Little One Meets Her One Ch. 03


They continued on in that manner for quite a while. After about half an hour, Trey told tara to go ahead and sit on the pillow instead of kneeling. she was thankful for this because she was beginning to get to the point where she needed to change positions. He let a smile cross His lips for a brief moment while watching her move.

she caught that smile and returned it. This was more than she could have hoped for just a few weeks ago. she had thought her world, which had been just opened to her, was crashing down around her. she was thankful for this second chance and wasn't going to mess things up again.

That was her resolve. Starting this moment she was going to be the best she could. No more messing up every time she turned around. she hoped that she would be fully restored in His eyes soon.

That was the primary goal now. Nothing else truly mattered. Trey was one of those individuals that you wanted to serve. tara was slowly realizing the submissive within her that was blossoming before both their eyes.

Section 35

It was well past one in the morning before Trey finally said it was time to stop. He had answered all but a few of her questions. He gave a brief reason why those weren't being answered just yet. It was enough to satisfy her for the moment.

she was a little stiff when she went to stand. Trey had helped her to feet and steadied her as she found her footing. He knew it was quite a long time to be sitting without moving much. she had come through it all like a trooper though.

"One last thing before you goes for the night, tara. This is something you need to do some serious thinking about. you need to start thinking in these terms. Now listen carefully to what I'm about to say. you are Mine. you need to start thinking in terms of whether or not your actions, even apart from Me, will be pleasing to me. Do you understand what I mean by that?"

"i believe that i do Sir. my actions are a reflection upon You."

"Yes, that is very true My minx. We'll make a submissive of you yet."

tara couldn't help but smile at His words. That wasn't the first time He had said that very line. It was true though. They were going to do just that.

"I will let you know when you may speak to Sam again. Not just yet though."

"Yes, Sir, i will obey. i do miss my friend but in the same token i understand."

Just as she said those words the taxi honked its horn and indicated that it was time to go. she was a bit sad to be going in a way but was tired. she needed to be at work in the morning and bed was calling to her. Trey walked to her to the door and placed a kiss upon her forehead.

"Be good My minx."

"Yes, Sir, i will."

The taxi took her home and the driver made small chat with her on the way. she was grateful in way because she may have fallen asleep otherwise. The driver waited until he saw that she was safe fully inside her building before driving off. she reached her apartment and sought out her pillow.

In the morning, she turned on her computer before heading into work. she sipped her coffee and ate her bagel as she filtered through all the spam. she put off the commute as long as she could and headed into work. she couldn't help but smile when she thought of last night.

Across town, Sam was missing his friend and kept writing and deleting one email after another. He knew he wasn't supposed to contact her but this was sure torture. They had not spoken like this in forever. It was beginning to grate on his nerves.

Sam wasn't used to having his friendships controlled. He understood why and knew he was skirting the line by even thinking of sending her an email. He sighed and finished the last bit of his assignment for his Mistress and had it sent to her. He hoped that this would be the last of it.

Krista read the assignment that was delivered to her and couldn't believe the utter drivel She was reading. Sam hadn't learned any thing from this at all. He was simply spitting out words to try and make amends. He was showing that he had a disdain for this punishment.

Krista had to think about what Her next step was going to be. First She knew she wasn't going to accept this drivel from Sam. Not after all these years and training. He knew better. She picked up the phone to Trey and wanted to talk to Him about what He had received.

Trey was a bit surprised that Krista was calling. He told Her about the assignments He had received and that they had met the requirements that He was looking for. Trey made copies of it all and emailed it to Her. Krista thanked Him for His time and began to read over the assignments.

Krista then realized what was going on here. Sam was showing his dislike of having his friendship controlled. At how some things in Her past has similarly been controlled. Not for the same reasons, but none the less it sucked.

Krista wasn't going to accept the assignment as it was. He was going to have to rewrite it. She picked up the phone and called him rather then sending an email. Sam gulped when he saw the number flash over his caller ID. He knew this wasn't going to be good and deep down he understood and knew why.

"Sam, one word for you.........drivel. I will not be accepting the assignment as is. you will rewrite it. you have exactly two days to finish it. That is all."

"Yes, Mistress, i will do as You command."

With that said Krista hung up the phone. She pitched the assignment into a folder for now but would eventually throw it in the trash. She had some thinking to do. This wasn't the first time that Sam had messed up but it was the first time it involved another submissive.

Krista didn't think She was going to allow him to continue training with Trey and tara. Perhaps that had been a mistake from the beginning. Maybe after some more time had passed She would consider allowing him to begin training again. For now, however, it was done and over with.

Sam couldn't help but sigh when the phone clicked in his ear. In a way he had expected Her not to except the first writing any way. She had her reservations about the cross training in the beginning. Sam knew that wasn't going to be happening now.

Section 36

Sam set about to rewrite his assignment to his Mistress. He paid closer attention to detail and its content this time like he had done with his assignments to Trey. He included a note of apology along with it when he had it delivered later that next day. He was happy with the end result and hoped that she would accept it this time.

