tagErotic HorrorLittle Red Nightie Nights Ch. 03

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 03


When Gary finished and left, Terry rose from the bed immediately and set about the business of making herself beautiful for the encounter she knew was just the other side of consciousness from where she currently was. A low, throbbing, drum-beat of desire still pulsed in her loins, but no longer made her frantic. She knew satisfaction was imminent. The red nightie ceased to sizzle against her skin and now provided a warm, comforting presence in place of the goading irritant it had been during her brief period of rebellion. Anticipation had supplanted desperation in Terry's soul, and the hours flew by while she meticulously prepared to present herself at her very best. When the time came to retire, she consumed the new manuscript as though in one bite, her mind barely registering the words as it processed them. Sleep came quickly and easily.

"Where are we?" Terry asked. She cast her glance about, but could make no distinction between earth and sky. There was no discernible horizon nor any indication of what held her in place in the vast expanse of whiteness in which she found herself.

"We are wherever you wish to be," replied the beautiful man. He stood before her, seeming to float like she in a sea of nothing. He was clad in a sarong-like garment of cloth and color to match the red nightie that clung to Terry's frame. His bare chest and arms and finely chiseled face made a mockery of the most exquisite examples of men or gods. "This is your dream Terry. This is where your most extravagant fantasies will be real. This is where you will reap your rewards for doing my works in the other world," the beautiful man said, and then vanished.

"Wait! Tell me what I'm supposed to do!" Terry shouted into the sea of white. She sounded shrill and small to herself, surrounded by nothing. She began to tremble slightly and was on the verge of slipping into fear and disappointment when it occurred to her that if her fantasies were to be played out here, then she would have to call up one of her many fantasies. Since her early teens, Terry had never been one to deny herself the pleasures of self-gratification whenever connecting with a playmate was inconvenient, and it was her habit to create erotic scenarios in her mind to accompany the massaging and probing that ultimately provided her solitary orgasms. She had many of these scenarios, and she had favorites, and her favorites even had names. "I'll just think about 'Stranger Danger'," she said to herself as she closed her eyes and slid her hand up under the red nightie to press one finger against her clit.

Terry felt the change in her surroundings before she opened her eyes. The sense of vast space and nothing that she had formerly occupied became close—almost oppressive. Strange, musty odors assaulted her nostrils and rustling and clicking sounds nearby provided evidence of life forms scurrying about in her vicinity. She opened her eyes and cast about in search for the source of those creepy sounds, hoping for reassurance that there was nothing to fear. It was dark. Too dark to penetrate the piles of assorted junk that adorned the walls on either side of her. The only light was a tiny sliver of moonlight that drifted feebly down between the immense buildings surrounding her to light the center of what was obviously an alleyway.

Terry looked forward and back, trying to see where the alley opened onto a street or a public place, but she couldn't make out anything. The alley appeared to go on endlessly in both directions. Then, something slippery slithered across the top of her bare foot, and she started to run. The rustling and clicking sounds seemed to follow her and grow louder as she raced down the alley, staying within the band of reflected moonlight that illuminated the alley's center. "This isn't MY stranger danger," Terry shouted, increasing her pace to one of full-blown flight.

"Yes it is Terry," a man's voice said. "This is exactly what you yearned for, but lacked the courage to fully flesh out for yourself in all of its glorious detail," the voice went on. "I am your stranger."

Terry ran headlong into the bulky figure of a man, dressed in a large overcoat and only avoided bouncing off of him to fall on the alley floor because he gripped her upper arms and held her upright. "No," Terry mouthed, looking up into the disfigured face of the brute who held her in his grasp.

"Yessss," hissed the man. "Why else would you come to me naked except for that tiny red rag you are wearing? Why would you come here this way except to be handled, caressed, used, fucked, and sodomized by the strangest stranger your mind could conjure?" That said, the man pushed Terry back to arm's length and released one of her arms to reach inside his coat and expose his member. Struck dumb and wide-eyed, Terry stared at the immense penis the man held in his hand, exposed to the dim moonlight. The prick appeared to be greenish and slimy as though it had been recently residing within some strange, rotten fruit. It writhed in the man's hand like a snake and bulges expanded and contracted up and down its length like some living thing inside it was seeking a way out.

"No!" Terry whimpered, closing her eyes tight against the vision before her and sagging in the man's grip. She shuddered as the beastly stranger guided his grotesque prick up under her nightie to probe and slither wetly across her belly and down to force its way between her legs. "He said my fantasy would come true here!" Terry said aloud. "This is not my fantasy. My fantasy is of a handsome stranger, in luxurious surroundings, who... ."

