tagMatureLittle Old For This, Aren't You?

Little Old For This, Aren't You?


When I first heard the knock on the door, I couldn't believe that kids would still be out trick or treating this late. The last little goblins had been through around 8, and here it was nearly ten. There hadn't been nearly enough Harry Potters and Cinderellas to make much of a dent in the candy I had over-bought yet again this year, so I had been hoping for some stragglers, but at this hour?

"Serves you right for not turning the light off, Marie," I said to myself, scolding myself as I went down to the landing and looked out at the two kids waiting on the other side of the door.

One lad was tall and skinny and the other was short and stocky. A real Mutt and Jeff pair if there ever was one, and the taller kid was having a giggle fit as I came to the door smiling with my basket of Milky Way bars.

Something was up. I knew that just by the way they stood there with their plastic pumpkins held in front of them, but I wanted to get rid of the candy so I stepped out onto the porch to greet them.

"Aren't you guys a little old for trick or treating?" I asked them, because they were at least 18 and probably older. "And where's your costumes?"

The shorter kid was fidgeting around, but the taller guy, who was apparently the ringleader in whatever prank this was, spoke up.

"Yes ma'am," he admitted. "It's part of our college fraternity initiation."

"And what about the costumes - or lack thereof?" I asked, because they looked rather ordinary, even a bit dressed up with sport jackets and dress shirts on. "Where's your Halloween spirit? Or are you supposed to be somebody?"

"Um - yeah," the short guy said. "I'm uh - supposed to be Andy Samberg."

"And I'm Justin Timberlake," the tall guy brashly proclaimed before breaking into a song that sounded like some kind of make-out tune that didn't ring a bell.

The shorter guy joined in as they swayed in front of me and sang rather badly, in between giggles. The way they were holding their pumpkins in front of them seemed odd, and there were some kind of glow things inside of the orange plastic receptacles that gave them an eerie presence.

I glanced down just as the chorus of the song began, and although I haven't seen Saturday Night Live since Bill Murray left, I had heard about this particular song, which these young lads had modified for this particular holiday.

"Dick in a pumpkin! Got you a dick in a pumpkin girl," they warbled as I looked at their erect cocks waving around inside the glowing contraption.

I set the basket of candy aside and reached inside the pumpkins, which shocked the hell out of my young pranksters. Grabbing their cocks in the tightest grip I could manage, I cackled as I felt their throbbing tools, which were built much like their owners. I had a bit of trouble grabbing the stubbier one, but once I got them in my fists they weren't going anywhere even if they wanted to.

"Think exposing your genitalia in front of a 57 year old woman is funny?" I asked, and for a second the expressions on their faces were priceless, but try as I might I couldn't keep a straight face for long.

"It is funny, as a matter-of-fact," I said. "You knocked on the right door. Reach inside the door and turn off the light."

The shorter guy awkwardly shuffled over and did what I asked, leaving us with just the eerie orange glow of the pumpkins as illumination.

"You like this?" I asked as I pulled on their stiff cocks, my wrist banging against the ridge as I jacked them off hard. "Now whichever one of you cums first gets all the candy I have left."

"Oh man!" the taller kid moaned, his eyes rolling around as he humped into my hand in some sort of bizarre dance. "I don't fucking believe this!"

"Watch your mouth, 'Justin'!" I admonished while stroking the young men in the cramped quarters. "Be more like Andy here. Such a quiet young man he is."

"Harder lady! Yeah! That's it! Yank my big dick hard! Gonna cum lady!" the taller one warned me in a minute.

"You're going to win the candy!" I said.

"Argh!" tall kid moaned, and I felt his cum surge through his long stiff rod as his body spasmed like he was getting a electric shock.

In the stillness of the night the sounds of his ejaculation splattering against the inside wall of the pumpkin were clearly audible, and I kept pulling on his dick until it went limp in my hand.

"My my!" I said as I looked at the ropes of his cum that were all over the candy he had collected before getting to my house. "You made quite a mess."

"It was so worth it," he chortled as he pulled the pumpkin away from his dick and tucked his tool away.

"As for you 'Andy'," I said of the shorter fellow who was still in my grasp. "You don't get any candy, but because you were so nice and polite you do get a treat."

"Holy shit!" the taller kid said, stopping what he was doing, which was stuffing the Milky Way bars he had won in his jacket pockets.

I had taken the pumpkin away from his husky friend and, kneeling down in front of the startled young man, proceeded to take his dick in my mouth.

Grabbing his ass and pulling him close to me, I swallowed his stiff cock in one fell swoop, and while it certainly wasn't a long dick by any standard, it was as thick as my wrist. My mouth stretched wide to accommodate his fat penis and it wasn't long before his breathing grew heavy and his fingers were pulling at my hair.

"Cumming!" he called out, but I knew that because by then his fat tool was spurting a mother-lode into my mouth.

"Un-fucking real!" his friend declared as I stood up. "Check this out! Wait until they see this back at the house!"

Tall guy had taken a picture of me, but luckily it only showed the back of my head, so I refrained from grabbing the phone and smashing it on the ground and let him keep his evidence of my treat.

I opened wide, showing my husky friend the copious load he had shot into my mouth, before grabbing his pumpkin again and let most of his semen drool onto his little bounty of candy.

"Trick or treat!" I declared, flicking my tongue out and capturing a trickle of cum that had tried to escape. "Some more seed for your brothers."

"That's okay, I'm trying to lose weight anyway," the shorter guy said with a sheepish grin.

"We should wipe the candy off and bring it back to the frat house," the tall kid opined. "Hell, probably don't even have to clean it up. Those assholes would eat them anyway. Except maybe the apple."

"If you really want a workout," I whispered to the short husky kid out of earshot of his friend. "Come back again sometime."

"Really?" he asked with a stunned expression.

"Sure. Never had one that thick before. That's a real jaw breaker you have there, and I'd like to feel what it would be like somewhere else," I suggested, taking delight in his shy and cute ways.

He nodded eagerly much like a puppy as I turned on the light so they could find their way back off the porch and on their way once more.

It had worked out well this Halloween, because I had gotten rid of all the candy and was able to savor the butter cream frosting I had churned from the yummy fat dick in a pumpkin.


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