tagIncest/TabooLittle Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood


Every year Rebecca's parent have a Halloween party for all the adults on their street, as well as other friends of theirs, and some of their relatives. She was never allowed to attend, she always was forced to stay in her room, or spend the night at a friend's house. But this year one of her own friends was throwing a party on the same night.

Rebecca was typical, like most teenage girls her age; she'd decided to go a "slutty" version of something. She'd picked out a slutty Little Red Riding Hood costume for the party. She'd braided her brown hair into two pig tails, one on each side of her head that came down to right above her breasts, each of them with perfect red bows tied with ribbon on the ends of her pig tails, as well as a headband that had a red bow on it as well that matched the bows on her pigtails.

She slipped on the first part of the costume. It was an off the shoulder white top, the arm caps were puffed, and cinched around her upper arm. The top of her shirt was made of elastic, and there was elastic stretch installed right beneath the breast area, that held the top over her tits. Rebecca opted for no bra. The sluttier the better she thought. She had really nice, perky tits that hid beneath the puffed fabric that clung tightly to her chest. When she looked in the mirror she enjoyed the way her pink nipples pressed just right against the top.

The next part of the outfit was a corset, but it had shoulder straps attached to it, that when they were lifted to her shoulders accentuated her tits, as well as the bodice of the corset lifting them even more, and hugging tightly below her breasts. Her tits sticking out over the top of the corset.

She grabbed the pair of white ruffled panties she'd bought and slipped them on, pulling them up and turning around to check out how adorable she thought they looked on her, she wiggled her ass at the mirror, and giggled, bending over a little checking out how they looked in different positions.

Then she put on the skirt, that had tulle piled beneath it, to make it nice and fluffy. It was short. Incredibly short as the whole costume was bought one size to small on purpose.

"Holy shit." she said to herself and laughed at the red skirt that just covered her ass. She giggled. She was going to have to sneak out. There would be no way her parents would let her leave the house like this. She stood there and swung her hips making the skirt sway a little, and giggled again, loving how cute , and of course how slutty she looked.

She grabbed her socks from the bed. She'd bought two pairs, because she couldn't decide on the thigh highs or the knee high socks. She eventually decided on the knee highs, to show more leg. She slipped them on, pulling them up, adjusting them so that the red bow on the top of each of them was facing the front. She smiled and slipped into a pair of black flats. She knew that heels were the obvious slutty choice to make, and she'd wanted to be slutty, but she also enjoyed playing with a slight hint of innocence. The flats shoes were a perfect choice, she buckled the straps over foot below her ankle.

She picked up the satin red hooded cape from her bed, which was long, and flowed almost to the floor, but stopped about ankle length.

She tied the cape loosely around her neck, flipped up the hood and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled as she pulled the cape forward over her shoulders and closed it, and then re-opened it, closing, and modeling her outfit for herself in front of the mirror.

She grabbed the wooden prop basket and held it on her forearm as she posed with her other hand on her hip. She giggled again to herself.

She walked over to her vanity and grabbed her best red lipstick. A dark cherry red, and applied it carefully to her mouth, filling her lips perfectly, she smiled, and applied gloss over the lipstick. Her lips were red and wet. She went back to her mirror and grinned at how good she looked and thought about how much attention she'd get at the party tonight.

She walked down stairs and into the kitchen, covered up by her cape. A few of her parent's friends, and their neighbors had already begun to pile in. She saw her mother, who ever since Rebecca could remember was always a witch. Rebecca thought it was fitting. She spotted her father in a pair of grey pants, that were worn, and shredded in certain spots, and red and black flannel that was tucked in, and accentuated his round belly. The chest was unbuttoned, and all the hair on his chest was exposed, rips in the shirt as well. Rebecca saw the werewolf mask on the table along with a pair of costume gloves that were werewolf hands made of rubber, with red claws.

"How adorable! You're the red riding hood, and your father is the big bad wolf? I wish my kids did matching costumes with me!" their neighbor Sheila said, grabbing a chip from a bowl on the table.