He sat idly in his apartment and waited to hear word of when this ban would be lifted. He couldn't concentrate on much else for some reason. Something had changed for him when it came to tara. Maybe it was the cross training and what that entailed. He had felt such a rush when he had last seen her.

Krista read over the assignment that had been delivered to Her. Even She had to admit that this was much better and did satisfy the requirements. Something was tugging at Her though. Perhaps Sam was really ready to move on. He had grown these last few weeks in a way She wasn't prepared to see.

Krista phoned Trey and told Him that the assignment had been completed and to Her satisfaction this time. She talked with Him a bit about Sam and the training he had been receiving. She had been against it in the beginning but wasn't going to hold someone back from learning something they truly desired to know. She may be cold at times, but She wasn't above it all.

Trey told Krista that Sam had a natural aptitude for learning to Dominate. She told Trey that Sam could continue the cross training if that was something Trey was going to allow again at some point, and to do so with Her blessing. She wanted Her submissive to be the best that he could be and to learn from the best. Trey was flattered by her words and said that soon perhaps the cross training could resume.

Trey told Krista that He was prepared to lift the no contact ban between Sam and tara. Enough time had passed and He truly hoped that both of them had learned a valuable lesson from this. Krista was certain that Sam was smarting from this and said so much. She could tell from the drivel of his first essay to her that his thoughts were a bit convoluted.

Trey agreed that Sam had learned from this and hoped that he had truly understood why the punishment needed to be so harsh. It was a matter of protocol after all, and that of being completely honest about things. It was a lesson He was sure that His tara had learned. Krista thanked Trey for His time before hanging up and left it up to Trey to make the decision as to when to allow this all to happen again.

Trey told Krista that He would allow the cross training again in two weeks time, but not a moment sooner. He wanted time with tara to Himself for a while yet. Krista understood that and asked if Trey wanted to break the news. He told Krista that He in fact did wish to do so. Krista was happy to allow that.

Trey leaned back at His desk and thought about His conversation with Krista. Of all the Dominant women He knew, Krista was always the hardest one to read. She could be cold as ice sometimes but this was showing another side of Her to Him. It was a pity She didn't switch because He would love to know Her submission just once. He had no doubt She was just as strong in that capacity as She was a Domme.

Trey picked up the phone and called Sam. He told Sam that in two week time the cross training would begin again, but it might not always be with tara from now on. Sam was a bit upset at first but quickly understood. Trey also told Sam that he could communicate with tara again, but only after He himself had told her so. Trey cautioned Sam about not breaking protocol again.

Sam acknowledged that and said that he wouldn't be doing that again. Sam asked Trey if he would be allowed to socially see tara. Trey told Sam that He would take that under consideration but at this time didn't want the two of them mingling outside of training. Sam understood and thanked Trey for His time and for lifting the communication ban.

Trey hoped that He wasn't making a mistake. He sensed that there was something going on there, but couldn't quite put a label on it. He hoped that by allowing Sam to work with His other submissives as well that he would see that the enamored feeling was from the feeling of knowing the gift. He hoped deep down that was all that was going on here.

The next thing Trey did was send an email to tara since she was still at work. He wanted to tell her that she could now contact Sam and talk to him. He would have called but knew that distracting her at work with this wouldn't be a good idea. He knew that she probably had quite a bit to say to Sam at this point.

Those matters settled for the day, Trey leaned back in His office chair and thought about what was going on in His world right then. There was something truly special about tara. There was no doubting that for a moment. He, also, knew something that perhaps she didn't even realize yet about herself.....she was a natural at this.

Trey had worked with a lot of different submissives over the years but none had taken to this so easily and quickly as tara had. He could say that she was truly a special girl. she was that one girl that He would and could treasure for years to come. He knew that He would someday collar this one.

Of that He had little doubt. He wasn't about to rush the process though. she still had much to learn and experience at His hand. There was something about her that He suspected and would like to see if it was so at some point. That would have to wait and He wasn't yet ready to say that word in regards to her yet.

Section 37

tara went about her day not knowing she had good news waiting for her when she got home. she was missing her friend Sam and had come close to disobeying her Sir once already by picking up the phone and almost dialing Sam's number last night. she had come to her senses moments before disaster though. she wasn't about to disobey Sir again, especially this soon.

tara sorted through her emails once more and was happy to find one from Sir waiting for her. she saved that for last though. she was never quite sure what to expect from His messages and wanted everything out of the way first. she read the words on the screen carefully.


I am writing to inform you that you can now have communication with Sam. The communication ban is being lifted but you are not to see one another for the next two weeks. I do realize this may seem a bit harsh still, but as usual I have my reasons for this. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Me.

Your Sir,


tara breathed a sigh of relief. she could finally pick up that phone and talk to Sam. Not seeing him for another two weeks might be a bit difficult though. There was an L.A.R.P. event coming up in week that she was planning on attending. Sam was always there at those events. she thought that perhaps she needed to see about that before contacting Trey to be certain.

she picked up the phone and dialed the number for Sam. He picked up on the second ring. He had been waiting for her call almost all day. He knew she was going to let him have it and was prepared to take the flack. He deserved it after all. He had caused her some trouble and was certainly at the majority of fault.

