tagInterracial LoveLittle Red Ch. 02

Little Red Ch. 02


"Oh? So you were workin' late last night huh? Then if you were in the office the whole time how in the hell did this lipstick stain get on your collar? And that hickey on your neck!" I yelled, tugging back the brim of Drew's shirt. He cut his eyes at me, "Don't worry about whose it is, and worry about what you're not doing right, because obviously some other woman knows how to do it for you otherwise that wouldn't be there, smart ass. I didn't plan on coming home to all this yelling, shut up." Tears swallowed my eye's whole,

"So you seein' someone else?" I whispered gently. He sat on the bed losing his tie stretching it over his head and tossing it on the floor. I exploded,

"No wonder this house is always a mess you paradin' around it like a damn animal!" I paused for breath before continuing,

"Then you wanna complain 'bout how it's me and go solve it by cheatin' on me with some other bitch who has lord know what!" He looked at me his face stern.

"You a selfish son-of-a-bitch Drew!" I threw his balled up shirt at his face. He stood up slowly folding the shirt, as he did so my hand shot up clamping over my mouth realizing to late that I couldn't catch the words I had already hauled out at him.

"Excuse me?" His voice confused and upset at what he had just heard. Tears streamed down my face as I shook my head while backing away from Drew as he walked towards me.

"Baby, I didn't mean it" I cried out, "I was just mad, I promise I wont ever talk to you like that again. Ill be good, I promise you wont have to go to other women to be happy, just please..." My tone of voice was begging him for mercy and forgiveness as if he were God himself. My back steps quickened as his forward ones became faster. My heart raced with fear and agony, the only thing I could think of to do next was to shoved passed his 6 foot frame and run for the door. So I did, my loose curls bouncing rapidly back up into the air like rain pellets on a puddles surface. Before I knew it I felt Drew's hand grasp at my hair, he spun me around harshly into his chest.

"Watch the way you talk to me, girl," and with that he push at me, I hadn't even noticed how close I was to the staircase, I tumbled head first falling and flipping every which a way; flopping like a rag doll, my damaged body landing at the foot of the steps.

Drew waited at the top and studied me to see my condition, his eye's scanning me. I must have been bumped and bruised up because he walked back into the room as if nothing had happened, to him that meant good enough. I cried out in anguish as if I had been tortured to the edges of the earth, my screams cut short as a sharp pain rang out through my left rib. He broke it, I said in my head.

I moaned out as I lay there in my white sleeping gown, rose colored liquid stained my right sleeve from my dripping mouth I had bit the inside of my cheek on my way down. Get up Patricia. Now. My body was pleading with me to go for help, don't you dare just lay here, get up and get to help and safety your mother taught you better than that. And your mew-maw would do acrobats in her grave if she knew what was going on, Get up!

I managed to pull my dilapidated body up with the help of the hand railing. But my coat was up stairs, I couldn't got back up there, he'd get made all over again, id have to resort to something down here. The only thing I saw was the long silk cloak hanging from the coat rack thinking about how I had went out with my friends as little red riding hood for Halloween. The red fabric gracefully shining in the side table's lamp light. Drew was already asleep, snoring, I could go and he wouldn't hear me. The rain crashed down onto the earth outside, so I didn't have to worry about the sound of the car engine waking up Drew.

I slowly walked for the large cloak putting on the hood as I slowly tied the soft ribbons together with my hands being careful not to move to fast, breathing quick and sharply. My eye's became worn slits in my head I scrambled for the keys and dragged my feet with me as quickly as I could . I didn't know exactly where I was going to go for help I knew my friends would panic and if I turned myself into the hospital again the police would get involved, due to my history there before. A hour or so later I then found myself going down his drive way, out of all the places my instincts could have led me they said here? What was Markus to do, he's no doctor. Not that I know of anyhow, remembering all those books I second guessed myself and wanted to laugh at my actions.

My shaking hand clutching at my rib cage, my body anxious as I pulled to a stop in front of his door steps. I got out and slowly lagged myself up the steps putting my hand to the door to tired yet to knock. The door beside me creaked open Markus poking his golden radiant eyes out to see who was there, once spotting my limp body he let out a gasp and rushed out in a moving blur, wrapping his arm at my waste, I collapsed weakly thankful for his strength. Picking me up threshold style he carried me in and gently placed me on the soft broken in leather couch in the living room grazing me with those eyes trying to take in all of what might have happened. His left hand clutching my cheek softly, almost enveloping the left side of my face.

"My rib cage, its broken" I winded out my voice a light whisper.

"How did you know I was..."

"Shhhh" he let out soothingly, stroking my cheek.

"I heard the car" he stumbled out, "I was in here going over my studies" I looked around the place was clean like I had left it a couple hours ago, He's lying? Why?

"Rest, I promise to have you better in the morning" His soft voice seemed to sing out. His hands were blazing hot. Like he had a organ melting fever, my cold wet face drawn to its warmth I nudged my face into his comforting hand, his slow thumb strokes continuing in response, finally taking in what he had told me.

"promise?" I questioned him, my entire focus going black as I drifted away into sleep and away from the worry.

"Promise" He whispered back.

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