tagBDSMLittle Minx Ch. 04

Little Minx Ch. 04


"Well..." Bridget blushed, squirming a little in Josh's lap as he fondled her breasts. He'd asked her what her fantasies were, what really turned her on in her head, "I really liked it, that first time we had sex, when you tied my wrists together and tied them to the bed."

Josh raised his eyebrows as she tried to avoid direct eye contact, blushing a deep pink, "Oh really? How come?"

More blushes - man, the guys online were going to love this, getting to hear her fantasy and then seeing it acted out! Plus she was just so damn cute blushing like that.

"I just felt so... I don't know. Vulnerable. Helpless or something. Like you could do anything you wanted and there was nothing I could do to stop you. It was... sexy, I guess." She let out a little gasp as Josh's fingers closed over her nipple, pinching it and twisting it a little. Her eyes half-closed as he squeezed her breasts hard with his hands, his fingers rough on her sensitive nipples as she let out a low moan.

"Do you want me to tie you up again?" His voice was low, giving her goose bumps as his breath brushed across the back of her shoulders, tingles going straight from her nipples to her wettening pussy.

"Yes..." she hissed as his fingers glided over her stomach towards her pussy, her head fell back against his shoulder as he started to stroke her folds.

"If I tie you up... I'm going to do anything I want to you." he warned her, one finger stirring the juices in her tight hole.

"Anything..." she breathed, too caught up in her lust to even realize what that might entail.

Josh grinned... he'd wanted to get into her tight ass the first time that they'd had sex. He wasn't going to do that tonight... but he was going to start getting her ready for it. Besides, it was much more profitable to do one video where she was tied up and one video where she lost her anal virginity. Lifting her up he tossed her face down onto the bed.

By the time he was finished arranging her she was face down and tied in a large X, pillows piled underneath her hips kept her ass and pussy in the air at good height.

"Damn that's hot," he said, running one of his fingers down her back. Bridget shivered pleasurably, her pussy was already on fire with need. She wanted it... being tied up like this just flat did it for her.

Getting between her legs Josh started kissing up her thighs, running his hands up and down her legs as she moaned and humped her hips, his lips coming closer and closer to her pussy. Slowly his tongue slid around the outside of her pussy lips, tracing the curves of her ass, making her plead with him for contact on her actual pussy. One swift swipe straight up the center of her pussy lips made her cry out with desire, arching her back delightedly as he started to feast on her pussy, nibbling on the sensitive lips and licking up her juices. When his tongue actually pressed into her pussy hole she moaned with desire, feeling the stiffened but still soft probe, wriggling inside of her.

"Oh yes Josh..." she moaned, "Oh please... please fuck me... I want it, please..."

Josh had the feeling that she just liked begging, because she was obviously enjoying his oral pleasuring of her. Maybe she wanted to feel a dick eventually, but it seemed as if she just wanted to hear herself pleading... which was fine with him, this was going to be great on the website. Her sweet voice begging to be fucked, tied up, vulnerable... hell, it was something HE would enjoy jerking off to. Or would have, if he didn't have the real thing right within reach.

When he moved upwards, sliding his tongue up the crack of her ass, Bridget stiffened and started to shriek as his tongue touched her crinkled asshole.

"STOP IT!" She started struggling against the ropes, "JOSH STOP IT! That's DIRTY! STOOOOOOPPPP!!!!!!!!" Her voice was one drawn out moan as he forced the tip of his tongue into her ass. Clenching down hard, she sobbed a little, unsure of what to do. This was not what she had expected, and although some part of her recognized that it felt good, she was so shocked and humiliated that her body wasn't quite able to take over yet.

Suddenly Josh's mouth was out of her ass and he was on top of her, his hard dick sliding between her ass cheeks and his lips at her ear.

"Anything I wanted, you said." He reminded her, "Yes?"

"Yes..." Bridget said softly, tensing with fear.

"So if I wanted to fuck this hot ass of yours..." Josh slid his dick back and forth between her butt cheeks, making her wriggle and sob a little, the tip of his dick finding her anus and pressing against it. Bridget's breath caught in her throat... it felt huge at her tiny entrance.

"Oh please don't!" she whimpered, trying to buck him off. All she succeeded in doing was pressing the head of his dick into her ass a little and she squealed, thrusting her hips forward and away from his dick.