Rebecca thought it was pretty funny, considering neither of them had planned it.

"Yeah right." her father Bruce said. "You think I can get this one to participate in something like that?" he blew air from his mouth, forcing his lips to vibrate and make a noise. "It wasn't planned, plus she's going to a friend's party."

"Oh." Sheila said "It's still cute! Can we see the costume?" she asked Rebecca who immediately flushed with red.

"Oh... I'm um...not finished getting ready." Rebecca lied. "Don't want to show it off till I get all the finishing touches put on." she smiled nervously and reached across the table, grabbing a chip and shoving one into her mouth and leaving the kitchen.

Rebecca hurried to the front door to go wait outside for her ride and as she opened the door she smiled when she saw her neighbor's son Travis, who was just finishing his first year of college, dressed as a police officer at her door.

"Oh, hi." she said and opened the door further inviting him.

He smiled and stepped in. "Hey Becks." He said. "Or should I say..." he pointed to the cape..."little red?" he questioned.

Rebecca nodded, she hadn't seen him since he left for college, and she'd always had a crush on him. "Yes sir...Officer Travis." Rebeca smiled.

"It's been awhile since I've seen you" he said holding a case of beer under his arm.

Rebecca nodded and pushed her cape open a little and held out her hands. Travis definitely checking out what was beneath the cape.

"Want me to take the beer for you? I can put it in a cooler for you." Rebecca asked.

"Whoa..." he said when he saw her costume, and shook his head to her question. "No, I got it." he said hoisting it up in his arm and nodding at her costume. "That's quiet the costume." he smiled and kept looking her up and down.

"Yeah?" Rebecca smiled flirting with him, grabbing the ends of her skirt and tugging down on it. "It's a little shorter than I expected." she lied. It was just as short as she'd wanted it to be, especially now, with him staring at her.

He shook his head. "Nope...it's perfect."..."damn." he said. "You've grown up since I've been gone."

Rebecca bit her lip and giggled. "Thanks."

Travis shook his head, and looked up at her. "So, you ready for the party?"

Rebecca's heart sank as she realized she was on her way to another party and sighed.

"I'm actually on my way to a friend's party..." she said.

"That's too bad..." he stepped closer and whispered in her ear. "Because my costume comes with handcuffs." he pulled away with a grin.

Rebecca felt her body shiver with his breath against her ear. She wanted him bad and this was the first time he'd ever flirted with her. And she couldn't believe how blunt he was being.

Rebecca blushed looking up at him and biting her lip. "Come to the party I'm going to instead." she said

He shook his head. "Promised my parents I'd be here... why don't you just stay here..." he said licking his lips.

"I'm not allowed to come to the party..."she rolled her eyes.

"Oh that's right..." he said laughing and teasing her a little. "Cause you're still in high school."

Rebecca stuck out her tongue at him and crossed her arms. "Ha... ha." she said. "I'm eighteen now."

"Well it's probably a good thing you're not staying... especially with that costume. Don't need the sexy high schooler, making all the husbands drool, or keeping my pants tight all night." he said. Rebecca gasped and pushed at his arm playfully.

"You're bad." Rebecca giggled and bit her lip and looked down at his crotch.

"I know I'm bad..." he said and then leaned forward and whispered in her ear again. "But are you?" he asked in a whisper and pulled away smirking again.

Rebecca wasn't about to let this opportunity pass itself up. She grabbed the case of beer from under his arm and set it on the floor, and grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall a little and to the garage door, and opened it and pulled him in. The garage was closed and dark, with only the glow of the light outside the garage on the outside of the house. Rebecca shut the garage door, and both she and Travis walked down a couple of steps.

Rebecca lifted her hand up behind his neck, bringing her mouth to his and kissed him hard, his hands finding her body instantly, holding her hips and sliding his hands down her skirt and back up under it, grabbing her ass. He pulled back, and Rebecca looked at him, able to tell his mouth was covered in her lipstick and lip gloss. He squeezed her ass. Rebecca reached her hand down between them and over the crotch of his pants, and rubbed his cock through his pants and she kissed him again, his hands now on her face , kissing her hard, their tongue pushing against one another's, he groaned into her mouth and her fingers hugged the outline of his cock through his pants.

