tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLittle One Ch. 03

Little One Ch. 03


In the bedroom he explained that she belonged to him, that he had chosen her to satisfy his every need -- in bed she would be his lover, in the house she would cook and clean for him and then in public she would be his date to her that while she was in his home she would not be allowed to any clothing, but would always look her best. He wanted her hair done, makeup on and at all times clean. When they would be going out, her clothing would be chosen by him and she will wear it without questions. She would no longer be needing her job or her apartment that later in the week the would be gathering up only what was needed from it. He also. She would learn to anticipate his needs and wants and she would come to enjoy serving him. He also added that she would also learn to expect and enjoy the punishments that she would be receiving. She had tears down her cheeks but looked up at him from her position that had her kneeling with her hands behind her back and responded with a "Yes Master". He told her she now needed to get into the kitchen and make and serve him breakfast that everything was there to do so. On her hands and knees still she was led into the kitchen to begin her next chore as he sat at the table reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

She fixed breakfast -- eggs, bacon and toast -- all in the nude. She dished his and her plates, placing both on the table. As she went to sit down, he grabbed her leash and pulled her down to the floor asking her what she was doing -- slaves don't eat at the table they eat on the floor -- setting her plate on the floor next to his feet. She looked at him pleading. She refused to eat off the floor. She told him that she was not a dog and was done being treated like one. She picked the plate up and set it back on the table then sat in the chair. He looked at her and smiled, got up taking the leash in hand began to drag her across the kitchen. She was fighting him pulling back on the leash yelling and screaming at him all the way to the bedroom.

He got her into the bedroom and picked her up to standing position she was hitting and kicking at him, still yelling. He dragged her over to the saw horse and with some struggle got her wrists clasped to each of the legs. Her legs were still kicking -- he got one then the other clasped and the sight before him was wonderful. Her ass in the air perfectly round with a hint of pinkness still the earlier spanking. He retrieved a paddle from the drawer of goodies and smacked his hand with it. Her head jerked towards him -- he was excited that this time had come, he just didn't think it would happen so soon.

Slave he said -- what were you told? You are to eat on the floor and no arguments. It will not pay you to be defiant he told her, it will only please me to get to punish you like now and he cracked the paddle on her ass. She howled out in pain crying again. He smacked the other ass cheek receiving another howl in return. She quickly found herself pleading for him to stop. He stopped long enough to remind her that she forgot what she was supposed to say to him and then continued to spank her. I'm sorry Master she managed to get out he stopped for a moment and looked at his handy work -- her ass a bright screaming red with welts on both cheeks- and ran his finger down her slit, spreading apart her lips. He was pleased to find her pussy was wet again. He knew that this was a perfect match. He bent down to her ear and whispered that she could stop screaming anytime because he knew how much she enjoyed -- her pussy didn't lie and rubbed his wet finger across her lips.

Her face turned red and she began to cry. Never had she expected her body to react to that type of punishment in that way. She couldn't see him but heard him moving around the room opening a drawer again. That sound made her nervous because last time it was a paddle that came out. This time he came up behind her and began rubbing her pussy juices around her asshole. The same hole that betrayed her earlier that day by giving her the best orgasm yet. She felt pressure against her hole, and she wiggled trying to get away. No master she said please not there it's too small. He continued to push forward with his object. It was a butt plug he had picked up at the toy store that came with a pump so he could insert it and pump it up to stretch her ass and leave it there. Her whimpering was getting louder he told her to be quite or else. He managed to get it pushed in and began to pump it up she began cry louder and he smacked her ass with the paddle. I told you to be quite.

He came back around with the gag -- the one with the ring that kept her mouth open -- and put it on that way she could still suck his cock when he wanted. He went back to pumping going farther than he originally planned because of her whining. He then picked an extra large vibrator from the drawer and made sure to show her it. Her eyes became wide with fear and she began to whimper some more. Back behind her again he put the head of the vibrator to her pussy that was still dripping wet and began to push it in twisting and pushing all the way. It was tighter than he remembered because of the butt plug but he stretched her and got it in. He then turned it on -- a pulsating vibe that hit a spot inside of her that made her moan.

Okay Slave, your punishment for fighting with me is this - you will be left like this for one hour. In that time I want you to think about what you have done and how you are going to repent for disobeying. I will be in the other room and when I return I want you to show me how sorry you are. Oh and by the way -- the vibrator is on remote so if I feel the need I will change it and you won't know. And he walked out of the door.

She hung her head and began to cry. Even though she knew that it wouldn't solve anything she just needed to. She couldn't believe the mess she had gotten herself into. All she wanted was a friend maybe more eventually. She had always been too trusting towards others -- she left her hometown after a relationship went bad. It was a small town her family was still there. She had only had the one boyfriend and was still a virgin until last night. She still couldn't understand how she had allowed herself to act like that it embarrassed her deeply. She needed to pull herself together quickly the vibrations and stretching of her body was making it hard to concentrate. She could feel the pressure building in her pussy again like when she was having an orgasm. She was beginning to breathe harder and was wiggling more having her ass and pussy filled actually felt really wonderful to her -- being bent over this thing even though it was cushioned was not so wonderful -- she felt so exposed yet she found herself becoming more excited because of that.