"i need to know something from you Sam and this is important in a way because i need to let Trey know about it because i'm not supposed to see you for two weeks. Are you going to the L.A.R.P. event next week?"

"I was planning on being there but in light of things perhaps one of us should sit out this one. I say it is should be me despite the fact everyone seems to love adorable me."

"Are you sure about that Sam?"

"Yes, I am certain. your character is needed there more than mine this event. I'm not about to get us into trouble over a social event."

"i thank you for that Sam. Gosh is this ever awkward. i thought i would have words just pouring out of my mouth since i haven't been able to talk to you in some time now, because of our punishment. i think we need to talk about what occurred Sam because it can't happen again. Sir means too much to me."

"I have been thinking about this as well tara. i can't tell you how many emails I almost sent trying to explain myself, but there is no excuse for what I asked of you. I was wrong to ask you to keep something from Trey. I was in the wrong fully there, and being the wiser one of us should never have asked you to do so. I think in the moment I just wanted something that was mine and mine alone in all this. I know that probably doesn't make much sense to you right now but that is my only excuse."

"Actually Sam, i do understand that. It's a confusing time for us right now and i can't have something like that happen again. Sir, i must obey and communicate openly and honestly with about in all things. It is just like i have done with you all these years, but now there are consequences to my actions. i hope you can understand that i will not place myself in a spot like that again. i just can't."

"I won't ask you to again tara. Your friendship means the world to me. To have someone tell me that I can't talk to you -- see you -- that tears me up inside. I understand and respect it, but it bothers me to no end. I won't put you in that kind of spot again."

"Thank you for understanding Sam. i know this has been hard on us both."

"How are you doing by the way? Has He forgiven you yet?"

"i am doing well Sam. It is forgiven but not yet forgotten. That is going to take time. i broke a cardinal rule it seems of being a submissive. i forgot to be completely honest with my Dominant in all things. i withheld an experience of mine from Him and it ruined a perfectly wonderful evening."

"For what it's worth tara, I am truly sorry for having put you in this spot."

"i know you are sorry Sam. i am too. i need to be going Sam."

With that tara hung up the phone and sunk to the floor. This was all so very confusing. Could she really allow Someone to have such control over her? Was this what she really wanted?

she pulled her body close and just let the tears flow for a while. she let herself feel and experience the anguish of the last few weeks. It was a relief to just let it out all out finally. Slowly the sobs ebbed and she gathered herself together once more.

she thought back over the events and gave a soft smile. Yes, she could do this because despite the hardships she was seeing a serenity within herself that had not previously been there. Trey, Sir, was good for her.

Trey sat in His library across town and contemplated what His next move with His precious minx was going to be. This was hard in a way to remove emotion but it was His way now for so long. He couldn't ignore the fact that something about her stirred something within Him. He was going to treasure His time with her.

He inputted some information into the open spread sheet. It was concerning the minx's training. she was coming along and seemed to have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He just needed to decide how best to feed that. He didn't want to overwhelm her further than she all ready was.

He pondered that a bit before turning out the lights and going on to bed. That night He dreamed of His minx. she was truly a beauty to behold. He wished that some small part of Him could allow emotion, but with all He had been through a time before He just couldn't. Would it be enough to simply own her though?

Section 38

tara slept a bit fitfully across town. she was allowed to talk to Sam now but couldn't see him just yet. It was something, but still it was a control she was not used to. she was going to be good though. she knew she must.

she woke the next morning with a smile upon her face despite the fitful sleep. she ventured over to her computer and checked emails after seeing to her usual morning routine. she was a little sad not to see one from Sam or Sir. she tried not to overly think that though. Over thinking things could be bad all around.

she jotted down some things that had popped into her head. she had some more questions for Trey that she hoped that He didn't mind answering. Sometimes she got feeling a little bit like she was in over her head. she realized it was because it was so new to her, and on some level, so intense.

she sent the questions off to Trey in an email and got ready for work. she was hoping that it would be a slow day and that she'd be distracted by other things for a while. she made her morning commute and got down to her tasks. It was going to be a good day.

Trey decided to work from home that day. He had woken in a foul mood despite the dreams He had. He didn't want to inflict that mood upon others. Something was truly bugging Him and He wanted to get down to the root of the matter.

He spent most of the morning finishing up reports and taking conference calls. He briefly saw the email from tara but didn't have time yet to open it. It was in that moment He realized that His mood was because of her. Not because of something she had or had not done, but rather because of what she brought out in Him.

Maybe He could let emotion out a bit. Maybe that was the problem, He was too hell bent on not allowing it. Perhaps it was time to bend a bit. Let it see where it would go but on a tight leash.

He thought that over while He waited for the next conference call. He could allow a bit of emotion. He wasn't going to tell her though. He didn't want to confuse the girl any more than she all ready was.

He was pleased with Himself finally and His mood lifted. He could objectively allow Himself to feel something, but not with the others that were His. He realized in some way that was not fair, but tara was special. she was an uncut gem amidst the pebbles in this lifestyle.

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