tagGroup SexLittle Minx Ch. 06

Little Minx Ch. 06


Josh watched as Bridget finished out her extended orgasm on top of him, her pussy still rubbing against his groin. It kept him half-hard inside of her to watch her like this... he loved having her on top. And it was one of those times when he wasn't taping so that he could just enjoy having her all to himself... it seemed to be like that more and more lately.

Her eyes and smile were lazy as she sighed happily and flopped onto him, her breasts squishing pleasantly against his chest.

"That was wonderful," she murmured, breath tickling the hair around his nipples.

"You'd better adjust where your mouth is unless you want to be doing it again very soon." he told her, stroking her hair and back. Damn she was beautiful.

Bridget wrinkled her nose and smiled up at him, propping herself up on her elbows, "And who says I don't want to do it again?"

Josh bumped his hips upward and she shivered, hypersensitive after her orgasm just like she always was. One time, last week, while he was taping he'd managed to give her orgasm after orgasm because of that hypersensitivity, all the way up until she'd begged him to stop from the overload of pleasure. It had been satisfying and erotic like nothing else. Afterwards she'd curled up into a little ball, shivering every time he'd touched her, just because her whole body was so charged.

"Ok, maybe not right away," she smiled at him.

"So what do you suggest we do then?" his hands caressed lower down her back and towards her ass, "Maybe I'm in the mood now..."

"We can talk," she said firmly, shifting so that his half-hard dick fell out of her body. He sighed in feigned disappointment. Truth was, he loved talking to her after sex. Or cuddling. Or whatever the hell she wanted to do. Sometimes he felt like he was falling under some kind of spell with her... although he still liked sharing her on the internet, there were times when he was surprised by feelings of jealousy or possessiveness when he saw what the guys were saying about it. But it still turned him on to know that people were watching their sex tapes. Even if she still didn't know about it.

"Like, what are your fantasies?" she asked, tracing the line of his jaw with her finger.

"My fantasies..." he mused, "I don't know... like what do you mean?"

"Well..." she giggled, ducking her head down a little, "Like sex fantasies. Something you've always wanted to try..."

"Why don't you give me an example," Josh grinned at the pink blush that was spreading across her cheeks, "You obviously have one in mind."

"Weeeellll...." she giggled again, the tip of her tongue licking at her lower lip enticingly. Giggling harder she ducked her head under his chin so that she didn't have to look at him, he could feel her cheek heated against his skin. Blushing VERY hard. "I always wondered what it might be like to be with a girl. You know, like not lesbian exactly... I'd want a guy there. Maybe watching or something. I just always wondered what it would be like to try it with someone..."

Josh laughed as she snuggled her face into his shoulder, trying to hide her embarrassment and her arousal at her confession.

"What turns you on the most about that?" he asked, "Being watched or being with another woman?"

Getting his hand under her chin he lifted her face so that he could look in her feverish eyes, so alive and energized.

"Both," she smiled.

Josh looked at her, her face filling his vision, and he could see in his head that same face as it moaned orgasm, an anonymous female head between her legs...

"I hope you're ready to go again," he growled as he rolled over on top of her. Bridget squealed and protested... but not too much.


"I know a girl." she told him over breakfast one morning.


Bridget blushed, "I know a girl who would probably be willing to... you know, while you watched."

Josh looked at her, amazed, "You mean you actually want to go through with it?"

"Yeah." Her cheeks burned.

Considering for a moment, he thought he saw several ways he could use this to his advantage. The guys on the net were going to go wild over these next few additions to the site.

"Well, what if I'm not sure I want to share you with a woman?" he asked, "I mean, I've heard about girls leaving their boyfriends because they liked it so much with another woman."

"Boyfriend?!" Bridget's voice rose in surprise and delight, "That's the first time you've ever called yourself my boyfriend!"

Josh looked at her, his mouth slightly open as he realized she was right. What surprised him the most, was that he really was starting to think of her as a girlfriend, and not just a hottie that he was banging. Or showing on the internet. He'd always liked her, as a person, but he'd never seen them being in any kind of relationship... it surprised him to find that he wanted it now.

Grinning, he leaned over and kissed her, "Then I guess that means you won't leave me if we add another woman? Just one time?"