She had to admit that he was very good looking. Tall, blond, green eyes and very very muscular. She had been attracted to him the first day she had seen him in the diner but she was so shy. She did notice that he always sat in her area and began to look forward to his daily stops. The day that he asked her for a drink she though her lonely days were over -- little did she know this is what was going to happen. Never in a million years would she have guessed that he was like this. She needed to work out a plan it seemed she would get almost ready to start cumming and he would change the vibration. She was becoming frustrated at everything. She knew she would have to apologize on her knees -- she hoped that he would take this out of her mouth her jaw ached and her lips from stretching around the wing she hoped they wouldn't split. She had to remember to use the Master and Sir. He really seemed to enjoy the blow job she gave him even though he stretched her mouth wide and made her choke. It was her first time giving head and she found herself wondering what it would be like to have him cum in her mouth. She would do just about anything to have him NOT spank her again. She didn't think she would be able to sit for at least a week. She hoped an hour was almost up because she could now feel the juice from her pussy running down her leg. She swore if she could just get him to touch that spot again that's all it would take.

She heard his footsteps coming down the hall and she began to panic. She hadn't chose her punishment and was scared of what was coming from him. The spanking that she had received earlier in the bathroom had hurt like crazy a hurt she had never felt before, and now this -- being bound and gagged with a huge vibrator that kept changing every few minutes in her pussy and something in her ass that hurt and was stretching she couldn't imagine anything worse. He came up behind her and began rubbing her ass with both his hands telling her what a wonderful perfect ass she has and how he couldn't wait for her to give it completely to him. She wasn't sure what that meant but she was sure she wasn't going to like it. He asked her if she had come up with a punishment for herself yet and she had to shake her head no to his delight. He tried to hide his excitement by telling her that was too bad that he was going to have to come up with one for her. She whimpered around the gag and could feel her tears begin to well up in her eyes.

He began to rub her ass again it began softly but then it got rougher. Grabbing her cheeks with his hands, pinching each cheek hard enough to make her cry out. He moved down farther to her pussy and pinched her lips that were still stretched around the vibrator -- pinching and pulling the lips hard. To her relief, he removed the vibrator from her -- her pussy was over stimulated from the vibrations for the last hour and being brought almost to the peak and then shut down only to be brought almost back again had been torture. She knew she was wet she could her the sloppy juices as he removed it. He walked around pulled her head up and put the vibrator in her mouth and told her to clean her juices off. She felt like she was going to gag. Never had she thought she would be tasting herself -- it was more the idea of it than the actual taste -- she found herself thinking she tasted very sweet, like a sweet sugary syrup. Walking back to her ass he gave it a smack that made her jump. She was sore from being bent over in this position for so long and then to have the added tension of not knowing what was coming next just added to the pain. She felt his fingers slide in her pussy, playing in her juices -- first one then then another and another. She was so stretched it was making her cry around the vibrator and the ring in her mouth. He was excited that she was so incredibly tight and yet so wet. He pulled out his hand and grabbed the small paddle that was on the table next to him and gave her pussy a smack that sent waves of pain through her body. She screamed around the rubber cock in her mouth wanting to spit it out. Before she could catch her breath, another smack on her pussy and another and another. Tears streaming down her face and she could only hear him telling her that from now on if she continued to disobey him the punishments would be getting worse. She was shaking her head no wanting him to stop the stinging blows on her wet pussy.

He looked at his handy work -- wet swollen bright red pussy and dropped his pants. His cock was rock hard and needed to be released. Without warning he grabbed her hips and slid his cock balls deep inside of her. Her pussy was so tight and wet and her head shot up from its position. Her eyes were wide and still crying. He began hammering his cock out of her pussy at a high rate of speed. He could tell that she was close to cumming, but her needs were not his concern right now only his. Feeling his balls tighten he shot his load deep inside of her -- holding tight against her until he finished. Walking around to her face he removed the vibrator from her mouth and took the gag off also. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her tear stained face up and told her to clean his cock. She took him in and tasting his cum mixed with her juices sucked his cock clean.

She would do anything to get him to let her up from this position. Finally letting go of her hair and pulling out, he bent down to look at her face. He asked her if she was ready to be an obedient girl and do what he asked and she responded with a "Yes Master". He was pleased and unclasped her wrists from the legs of the saw horse and helped her stand. She was stiff and her pussy was still on fire -- yet wet. He proceeded to unclasp her ankles and turned her into his arms holding her. He bent down and lifted her up and carried her to the bed and gently laid her down. He told her to stay there he would be back. Walking into the bathroom, he wet a wash cloth with cold water, and began to wipe down her pussy, trying to ease some of the discomfort that she was feeling. She jumped at the cool touch of the cloth, but it felt good against her burning pussy. He was so gentle to her pussy that he had made sore, like trying to fix the damage that he had done. He told her to roll over on her stomach and continued to clean her ass.

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