"But if I wanted to," he persisted, following the movement of her ass so that his dick was putting a lot of pressure on her anus, rather erotically. His hands slid down to her breasts, squeezing them as they hung beneath her body, "If I wanted to, I could shove my dick into your tight ass right now..." the pressure increased and she whimpered, "And there's nothing you could do abotu it. How does that make you feel Bridget?"

"Scared," she whispered.

"Just scared?" his fingers played with her nipples and she moaned.

"No... scared and... and hot. Excited." Josh could almost feel her blushing again although he couldn't see her face.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass Bridget?" he asked her. No reply. The pressure increased and just a bit of his dick started to open her up, making her gasp at the discomfort, "Do you want me to fuck your ass Bridget?"

"I don't know!" it was half whisper, half moan, her confused body and mind keeping her on edge and unsure.

Then his dick moved away, and she slumped - although she wasn't sure if it was in relief or disappointment.

"I'm going to fuck this beautiful ass eventually," he told her, running his fingers over her tight hole. She clenched down automatically, "But not today. You're going to beg me to fuck your ass when I do. But there is something else I want to do with your ass..."


Bridget cried out with surprise and indignation as his hand came down hard on her ass.

"JOSH!" she yelped.






As she pleaded for him to stop, writhing on the bed in front of him, Josh turned her ass pink, enjoying giving her a good old-fashioned spanking... something he'd always wanted to do to a girl. And Bridget was enjoying it even though she was screaming for him to stop, that was partially just humiliation and anger... this was not what she had been expecting. But her pussy liked it, he could tell because the more pink her creamy ass cheeks got, the wetter her pussy became.

When he finally stopped she was panting for breath, a few tears on her cheeks, but also disturbingly aware of how horny being spanked had made her. With a suddenness that took her breath away, Josh was on top of her and thrusting into her wet pussy, making her cry out as his dick suddenly split her open. Although she was very wet, she was also very tight, and it took him a couple of thrusts to work himself all the way inside her, gasping the exquisite feeling of being buried completely inside of her.

Bridget moaned as he began to ride her hard, his body pressing against her warmed ass cheeks, a little bit of pain and a lot of pleasure mixing wonderfully. It hadn't taken either of them long to figure out that she liked her sex rough, and this was the roughest that he'd ever been. Although she'd been rather indignant that he'd spanked her, she couldn't deny the effect that it had on her body; right now she was pushing back against his thrusts as much as she could, enjoying her vulnerable state, loving the way his hands moved over her body.

She was a bitch in heat, being fucked like a bitch. Josh's hands gripped her breasts hard, using them as leverage to thrust roughly into her. Panting and moans filled the room as he used her body, her voice getting higher and higher as her orgasm approached. The pitch of her voice was a consistent barometer of how close she was to an orgasm.

Just as she sat on the brink, about to fly over the edge, Josh pulled back so that one of his hands was on her hip as he fucked her. The other one he rested on her ass cheek, pushing one finger deep into her ass just as she went past the point of no return. The sudden flare of pain and discomfort in her ass fueled the raging fire of her orgasm as she shrieked and writhed before him, her ass completely impaled by his finger.

With a few long, hard thrusts Josh reached his own orgasm, filling her pussy with his cum... he could feel his dick swelling up and pulsing through the lining between her holes. Bridget moaned as he came inside her, loving the way it felt as each spurt of cum traveled along his dick and into her pussy, he always got so much harder right before he came. Her ass felt distinctly uncomfortable with the finger in it... almost painful, but not exactly. Still, she sighed with relief when the finger was removed... it was just too strange. And she was still scared of losing her anal virginity, she knew that it was going to hurt.


After that, her ass was no longer safe. During foreplay, during sex, in the shower... Josh kept licking and fingering her ass... The next evening when they were watching a movie and she was on his lap, he pushed his fingers into her pussy - which she enjoyed - and then removed them and slowly pushed two of them into her asshole. Bridget moaned and wriggled, wincing as she tried to get used to the invasion.

By the end of the week she was starting to enjoy it.

Online the natives were getting restless. Completely engrossed in this descent into sexual depravity by a sweet and innocent-looking girl, the fans were eager to see her give up her ass. The last virgin territory. Josh grinned... Bridget's brother was going out of town this weekend, so after a week of waiting, both he and the fans were going to get what they were waiting for.

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