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Little Red Dress


I watched the Rum Diary last night and was quite taken by the dance scene. Here's my take on it.


Sarah loved to dance. But me, I danced like a scarecrow on acid and so as usual I sat and quietly sipped my drink as I watched her enjoy herself.

The club was filling up fast and the raised area I sat in was the only part of the place that wasn't crammed full of sweating, gyrating bodies. It was a pretty sleazy place, but she had insisted on coming here and said it would be ok - she'd been here before plenty of times in the past.

I watched my wife, imagining for a moment that I wasn't her husband, she looked so sexy. Her long blonde hair flicked and shook as she danced, wet strands catching on her tanned skin in the baking heat, her large braless tits bouncing and swaying in her tight dress.

That short red dress soon got her plenty of attention as I knew it would. A tall, well-muscled black guy danced over to her grinning. She grinned back and moved closer to him, turning her back on me as she did so.

My heartbeat picked up pace as they got closer and closer to each other until finally they were touching, their bodies bumping against each other as they danced. My wife's round ass jiggled and shook, the tight red material covering it leaving nothing to the imagination.

I took a large gulp of my whisky and soda and nearly choked as I saw the guys hands reach around my wife's waist while she ran her hands up his bare arms and hooked them around his neck. He obviously saw the green light and slid his hands around further and down until he was cupping her ass cheeks. I could see Sarah push her body tightly into him, her legs now parted slightly to allow enough room for his thigh to grind against her crotch.

As they danced like this a small crowd of men gathered round them, still dancing, watching another hot white wife looking for some black cock. My own cock stiffened in my pants and my stomach flipped as through the crowd I saw the black guys hand travel up my wife's back before moving down again, gradually lowering the zip on her dress.

She'd never gone this far before, her usual limit was flirting, teasing maybe even kissing. Once I'd watched a guy finger her in an alleyway, but I had no idea how she might react to this guy undoing her dress on a crowded dance floor. It was pretty obvious where he wanted this to go and I felt more than a little uncertain about the direction the situation was headed myself.

The red material spread slowly apart, revealing first her naked back glistening in the flashing blue and red lights and then the top half of her ass encased in her see-through, red lacy panties.

I looked at the faces of the men surrounding her and to a man they were grinning like wolves, their eyes glued to my wife's backside.

The music changed and Sarah's dance partner spun her round so that she was now facing me. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open and her hair wet and dishevelled as she ground her ass back into the black guy's crotch. He had a grin on his face that threatened to split it in two and impossibly it seemed to grow wider as he leaned forward slightly, slipping his hands underneath Sarah's dress as he did so.

My wife reached back and crossed her arms behind her partner's neck as he pulled her back into him, nuzzling her neck through her long blonde tresses. She was smiling now, still open mouthed and I could see why. The guy's hands were inside the top of her dress mauling her 36DD's. A few whoops erupted from the guys watching them as they drew closer to the dancing couple, obscuring my view.

I decided that things had gone far enough. I downed the rest of my drink and stood a little unsteadily aiming myself at the steps down to the dance floor. But as soon as I reached them I was stopped by two huge black guys in suits and shades.

"Sit down white boy," one of them growled.

"I'm leaving, I just need to get my wife," I complained struggling against them.

"Just sit the fuck down, relax and enjoy the show. Little white girl's not going anywhere, she's enjoying herself," the second bouncer laughed.

With that they pushed me back up the steps and into my seat and then returned to stand guard over the dance floor whilst watching my wife's performance.

I stood up and leant on the rail in front of me, I could see the top half of my wife now but that was all, I had to guess at what was going on below but it wasn't that difficult to work out.

Sarah's movements had changed, instead of the smooth dancing movements of moments before her head was now jerking back rhythmically, the top half of her body rising and falling slightly in time with the bumps. The guy's body was jerking in time too so it was pretty obvious he was fucking her.

My cock was like iron as I watched my wife get fucked on the dance floor of a seedy club, my heart was hammering in my chest and I felt nauseous and angry, but at the same time I was so turned on by it all. The black guy fucked Sarah for at least five minutes before I saw his expression change. His teeth gritted, he grimaced as his movements sped up until finally he stopped and gasped, a look of elation sweeping across his features.

No sooner had he finished cumming in my wife than she was grabbed by another tall black guy. She laughed as he took her, readying her for a dose of his big black cock and this time the guy had his back to me so I could see pretty much everything.

Sarah was bent over as before her dress pulled up over her waist and her panties nowhere to be seen. She was grinding her ass in small circles, beckoning his cock towards her, her wet and wanton pussy desperate to be filled to the hilt once more.

The new guy obliged and I watched in awe as he took hold of his large thick black cock and began to stuff it into my wife's cunt. Even with the added lubrication of the previous guy's spunk it was still a tight fit and I could see her struggling slightly at first, a pained expression on her face. But then after a few long strokes she settled down and began to grind her ass back into him again as he fucked her.

I jumped as I heard a voice laughing in my ear, "Little white girl likes black cock boy!"

I looked round and saw a well-dressed black man, bald, obese and possibly in his late fifties. Several gold teeth gleamed in the club lights as he grinned at me and nodded. Then looking past me he motioned with his head for me to look. I turned back to the dance floor just in time to see my wife being led away by several big guys, her dress loosely hanging off her sweating body. She wasn't struggling and when she briefly turned to look my way there was no recognition, just glazed eyes and pure panting lust.

Then she was gone, lost in the crowd.

The guy that had been most recently fucking her was laughing and doing up his pants, he took a brief look in my direction, burst out laughing again then disappeared into the crowd too. I guessed he must have cum inside Sarah as well.

"Don't worry my boys will take good care of her white boy. They all going to have a nice little party in the back room before they bring her married white cunt up to my bed," the old man laughed in my ear again.

I turned angrily towards him, my fists clenched and my brain on fire, but I was grabbed by the two bouncers before I could move.

As I was led away I heard the old man laughing again, "You'll get your pretty little wife back white boy but she won't be the same, she's a black cock whore now."

The bouncers were still laughing as they pushed me into a waiting cab outside the club, "Take the white boy home, then you come back and ride his wife she'll be needing plenty of cock tonight," one of them told the taxi driver.

The driver just laughed as he started the engine, "Where do you live white boy?"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/14/17

I like this story very much, gave it a 4.4/5.0 (88%)

I agree with anon 02/03/17, "Little Red Dress is..." - cuckoldtony know inner workings of a cuckold's psyche.

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by Anonymous11/17/17

red dress, red lips, blond hair, black dick

he said she's been there before. just wanted to show her hubby that she likes black dick.

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by 1WiseSage08/25/17

A Touch

There has to be at least a touch of reality in the story, otherwise it is so unbelievable that it's garbage. And this author/story epitomizes crap.

Any black man smart enough to own a club knows fullmore...

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