tagIncest/TabooLittle Mandy and Her Daddy's Ass

Little Mandy and Her Daddy's Ass


Frank Williams smiled as he returned from work early one afternoon and saw his daughter's car parked in the driveway. "Little Mandy must have cut classes and come home early," he told himself, and smiled at the possibilities being presented.

Frank didn't know why she was home early, but he made a guess, and hoped it was correct. If it was, she would be waiting for him upstairs, either in her bed or, more likely, in his. Either way, a great time would be in the offing for him and for her, if his guess was correct. Even if she had some other reason, he still had high hopes for some hot, mutually pleasurable sex with his twenty year old daughter, since he had free time that afternoon, and thought she probably did too. After carefully locking the door behind himself and removing his shoes and socks, Frank quietly started upstairs. He heard gleeful noises emanating from her bedroom, and wondered if she had started without him, and why she would have done so.

When he looked in her open door, he saw he was right, and he also saw why she had already started. Lying on her back was Carmen, his daughter's beautiful friend and classmate in the local university. She was completely naked, her long, black hair swirling around her head as she writhed on top of his daughter's bed. Her arms and legs were raised and between them was Little Mandy, equally naked, except for her strapon dildo that she wore around her waist.

Frank gazed with delight at the two sexy young women, as his daughter slowly drew back and thrust forward, driving the toy into her friend's pussy. Carmen was Hispanic, with dark eyes and dark brown nipples that topped her succulent breasts. Little Mandy had long, blonde hair, and her very fair skin and pink nipples contrasted with the light brown skin of her friend. Both women had fresh, lovely faces that were then suffused with lust. From their looks, and their movements on the bed and their uninhibited sounds of pleasure, it was obvious that they were having a great time together.

Carmen turned toward the doorway and saw the interloper. "Hi, Frank," she called out. "C'mon in and join us."

Little Mandy also turned toward her father and smiled at him. "Hi, Daddy. There's room for you right here," she invited him, patting her curvaceous ass.

Those invitations were sincere, he knew, and exactly what Frank wanted to hear. He hurried into the room to accept them, removing his clothing as he went. There was some difficulty pulling down his jockey shorts, because his cock was so stiff, but he managed, and let them fall to the floor and kicked them out of the way. A supply of condoms was always kept in Little Mandy's top dresser drawer, and he got one out and put it on, as well as picking up the plastic squeeze bottle of Aqualube and the paper towels that were kept in the same place. Kneeling on the bed between his daughter's legs, he started to prepare her ass. With the dildo buried deep inside Carmen, the two young lovelies paused in their fucking, and Little Mandy reached back to spread her ass cheeks.

After removing the cap, he pressed the top of the bottle against the delectable pink opening she was presenting to him, and twisted it to make a slight penetration. He squeezed the sides of the bottle, and a big dollop of the lubricant squirted into his daughter's ass. Frank carefully inserted a middle finger, thought better of it, took it back out, and reinserted the middle and index finger twined together. Her ass seemed tighter than usual, and he remembered her strapon included two dildos, and one must be buried in her own pussy. Carefully, he spread the Aqualube where it would be needed, while Little Mandy moaned from the pleasure she was already getting, and her ass squirmed under his ministrations. When he was through preparing her, he coated his cock with the Aqualube, replaced the cap and set the bottle on the floor beside the bed.

Little Mandy continued holding her cheeks apart, so her father reached between them, pried open her cute, pink rosebud, and held it open with the thumb and fingers of one hand. His other hand guided his cock, and he leaned forward and pressed the tip against the tiny hole that was being created. A firm push wedged it inside, and his daughter squealed with delight. Frank was not the squealing type, but he murmured happily as he felt the muscles in her ass already starting to massage the head of his cock.

"Oh, that feels so good, Daddy. Stick it all in me," Little Mandy encouraged him.

No encouragement was needed. He is well aware of how much fun it is for both of them when he fucks his daughter anywhere, including in her ass. Another strong thrust drove almost another inch into her, and she and her classmate both moaned blissfully. Although the dildo in the front of the strapon was already deep inside Carmen's pussy, pushing against Little Mandy's ass drove it in even more deeply, and raked the spur against her clit. With another thrust, accompanied by another duet of happy sounds, Frank's cock was almost halfway inside his daughter's ass.