"Absolutely not," Bridget gave him her most impish expression, the one that made his groin tighten in its innocent seductiveness. Then she kissed him back.


Josh was absolutely delighted when he met Bridget's friend Pam. She was not at all what he'd been expecting, almost an exact opposite of Bridget, Pam was tall and willowy with blonde hair and big blue eyes. Where Bridget was innocence and delight, Pam was sex and passion. She was even a few years older than Bridget, her eyes cool and assessing as she looked him over with a smile. He'd talked to her beforehand on the phone, and she'd agreed to the video-taping and even having it put on the internet... he'd have to give her part of the cut but that was fine. Best yet, she understood that Bridget wasn't to be told about it, and she wasn't at all bothered by that.

Sitting and watching as the two naked girls kissed in front of him, Josh thought that he had to be one of the luckiest guys on earth. A little flash of jealousy ran through him as Bridget hesitantly opened her mouth to Pam's questing tongue, their hands running over each other's bodies, but that jealousy was squelched by the swift rising of his dick. Squeezing his member, his mouth was practically watering as Pam forcefully pushed Bridget back onto the bed, as the more experienced of the two she was already taking the dominant position. Used to being more submissive with Josh anyway, Bridget complied immediately, her body stretched out for Pam's perusal; and Josh was able to enjoy watching the little minx being used by someone else. A female someone else no less.

Pam ran her hands up and down Bridget's sides, cupping the younger girl's smaller breasts and lowering her lips to the pert strawberry nipples. Bridget moaned and her hips lifted as Pam's nimble fingers teased her other nipple to erectness, pinching and twisting it, pulling it from her body. Lifting her body upwards, Pam lowered her own breasts to Bridget's mouth, sighing happily as Bridget began to suck on her own nipples. Her swaying breasts hung low beneath her as her pussy ground against Bridget's thigh.

Pulling away, Pam turned around and lowered her pussy to Bridget's face, in the classic 69 position. Josh could see Bridget's nervous and excited expression as the pink pussy came closer and closer to her lips. Her tongue flicked out to lick Pam's upper thighs until she could finally reach the wet pussy lips. Pam lowered her mouth to Bridget's excited folds, and Josh fisted his dick energetically as the two women began to eat each other out enthusiastically. Bridget was making small whimpering noises into Pam's pussy as it was lowered completely onto her, her own arousal and excitement at having a fantasy fulfilled making it hard for her to concentrate.

Eventually, Pam sat up completely on top of Bridget's face, making the younger girl concentrate completely on pleasuring her. Josh could tell from Bridget's frantic movements as she ate Pam out that she'd been very close to orgasm, and now her pussy was demanding completion. It turned him on even more that Pam was taking advantage of Bridget's position like that, keeping her from cumming while getting her own pleasure.

Pam watched him through slitted eyes as she humped his girlfriend's face, her breasts bouncing up and down. Unable to hold himself back, Josh came forward and grasped each of her bouncing breasts in each hand, lowering his mouth to one of her nipples and sucking. Throwing her head back, Pam began to moan loudly as she started to cum, her back arching and thrusting her breasts at him. They were heavy and full in his hands, her hard nipple rolling between his lips... so different from Bridget's, but not any better or any worse. Just beautiful and wonderful in their own right.

Bridget's face was covered with Pam's juices when Pam got off of her, moaning, the petite girl begged, "Please..."

Josh just grinned at her and began to kiss her, licking Pam's sweet orgasmic juices up as Pam pulled a strap-on out of her bag. It was a rather big one, definitely as big as Josh himself, and wide around. A slightly smaller dildo was attached to the inside of it, and Pam slid that one into her own wet pussy with a slight hiss, securing the strap-on around her hips. Josh rolled off of Bridget and sat behind her, propping her head up on his thigh with his hard dick rubbing against her cheek and hair.

Moaning with pleasure, as Josh began to play with her nipples, Bridget reached with eager hands and eyes to Pam.

"You want my dick?" cooed Pam, holding it at the entrance of Bridget's needy pussy, rubbing it up and down to wet the tip.

