tagErotic HorrorLittle Red Nightie Nights Ch. 04

Little Red Nightie Nights Ch. 04


Terry woke as sunlight invaded her bedroom window. She felt wonderful. The need that had driven her the previous day was a distant memory and the glow of sex well done still coursed through every fiber of her body. Her cheeks had a rosy tint and her eyes were bright. She stretched, luxuriating in the wealth of delicious feelings that seemed to encompass her entire being. At the end of her stretch, her brow creased slightly as the voice of last night's stranger spoke in her mind. Terry couldn't tell if it was a memory of something said during the night or a message she just received, but the voice said, "You must go back to the manuscripts. The path to where your fantasies are true lies in them. Read carefully this time and take note of what you read." Her subsequent return to the manuscripts left her somewhat baffled by the fact that nothing she read resembled her recollections of what they contained, but she left them with a clear understanding of how to achieve her ends, and what powers she'd absorbed with the stranger's ejaculation.

"Hi Bertie!" Terry strolled into her outer office and greeted her assistant Roberta as though things were perfectly normal and she hadn't been AWOL for more than a week. Of course, that's one of the perks of being the Senior V.P. at one of Washington's most prestigious public relations firms. As long as none of the clients she was responsible for actually went down in flames, Terry was free to set her own schedule, and with Roberta doing her back-up, no one ever went down in flames.

"Good morning Terry," Roberta said, watching Terry closely and looking for any signs that her boss had not recovered fully from the state she was in at their last meeting. "Mr. Johnson would like to see you in his office at your first convenience," Roberta said.

"Wonderful," Terry said aloud, thinking to herself "I want to see the little creep myself, we have some business to attend to."

There was something different about Terry, Roberta decided, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. The thought crossed her mind that Terry exuded something dangerous, maybe even predatory, and what's with that huge overcoat on such a beautiful spring day? Roberta shrugged slightly as though to brush her thoughts off and went back to work.

"You wanted to see me Marvin?" Terry said as she was being ushered through the door to Marvin Johnson's office, by his secretary. The diminutive, slightly balding man behind the desk looked up with an air of surprise at Terry's greeting. Gone was the brusqueness and barely concealed contempt with which Terry usually addressed her boss, her competitor, and the only person standing between her and complete control of the firm. Johnson had been an intern with the firm at the same time as Terry, those many years ago, and he'd used one dirty trick after another to always stay one step ahead as they each made their ways up the corporate ladder.

"I wanted to assure myself that you had fully recovered from the malady your assistant said you were suffering from last week," Johnson said. He eyed Terry cautiously. The unprecedented friendliness of her tone and the softness of her visage sounded an alarm in the little man's mind. Never, from the very first time they met, had Terry ever shown him anything other than a sharp, businesslike demeanor designed to eradicate any inkling in his mind that she might appreciate his obvious infatuation or welcome his advances.

Over time, Johnson had become sophisticated enough to hide his feelings, but Terry knew she never walked toward him or away from him without being mentally undressed and ravished.

"You were hoping to hear that I had contracted some painful and certainly lethal malady," Terry said, sitting down without being asked to.

"How very unkind of you to say," Marvin Johnson responded, doing his best to illustrate how hurtful Terry's words had been through his tone and expression.

"Let's don't kid one another," Terry said, "ever since you found out you couldn't fuck me physically, you've fucked me every other way you could think of." The sudden change in her demeanor dismantled Johnson's composure and he spluttered his denial loudly enough to belie the truth of his words, but his protestations stopped abruptly and his jaw dropped when Terry stood and unbuttoned her overcoat, revealing that beneath the coat she was clad only in her red nightie. The nightie glowed warmly and clung to Terry's form so closely that not a single detail of her nakedness was hidden from view. Mesmerized, Marvin Johnson vaguely imagined he could feel warm blood invading his crotch and swelling his penis so fast and so hard that he might have felt pain had he not been so absorbed by lust.

"Come here you fucking worm," Terry commanded, tossing her coat onto the chair she had just vacated and walking toward the couch on the far side of the office. Johnson could no more disobey her than he could stop his lungs from drawing their next breath. "Unzip your pants and take that miserable excuse for a cock of yours out. I want to see the fucking thing you dreamed of invading me with," she went on as her prey approached.

