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Little Red Cloak


Once upon a time...

Oh, please. Most stories I know start out that way and end up with some poor damsel in distress being rescued by some male chauvinist idiot in shining armor. And living happily ever after? I don't call living in a drafty castle with a bunch of royal rug rats running after me, and a paunchy royal husband who meekly bows to the Queen Bitch of Mothers.

Now, my story...

My story is much, much better.

I call it, "Little Red Cloak".


Once upon a time, there was a rather plain girl who lived with her domineering Mother and wimp of a father in a huge mansion deep in the woods on the edge of a large lake. The girl grew up quiet as her Mother would talk for hours (and no one dared interrupt her upon Pain of Death), and she loved to sit by the lake and daydream of the day a Great Prince would come and whisk her away from her dreary existence.

Oh, of course everyone knew this would never happen. The girl's sister was quite beautiful, and her brother was brilliant, but she was plain and had way too much imagination. Everyone laughed behind their hands at the girl at the Grand Balls her Mother threw almost every week (her mother had Great Balls), but she learned to ignore them, and just grew quieter.

One thing stood out about the girl--red was her favorite color, and she wrapped herself in it. She dyed her hair a deep red and wore red dresses as often as her mother would allow. She had a great red cloak of thick wool that she wore always except the very hottest days of summer. Many people remarked on her audacity! How dare she wear such a...a bold...color! She should be happy in navies and browns, especially since she would never be married.

Now her Mother ruled with an iron hand, and she never allowed the girl out of her sight for long. The sister was allowed to spend the evenings with many of her royal beaus, and the brother was allowed out with his rowdy friends, but the poor girl was always too busy for such frivolity--someone had to stay in the house and help prepare for the Grand Balls!

So, the Woods were off limits.

But what the Mother didn't know surely wasn't going to hurt her.

In her free time (what little there was), she would wrap herself only in her long, red cloak and run barefoot into the deepest part of the Wood. There she would fling herself down on a pile of damp leaves, throw open the cloak, and soak up whatever sunlight there was into her bare skin. These were the times she loved the most, the birds singing above her, the sunlight streaming down on her, and...

And the things she allowed her hands to do.

As she dreamed of her Great Prince, her hands would rove over her naked body, pinching hard nipples, dipping into the wetness between her spread legs. She would whisper to herself, imagining such a Demanding Prince, telling her, "Touch yourself THERE" or "Open yourself to me". She would stroke That Spot until she shivered and quaked in delight. All too soon, her Mother would be screaming her name (which no one can remember--everyone just called her Red), and she would quickly wrap herself in her cloak once more and scurry back to the Mansion.

Until one day...

The sun was warm overhead as she lay on her pile of fallen leaves. Honeysuckle and jasmine perfumed the air as High Summer Sounds came all around, the cricket and the katydid serenading her. Her red cloak lay underneath her, spread as wide as her legs were. Her green eyes were squeezed shut as her hands worked swiftly over her dripping cunt.

"What have we here?" a shadow fell over her, completely blocking the sun. "A wood Elf, perhaps? Too plain for a nymph." the shadow chuckled deeply.

Horrified, she could do nothing but wrap her arms around herself, vainly trying to cover her nakedness. "How dare you, Sir!" she squeaked.

The shadow laughed once more. "It squeaks like a mouse. A frightened mousie, are we?"

Her ire roused, she snapped, "I am not!"

He came into the light, on all fours, a Great Shaggy Wolf of indeterminate color; on all fours, he was still as high as her shoulders.

"I know you!" she stammered, quaking against the tree. "Son of the Great North Wind!"

Once more, he chuckled, "Shall I huff and puff, and blow you down, little elf?"

Suddenly, her Mother's voice came crashing through the wood, full of wrath, and poor Red snatched up her cloak, preparing to run, when the Wolf stopped her with one paw. "Red Cloak I name you, little elf. Now run away to Mother." With a deep throated chuckle, he slashed at her thigh, leaving shallow, bloody claw marks behind. "I mark you as mine though I do not know why. You truly are too plain."

With that, he was gone. All that remained was a stiff wind swirling the dead leaves around her.

"Wait!" she screamed, finally finding her voice after so many long years. "Take me with you!" She threw down the cloak and stood naked in the sunlight, quickly unbinding her hair. It fell in unruly strands down to her waist. It didn't matter what happened to her; she could never return to the Mansion by the Lake ever again. She did not want to see her Mother's Great Balls ever again!