Rebecca pulled from the kiss, both of them panting.

"My, my officer.." she whispered. "What a hard cock you have." she grinned and giggled as she saw him smile at her playing up the red riding hood role.

"The better to fuck you with, my dear." he said and pushed her up against the car in the garage. Pulling the string around her neck, her cape falling to the floor. Rebecca giggled and kissed his mouth again as he pressed himself against her, kissing her mouth, as her hands reached down and began to unzip the pants of his costume.

"Mmm, Little Red is in quite the hurry.." he said as she pushed his pants down and pulled his boxers down as well. Her hand finding his bare cock, stroking it in her hand. "Mmm" he moaned.

"Shut up and fuck me." Rebecca whispered.

Travis grabbed her and moved both of them down bending her over the front of the car on the hood, and lifted her skirt, and pulled down her panties. Rebecca couldn't believe how hot this was, finally fucking the guy she and every other girl in school, every girl in the neighborhood had a crush on. She felt her panties fall to her ankles and stepped one foot out, and before stepping out of the other, Travis had lifted the legs, wit panties still hanging around her ankles, and put her knee up on the hood of the car and sunk himself into her.

Rebecca gasped as moaned loudly as she felt his cock plunge up into her, and fill her, not giving her any chance to get used to the size of his cock, and the way it'd ripped into her. Travis began to fuck her, sending her body rocking back and forth over her father's car. Her hands pressed on the hood of the car, the hood making popping noises as her hands pushed the hood in and out, little dents, that fixed themselves when her hands moved.

"God damn Becks..." he groaned. "You're so fucking tight." Rebecca moaned and began to push herself back on his cock as he fucked her.

"Fuck yeah Becks... fuck my cock." he groaned and grabbed her hips and began to slam himself into her, Rebecca moaning loudly and almost collapsing on the hood of the car when his dick thrust deeper into her. "You feel so fucking good." he told her as she bent over further and put her face on the hood of the car, letting him take her.

He reached up beneath her and pulled the top of her shirt down beneath her breasts, grabbing them, squeezing as his body hovered over hers, fucking her still. He stood back up his hands back on her hips, pushing her skirt up and slapping her ass. Rebecca gasped and moaned, her tits pressed now against the cold metal of the hood of the car.

"I never knew you were such a bad girl." he said smacking her ass again, grabbing her by her elbows lifting her off the hood of the car, as he still fucked her. His hips smacking against ass as he fucked her, her tits bouncing as he thrust into her over and over. He pulled out of her and turned her around, lifting her petit frame, her legs wrapping around his waist, as he lowered her back onto his cock, his arms wrapped around her, as her arms wrapped around his neck, he stood, holding her as he fucked her.

"I should've fucked you a long time ago." he groaned, and then laid her on the hood of the car and kept fucking her, on her back, her tits bouncing on her chest as he fucked her. "If I knew how tight you were, what a bad girl you were..." he groaned. "God, I want to cum inside you so bad Becks." he said throwing her legs up over his shoulders, leaning into her slamming into her cunt. Rebecca couldn't believe how amazing his cock felt, how fucking him was a million times better than she'd ever imagined it.

"Tell me to cum inside you..." he groaned. Reaching up to her face, grabbing her jaw, and squeezing. "Fucking tell me, c'mon little red riding hood... tell me to cum inside you." he demanded. Rebecca moaned and just as she was about to open her mouth to speak, both of them freed, jumping up, Rebecca scrambling to stand up when the garage door opened and the light was turned on.

"What the fuck is going on?!" his voice roared as he flew towards them.

Rebecca stood and pushed her skirt down and pulled up her top, putting her tits back inside of it. Travis scrambling to pick up his pants and throw them back on.

