tagBDSMLittle Minx Ch. 08

Little Minx Ch. 08


Author's Note: The second part of their BDSM exploration... make sure you read Ch. 7 first! I hope you enjoy!


Bridget groaned as Josh pulled her to her feet, untying her hands. Stretching, she relieved her shoulders of their cramped position while he tied her wrists together in front of her. Then her shoulders were put in another possibly uncomfortable position as he stretched her arms high above her head and tied them to the top of his bed post.

Stepping back, Josh admired the pretty picture she made. All stretched out with her small breasts thrust forward, juices making her pussy glisten. Grabbing a spreader bar, he tied each of her ankles to it, spreading her legs and thighs so that her pussy was now clearly visible and vulnerable. Then he popped a gag into her mouth.

"You were awfully loud there minx," he said, "And I want to make sure that we don't disturb the neighbors too much."

Little mewling sounds were all that emitted from her gagged mouth as her eyes widened in fear. Now she couldn't even protest if it got to be too much... not that any of her protests or pleadings had made a difference while he'd "figged" her.

Taking a pair of nipple clamps, he leaned forward and sucked on her pert nipples into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue and teeth to hardness. As soon as the little bud was stiff and ripe he pulled away. Grinning as he looked her directly in the eyes, he placed the tight clamp onto her nipple, sounds came from behind the gag as she struggled, trying to move her body to throw the biting clamp off of her chest. A few tears trickled down her face as he leaned forward and took her other cherry nipple into his mouth, more muffled screams and struggles as her remaining nipple was clamped.

Stepping back, Josh admired her caged nipples, her flushed face and teary eyes. Sliding his hand into her pussy, he found that she was sopping wet and he laughed. Bridget blushed, knowing that the throbbing pain in her nipples had gone straight to her pussy and she was more aroused than ever. Perhaps if her hands and mouth had been free she would have told him to stop, that it was too much... but being totally vulnerable and helpless before him, at his mercy, having to trust him to know if he was pushing her too far... well it got her off. It just flat did it for her.

She moaned in pleasure as he shoved two fingers into her tight wetness, her chest throbbing along with her pulse as he pushed them in and out of her, mimicking the sex act with his fingers. Stepping back he picked up a small whip, flexible and with many strands. Her eyes widened as he pulled it back and then slapped it against her small tits. Writhing and screaming behind her gag, she could feel her arousal burning inside of her as he whipped her breasts, flicking it against the nipple clamps and bringing renewed sharp pain to the throbbing buds.

Then came a hard slap against her spread pussy and she shrieked, the pain burning between her legs and mingling with the pleasure. Breast, breasts, breasts, breast, pussy, breasts, breasts, pussy, breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts breasts, pussy. It was completely unpredictable, no rhythm or reason to it, and she started longing for him to whip her pussy, especially when he would slap the whip against her breasts for awhile. She was anticipating the sting on her soft folds, wanting to feel it when he left her waiting for it for too long. Juices were sticky on the tops of her thighs, hitting her breasts, the smell of her arousal filling the room.

Even though Josh wanted to beat her more, he couldn't take it. Sexually torturing her, seeing how much she was enjoying it - her breasts seemed to thrust out to take the beating, pink streaks across the white flesh, her soft cries every time the whip stung her pussy, the way her hips thrust out when he hadn't hit it in awhile... Dropping the whip he stepped forward and shoved himself deep into her pussy.

Bridget cried out as she was stretched open, his groin rubbing against her whipped flesh, his chest pressing into hers and making the clamps bite deeply. It was a hard rough fuck, exactly what she needed, what she'd been longing for the entire time he'd been punishing her. Passion spiraled out of control as he speared her beaten flesh, his arms tight and strong around her helpless body. She shook with orgasm, wanting to hold him tightly against her, to feel him deep inside her, but he just kept thrusting and sending her higher and higher on a pleasure-filled craze.