"Yes, PLEASE!" cried Bridget, her hips thrusting upwards as Pam teased her and Josh pinched her nipples. Her voice rang out with delight as Pam began to thrust forward, shoving more and more of the thick rubber dick into Bridget's pussy. Squealing with pleasurable pain, Bridget could feel her pussy stretching and gripping at the rubber dong, being filled up. Stretching upwards, she wrapped her arms around Josh's waist, her entire body stretched out and ready to be used and abused by her two lovers.

Pam began to pump the entire dick in and out of Bridget, her own eyes filled with pleasure at her dominance and the rubber dong that was inside her own pussy. Suddenly, she wrapped her arms around Bridget's writhing body and rolled over, pulling the younger girl on top of her. Reaching down she grabbed a hold of Bridget's pert buttocks and pulled them apart, smiling at Josh as she did so. Bridget had no idea what was going on, she was almost completely lost in her own pleasure, her delayed orgasm coming closer and closer... but Josh immediately knew what Pam wanted. His dick was so hard it felt like it was going to explode at the thought.

Getting behind the humping girls, Pam had engaged Bridget in a kiss to keep her in position, her own hand firm against Bridget's neck, Josh used some spit to lubricate his dick. Then he pressed the tip of his turgid member against Bridget's crinkled asshole, so much tighter with her pussy filled by a rubber dick. Bridget's eyes flew open as he began to press in, her hips trying to wriggle away. She managed to pull her mouth away from Pam's as he forced the first few inches into her protesting anus.

"TOO MUCH!" she shrieked, "Please, Josh! It's too much! I can't take it!" She shrieked as a few more inches were shoved into ass, feeling completely full and tight already, she thought she might die as he continued to force his dick into her ass, ignoring her pleas. Tears trickled down her cheeks and onto Pam's shoulder as her back door was filled as completely as her pussy. It burned and cramped, hurting almost as much as when she'd lost her anal virginity.

Moaning, she lay shuddering between them as Josh's groin finally pressed up against her rounded butt. Her whimpers were ignored as they began to thrust back and forth in unison, ravaging her body. Josh's hands reached between the two girls, grabbing Bridget's breast with his right hand and Pam's with his left. In complete heaven, he gripped both of them tightly as he thrust deeply into Bridget's ass, feeling the dildo rubbing alongside him through the interior of her body.

Although Bridget thought that it was too much for her, that she would never be able to find pleasure while so completely filled, her orgasm hadn't left her. As the two dicks plunged into her, she was shocked when her body too the pain and wrapped it up in exquisite pleasure, taking her higher than she ever had been before. The poor girl screamed her passion as she was trapped between two thrusting bodies, writhing to get away from the sensory overload and failing. Tears of pleasure began to pour down her cheeks as her holes tightened around the dicks, trying to hold them inside of her as she came, waves of pleasure making her body jerk and twist.

Holding her tightly, Josh thrust down hard with all of his weight, impaling her not only on his own dick, but on the strap-on as well. Pam cried out as the dick inside of her pressed its deepest, Josh's entire weight on both of the girls as his dick pulsed inside of Bridget's ass, filling it with heavy white cream.

Bridget moaned when the two bodies were still, soft whimpers as her holes spasmed of their own accord. It was strange to have Josh's dick slowly shrinking in her ass, while the dildo was still hard and deep in her pussy.

Finally Josh rolled off of her and she managed to pull herself off of Pam, rolling over and into Josh's arms, completely exhausted. Almost immediately, she was asleep.

Pam smiled at Josh, tiredly and contentedly getting up from the bed and getting dressed. He smiled back and waggled his fingers at her.

"Thank you," she mouthed, before leaving.

"No, thank YOU," he mouthed back. Tucking Bridget's head under his own, he curled up around her both protectively and possessively.


That night Josh was surprised to find that he almost didn't want to put Bridget on the internet again. He rather wanted to keep the experience to himself. But he'd already shared her with Pam anyway... and the times when he really cherished with Bridget, those weren't ones he shared... it wasn't going to kill him to put this one up.

Besides, the money that poured in from guy's wanting to see Bridget with another woman, Bridget getting sandwiched, and Bridget's explosive orgasm made him feel a little less conflicted. Even with Pam's cut, this was the most his little minx had made yet.

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