tagInterracial LoveLittle Red Ch. 04

Little Red Ch. 04


Whistling filled my ear, I popped up in awe noticing that I was back home, I sat alert on my couch looking around for sighs of how I had gotten back, my car outside the cloak back on its hanger, Did I ever even leave? Maybe it was just a dream? Drews humming and whistling stealing my attention I looked at the clock, "Your gunna be late for work... sweetie," I threw in. His head shot at his watch and then he cursed realizing how time must have flew, grabbing his coffee he fled for the door, giving me a nod and "Later," but nothing more.

"I love you too," I whispered. Looking down at my shoulder for were the blood had stained my gown, I let out a sob realizing that he had nearly killed me last night and that none of it was a dream. How could he just act as if nothing happens whenever he does this to me? He was always so angry with me, I can never do anything right. I slipped of my night wear and got into the shower. Standing with my hands against the wall and my head bowed letting the water straighten my curls and discover its way out of my ends and slitter down my back. Id ask Markus how he had managed to get me back home and healed up so fast then maybe my mind would be at ease. The towel enveloped my dark skin in a welcoming embrace relaxing my tense muscles. I sighed as I slipped on the lightly yellow stained dress and my flats and headed for the door.

"Hi Manny!" I said happy to see my new found friend. He leaned back and smile from the kitchen twinkling his free hand, "And how you doing?" "Great" I answered back quickly, finding it weird that my body and mind was in tune with what I had just said. I walked into the living room and that's when I had noticed how much more vivid everything was the color stained glass catching my eye's first they seemed to shimmer and dance under the suns gaze, the polished wood floors glowing in a glazed manner. The fire caught and held my attention last, my senses tingling as I felt the side of my face get hot, a light graze on my cheek as if it was being stroked gently, my fingertips sizzled and my toes wiggled as I felt strong grips in my back and thighs as if I were recalling a memory of being carried. I watched the flames dance individually noticing how each had its own routine, curling and bending with its dance partners.

I felt my knee's weaken as I closed my eye's and let the fire seer my skin with its heat, like Makus's lips did last night when they kissed my forehead. My eye's shot open remembering. Kissed my forehead, the way his finger tips dragged regretfully down my side and across my stomach as he got up to leave. The thought creating pools between my thighs, my head continuing to wander, creating scenes that didn't happen, the way his tongue melted my inner legs as he dragged it lazily up my inner thigh, how my finger nails broke off when I gripped the sheets in pleasure as his wet pallet swam around my ready walls.

"Patricia?" His voice rang out behind me in the door way, my arm shooting back up not having realized itd fell downward. "Yes?" I stumbled out. "Are you going to just stand there or will you help me clean my study?" I spun around noticing how much more rugged he was, his 6'6" frame daring to get him stuck in any doorway that wasn't made for his wide filling. I bit my lip as my mind slipped back into my fantasizing thoughts at the comparison I had made, "Of course," I smiled and pushed it back out of my head following behind him. Once in the room I immediately became nervous, my fingers dying to grasp the hot tanned flesh he called skin. My eye's wondering.

"Patricia?" I jerked my head up, "Oh yes?" "Start with the book self's? I figured we could get the hardest out of the way." I shook my head in agreement. Slowly pulling the books out of there sections clapping the dust off of them and whipping off the place were they once sat. I turned to see what progress Markus had made I saw that it was none at all, confused I looked around to see if something had happened that I hadn't yet noticed. Then I saw that he was observing me, closely, steadily, almost like a foreign subject. "what?" I said lightly, my checks burning embers, thanking God I was dark skinned. "Why do you allow him to do such things to you?" He looked up slowly his eyes filled with hurt and confusion.

"What are you talking about?" I laughed nervously, looking at the floor and crossing my hands across my waist. I knew exactly what he was talking about, I was just scared at the fact that I hadn't told him a thing about what was going on between me and Drew. Then I felt his hand cradle my face, I stumbled back a little shocked from how quickly he'd gotten across the room without me noticing. "Allow him to lay his hands on you, that's what I'm talking about." I couldn't find words, My throat felt like someone had stuffed cotton balls down them and then made me wash it down with sand. "I-I just mess up to mu-" he Quickly scoffed in disgust.

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" his voice frustrated his eye's light and glowing gold, "I don't know!" I yelled out, breaking down once again. His strong arms scooping me into his solid chest cooking my skin, my tears then, stopping immediately from his embrace and my head nuzzling into to nook of his shoulder. I hooked my arms around his shoulders not noticing that I had completely lost control of my body, my pelvis push hard against his while my hands feel to his belt loops pushing him back into me my lips tracing his Adams apple.

"Patricia?" I quickly grasped his lips in a tongued kiss, "Don't say no to me" I let out in a heated breath. My leg flying up around his waist he firmly pushed me against the book case, "As much as I want to... we cant. You'd be stooping down to his level and that's not the right way to show him what he is doing is wrong." I scanned the room my eyes welling with tears, quickly pushing him off and storming out of the room I knew that he was right, embarrassed by what I just tried to make happen I went for the front door Im such a useless slut, what was I thinking? STUPID STUPID STUPID! Out of nowhere an arm shot into my walk way and threw the wall. I slammed my eye's shut yelping waiting for the hand to make contact with my face.

He lazily but firmly pinned me to the wall with his marble body his lips on my check grazing my face in slow patterns "Look at me." His voice Husky and demanding, a growling coming from his chest, I opened my eye blinking lightly to adjust them realizing that Id thought I was getting attacked by Drew, "Yes" I choked out. He then lifted up my face by my chin with the tip of his finger I could feel ever muscle under his skin change and reform themselves into a more relaxed setting, his eyes still illuminating. "You may be with him, but you will forever belong to me" I stiffened and so did he, the pieces of walls falling from around his arm onto the floor breaking his pause of silence.

"You might not be able to be with me right now but you are mines. The way you walk, its mine. Talk, its mine. The love that I warm and create between your legs is mine. And most of all your heart." I took in a sharp breath, stunned from his confession. "He hurts you again, I make his heart mine to, for dinner." And with that pulled his arm out of the wall and walked back to his study.

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