tagErotic HorrorLittle Red Nightie Nights Ch. 01

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 01


Terry was a genuine beauty. One of those women whose perfectly formed body would attract the gaze of men and the admiration of women regardless of what she chose to adorn it with, and Terry was very, very good at adorning herself in a manner that accentuated her many charms. It was therefore inevitable that, sooner or later, Terry would attract the attention of that most prolific of fornicators, the Dean of Lasciviousness, the bane of all those women and girls who would be "good," the Devil himself. It all began innocently enough, and Terry had no reason to suspect that she might be stepping beyond the bounds of normal human experience when she opened one of many emails that appeared daily in her dating site email from male admirers. (Allow me to note, dear reader, that Terry was not only a woman of enormous pulchritude she was also extremely talented and held a position of great responsibility with a major business concern. Her participation at showmesomebootie.com was purely a matter of convenience, efficiency, and control as it influenced her social life.)

The email in question was like none other she had ever received. There was no greeting, no list of attributes the sender might hope she would admire, and no signature other than "xoxoxo." The body of the email was the story of an erotic encounter between two lovers in which the woman of the story was referred to as "you," and Terry was so thoroughly drawn into the story by the pronoun that when she came to the end she realized that her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps, her cheeks were flushed and warm, and she had shared in the orgasms so graphically depicted in the story, as evidenced by the soaking wet crotch of her panties. Fingers shaking slightly, she clicked "reply" and wrote the following: "Pls send more."

Over the course of the weeks and months that followed that first email story, a routine developed in which more stories arrived. Terry responded with praise and photographs of herself in various stages of dress and undress, for the delectation of her mysterious author. Then one day, the arrival of a package changed everything. The package contained a little, red, silk nightie, a manuscript of several pages, and a note which read, "Wear the nightie, read the story just before sleeping, and put the pages under your pillow, xoxoxo."

The hint of a frown creased Terry's brow as she thought back over her correspondence with the mystery author, wondering when and why she had revealed her street address. When, after several moments, no answer appeared she spoke aloud "it will come to me. There must have been a reason." With that she set the package and its contents aside and went about her day, promising herself that she would read the story later and decide whether she'd follow all the instructions or not. However, in spite of her resolve to let the matter rest, in the back of Terry's mind a low-level tug-of-war played just barely below the surface of her conscious routine. A contest between her sense that something was amiss with the new turn of events and her memories of pleasures derived from her author's stories in the past, which wasn't resolved until bedtime when she slipped into the pretty red nightie.

As the nightie slid fluidly down onto Terry's frame, covering her treasures just barely, she felt her flesh begin to tingle and glow. Her doubts of the day regarding her mystery author's instructions evaporated, and she found herself anxious to climb into bed, read the story, and do as she was bid with the manuscript. Terry's eyes hungrily consumed the first page of the manuscript, anticipating the waves of orgasmic pleasure that the author's words typically evoked from her. As she turned page after page, Terry began to wonder where the magic had gone. When she finished the story, she dutifully put the manuscript under her pillow and thought, "I guess he's lost his touch," and promptly fell asleep.

Terry dreamt and this was her dream:

Terry climbed the rickety stairs in the darkened staircase. One step at a time she proceeded, wondering why she was doing so, yet at the same time certain that her goal awaited at the top of the stairs. The fact that she was here, dressed only in her little red nightie, didn't surprise her as she thought it should. It just didn't, and she giggled at the obvious contradiction. Finally, a landing and a doorway. Soft light glowed out onto the landing from a gap at the bottom of the door. She caught her breath and knocked.

The door opened immediately and silently. The creaking hinges one would expect to complement the creaky stairs were absent, and inside the doorway stood the most beautiful specimen of a man Terry had ever laid her eyes upon. "Hello Terry. I'm glad you could finally make it. I've waited a long time for you," the man said, his eyes traveling from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

Terry opened her mouth as though to speak, but before she could utter a sound, she found herself kneeling before the seated man with his large, hard cock pressing against the back of her throat and her lips stretched to form a circle large enough to take in his massive organ. It surprised her that, rather than feeling alarmed, a sense of fulfillment and becoming swept through her mind and excited her body. She felt a rush of warm blood flood her crotch, and her pussy began to weep its juice in such abundance that she could feel the moisture oozing down her inner thighs. She cupped her lover's balls in her hand and stroked them as she began to move her head forward and back, sliding the giant cock in and out while she sucked.

