tagErotic HorrorLittle Red Nightie Nights Ch. 02

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 02


Terry woke to a loud banging on her front door—a very loud banging. She slipped a bathrobe over her red nightie and slid the manuscript she had yet to let go of into a drawer as she crossed the apartment to find out what was going on. Through the peephole in the door Terry saw her assistant from the office, Roberta, flanked by two policemen.

"What's this?" she tried to ask when she pulled the door open, but the sounds that emanated from her lips more closely resembled the croaking of a frog than human speech.

"Dear God, honey! What's happened to you!" Roberta exclaimed, moving to Terry's side and placing one arm around her. "Come, sit, and tell us what happened," Roberta said as she pulled Terry in the direction of an overstuffed chair. After settling Terry safely in the chair, Roberta turned to the police officers, who had just finished checking the apartment for any signs that something untoward had occurred and said, "Thank you gentlemen. I don't think we'll need anything from you at this point. I can handle it from here." The policemen tipped their caps and left, closing the door behind them.

Having recovered somewhat, Terry found her voice and asked Roberta "Bertie, why were the police with you?"

"You hadn't been seen or heard from in two days Terry. We were afraid something bad had happened to you."

"Two days?" Terry repeated, realizing she must have slept for something on the order of forty-eight hours. Recollections of her night with the beautiful man poured back into her consciousness and the little red nightie began to feel like it was sizzling against her skin, under the bathrobe. "Go back to the office and tell them I am sick" Terry said.

"What if they want to know more? What do I tell them?" Roberta asked.

"Tell them anything you like. Tell them to go fuck themselves for all I care," Terry shot back, beginning to sound agitated. "I need to be alone now!"

Alone was the last thing Terry really wanted. The words "no measly mortal fuck will ever satisfy again" had begun to run through her mind and what she really wanted was a man. What she really wanted was to satisfy the sensations her nightie was causing by feeling the flesh of a human male against her body and by fucking a human cock until she came, proving that her very real dream of two nights ago was still just that—a dream. She reached for her phone as the door closed behind Roberta.

An hour passed, then two, then three. Terry fought a physical battle with the little red nightie, pulling it off and throwing it aside when she felt she would start screaming if it didn't stop arousing her with its tingling, sizzling caresses, putting it back on when her core would go ice cold without it. She fought a mental battle with her need to believe she had merely had a vivid, erotic dream versus all the evidence that something more substantial had taken place. Her memories of the ocean of sweet tasting cum spewing into her mouth, of the beautiful man's magical tongue sliding up her legs then into her pussy to morph into a gigantic prick that plunged in and out of her until she nearly swooned with the power of her orgasms defied her attempts to relegate them to the status of wild imaginings. By the time Martin knocked on Terry's door, expecting another tryst of the comfortable, highly erotic variety he and she had shared many times before, Terry's state of agitation resembled insanity. She had convinced herself that poor Martin's tool was the magic wand that would make all be well with her world.

"What the fuck took you so long," Terry snarled as she pulled the door open for Martin.

"I was in the middle of...," Martin began, but stopped speechless as Terry started to unfasten the front of his pants right there in the doorway. "Let's step all the way in, shall we?" Martin said as he pushed Terry backwards into the room. He flung the door closed as soon as he had backed Terry up enough to do so, and by the time the door banged into its frame and latched, Terry had Martin's slacks and shorts down around his ankles and his flaccid member in her mouth.

Martin's initial alarm at Terry's unusual behavior gave way rapidly to the delicious sensations she was creating as she sucked his swelling penis and manipulated it in her warm wet mouth. Terry greedily tongued and sucked, moving her head back and forth to take in the growing cock, release it, then take it in again. She wanted him hard and she wanted him fucking her. She wanted him fucking her right now! In her frenzy, Terry failed to notice that the delight she had always taken in feeling a man's prick grow hard in her mouth was missing. "Fuck me," she said as she sprawled backward onto the floor, pulling her nightie up out of the way and spreading her legs wide.

Martin hesitated for a second, then started to kick his shoes off and unbutton his shirt. "No! Fuck me now!" Terry screamed hysterically, raising herself up to grab his hands and pull him down on top of her. With amazing agility, Terry wrapped her fist around Martin's prick as he fell forward, thrust her hips up to meet him, and impaled herself on his cock. The moment struck Martin as somewhat comedic and he started to chuckle, but the chuckle died in his throat as Terry began to thrust herself furiously back and forth, fucking him with a level of intensity that left him no alternative but to remain rigidly positioned above her and let her use him.

Terry strained to raise her head up far enough to watch her hips thrust up and down and see her pussy swallow Martin's prick then slide down off it, over and over again. She could see it. She could see that lovely cock, that had given her so much pleasure over the past months, fucking in and out of her. But, the magic was gone. The words "no measly mortal fuck will ever satisfy again" began to cycle over and over in her mind and when Martin spewed his man-cream into her, she didn't even notice. Terry didn't notice anything in fact. She didn't hear Martin mumble his "goodbye," and she neither knew nor cared that she was alone again in the apartment as the strong, capable woman she had always been struggled to emerge from the wreck that she'd become. She might have made it too, if her doorbell had not rung at the exact same instant she decided to burn the nightie and the manuscript.

Terry rose and strode over to the door to look through the peephole.

