tagToys & MasturbationLittle Minx Ch. 03

Little Minx Ch. 03


"Ever seen one of these before?" Josh asked as he slid the batteries into the vibrator that he'd bought Bridget as a present. It was a Rabbit Pearl, one of the best vibrators out on the market.

"Oh my God..." breathed Bridget, "That's the one from Sex In The City isn't it?!"

Josh laughed, "Trust you to know it from something like that."

He stepped over to the end of his bed. It was early afternoon and he wanted to play... besides which, the website would never flourish if Bridget only had regular sex. Seeing her being masturbated was something fun to put on there along with her first blow-job and a couple of hot sex sessions.

"Ever tried one out?" he asked.

"No..." Bridget's eyes were wide as he climbed onto the bed with her, getting between her spread legs and running his hands up her smooth thighs. Damn she was hot with that innocent look on her face, all naked and ready for sex. She was a little minx, that's what she was... so sleek and smooth, but always ready to go for something dirty. And he intended it to get VERY dirty eventually.

"Well lie down gorgeous," he grinned, "We're going to have some fun."

Rather than inserting the vibrator right away he leaned forward and began sucking on her nipples as he squeezed her breasts, knowing how sensitive they were and how worked up she got by breast play. As usual, Bridget started moaning, running her hands through his hair as she writhed underneath him, trying to touch her hungry pussy to something. She was such a horny little slut, it made him hard just thinking about it... he bit down on her nipple and chewed a little, making her gasp with the mingled pleasure and pain. Her penchant for rough sex had his mind working overtime for some future tapes to put online...

But right now he wanted to concentrate on this. When her nipples were fully erect and red he pulled away and looked at her glistening wet pussy. Lifting the vibrator he showed it to her as she panted and nodded.

"Oh please Josh..." she begged, "Just put SOMETHING in me..."

Better scripted than any porno, he loved how vocal she was... and so did the guys online. Bridget was fast gaining a fan club on the site, he'd even put up a message board so the fans could trade their favorite parts of her so far limited selection of movies. They were going to go wild after this one.

Teasing the rubber toy between her pussy lips, he started to work it into her. Bridget moaned and lifted her hips... it felt oddly different from his dick. Firmer, not as yielding... certainly not as warm. It was harder for it to work into her tightness, the rubber almost sticking to the sides of her pussy, but she was so wet that he only had to work it back and forth a little to get the sides of the shaft lubed. When it was fully inside her she could feel something soft and tickling against her clit.

Then movement began inside her, a slow circular gyration in the interior of her pussy and the little pearls churning in their portion of the shaft, massaging her pussy lips. Bridget's hips lifted and she reached above her head to grab onto the headboard, her grasping hands needed something as the spectacular sensation swept over her. It was like nothing she'd ever felt before... completely different than having a dick in her. Not necessarily better, she did miss the pumping and hardness... but oh god it felt good.

"Oh Josh," she moaned, her hips moving up and down as he pumped it in and out of her a bit, "Oh I can feel it moving... It's moving inside me... Oh god... It feels so good Josh..."

Grinning wickedly as he watched her stretched out body moving, he turned up the intensity and Bridget's breath caught in her throat as her hips lifted off the bed, her entire back arching in intense pleasure as the vibrator stirred her insides.

"OH MY GOD!" she cried out. She'd had no idea that it could get faster like that. Josh had the control in his hand and he'd pushed the dial very far up, but still not all the way. He knew that she was going to go wild by the time that he had this thing going full blast... and so far he hadn't even turned on the clit stimulater.

Bridget writhed on the bed, her tits jiggling as her legs moved back and forth, trying to close over her pleasure center and trying to open up so that the dick inside her could go even deeper. She loved knowing that Josh was watching her, enjoying the show that she was putting on, it made her feel incredibly sexy to have his eyes roaming over her during such an intimate moment, when she was totally open and spread to him. The dick moved inside her as her eyes half-closed, concentrating soley on the tingling in her pussy, the slow-building fire that was kindling.

Then Josh flicked on the clit stimulator - not all the way of course, but higher than he'd set the shaft originally. Bridget screamed in ecstatic surprise as the little bunny ears vibrated against her swollen clit, flicking it back and forth at high speeds... her pussy tightened around the shaft and her head thrashed back and forth as she shook with pleasure, her legs kicking in pleasured convulsions.

Josh started running his hand up and down his dick, squeezing it as he continued to play with the vibrator, digging it deeper and pulling it out just slightly, using his thumb over the bunny to press it firmly against Bridget's clit. Her ecstatic throes had his dick pulsing, he'd never seen anything sexier in his life, the way her hands were tightening against the head board, her body practically lifting off the bed as she convulsed. Bridget's toes actually curled as he flipped the shaft into high gear, it churned inside her fast and hard, circling to her g-spot with incredible speed.

A shriek left Bridget's lips as she started to cum, and Josh flicked the bunny all the way. The head board shook as she came, thrashing wildly and pulling on the heavy wood. She was completely oblivious to Josh straddling her waist and wanking his dick wildly watching her face as she came, her cries of ecstacy echoing throughout the room.

Hot cum spurted into her open mouth, across her cheeks and across her tits, dimly she was aware of it as her orgasm went on and on, almost painful in its intensity.

Panting, Josh moved back between her legs, his dick shrinking slightly after his gushing orgasm. Now she was just even more kinky looking with the cum on her face and lips, her expression become almost panicked as she couldn't get down from her incredible orgasm. Watching for a moment, Josh grinned wickedly and took hold of the vibrator, pushing it in as deep as it would go and pressing the rabbit against her clit as firmly as he could.

Bridget's hands flew away from the headboard and down on top of his as she tried to push his hands away, tears overflowing her eyes as the pleasure overloaded her senses and her orgasm climaxed with one huge wave that made her scream as her entire body tightened and arched. Josh began to lower the intensity of both the shaft and the rabbit, slowing it down quickly and then turning it off. Carefully he pulled the toy from her pussy, looking at how pink and wet she was, a small puddle of pussy juice had dripped down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

Moaning softly, Bridget curled into a ball onto her side, a little glassy eyed. Josh didn't move her, she was facing the camera which would be all to the good, she couldn't have been more perfect if he'd told her to lie like that. He couldn't wait to edit this movie, it was possibly the hottest thing he'd ever seen in his life.

Carefully moving behind her, in a spooning kind of position, he curled up around her. With a soft happy sigh Bridget snuggled back against him, closing her eyes and hugging his arm around her breasts. Josh was surprised and touched at her response to him, a little wave of warmth flooding through him as he stroked her hair.


Josh made more money than ever that night as Bridget's fan-club grew, desperate to see her new movie.

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