"Why would you want to go with me, Red Cloak?" the Wolf padded back into the clearing, intrigued. "You have nothing to offer me."

"I have myself to offer you." She whispered, alarmed at how tight and hard her nipples were.

"Hmmmm." He slunk around her, his fur brushing against places she didn't even know she had. "You humans never last very long." His tongue ran roughly over the claw marks on her left thigh, bringing blood back to the marks. "What use could you be to me?"

Her Mother's voice, screaming and swearing, came to them. "Quickly, Red Cloak, tell me, or I will send you back to Mother."

"I...I don't know. Whatever you want." She declared, panicking, clutching at the fur on his broad back. "Please, Great Lord of the No..."

"That is my Father's name." he brushed against her harder, knocking her to her knees. "Much better. I can smell your arousal, how wet you are, human girl. Show me."

She stared at him for a moment, not knowing what to do, but...she was determined to never return home. Sitting back against a broad oak, she spread her legs wide and ran her hands between her legs. Holding out her hands, she showed off glistening fingers.

He raked the inside of her thigh with his razor claws; blood sprayed the old oak as she screamed. "Very nice." He growled as he lowered his Great Head to lap at the wounds. "Now tell me what you want."

"What I want?" she stammered, shivering from the roughness of his tongue. It was all too much for the girl; as his tongue worked over her thigh, she plunged two fingers into her sopping cunt. He closed his sharp teeth carefully over her hand and pulled it away. "That's mine, girl." With that, he stood up and shook the leaves from his fur, only to roll over on his back, shaking the ground as he fell to it. He stretched out, his claws fully extended, yawning. Red could only stare at his Maleness, thick and hard, as long as her forearm, with heavy balls the size of grapefruits hanging underneath.

The Wolf chuckled. "So that is what you want, Red. Interesting."

Mortified, she blushed bright red, and turned away.

"None of that, girl. You have to earn your place with me. I really have no use for humans." He lazily stroked the thick shaft with one paw, staring at her. "So earn your place."

She knelt down and ran her hands over the short, soft fur of his belly, stopping short of touching his cock. Tentatively, she leaned over and placed a quick kiss on the head. It jumped, smacking her in the cheek.

"Watch out for that." He said lazily, his eyes closed.

She took as much of the hard shaft into her mouth as she could, which wasn't much at all, but she was trying. She moaned, the need between her legs too great to handle.

The Wolf just laughed.

"Lay back, Red, and spread your legs wide for me." She did, feeling wanton and scared at the same time, but not caring. Her own Juice had smeared across her thighs, mixing with the blood from her wounds. Grabbing her thighs, she pulled them up and wide, leaving herself fully open to him. Suddenly, his muzzle was pressed against her, his tongue dancing over That Spot, and she wrapped her hands in the fur of his head, pulling at his pointed ears, trying to pull him closer. She was so, so close...

And he suddenly pulled away.

She looked up, and saw him lapping at the Juices dripping from the fur of his muzzle. She screeched her need wordlessly, grapping at him with her hands, but he only backed away.

"What do you want, Red? You have to tell me, human girl." He growled at her.

"Take me!" she howled. "Mount me! Ride me!"

Well, you can imagine how it was. The Wolf was so large compared to poor Red, but he allowed no change in position to accommodate her. He took her from behind as she knelt on all fours in the pile of dead leaves, his body completely covering hers, and then some. When he spitted her on his great cock, she screamed to the Heavens, and he Howled in triumph.

That Howl was heard all over the village in the Woods, all the way to the Great Mansion by the Lake.

Poor Red was never heard from again. Her Mother wept briefly, but soon was busy with the plans for her other daughter's wedding to the Great Prince of the Land. Everyone assumed Red had been eaten by the Son of the Great North Wind.

And she was. Regularly. In a manner.

The Wolf took her, once, to the Great Castle, to see her Sister, now the Beautiful Princess. They spied her outside in the Garden, pregnant and haggard once more, with a dozen children running around her, and her Mother-in-Law, the Queen, screaming for her to come and help her with her Bath. The Great Prince was frolicking with some chambermaids nearby.

Red merely hugged the Wolf's neck tighter as she rode him back to their Lair.

So the moral of my cautionary Tale is this: be careful of what you wish for. You may just get it.

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