tagIncest/TabooLittle Red Ridden Hard

Little Red Ridden Hard


"Baby, why is your light still on? It's 2:30 in the morning. Don't you have classes tomorrow?'

"I'm sorry Daddy. Did the light wake you up?"

"No, I had to get up to go pee. What's the matter?"

"I'm just worried about my test tomorrow. It's a big part of my grade in Calculus, and I just can't sleep. I'm so close to getting my degree. I can't afford to mess it up."

"Listen. Staying up worrying about it won't help anything, you know that. In fact, you won't be as sharp if you don't get some shut-eye."

"I know, I know. It's just a really big test, and I studied about three hours already. My head's spinning around, thinking about slopes and graphs and stuff."

"That stuff is way beyond me. I never took calculus back in school, so I really can't help you there. Sorry."

"That's okay. You're helping me so much more than I have a right to expect. You weren't married to my mom for very long – what was it, five years?"

"Yeah. Five years."

"I'm sorry she was such a bitch. You deserved a lot better than to have her running around on you like she did. She's so damn dumb it makes my head hurt."

"It was rough."

"Yeah. And now that I need help in going to school, you let me stay here for free so I can make it financially. I can't thank you enough. Not many stepfathers would do that. And hardly any ex-stepfathers, that's for sure."

"Baby, it's no problem. I'm glad to help out any way I can. Your mom is a piece of work. Piece of something at any rate. But having you around makes up for all that. You're my girl."

"I love you too. I'm sorry I'm keeping you up."

"Well, you need to relax so you can get to sleep and be ready for that test tomorrow. What can I do?"

"When you used to tell me stories, it would calm me down and I could get to sleep. Up for telling me a story?"

"Absolutely. Just scoot on over there and I'll climb in and lay next to you and I'll tell you a story. Any requests?"

"I always liked the one about how Little Red Riding Hood had her name changed."

"That's one of my favorites, too. Here, rest your head on my arm and we'll snuggle and I'll tell you all about Red. Okay?"

"Hmmm, yes Daddy. You're nice and warm."

"You too, baby. Okay, here goes. Red lived off on the edge of a forest with her mother. She had to make trips thru the forest to see her grandmother every week or so, and she usually brought a picnic basket so she could spend the night with her before heading back home.

"Red was a pretty little thing. In fact, she looked a lot like you. She was about 5-foot-1 and had beautiful skin and green eyes and red hair down to her shoulders, just like you."

"Daddy, did she have big tits like I do?"

"Matter of fact baby, she did. What are they, 36 DD's? Anyway, she was a real-head turner. All the boys liked to watch her walk. She had that little hip-sway you do, too. And she had such an innocent look about her. It was something else.

"Anyway, she set off on her weekly trip to grandma's, picnic basket in hand, walking down the path through the woods. It was a beautiful late afternoon, with the sun shining through the trees, a rather warm day to walk. When Red got to the stream at the halfway point on the trip, she was a little warm, so she sat down by the water to cool off.

"Living near the stream was someone known as the Big Bad Wolff. Hugh Wolff was his name, but he went by his middle name of Richard, or Dick for short. He had a real reputation in those parts, and was known to be constantly on the prowl. This weekend was no different."

"Daddy, what did the Big Bad Wolff look like?"

"Well, he looked a little like me. He was of average height, built kind of stocky, with gray hair."

"Why did they call him Big Bad Wolff if he wasn't that big?"

"Don't worry about it. We'll get to that later. He saw Red resting by the stream. He'd seen her around and met her in passing a couple of times, but getting to know her on a more personal basis was really high on his list of priorities. Here was his chance. He walked over to where Red was sitting and said 'Hi, Red. How are you doing today?'

"'Hi, Mister Wolff,' Red said. "I'm doing fine. I'm heading over to grandma's, but it's a warm day and I thought I'd take a break. How are you doing?'

"'I'm doing fine,' he said. The two sat and talked about the weather and chit-chatty stuff for about ten minutes before Red decided she was ready to resume her journey. She said goodbye to him, and strolled back down the path.

