Little One Meets Her One Ch. 03


He said uncut because she was not yet ready to be collared. Unlike His other girls He thought He would do it sooner rather than later. He wanted to possess every part of this girl as His own. she was like a fire ready to ignite a dry field.

He looked over the email from her finally late that afternoon. He was pleasantly surprised by what He saw. she was inquisitive and willing to learn at a pace that left Him smiling and happy. she wanted to know this world and all it entailed.

It was not some passing fad for her. Not that He would ever think that in terms of her. she truly was a blossoming flower. His minx was going to get her thirst quenched and maybe she would ask more in time.

He sent her a quick reply and promised to answer these questions in more detail later when she was with Him. He preferred it that way. That way there could be follow up questions answered without a delay. It was a way that He preferred to work in.


I would be happy to answer these questions for you but I would much rather do so in person. Please be at my house in two days time at the appointed hour for O/our meetings. Please dress in something comfortable as W/we may be a while chatting in the Library. Be prepared My minx to answer or ask some questions. Use this time wisely. See you then and be a good girl in the mean time.

your Sir,


Section 39

tara breathed a sigh of relief that Sir was going to answer more of her questions. she had so many, being so new to the lifestyle still. Sure she had played some but this was the real deal here. This was a real opportunity to learn from a Dominant with experience and patience. she felt fortunate to have this second chance, and by the grace of God she wasn't going to mess it up.

The next few days just breezed by and she was anxiously dressing to go see her Sir. she choose a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt that accentuated her bosom but wasn't too tight other wise. she wanted to be comfortable but still flaunt a bit. For some reason that seemed important to her right now.

she called for the taxi and it arrived in plenty of time to get her to Sir's house. There was a full moon in the sky and for some reason that seemed a bit ominous to her. Something was definitely going to happen this night that would be unexpected. she just didn't know what to expect.

Then again she never knew what to expect when it came to Sir. He was a mystery in itself. There was something He was keeping to Himself for sure and she was destined, and a bit curious, to find out what it was. she knew that patience was something she would need to work on if this was ever going to work out.

she rang the door bell and waited outside as the taxi driver pretended to be looking for something in his cab. He always waited until she was safely inside. tara realized long ago that this was something Sir wanted the taxi driver to do so she chooses not to question it overly much. It was a safety thing.

Safety was paramount to Sir. she was slowly beginning to realize its importance in this kind of lifestyle from the inside. With each passing day she was beginning to realize and see a lot of things. Some of it wasn't just about herself.

tara was blossoming and changing, and it was a good thing. Even she realized this. Sir opened the door and ushered her inside. she couldn't help but smile as Sir took her hand and led her into library so they could talk in comfort.

Without much conversation to start with, Sir pointed to the cushion once again and tara curled up on it beside Him. This was going to be their way when talks were going to take place in here from now on it seemed. she didn't mind as it was comfy. Sir started going down the list of questions that she had sent Him one by one and talked about it with her.

He was leaving few stones unturned and was quenching her desire to learn more about this lifestyle. He was encouraged by her hunger. He was, also, encouraged by her attentiveness to His answers. At times, He would indicate a book she could read for more information on it. This was encouraging to tara as well because it seemed to reinforce that He was a true authority.

In her eyes, He was really making an effort to help her find the answers to her questions. From time to time, Trey would reach down and run His hands through her hair. There was just something about touching her like this that seemed comforting to them both. He was pleased with how she responded to Him.

tara smiled every time He would touch her. It made her butterflies do a little pitter patter in her stomach too. That was something she hadn't experienced before and wasn't quite sure how to bring it up to her Sir. she wanted to be honest with Him in all things now, but wasn't sure how to segue into a conversation about it, but knew that sometime soon there would be an opportunity to do so.

The answering of questions went on for several hours. They took a few breaks for her to stretch and stand so her limbs wouldn't fall asleep on her. Trey appraised her with a knowing look. This creature was going to be His in all ways if He had something to say about it. He wasn't going to rush or scare her with this knowledge quite yet.

There was plenty of time. No need to rush the process just yet. she wasn't going anywhere, and neither was He, for some time to come. This was going to be a grand adventure for them both.

When the hour was getting late but not quite late enough to send her on her way home, Trey walked over to the couch and patted the seat next to Him for her to sit down. He wanted to hold her for a little while. Something about such a little thing seemed important to Him right then. tara couldn't help but smile at such a gesture.

This was her Sir wanting to hold her for a while. It was innocent but yet said something to her heart. True she remembered that Sir didn't wish to be loved in a romantic sense, but she was falling none the less. she was keeping a tight reign on those thoughts though. Who really could not feel something for another when this close?

Trey let His mind wander just a bit as He held her in His arms. This girl was so innocent and naïve yet. she had much to learn yet, but had such a thirst. That thirst was being quenched with each passing moment they spent together, and in some regard it was growing as well. He could see that she was someone truly special.

When the hour was growing quite late, Trey walked her to the door and bestowed one soft kiss upon her lips. He told her to be a good girl and that He would see her again very soon. she walked down to the waiting taxi with a sway in her step. He couldn't help but notice it.