Suddenly, her arms were released and Terry fell backward, not onto the alley floor, but onto something much closer to her and soft. "Go on," said a rather pleasant voice from close above her. "You don't have to shout, you can just think it, but if you don't tell us what you want you'll get whatever the Master thinks would be fun," the voice continued.

Terry opened her eyes to find herself in surroundings vastly different from the alleyway, lying on a comfortable bed, and looking at a very attractive, naked, young man.

A wave of relief washed over Terry as understanding dawned in her mind, and she was left with a certain relish for her new found control along with the heightened senses of fear induced adrenalin. She felt every beat of her heart, her skin tingled, her nightie commenced to once again titillate her flesh, and the need to be filled, to be satisfied, to be licked and sucked and fucked to multiple orgasms raged at the center of her. She pulled herself farther up onto the bed, drew her knees up and spread them wide apart, slid the straps of the nightie off her shoulders, baring her breasts, and crooked her finger in the young man's direction. "Come here," she told him.

Terry's stranger started at the foot of the bed and approached her on his hands and knees. She thrilled at the sight of his gorgeous face and her body quivered with excitement and anticipation. Remembering her lesson from the alley, Terry expressed her wishes to the man, leaving nothing to doubt or misinterpretation then surrendered her body and mind totally into his care.

Terry's lover slid his knees deftly between her ass and her feet, under her bent knees, and brought himself so close she could feel the heat emanating from his crotch on her pussy. His thighs rested against the soft globes of her butt cheeks, and as he bent forward to place his mouth on hers he took his magical shaft in his hand and began to slide it up and down her hungry, wet slit. His lips pressed against hers, his tongue slid wetly into her mouth to twirl and dance with hers, and each time the velvety tip of his prick slid up then down on her clit bolts of pleasure swept through her body from her very center to her furthest extremities. "My God! My fingers and toes are cumming," Terry thought to herself, and to her surprise she received an answer.

"We are only just beginning Terry," the stranger's voice rang clear in her brain even though their mouths never separated and his tongue never ceased to explore her mouth. "There are heights for us to reach that you have never dreamed of," the voice went on as the young man ceased to rub and started the tip of his hot, hard member along a slow, slippery journey to the center of her passion. He stretched her, he filled her, and yet he kept moving his hips forward and driving himself deeper, opening her wider, as though an endless quantity of cock fucked itself into an infinity of need.

Terry's orgasms began long before she felt her lover's hips come to rest against her ass and he started a similarly slow journey back out of her. Wave after wave of nerve jangling, electric shocks of pleasure jolted her body, causing her to spasm and shake. Her toes curled and even her fingertips glowed and dimmed, glowed and dimmed with divine feeling as the marvelous sensations coursed through her. She had to break their kiss to pant for breath while involuntarily chanting a babble that sounded like "oh God, oh fuck, make me cum fuck me fuck me... ."

The stranger smiled and lowered his mouth to one of her breasts to suck and nip at the nipple. The alternating little, sharp bites and warm, wet sucking added yet another level to the load on her sensory receptors. Terry's babbling became a keening wail as the lover began to shift his hips back and forth rapidly and pound his rod in and out of her. He reached one hand down and under her to wet his finger in the pussy juices that flowed freely from around his prick then drove that finger deep up her ass while his cock withdrew, and pulled the finger out when his manhood plunged back in.

Terry became a writhing, babbling, keening, gasping thing beneath her lover as he reamed both her holes and alternately teased, and bit, and licked, and sucked her nipples until they stood out hard and tall as though yearning for even more stimulation. Her mind seemed to detach itself and rise above the scene on the bed. Amazed and not without the pleasures derived from the scene below, Terry watched as the handsome young man withdrew himself and stood above her body. She stared in awe as he stroked his beautiful penis and ejaculated a stream of fluid that drenched her from head to toe. The stranger's multi-colored cum felt warm and comforting, and as her flesh absorbed it the fluid provided a deep sense of satisfaction, a clear understanding of to whom she now belonged, and the afterglow that accompanies satiated passion. She slept.

Terry woke as sunlight invaded her bedroom window. She felt wonderful. The need that had driven her the previous day was a distant memory and the glow of sex well done still coursed through every fiber of her body. Her cheeks had a rosy tint and her eyes were bright. She stretched, luxuriating in the wealth of delicious feelings that seemed to encompass her entire being. At the end of her stretch, her brow creased slightly as the voice of last night's stranger spoke in her mind. Terry couldn't tell if it was a memory of something said during the night or a message she just received, but the voice said, "You must go back to the manuscripts. The path to where your fantasies are true lies in them. Read carefully this time and take note of what you read."

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