tagBDSMLittle Minx Ch. 07

Little Minx Ch. 07


Author's Note: This experience is split into two chapters, this is the first part and is meant more to tantalize. I've been wanting to experiment with stories that have erotic content, but also leave you hanging a bit... let me know what you think =) uh... constructively please.


Josh was surprised by how much he wanted to keep Bridget to himself over the next couple of days, he didn't tape a single moment of their time together to be put on the internet. Not that they didn't have enough sex, all of it extremely hot, he just wasn't sure if he wanted to share it or not. But the guys on the site were clamoring for more, putting in requests... a lot of them wanted to see her try something more hardcore.

When he first broached the subject of trying something a little more kinky, Bridget liked the idea. They'd already found that she liked to be tied up, but she also liked the idea of being dominated.

"And I like rough sex anyway... so why not just take it a step further?" she was practically purring while her hands moved all over him. Not that his hands were exactly still on her body, he could never resist touching her, wanting to run his hands everywhere.

"It'll be more than rough," he informed her, "I want to really go all out on you."

Bridget grinned at him, her eyes sparkling, "Well, and how could I say no to something that you really want when you were so nice about fulfilling my fantasy?"

"Well," Josh laughed, "it's not like I didn't enjoy it either."

"Still, anything you want to do to me... while I can't resist?" Bridget shivered in his arms, her hips pressing against his, "That just sounds so hot."

Josh smiled. There had always been a little bit of a sadist in him, and he had noticed that she seemed to like being dominated with him and Pam... but he was going to do a little research first, find out what kind of things might be fun to do to her. And how to do them without seriously injuring her.


That night a notice went up on the site that everyone's favorite Little Minx would soon be tied, gagged, whipped, and used. The bulletins were flooded with messages from guys, excitedly predicting exactly what might happen to her and whether or not she would like it.


Bridget looked so cute and devilish as she lay on the bed, allowing him to tie her hands behind her back.

"Oooo... Josh... you better not let me fall off the bed or anything!" she laughed and then shrieked as his hand slapped her ass very hard.

"Do not talk unless I talk to you first," He said, "Not unless you want to be punished. And when you do address me, you will call me Sir."

"But Josh," she protested, and then shrieked as he spanked her again. He just looked down at her sternly. A few tears were in her eyes, mostly from the surprise. She glared back at him, after all, it wasn't as if she'd know that they were starting already! And he hadn't explained anything to her, he had no right to hit her until he explained things to her!

Josh grinned, an evil smile slowly spreading across his face, "And for looking at me like that, I think you're going to need to be punished already anyway."

"Josh, NO!" she cried out, realizing her mistake too late. Josh just shook his head.

"Two punishments."

Immediately she pressed her pert lips together, looking up at him pleadingly. He smiled down at her.

"Very good. Now if you can just stay like that, this might not go so hard on you."

Movements behind her while she squirmed, uncomfortable with the fact that she couldn't see what he was doing. So far, this wasn't anything like she expected... and yet she was definitely feeling turned on. She'd never seen this side to Josh before, and even though it made her feel a little weird about how he was treating her... it was kinda hot too.

"So you little minx," he said conversationally. She tried to crane her neck around but she still couldn't see more than that he was standing directly behind her, "Ever heard of figging?"

Figging? "No Sir," she said, as his hand lightly tapped her ass - a reminder that she was to answer when he spoke to her. At least she remembered to call him 'Sir'.

"Well consider this your first punishment," he said, his voice full of excited malice. A twinge of fear fluttered through her as something began to slide into her ass. It wasn't very thick, and it felt firm but not hard... she tightened down on it, unsure of what to expect. Within seconds it was sending a warm tingling throughout her ass, a warmth that grew to be hot, very hot inside of her, cold burning and tingling and...

She howled as the sensation spread through her tender asshole, sure that she was burning up inside. Josh trained the camera on her ass as it wiggled and twitched, the finger of ginger that he'd inserted into her anus moving slightly with her own movements. Bridget's fingers scrabbled around the rounded top of her ass, trying to reach her asshole to remove whatever was causing the uncomfortable sensations. Putting the web-camera down so that it would have a good view, Josh held her wrists in place so that there was no way she'd be able to reach the ginger and began to spank her.

To Bridget's surprise the spanking actually seemed to help, taking some of her attention away from the inside of her ass and making her pay attention to the blows that were now stinging her tender cheeks.

"Oh harder, please Sir!" she begged, twisting and wriggling, feeling a strange relief from the spanking. Her asshole twitched and tightened around the ginger, making the burning worse.

For about twenty minutes this went on, until finally the burning sensation from whatever was inside her started to dwindle. It receded as quickly as it had arrived, making her body relax with relief, despite the fact that the spanking continued.

Wondering at her reaction, Josh glanced at the clock and realized that the ginger's potency had probably worn out by now. Smiling, he stopped spanking her ass, which was now a beautiful dark pink, and pulled the finger of ginger out of her. Bridget lay there panting, relieved that both had stopped.

One of Josh's fingers slid up her pussy, which was sopping wet to her surprise. Bringing his finger to her lips, he popped it in so that she could taste her own juices.

"You seem to have enjoyed your first punishment," he said, smiling down at her, "Ready for the second?"

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