Trey thought in that moment that she was trying to tempt Him in some way. Perhaps she didn't realize it herself and He was going to give her the benefit of that doubt this time. He couldn't help but feel as if this minx was trying to say something. He was going to solve that riddle before too long.

Section 40

That night when tara got home she quickly showered and curled into bed to dream and think of the things discussed that night. Something told her that something big was on the horizon. Why else would Sir be so forth coming with information. At least that's what she thought.

she was beginning to feel as if she was being subtlety prepared for something but she had no real clue as to what. Sir wasn't indicating anything to her just yet. At least not in a way she could see and understand fully.

Across town, Trey was sleeping fitfully in His bed. Visions of tara were dancing in His head and He let it have some room to roam for a bit. He wanted to see why this minx disturbed Him so in this moment. He would have to have her again and soon.

That was something He knew for certain. He had but yet a taste of what the minx was like in bed. There was so much yet to explore in that aspect. It wasn't something Trey was apt to explore all that often with her though.

He didn't explore that with any of His girls all that often. For Him sex was something He could either have or leave. It wasn't what drove Him like some men. He was more driven by control and exerting control over someone else.

That is what excited Him the most. A girl writhing beneath Him and giving Him absolute control in that moment was the one thing that got His blood boiling. minx though got His blood boiling without that. There was just something about the way she spoke and moved that made Him want to know more about this shy girl.

Shy? Oh my yes this girl was shy, even though she went and did things like L.A.R.P. events. He could tell by the way she would sit back and let things unfold around her before she would leap to participate. He had been watching her from a distance for a while.

tara was a girl you had to sometimes put kid gloves on with because of how she was. He could see that and appreciated that aspect of her. He knew why she did those outings. It was to push herself and open up a bit. To come out of her shell as if it were, and be like everyone else around her.

Trey reached down to His hardened cock and slowly stroked Himself. He wanted to feel something in that moment and allowed her vision to be His guiding force. It was her name He cried out when He met sweet bliss that night. A small smile crept across His face in that moment.

This minx was going to change some things for Him. This He knew. Emotions can be damned all they want but she was different from the rest in His past, and even present. To feel just a bit was something He was beginning to enjoy and even relish.

At the moment of His release, tara was smiling and dreaming about what it would be like to be locked in His embrace. she was close to disobeying Him but wasn't about to. she stopped just as her hand trailed down her belly to her already hardened clit. she sat up and shook her head in disbelief.

What was it about Sir that stirred her to such utter near failure? Surely she could have some control over her wanton needs. she chuckled a bit and knew that she should confess her near transgression to Him. she would suffer the consequences of it but it would be worth the free conscience.

Section 41

The next morning, tara got up and padded into the living room and fired up the computer. she sat down and pondered on how to write this email to Sir. she knew that He wouldn't be entirely pleased but she did manage to stop before she totally disobeyed Him in this small thing. she opened her email and stared at it a moment or so.

my Sir,

There is something that i must confess to You. i was sleeping last night thinking about You and allowed my hand to stray over my body and lightly brush against my clit. i stopped myself before i disobeyed You in this. i have to admit that it felt good to think of You and do this. ~softly blushes~ i will accept what ever consequence You deem appropriate for this transgression of mine.



tara paused a few moments before sending off this email. she knew that He would not be pleased with her, but also knew that He would somehow understand. she was prepared to accept what might come of this. she knew she had done wrong in her actions, and that she almost defied Him in doing so.

she dressed and hurried off to work after sending the email. she knew she would have some sort of reply when she returned home. she sat at work contemplating things and was in a daze like state for most of the morning. A part of her wanted to sneak a look at her email from work, but thought the better of it.

she certainly wasn't going to out herself at work. Everything on her computer at work was monitored. she wasn't about to break a rule for the sake of curiosity when it came to her job. Not even for Sir. she plodded along at work and got the important things accomplished that day.

Trey was wrapping up an important phone call when He finally took the time to check His personal emails. He went down them one by one. There was one from each of His current submissives. He carefully read each one and responded back in a manner that befitted its content. Mostly it was updates on assignments and the like.

His smile quickly turned to a frown when He got to the email from tara. she had been an almost naughty minx. This would need to be addressed. she had admitted her near transgression to Him. This was good, but that fact it had happened wasn't a good thing in His mind.

He sat there in His office chair contemplating on what to do about this. she obviously was in need of some release from the sounds of things. she was dreaming about Him. Perhaps He should get the contents of that dream from her as part of her atonement for this. Something about her dream pushed her.


I do thank you for writing to me about this "near transgression". It is good to see that you want to be good. However in this admission, you failed to see that it was really a transgression. Did I give you permission to even touch yourself in such a manner? I don't recall doing so my minx. It is within my right to punish you for this. It will not be harsh -- unlike the last time that you were punished. you are to write an essay about what you were dreaming about that caused this to happen in the first place. Be explicit in your details and detail exactly how it made you feel. There isn't a word limit for this but I do expect it to be good. you have two days in which to accomplish this. At which time you will come to my house at O/our appointed meeting time and present this punishment for my approval. I only expect an acknowledgement of this email.

