a stronger thrust, plunged his cock back into his daughter's ass. When she felt it surging into her, Mandy fucked back to meet him, and his legs slapped up against her ass cheeks.

Over and over they fucked like that. Mandy's hips started swiveling again, thrusting her knees into the mattress, while her body wobbled and pitched from side to side in front of her father. She moaned and whimpered and sobbed from the intense pleasure that every stroke gave to her ass and, finally, Frank saw her reaching for her clit.

"Once again, he reached underneath her. "Let me, Honey," he said.

Little Mandy let her father do what he wanted, which was what she wanted him to do. He wetted his fingers in the plentiful juices flowing from her pussy, and held her clit the same way as he did before. His own climax was almost at the point of explosion, and he knew hers was too, so he started fucking into her ass faster and faster. She matched his pace, and her movements became wilder and more erratic.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried out ecstatically. "Yes!"

Neither of them slowed down. Frank kept fucking Mandy's ass, even harder and faster than he had been doing. She fucked back, just as hard and just as fast, crooning her joy in incoherent words. She was no longer pretending to be a little girl; she was a grown woman, fucking and cumming and reveling in both. Frank's arms were wrapped around her hips again, and he controlled her erratic movements as well as he felt necessary, wanting to keep her safe from harm, but letting her give herself over completely to her joy.

Mandy did not announce her climax; her body did it for her, all of her muscles clenching at once, while her back bowed and she rammed her ass back to meet the man who was fucking her there. After her orgasm, the third and best of the night, she started to sag forward. Frank held onto her hips, and let her slowly fall forward, until she was flat on her belly, before he resumed driving his cock in and out of her ass. His own climax, which he had been holding back, exploded, and he ejaculated into his condom. His thrusts into his daughter's ass continued, until he spurted his semen for the second time. He didn't stop driving his cock into Mandy's ass until he was certain he was through cumming.

For several minutes, Little Mandy and her daddy lay in a happy, satisfied pile, while his cock softened inside her. He got to his knees, gently pulling it loose as he rose. Her ass was dilated and red around the rim from the stretching, and he knew she would be sore the next day. He also knew that his daughter would consider the soreness to be well worth the immense pleasure she had gotten. Frank's daughter really loves having her father fuck her ass.

As he got off the bed, Little Mandy looked at him and smiled. "Thanks for the candy, and for playing doggie with me, Daddy. It was really, really fun. Can we do it tomorrow night?"

"You're welcome, Honey. I had a lot of fun too. Maybe we can do it tomorrow night. I hope so, but your daddy isn't as young as he used to be."

"Okay, Daddy. Good night." Completely nude, the way she usually slept, and totally relaxed from her three orgasms, Mandy snuggled her head into her pillow and closed her eyes.

"Good night, Honey. Sleep tight." Frank headed for the bathroom, where he would dispose of the condom, before going to his own bed. He expected them both to sleep tight, and have pleasant dreams after the great sex they had just enjoyed together. He hoped they could have more of the same the next night but, as he had implied, keeping a hot young woman like Mandy happy was tiring, even though it was extremely pleasurable.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as this father and daughter did, and expect to regularly have for the foreseeable future.. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I really appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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