It was in deeply enough that he no longer needed to hold her sweet little rosebud open or guide his cock, so Frank wiped off the excess Aqualube on a paper towel and placed his hands on Little Mandy's soft, smooth hips for leverage. On his next stroke, he pulled her toward himself, while thrusting his cock forward, and two more inches of his hard shaft were inside her ass. Enough was inside her that he could actually start fucking, slowly drawing his cock back and thrusting it forward. He left his hands where they were, because it felt so good to fondle Little Mandy's bare skin, anywhere on her sexy body.

Everybody felt good, especially when Frank pulled his cock back again, paused for no longer than a second, and drove it forward. It felt great to him because his daughter's ass was so tight, and was squeezing his shaft so delightfully. It felt terrific to her because her daddy's cock, as it plunged farther into her, spread her ass farther open, while the dildo in her pussy massaged her. Both hard cylinders sent waves of pleasure sweeping over her body. It felt wonderful to Carmen, because the dildo in the front of Little Mandy's strapon was driven even more deeply into her pussy every time her friend's father plunged in his cock. Everybody was having a fabulous time, and they intended to keep doing so for the rest of the afternoon, and even into the night.

Especially for Frank and Little Mandy, it got better as he plowed his cock in deeper and deeper, until he felt his pubic hair brushing against the soft insides of her ass cheeks. "Ooooh," she blissfully moaned. "Oh, my God, Daddy, that feels so good! Really give it to me! Fuck my ass good!"

That was exactly what Frank wanted to do and intended to do. He slowly pulled his cock most of the way out of his daughter, paused, and plunged it all the way back in. It felt so good to her as it surged into her ass that Little Mandy fucked back to meet it, pulling the dildo part of the way from Carmen's pussy as she did. Father and daughter met, with Frank's body pressing against her soft ass cheeks, and he kept driving forward until he pushed Little Mandy snugly against Carmen, driving the front dildo into that young woman's pussy as far as it would go. They all moaned again, from the excruciating pleasure, and Frank started to draw back for another long, slow stroke.

Once again, she left her dildo buried all the way inside Carmen's pussy and, when Little Mandy felt her ass being crammed by Daddy's cock, she fucked back to meet him. Her body smacked softly against his, but there was nothing soft about the way his thrust continued into her. By the time it was complete, his entire shaft was buried in her ass, and the leather face of her strapon was pressing firmly against Carmen's pussy, with the protruding dildo all the way inside, and the spur raking across her friend's clit. Besides the immense pleasure that her ass was receiving from her father's cock stretching it open and expanding the attached channel, Little Mandy's own pussy was getting the same treatment as that of Carmen, from the clit spur and the thick shaft of the dildo imbedded inside her.

As the fucking continued, Little Mandy was given much more of the delightful treatment in both places. The next time Frank's cock burrowed into her ass, she met him again and, once more, her body ended up pressed against the body of her friend, and both dildos worked their magic on the pussies they stuffed so well. The next stroke was the same, and the next one after that, and many more. Carmen, whose pussy was getting the heaviest workout it had ever gotten, could feel her climax getting closer. Little Mandy, getting the greatest DP she had ever gotten, also felt hers approaching. The fucking was especially good to her, the way her father's cock stretched her rear pleasure hole and the attached channel. Her front pleasure hole was equally a source of delight, from the dildo that crammed it so full, and caressed her sweet spots and fondled her clit every time she moved. Joy throbbed out from both presences to inundate her entire body, and she swayed from side to side, while continuing her part of the rhythm.

The ass that surrounded his cock, although Frank had fucked his daughter there many times, was even tighter than usual, because of the dildo that compressed her pussy. The lubricant was working perfectly, and there was no friction, just the tightness giving him immense pleasure as he slowly plunged his cock in and out. He could feel his climax, a great fountain of pleasure welling up inside him and concentrating in his groin, but he wanted the two women to cum before he did.