Your Sir,


Yes, that would do nicely for a punishment for her, Trey thought as He wrote out the email. He could have His answers to what turned her on in that moment of transgression. He sent off the email and knew He wouldn't hear back until that evening from her. He looked at the clock and surmised that she would be plodding away at her work for some time yet.

He returned to His own work and got some pressing reports done. This was the tedious part of His job. He was thankful though that it allowed Him to often work from home instead of being in some stuffy office or cubicle at His place of employment. His boss was very flexible that way.

The day went by without much time to contemplate things. Trey was a busy man and it didn't allow for much time to idly think of His girls at times. Some in the lifestyle wondered why He chose to have more than one girl when He was such a busy man. Trey didn't generally give others a reply to that question because it really was His business.

Those close to Him knew He wasn't one for emotions, and thought that might be why. Those He trained often went on to other Dominants and shined with them. He was mostly interested in training a girl and letting them go on to find their One who would complete them entirely. He wasn't going to settle down with one of His girls, and let that be known from the get go.

To some that made Him a bit of a player, but He was well respected in the community in which He circulated. He prided Himself on following Safe, Sane, and Consensual guidelines and didn't do things that would harm someone. That wasn't His method of operation unlike some He had come across in His years in the lifestyle. There was something to be said for being respected.

Section 42

Finally it was time once again to prepare to go see Sir. tara was very nervous about this particular meeting. she hoped that Sir wouldn't send her packing for this near foul up. she was worrying about the least little things and chose her outfit with care. He had given no instructions on what to wear so she was taking some liberties.

she waited impatiently that evening for the taxi to arrive. she let her mind wander a bit on the drive over to His place. All sorts of scenarios went through her mind. It wasn't often that she allowed this to happen to her, but something about Sir brought out things in her that weren't what she was used to. He brought out the best in her.

she rang the doorbell and waited for Him on the front stoop. He didn't keep her waiting too long and ushered her into the house with a wave to the waiting taxi. He took her coat and smiled when He saw the outfit she had on underneath. A minx indeed was this girl.

she was dressed in tight velvet pants that seemed to hug her contours. This pleased Him greatly. her top was velvet as well with peek-a-boo panels of mesh that gave just glimpses of her belly. Not something He had seen her wear to the clubs all that often. she was too shy to show off that part of her usually.

He assessed her and led her into the play room. This was where they were going to talk before getting down to the grit of why she had almost disobeyed Him again so soon. tara could feel her heart in her throat as they walked into this room. she knew He meant business in this room.

He brought her over to the couch tucked into the corner of the room, and had her sit down. He wanted her to be somewhat comfy while they talked so that perhaps this would sink in. He wanted her to understand that near transgressions were not acceptable to Him. It was not as bad as real ones, but they would carry some of the same consequences.

"minx, do you understand why we are in this room for this conversation?"

"Yes, i do, Sir. You want my full and complete attention, and i may have some sort of atonement to pay for my near transgression earlier this week."

"Yes, I do want your complete attention this night minx. you are correct in assuming that there would be some sort of atonement for this 'near transgression'. In my mind, however, I see it as a transgression that we must deal with and with some care. I do not want this to occur again. It can not occur again. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Sir, it is understood."

"I am not upset with you, minx. I do understand that sometimes dreams can make us want certain things. you, however, have given over control of those things to me. At least that is my understanding of things. Is this still the case, My dear minx?"

"Yes, Sir, it is the case. You have control over my sexual needs."

"I am glad to hear you express it in those terms. So we are at an understanding then of things at this point. What were you thinking of at that time? Was it something about your dream that aroused you so, or was it the subject matter in general? Help me to understand what drove you to such near disaster."

"It was the fact that i was thinking about You, Sir. i have to admit that i do crave Your touch in such a manner. i think in some ways i was allowing myself to be carried away by it a bit. It won't happen again because i want to be a good girl in Your eyes."

With that said Trey rose and crossed the room. He gathered up something from the table. He didn't let her see what it was just yet. This was one surprise that she would either like or learn to loathe.

He motioned her over to the cross, and she slowly crossed the floor to it. she was more nervous now than when she arrived. she wasn't quite sure what to expect, but knew there was going to be a lesson of some sort for her in this. she gathered her composure and kept silent as He looked at her.

"Has anyone ever teased you, minx, to the point that you couldn't stand it any longer? I don't mean in play with someone. i mean in control over you getting to completion."

"No, Sir, i haven't played like that with anyone before. Sure i have been teased in play but never as a control type thing."

"minx, do you agree that I won't intentionally harm you?"

"Yes, Sir, why do You ask?"

"I ask because I am going to tease you in a manner to have control over every part of you tonight. you may not like me much for this when i am done, but this is your lesson to learn. The lesson will be clear to you as we go on about learning it."

The realization of what might happen came crashing into tara's sense. Sir was going to tease her, but how was still a mystery to her. Surely He wouldn't tease in a manner she would hate, but then again she had never been in this position before. Sir was in control of things, not her.

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