"That's right my pretty Terry, suck my cock and drink its magic cum," the beautiful man said. "Taste me, and you will be forever transformed. No measly mortal fuck will ever satisfy again."

The man's words fell on Terry's ears like music, arousing her desire beyond her wildest (and rather well informed) experience of human lust. She began to plunge herself forward, engulfing the giant cock then rubbing it with her tongue and sucking with all her might as she pulled back to almost release it. "Give me your cum," her mind screamed as her mouth occupied itself, serving the gorgeous organ of her new-found lover.

Terry's silent plea still echoed in her mind when the monstrous cock engaging her lips began to pulse and shoot its nectar into her mouth. She gulped and gulped, struggling to handle the tremendous flood of surprisingly sweet tasting man-cream to no avail, as the man's prick continued to throb, and pulse, and squirt. Terry felt the excess cream escaping her mouth and running off her chin to soak the front of her nightie and wet her breasts, then she realized she couldn't breathe.

With a speed and agility possible only in dreams, Terry's circumstances shifted in the same instant that the sense of drowning ignited in her mind. She found herself in total darkness, suspended in mid-air with her arms and legs spread wide. Her flesh tingled as though the nothingness surrounding her was caressing her. She saw nothing, she heard nothing, but she sensed the presence of the beautiful man, and knew she would feel his touch soon.

As the seconds passed and turned into minutes, Terry's anticipation of the awaited touch morphed into a burning need. Her nipples stiffened and ached to feel the touch of another, her pussy grew wet and throbbed with an urgent desire to be filled. Though no sound escaped her lips, she mouthed the words over and over "fuck me, take me, oh fuck me!" Her plea was answered by the warm, wet, slightly gritty feel of a tongue sliding slowly up her inner thigh from just above the knee. She shivered as the moist tongue approached her pussy, then whimpered as it withdrew too soon and moved to slide up the other thigh.

Terry's orgasm began before the tongue completed its journey up her second thigh and she writhed and moaned as wave after wave of pleasure engulfed her when the tongue finally parted her pussy lips and began to stroke her clit furiously. Sounds that very much resembled those made by a thirsty dog greedily lapping water emanated from Terry's crotch as she was transported to levels of orgasmic pleasure that outstripped anything she could have imagined. Her pussy glowed and throbbed. Her entire body rejoiced as the wonderful sensations washed over her. Then, the licking stopped and for several seconds she was in nothingness again, until she felt hands grip her hips and the tongue began to slide past her lips and into her pussy.

Deeper and deeper into her the warm tongue slid until Terry began to wonder if it would ever stop. The object impaling her probed deeper and grew harder and fatter as it stretched her cunt farther than any cock she'd ever experienced. Seamlessly, and with no sense for Terry that anything strange had occurred, the whole scene changed and she found herself lying on her back, the beautiful man hovered above her, his massive cock deep in her pussy, and his balls resting against her ass.

Terry stared up into the eyes above her, fascinated by the way they glowed. She watched the lips above her spread into a smile, and she was neither surprised nor alarmed when the tongue that had fucked her moments before slid a foot or more out of that smiling mouth to lick her nipples, then grew even longer and encircled both of her breasts, massaging them as the beautiful man began to move his hips back and forth. Terry started to cum with the giant cock's first withdrawal and plunge back into her. She pulled her legs up toward her chest and rolled her pussy and ass up to meet the lunging cock that impaled her time after time, each thrust faster, harder, and deeper than the one before it. Her orgasm became a continuous thing that grew in intensity each time the beautiful man filled her then emptied her then filled her again. Glorious, heretofore unheard of sensations wracked Terry's body and she began to babble, "cum in me cum in me cum in me," and then her babbling receded into an ecstatic half-moan half-cry as the first burst of cream spewed into her from the beautiful man's huge cock. Over and over the prick pulsed and squirted, pulsed and squirted, and his juice filled her and overflowed to ooze into the crack of her ass.

Gradually, the beautiful man's ejaculations slowed and began to diminish in force and volume. He began to croon in his melodious voice "you are mine now Terry, you are mine...," and the words seemed to come from farther and farther away as the monstrous organ slid slowly out of her body and left her with a feeling of emptiness so profound and disturbing that it wrenched her into wakefulness. With full consciousness came the realization for Terry that the front of her little red nightie was drenched with a sweet smelling liquid that felt warm and comforting against her skin. She reached under her pillow and clutched the manuscript to her breast as the emptiness that had awakened her transformed into a delicious ache in her middle, and she knew beyond any doubt that her author, lover, beautiful man would fill more pages and return to fill more nights

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