tagErotic CouplingsLittle Minx Ch. 09

Little Minx Ch. 09


Josh had something special planned for Bridget today, and this time he wasn't going to tape it. The BDSM themed posting had satisfied many of the guys for awhile, and Josh wanted to have a little adventure with Bridget all on his own. No one to share it with but themselves.

Right now they were just kissing, he was already hard and rubbing against her thigh. Inching upwards, he straddled her chest, pressing her small breasts together and sliding his dick between their cleavage. Her hands were tied over her head, just for the fun of bondage and having her vulnerable. It was something that turned both of them on.

"Suck the head," he told her huskily, his eyes filled with lust as she opened her pink lips to accept the tip of his dick, every time it pushed upwards between her breasts.

Although tit-fucking wasn't something that would get him off, he did love the dominant feeling it have him. He was able to pull on her tender nipples and squeeze her breasts while using her body, and it gave him a great view of her straining to get her lips around his dick. More and more he started pushing his dick into her mouth, finally letting go of her tits and just letting her pleasure him.

Leaning forward he rested his weight on the headboard of the bed, fucking her face as she struggled to breath. He could feel her throat convulsing every time he thrust in, her lips sliding further and further down his long shaft. When he finally pushed all the way in, he held himself still for a moment, enjoying the feel of her frantic tongue pushing against him and the way her throat tightened around his meat.

Holding onto the headboard, he began to fuck her face as he would her pussy, pulling out enough to let her breath and then sliding all the way back in. Looking down he could see the excitement and lust on her face as she swallowed his dick, making him moan and shove harder between her lips, feeling the suction as she suckled at his root.

"FUCK," he gasped, burying himself between her lips. Just as he started to cum he pulled out, grabbing a handle on his dick he aimed it so that he sprayed cum all over her tits and down her neck, giving her a pearl necklace.

Grinning he began to scoop up the cum from her breasts as his dick started to soften, feeding it to her on his fingers. Saucily, Bridget flicked her tongue out, making sure that she tasted every drop he'd so hastily sprayed onto her body. It wasn't as satisfying as when she could feel it sliding down her throat straight from the source, but the expression on his face as he watched her slurp cum from his fingers was well worth it. For himself, Josh couldn't believe what a devilish little minx she was... angelic face with the libido of a whore.

He began pumping his fingers in and out of her mouth as she sucked on them, mimicking the way his dick had fucked her face. Between the way she'd eagerly eaten his cum, and the feel of her mouth sliding over his fingers he was getting hard again.

Leaning down he began to play with her breasts, slightly sticky from his cum. Sucking on her nipples he bit down, enjoying the way she was stretched out underneath him with her arms tied up. He could feel her body straining, because she wanted to touch him and couldn't. That little bit of domination just made it even hotter. Moving his mouth down her body he left small hickeys across her stomach, marking her as his own. Her legs spread willingly as he kissed her hips, his hands caressing her inner thighs. Already she was making small panting noises, encouraging him to touch the heated flesh at the juncture of her legs.

Instead he teased around it with his tongue, getting harder and harder from her pleading noises and the way her hips lifted off the bed. He could see her fingers clenching, showing how much she wanted to take his head and shove his face into her needy pussy... but with her hands tied to the bed posts she could only accept what he would give her.

Bridget moaned in need as his tongue made one long swipe up the very center of her body, tasting her juices but not actually giving her more than momentary pleasure. Mostly it just increased her need and desire. She cried out in frustration as his teeth nibbled at her inner thighs, his hands under her ass cheeks, caressing.

He teased her until he was fully hard again, only occasionally touching his mouth to her sopping folds, keeping the fire heating higher and higher. Arranging himself quickly, he plunged in almost before she'd even noticed that he'd changed positions, spearing her pussy quickly and roughly. Her hips lifted up and slammed his dick home, sucking it into her hole like a whirlpool, clinging to his meat as she moaned her completion.