Again Johnson obeyed without question and took the last three steps to close the distance between himself and Terry with his rigid member waving slightly from side to side in front of him. She smiled maliciously while reaching out to grasp the cock in her hand and squeeze, digging her nails into his flesh until he winced even through the fog of desire that enveloped his mind. "Thank me for that," she said when she finally released her grip on the swollen penis and viciously slapped him in the face.

"Yes, yes, thank you Terry," Marvin said, taking his prick in his fist and attempting to move in closer, but she grabbed a handful of his meager hair and pulled down hard, bending him forward.

"Kneel you sniveling little bastard," Terry ordered, continuing to pull at his hair and leaving him no choice but to comply even if he had found the will to resist. Once Johnson had dropped to his knees, she spread her legs apart, thrust her hips forward, and pulled his face into her crotch. "Now lick you miserable little fucker," she said, still gripping his head by the hair. A smile turned the corners of her mouth upward as he parted her pussy lips with his tongue and began to lap at her, drinking in his undoing.

The hand in Marvin's hair relaxed it's hold and began to caress him. Terry cooed and moaned and ground her pelvis into his lips and tongue, urging him to lick faster. "That's it baby lick me and suck me. Make me ready to fuck you. Make me cum in your face, honey. Slide a finger up my ass while you eat me dearest," she said, as she glared down at him with such hatred in her eyes that had he seen it his soul would have withered in much the same way as his once proud hard-on was shriveling and seeking to withdraw from view. "Oh yes baby," Terry crooned as he insinuated his finger into her tight anus and began to slide it in and out. "Oh yes honey, lick my pussy. Finger my ass. Suck my clit. Drink the juice that oozes from my cunt, and learn what it means to be my enemy."

The words "learn what it means to be my enemy" pierced the fog in Johnson's brain though his raging lust remained unabated. Confused and unable to put the phrase into context with what had come before it, he sat back on his heels and looked up into Terry's face as though he expected to see the answer there. What he saw was mockery in her eyes and a mirthless smile upon her lips. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind, then started to lower his face again, but Terry grabbed his hair and put the other hand under his chin to force his eyes back up to hers. "Maybe you should just fuck me now Marvin," Terry said, her eyes deep wells of sincerity.

"Yes," Johnson croaked, as she released his head and sat at the edge of the couch beside them, sliding her nightie up over her hips. "Yes," he said again as she spread her legs wide and laid her head back, using her forefingers to pull her labia apart and offer him that which he had lusted for all those years. He stayed on his knees and moved himself into position to penetrate her. His cock felt so hard it almost ached as it strained against the limits of the skin containing it.

"That's it baby. Fuck me with that big beautiful cock of yours," Terry whispered huskily as Marvin reached to grip his prick and guide himself into her. His fist closed on air and he looked down for the first time since kneeling in front of her. The erection he could feel throbbing and straining to slide into the wide-open pussy in front of him wasn't there. He frantically put his hand inside his slacks and found his manhood shrunk and shriveled to the point that he could barely capture it between his thumb and forefinger. He raised his eyes to meet Terry's. A horde of confused thoughts and questions raced through his befuddled mind. Terry sat up straight and took his face in her hands.

"Let me tell you how your future is going to go, you fuck," she said. Marvin imagined he saw a multitude of different colors swirling in the irises of Terry's eyes just before he felt himself falling into them.

Terry smiled sweetly as she walked past Johnson's secretary in the outer office. The smile Torie Lee the secretary offered back faded the instant the door closed behind Terry, and Torie scowled thinking, "great, his majesty will want a blow-job now. It's always like that when that bitch has been in there." But, Johnson never called her. An hour after Terry's exit he opened his twenty-fourth floor window and launched himself at the sidewalk below. The coroner's ruling of suicide took a little longer than normal in Marvin's case due to the multiple stab wounds to his genitals and the letter opener found protruding from his crotch. No evidence turned up suggesting Johnson hadn't mutilated himself before leaping to his death. The man had gone crazy for some reason.

By the time word reached the twenty-fourth floor that someone had jumped and perished, Terry had her personal things packed in anticipation of the move her promotion would include. The balance of her day went to speculation about just how things would play out during her next sleep.

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