Gary, her regular Fed-ex deliveryman stood in the hallway wearing the traditional delivery person's look of subdued impatience. Gary's impatience dissolved into sheer amazement followed by wide-eyed adoration when Terry pulled the door open and held out her hand for the envelope Gary was obviously there to deliver. She hadn't stopped to think that she was wearing only the red nightie, or that her state of dishevelment suggested that she had either just been dropped in place by a tornado or she'd recently been fucking someone's brains out. Gary missed none of this.

Several awkward seconds passed while Terry waited to receive the envelope and Gary stood unmoving and dumbfounded. It wasn't until the nightie began once again to sizzle and seem to writhe against her skin that Terry realized how she had presented herself. "Would you like to come in for a few minutes?" Terry asked as she placed her hand on Gary's in a faux attempt to take charge of the envelope.

"I'd like that very much," Gary said, following Terry's lead into the apartment and tossing his cargo onto the table beside the doorway. In less time than it took the envelope to stop sliding across the tabletop, Terry and Gary were in each other's arms, lips locked in a warm, wet kiss.

Gary ran his hands up and down Terry's back and sides, massaging her body before reaching down to pull up her nightie and grip the soft, luscious globes of her ass-cheeks with his fingers. He pulled her tight up against him and Terry ground her pelvis against the hard bulge she could feel developing in his pants. Terry broke the kiss and put her lips to Gary's ear, saying "Make me cum Gary, I need to feel myself cumming on a human cock."

Gary smiled at the unusual turn of phrase "human cock", and responded enthusiastically. "Your servant ma'am," he replied, while stepping back to remove his clothes, revealing an athletic looking body and a thick cock of about average length. Terry started to take Gary's hand, but on second thought wrapped her fingers around his prick and lead him into her bedroom.

As though they had read one another's minds,without exchanging a word the two settled into the sixty-nine position with Gary below, gripping Terry's ass in his hands while he slid his tongue between her pussy lips and began to lick. Terry fought off the comparison between Gary's tongue and the magical one she'd experienced during her "dream" of the other night. She stared at the fat prick she was stroking and told herself "this is real," before she lowered her face to take Gary's cock into her mouth. She felt Gary's body go rigid as she slid her lips down over his shaft and pressed her tongue against its underside to provide more friction and add to the feelings she could generate for him. Over and over Terry took the swollen penis into her mouth then released it slowly, sucking and licking as she withdrew.

Gary stopped licking long enough to say, "Oh yes baby, suck me just like that!" Then, as his tongue began to caress Terry's clit and slide in and out of her again, he jammed one finger deep in her ass, plunging the finger in and out in time with the bobbing of Terry's head.

After just a few moments, Terry rose up, releasing Gary's blood gorged member from her mouth and said, "Stop! I want you to fuck me. I NEED to cum while you fuck me." She abruptly moved to Gary's side, remaining on her elbows and knees, head resting on her forearms, ass high in the air invitingly.

Gary rose to his knees and positioned himself behind her, taking his cock in his fist and guiding it into her. He grabbed her hips in his hands and pulled her toward him as he pushed his member deeper and deeper until his hips came to rest against the softness of her ass.

"Fuck me," Terry said again, "fuck me hard and fast! Make me cum on your prick. Oh God, make me cum!"

Gary began to pound himself in and out of her. His hips slapped against her ass with each forward thrust and delicious little wet noises accompanied each withdrawal. His breath came in large noisy gulps and Terry wept in her need to achieve an orgasm with this man. Out of this cacophony of lust emerged another sound. A sound so unbelievable that Terry thought she was imagining it at first. That sound was the melodious voice of the beautiful man, crooning over and over, "you are mine Terry. You are mine and no measly mortal fuck will ever satisfy."

The voice in Terry's ears grew louder and louder, shifting in tone until it sounded like a command thundering down upon her. "YOU ARE MINE TERRY. YOU ARE MINE AND NO MEASLY MORTAL FUCK WILL EVER SATISFY." Then, the voice stopped suddenly. She felt fingers at the back of her skull, tangling themselves in her hair. Gary's thrusting in and out of her stopped and he pressed his hips tight against her ass, jerking her painfully up by her hair until her back rested against his chest and her head was up high enough to see herself and her partner in the mirror across the room. Terry started to cry out when she saw that the face beside hers in the mirror was Gary's, but the eyes were the glowing orbs of the beautiful man as they'd appeared hovering above her a few nights before.

Terry's cry died in birthing as the hand at the back of her head jerked savagely at her hair and the beautiful man's voice spoke through Gary's mouth. "You can't fight me Terry. You will only have peace when I am pleased with you and allow it. The nightie will only let you rest when you have fulfilled my wishes. You will only get release and satisfaction of the ever growing lust I've instilled in you when I see fit to grant it," the voice said. "Read your new manuscript before you sleep next then I will give you what you crave," the voice went on as the eyes in Gary's face faded and returned to normal and the furious thrusting of his cock in and out of her resumed.

Oblivious to what Terry had just experienced, or his role in it, Gary continued to pound his hips against Terry's ass and drive his cock in and out of her. Terry's mind wandered far from the use being made of her body and came to rest on the envelope on her entry table that would lead to the satisfaction she craved. While Gary pumped in and out of her and spurted his semen into her pussy, Terry was mentally assembling a list of things she'd need to look her best when next she slept.

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