Throwing one of her legs over his shoulders, Josh began to assault her body, fucking her hungry pussy as hard as he could, thrusting deep into the core of her being. With her leg pressing his upper body back he could watch the myriad of emotions that ran over her expressive face, enjoy watching her enjoy herself as she was royally fucked. So beautiful, so seductive... he pressed all the way into her and began to grind his hips and circles, rubbing against her sensitive folds and engorged clit.

Bridget cried out, throwing her head back and thrusting out her breasts as she pressed back against him, her entire body burning with sexual heat. Pressing her leg towards her body he leaned down and caught one of her nipples in his mouth, biting it as she bounced up and down beneath him, stretching the tender bud.

Her hands pulled at the ropes that were holding her hands inert, pain and pleasure traveling in spurts through her body. Josh could feel her pussy tightening around his dick as he let the nipple pop out of his mouth, it was now dark pink from his teeth. Pressing two of his fingers to her tight asshole, he began to work them into her body, feeling his dick moving in and out of her pussy as he pressed them deep.

Moaning wildly, Bridget writhed as her ass was invaded by his fingers, the double filling of her holes reminding her sharply of when he and Pam had double teamed her... except that she was filled with something real. Not a dildo, not rubber... in her mind there was a guy behind her, that she couldn't even see... thrusting into her ass while Josh fucked her pussy.

The idea turned her on so much that she started to cum immediately, seeing two men sandwiching her and using her for their pleasure in her mind's eye. Josh cried out with her as she started to cum, her pussy clamping down on his dick in a way that practically forced him to join in her orgasm whether he wanted to be ready or not.

With his dick buried in her pussy, and his fingers in her ass, Bridget thought she might be in heaven as she came, crying out over and over again as she felt his dick twitching inside of her.

When it was over, Josh sagged and pulled out of both her holes, leaving her to moan as her leg dropped to the bed. As soon as he untied her, she curled up around him, pressing her body against his.

"That was fantastic," she whispered throatily, pressing her lips to the side of his chest as his arm circled around her. She nestled her head against the little nook his arm created for her, the place she thought of as her own special spot.

"I thought so too," and Josh used his fingers to tip her chin up for a kiss. Their lips and tongues melded together for a few moments, tender and sweet. Then he pulled away and arched his brow, "But what happened at the end there? You got all hot and heavy almost as soon as you got some fingers in your ass."

Bridget giggled at his frank talk, blushing a little, "Well, I was just thinking about you and Pam, but since nothing was rubber I was just thinking about maybe you and another guy."

"Oh ho!" Josh laughed, "You think I want to share you do you?" He mocked pulling away from her.

"NO!" she squealed, wrapping her body tightly around his like an octopus, "It's just an image that popped into my head, we don't have to do it."

Josh paused for a moment, weighing his newfound possessiveness and jealousy against the breath-taking idea of Bridget being gang-banged. Not to mention what that would do for the site.

"Is it something you might want to do?" He asked, almost absently, "Be with more than one guy at a time?"

"Like... like with me and you and Pam?" she asked, a little hesitantly. It was a little weird how he suddenly seemed so far away from her.

"No," he smiled, "Like me and several other guys. A gang-bang for my slutty little minx..." he rolled on top of her, kissing her deeply.

When they finally came up for air Bridget protested, "I'm not a slut!"

"Oh yes you are," Josh pinched her nipple, "You're my slut. My beautiful devilish little slut."

Bridget giggled and purred as he played with her breasts. Suddenly the term "slut" didn't seem nearly as derogatory when he said it like that.

"Maybe," she said shyly, "I don't know... it's kind of a scary thought." Looking up at him with a worried expression she asked, "Would you think I was a slut if we did do it?"

Josh laughed, "You'd still be MY slut." and then he kissed her.

Bridget decided that meant that he wouldn't think of her like that. As the kiss deepened she decided that he must like the idea. And as his fingers began to stroke the sides of her body, she decided that she didn't need to be worrying about that right now anyway. Not at all.

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