He didn't have long to wait. "My God, I'm cumming!" Carmen dried out joyously. She tried to wrap her legs around the other two, but failed, and her thighs scissored against their legs, while her arms flailed against the mattress. Her partners didn't stop, or even slow down, but continued fucking, driving Carmen to even greater heights of ecstasy. She climaxed, with a great cry of joy, her back arching and all her muscles clenching, before completely relaxing into the bed.

Little Mandy was only seconds behind. "Oh! Oh, Daddy," she warbled. "I'm cumming!"

Her thrusts of the dildo into Carmen, which had been getting more and more frenetic, became completely uncontrolled. Little Mandy's arms flapped up and down, and her feet kicked the mattress. Wanting to keep her under himself, and bring her to a full orgasm, Frank held tightly to his daughter's shoulders and fucked her ass with long, hard strokes, while the dildo in her pussy massaged her clit and all her many other sweet spots.

"OH!" Little Mandy cried out, ecstatically, as she climaxed. After her orgasm, she relaxed as much as Carmen had, and sprawled atop her friend, dildos buried all the way to the hilts in both their pussies.

It was Frank's turn next, and he started fucking the succulent ass beneath him even harder and faster. After a few dozen more strokes, the climax that had been building up erupted like a geyser, and he ejaculated, gushing semen into his condom. He knew his cumming wasn't over, and he kept fucking until he had pumped out two more spurts of cum. After that, he relaxed as much as the two women had, except he put his hands flat on the mattress to support part of his weight. The three of them lay in a happy pile, until Frank's cock had softened and slipped out of his daughter's ass.

He got to his knees and moved out of the way so the others could also get up, taking the opportunity to peel the condom from his almost-flaccid cock. Little Mandy eased the dildo out of her friend's pussy, and lay on her back on the other side of the bed, the toy sticking straight up into the air. Carmen turned and smiled at Frank, and he smiled back, partly because of her youthful beauty and partly because of the delightful aroma of the plethora of fresh juices that were smeared all over her pussy. Unless he did something, they would probably all go to waste, since his daughter didn't seem to be interested. At the same time, he didn't want to commit some kind of social gaffe by sticking his tongue where it had no business being.

"Carmen, your juices smell delicious. I'd love to lick them off you. I'll bet they'd taste even better than they smell."

"I'd like that too. I love having men lick my pussy, especially right after I cum."

Frank moved over until he was between the lovely young woman's knees, and eased himself forward. She smiled at him again, and raised her legs so he could duck under them and place his elbows on either side of her hips, bringing his face inches away from the delectable pussy his daughter had just finished fucking. Her pussy juices, as well as some from Little Mandy, had spattered all over Carmen, including on her legs, and he started there. The flavor was delicious, and the soft, smooth brown skin of her thighs felt delightful against his tongue. Eagerly, his tongue sluiced all the nectar into his mouth so he could savor the taste before swallowing it.

After cleaning off both beautiful thighs, Frank leaned in closer and licked all the juices from the young woman's crotch, and smooth outer lips. All of Carmen's pussy smelled and tasted as delectable as that of his daughter. He thought about Little Mandy, and looked over to see if she had any objection to what he was doing, because she might feel some kind of proprietary interest in his mouth or in her friend's juices. None was apparent. She was lying on her side, smiling at him and her friend, and holding the dildo, dripping with more of with Carmen's pussy juices, in her hand. Frank wondered why she didn't lick them off the toy. He reasoned that she must know how delicious they were, but she might just not be interested.

Frank certainly knew, and he was certainly interested. He had feasted on all the nectar Carmen's pussy had produced from being fucked by Little Mandy's toy, and he was ready to induce her to produce much more of the treat. Before starting, he stopped to admire her beautiful pussy. The surrounding skin was a soft brown hue, with no visible blemishes. Carmen apparently shaved herself or had her pubic area waxed, because it was completely hairless up to the slit, which was spread open by the delightfully swollen inner lips that had pushed their way out. He gently separated those lovely pink petals and gazed into the wet hole between them. It was as beautiful as the rest of her pussy, shiny with the fresh juices that Carmen was starting to produce.

He started licking between an inner and outer lip, relishing the taste, the aroma, and the spongy texture against his mouth. In no hurry at all, his tongue caressed everything, beginning with the smooth area between them where they started, and continuing all the way until he was licking across her clit hood, where the two inner lips meet. Carmen's pussy was already squirming under his face, and he raised his head briefly to gaze at her pretty face. She was murmuring in pleasure; her eyes were blissfully closed and her smile was equally an expression of her joy with what the educated tongue was doing for her.