She couldn't really move back against him, only submit, only take as he fucked her hard. Josh panted heavily against her neck, thrusting into her and using her. She was his little minx, a personal sex toy that he happened to have feelings for. Although right now his arousal was so high, the experience so intense, that he was almost just seeing her as a sex object. And she was loving it, cumming all over him while he used her.

Thrusting hard into her pussy, he pulsed, holding himself deep inside her as he let loose his load, feeling her body quivering in his arms, her pussy spasming around him. His orgasm wasn't enough to sate his lust though.

Pulling out almost before he'd finished he pulled the clamps from her nipples, making her scream behind the gag as blood pulsed back into the tiny buds. Reaching out he massaged her breasts, encouraging the blood flow as she struggled. Then he began to slap her breasts with his hand, reaching between her legs to slap her exposed pussy as it leaked his cum. He never got softer than half-hard, and as he continued to abuse her helpless body he quickly became fully aroused again.

Untying her hands he threw her face down on the bed, her feet still on the floor and spread by the bar between them, ass perched just on the edge. Bent over like that, she was helpless as he started to spank her ass, his lust flowing over him as he abused her.

As she began to use her arms to push herself upright, Josh fell on top of her, pushing his dick into her creamy pussy, his weight driving her down onto the bed. Bridget sobbed as he thrust himself back into her sensitive folds, still tingling from her fantastic orgasm. His hands pressed her wrists down into the bed, keeping her from being able to control any of her movements.

Then he pulled out of her pussy and plunged into her ass, making her back arch as she shrieked in surprise and pain. His dick made it halfway in, then he pulled out a little and shoved the rest of it home, stretching her harder and faster than ever before.

Her struggles beneath him, like a trapped bird, just turned him on more and he fucked her ass harder, driving her small body beneath him into the mattress. Forcing one of his hands under her, he squeezed her tormented breast as he ravaged her ass, his other hand still holding her wrists down and keeping her caged beneath him.

Helpless and being forcibly sodomized, Bridget felt so small and vulnerable, her tight ass being forced open by a huge piece of meat that stabbed her over and over again. Pain sparked through her breast and nipple as it was roughly man-handled. And she couldn't protect herself from any of it.

Another orgasm, even more intense, carried her away; increasing her struggles beneath him as she tried to get away from the intense pleasure, it was so wonderful that it was becoming unbearable. She felt like she would explode or die if it continued, the pain and pleasure mingling unexpectedly in a way that turned her entire body into fire. It was like she was going to burn up, right there underneath him as he anally reamed her.

Finally he plunged in to the groin, holding himself there as he filled her ass with creamy froth, gasping with the intensity of it. His hand was like a suction cup on her breast, and she sobbed as her own orgasm finally wound its way to completion, tingling through her as his dick throbbed inside her tightest hole. Josh collapsed on top of her, completely out of breath and cum, his softening dick lodged inside her.

Realizing that he might be crushing her, he quickly rolled off of her, pulling the gag out of her mouth.

"Are you ok?" he asked, frantically, running his fingers through her hair as he turned her face towards him, "Bridget, are you ok? I didn't hurt you too much?"

Smiling, exhausted, Bridget whispered, her voice husky from the screaming, "Can we do it again? Next week maybe? Not any time too soon..." Her voice dwindled off as she lay her cheek against the bed.

Relieved, Josh undid the ropes around her wrists and ankles, helping her to curl up on the bed. Since she was already asleep by the time he was finished, he quickly turned off the camera and then curled up around her. It was astounding how he'd felt out of control, and she'd obviously trusted that he was in control. But he hadn't hurt her. She'd liked it. And he knew, no matter how out of control he'd felt, he would never do anything to really damage her.

He loved her.


After much debate with himself, he put the entire session on the web, charging an extra fee because of its intensity. None of the guys minded once they saw it, exchanging messages on the bulletins about how they would have paid twice that it was so hot. The Little Minx was a definite star

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