"The Big Bad Wolff knew something Red didn't, and that was the fact that her grandma wasn't there. She'd gone out of town to meet her new boyfriend, the woodsman who was in charge of the forest. She wasn't going to be back for another couple of days.

"Now, Red's grandma was a bit older, but she was still quite pretty. That's where Red got her good looks from. And the Wolff and her grandma had been seeing each other on the sly for quite a while. In fact, grandma had given the Wolff a key to her door. He knew a shortcut to the house, so he headed off to see if he could get there before Red did.

"The Wolff pretty much set a record getting there. It didn't hurt that Red was taking her sweet time, enjoying the afternoon. He used his copy of the key to get into the house, and headed straight for the bedroom. He made sure the curtains were closed and that the room was dark. He took off his clothes, stashed them in the closet, and crawled into bed. He made sure it was so dark that it was hard to see much of anything in the room."

"Daddy, did the Wolff sleep naked all the time?"

"As a matter of fact he did. You know it's healthier to sleep that way so your body readjusts itself at night. That's why you sleep in the nude, and that's why I do too."

"Yeah, it's definitely more comfortable. And it's more fun to snuggle that way, too"

"It sure is. Back to the story. Red finally got to the house, and walked in. She saw that it was dark, and figured her grandma was sleeping, so she emptied the basket and put the food away and walked to the bedroom.

"'Grandma, are you sleeping?" Red asked quietly.

"'Hi, Red,' the Wolf said softly, imitating her grandma's voice almost perfectly. 'I'm just cold, so I got in bed. Why don't you join me, and we can snuggle and talk?

"'Okay,' said Red. The Wolff's eyes had adjusted to the low light level so he could see everything pretty well. He enjoyed watching her peel off her clothes, that's for sure. He couldn't believe how pretty she was."

"Daddy, was Red really fooled by the Wolff hiding in the dark and pretending to be her grandma?"

"Of course not, baby. Red looked innocent, but she wasn't dumb. She knew it was the Big Bad Wolff pretending. She had heard stories about the Wolff, and was curious to find out if they were true, so she played along.

"Red climbed into the bed and said, 'My, what big eyes you have grandma?'

"'The better to see you with my dear,' the Wolff said.

"Red reached under the covers and grabbed hands. 'My, what big hands you have!'

"The Wolff slid over and said 'The better to hold you my dear,' as he reached his left arm across her and put it behind your back just like this."

"Oh, he took his hand and grabbed her ass like you just did to me."

"That's right. Just like that. Red didn't try to get away. She did what you're doing – snuggled up right against him. That's when she said 'My, what nice lips you have.'

"The Wolff didn't hesitate. 'All the better to kiss you with my dear,' and he began to tongue kiss her – like this."

"Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm. Whoa, Daddy. Was the Wolff as good at that as you are?"

"As a matter of fact, yes he was. Now you take over the story."

"Okay. Ahhhh. Anyway, the Wolff began running his lips and tongue down Red's neck, and sliding down to her tits. Her sensitive tits. He began to lick and suck on the nipples, yes just like that. Oh my. He reached up and gently massaged her tits as he flicked his tongue over her. Oh yeah just like that, Daddy. Red enjoyed every sensation, every feeling of his oral attack on her. Oooooh. As he slid his body down, he continued to lick her nipples. And Red said 'My, what a talented tongue you have!'"

"That's exactly what she said, baby. And the Wolff stopped what he was doing, looked her in the eye and grinned. Then he said 'All the better to eat you with my dear.' And then he went to work. When he saw her pussy, he couldn't believe it. It was trimmed nicely, and the aroma of her arousal was perfect. Just like yours."

"Oh my god Daddy, yes. The Wolff began to lick around Red sensitive pussy lips. She felt like she was on fire, the heat burning through her. The Wolff flicked his tongue across her cl-cl-cli-cli-clit, and she threw her head back and and and and said 'Ahhhhhh.' Ahhh, yes."

"How do you like the story so far, baby?"