Before Frank brought his mouth back down to devour all the fresh nectar that he knew was waiting for him, he felt his daughter's hand between his ass cheeks. If it hadn't been for the great affection he felt for her, he might have been annoyed at the way her fingers were burrowing between them and fondling him in a very sensitive place. She interrupted him further by asking what seemed to be a rather silly question.

"Daddy, did you have fun fucking my ass?"

He had, of course, but his tongue was starting to lick up all the delicious fresh juices from Carmen's crotch and pussy lips, and Frank didn't want to interrupt his mouth to answer. He nodded his head without lifting his face, and his daughter took that as an affirmative answer.

"Did anybody ever fuck you there? If they did, was it fun?"

Frank was reveling in the taste and aroma and texture of the marvelous pussy he was eating, but he didn't really need to concentrate on what he was doing with his mouth. Her questions jarred some old memories from his early adolescence. Lacking any other sexual outlets, he and some of his horny teenage friends used to take turns doing what he had just done to his daughter. Both parts, being the top and being the bottom had been fun. This went on for a few years, until the girls his age realized how much pleasure they could get from boys, and he and his friends stopped what they had been doing with each other. It had been a long time, but he clearly remembered how good it had felt. He also remembered that the natural function of the pussy juices that covered Little Mandy's dildo was to provide lubrication for fucking and, if that wasn't enough, they had almost a full bottle of Aqualube available.

His answer was important enough that he raised his face from Carmen's pussy and answered his daughter's questions. "Yes, Honey, somebody did and, yes, it was fun."

"Do you want me to do it to you?"

He remembered even more clearly just how much fun those cocks had given him, and thought about how good it would feel again, with his daughter lying on top of him, her nipples digging into his back, and her dildo ramming in and out of his ass, massaging his prostate gland. "Yeah, go ahead. Be sure to use plenty of lubricant. It's on the floor, next to the bed."

"I will Daddy."

The bed shook as Little Mandy got off and back on. Seconds later, he felt her fingers spreading his ass cheeks, and he reached back to help her. Although eating Carmen's pussy was being an absolute delight, he wanted to start enjoying this long-forgotten pleasure before getting back to it. He looked at her face, and saw that she was frowning slightly at the interruption.

"Don't worry, Carmen. I'll be eating your pussy again in just a minute, and you'll cum bigtime. Even bigger than you did before." His assurance mollified her, and she nestled her head back into the pillow to wait for him to get back to pleasuring himself and her.

He felt the top of the bottle twisting against his ass, until it had made a slight penetration, and Frank moved his fingers in more closely to spread himself farther open. A cool gush of liquid suddenly spurted into his ass, followed by his daughter's long, slender finger reaching in to spread it carefully around the inside. Carmen's pussy juices, which already covered the dildo that would momentarily be replacing Little Mandy's finger, would provide enough lubrication on the toy. Still holding his ass open, he spread his legs and felt Little Mandy kneel between them.

She placed one hand on the mattress beside her father, and Frank surmised that she was using her other hand to guide her dildo into its target. He felt the blunt tip pressed against where it would be penetrating, and directed her further. "Rub the tip against my ass to make sure it has plenty of lubricant. You'll need a lot, because I haven't done this for a long time.

"Okay, Daddy." There was a sudden thrill as the end of Little Mandy's dildo rubbed against the very sensitive place it would momentarily be fucking.

There was another thrill, this time of anticipation, when the toy stopped moving. Frank spread his ass open as far as he could, and curled an index finger around to guide the plastic head until it was exactly centered. "Okay. Give it a good, hard push now."

Little Mandy followed his direction, and plunged the head of her dildo into her father's ass. The other toy on the strapon moved inside her pussy, exciting her even more, but she delayed driving it forward again. From frequently having his cock and those of other men inside her ass, she knew enough to take her time in completing the penetration. After that, when the Aqualube had fully liquefied, she could drive it in and out of him as hard and as deeply as he could take it, and as she wanted to.

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