"Daddy!" Rebecca shrieked as she put her hands to his chest as he started to go toward Travis. "Daddy it's not what it looks like!" she cried, and looked to Travis who was impressively already buttoning his pants, zipping them up.

"I... I'm so sorry!" He stammered and walked around the car to put the car between him and her father.


Travis fled from the garage and her father, face red as an apple looked at Rebecca and glared.

"Go to your room." he said.

She blinked and nodded. "...Okay" she said knowing better than to ask if she could still go to the other party.

She walked over to her cape and panties on the floor, and bent over to pick them up.

Her father still glaring at her, but his expression changing as she bent over twice, once to pick up the cape, once to pick up her panties. Both times her ass and cunt hanging out of her skirt. His eyed widened. He was angry, livid. But... he couldn't deny the fact; he'd just enjoyed the fresh young cunt that was just flashed to him, even if it was his daughter's. When she turned and walked towards the door, he looked at her knee high socks, one that had rolled down her leg.

"Cover yourself up." he said, and Rebecca returned her cape around her, holding it closed as she walked back into the house and went to her room.

She stayed in her room all night. Listening to the music and the voices of everyone from the party, worried about whether her father would tell her mother, whether she'd be grounded, whether her father would just forget the whole thing happened, wondered if he'd tell Travis's parents. She got up and decided to leave her room and go sneak a peek of the party.

It was dark in the house, with only a strobe light flickering in one corner of the house, and pumpkin light strung along each wall, and the lights in the ceiling were changed to black light bulbs. Rebecca stepped down the stairs a little, looking at the people drinking, a few dancing and, she stepped off the last stair and peeked into the kitchen, that was lit slightly more than the other rooms of the house, and saw her mother in the middle of the kitchen taking a shot with a bunch of other people and then turned around and bumped into someone.

When she saw his hairy chest, the same plaid shirt and the hands at his side, wearing the werewolf hand gloves. Rebecca felt herself panic and she looked up, staring at the werewolf mask that she knew was her father's face, and imagined his scowl beneath it. He grabbed her arm and Rebecca apologized.

"I just got bored Daddy." she whined. He pulled her by her arm back up the stairs and to her bedroom, "Daddy I said I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Daddy!" she cried, as he was forcing her back inside her room as he let go of her arm and closed the door behind him.

She stood looking at her father standing still with his hands at his side. Still in his mask, his chest glistening beneath the hair on his chest, probably sweating from the crowded room and the werewolf rubber mask on his face. Rebecca stepped backwards as he stepped forward, until the back of her legs met her bed and buckled her knees, forcing her to sit on the edge of her bed. Rebecca leaned back and crawled up onto her bed backwards, nervously moving backwards, her feet pushing against her bed as he walked closer and reached the edge of her bed.

He didn't fail to notice, she still hadn't put her panties back on as she was looking up at him fearfully, apologizing over and over. He let his eyes stare right at her perfect little pussy, until she realized her pussy was exposed.

He reached down and moved her hand slowly, Rebecca watched the claws of the glove brush her hand away and then flip her skirt back up, she froze.

"D... Daddy, what are you doing?" she asked.

There was no verbal response from him as she watched his head slightly tilt to the side as his glove slid down her leg and he stood there, still, with his hands at his sides, his eyes on her pussy. Rebecca keep her legs open, wondering what was his father going to do.

"Daddy?" Rebecca asked. "What are you going to do, Daddy?" she asked again, almost challenging him.

Again, no response. He didn't need to respond. Because she'd soon find out exactly what her Daddy was about to do.

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by clitlicker4u07/22/18

Good Start

Hope he fills her slutty teenage cunt like any good daddy would do

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Damn. Fell asleep reading this. Bbbbboooooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiinnnnnnnngggggggg.

1 star


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One star. Cause this isn’t your story.

Please don’t repost my shit without my permission. Thanks.


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It was a mean ending just when it was about to get good. I hope in the second part he continues with this rough attitude

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by Averygoodlay07/12/18

started out

good but didn't finish, down from 4 to 2 stars

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