"Ohmygodyes. Daddy, did Red like having her pussy eaten by the Wolff as much as l like having you eat me? Ahhhh."

"Absolutely baby. And the Wolff enjoyed slipping his tongue inside her as much as I like it. But I don't think her juices were nearly as sweet as yours."

"Daddydaddydaddy. Stop. Red pushed the Wolff's face away from her because she couldn't take much more of it, and she had something she wanted to do. She looked at his face, wet with her excitement and said 'You're not my grandma. You're the Big Bad Wolff. But you're not that tall. Why do they call you Big and Bad?'"

"Baby, the Wolff didn't say a word. He slid up and out of the covers just like this. And that's when she saw where he got his name."

"Daddy, you mean his dick was as big and thick as yours is? That's not bad at all. That's -- that's perfect! That's when Red knew she had to have that in her mouth, so she bent over like this and started to suck on him."

"Ahhh. The Wolff couldn't believe it. There was this beautiful redhead and she was bobbing her head up and down, yes like that, and occasionally flicking her tongue around the head and under the shaft and along the glannnnnnnnns. Ahhhh. Red had style, that's for sure. She loved sucking the Wolff's cock. And you like it too, don't you. Ohhhhhh."

"Mmmm. Mmm-hmmm."

"The Wolff pushed her head away from him. It was the most difficult thing he'd ever had to do. But the Wolff had other plans. Do you know what they were, baby?"

"Sure I do. He wanted to fuck her."

"That's exactly right. He wanted to fuck her so bad there weren't any words for it. She knew exactly what he wanted to day, so Red lay down on her back, looked up at the Wolff and said one word. 'Yes."

"That's right, Daddy. Red was so hot and wet and needed a dick inside her that instant, so she raised her legs and spread her thighs and said "Put that big thing in me right now.' And I know exactly how she felt."

"Oh yes, baby. The Wolff knee walked to that open and inviting space and started to lunge forward. But Red stopped him from reaching the promised land. Do you know what she said to him?"

"Ohgodyes. 'My, what a big cock you have.' And he said....."

""The better to fuck you with my dear.' Then he slid forward and filled her wet, tight, sweet pussy with his cock just like this and drove it all the way to the hilt. Ahhhh. And he drove it in, over and over and over."

"Ahhh. Uh. Uh. Uh. She couldn't believe how good it felt, deep deep deep deep all the way inside and filling her up. Fuck. Fuck. God it's huge dontstop."

"Each. Stroke. Brought. Him. Closer. To climax. And he felt her pussy. Begin to clench. And spasm. He knew. She was. Close. Too. Right, baby?"

"Fuck. Yes fuck yes. Daddy yes."

"And then he felt it. There was no stopping it. He felt her pussy let go. And then he cammmmmmmmme."

"Ahhhhh! Ahhh! Ahh. Ah."

"Ohhhhh. The Wolff had never felt this drained. His strength was drained. His mind was drained. And his balls were drained. It was the greatest fuck he'd ever had in his life. It was indescribable."

"Ah. Red felt the same way. She felt the gush and knew the Wolff's big cock had gotten to the perfect spot because she'd gushed when she came. It was an amazing experience. And Red and the Wolff fell to the side, and both fell asleep, totally sated. She and The Big Bad Wolff met up every week for a year after that, and Red loved every minute of fucking him senseless. And that's how Red had her name changed. Forever after, she was known as Little Red Ridden Hard."

"That was a nice finish to the story. Let me catch my breath here, baby. Did you like how the story came out?"

"I love it when a story comes together. We came together, too, didn't we?"

"Yup. Feeling a little more relaxed?"

"Oh, yeah. Yeah. I guarantee Red didn't enjoy fucking the Wolff any more than I enjoy fucking you, Daddy. And I even figured out a mathematical equation just now."

"Go for it."

"Two thighs, divided by seven inches, times deep thrusts, equals squirt. That's a great equation."

"I'm going back to my bed. Good luck with your test tomorrow."

"Thanks Daddy. G'night."

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