tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLittle Red Riding Hood Delivers

Little Red Riding Hood Delivers


Once upon a time in a faraway land, usually only portrayed in outlandish pornography, lived a little girl named…you guessed it...Little Red Riding Hood. Now Little Red was about 18 years old, straight out of Sherwood Forest high school where she had lost her virginity tackling the whole football team. Now Little Red considered herself an experienced and worldly young woman, so when her father asked her to deliver a basket to her grandmother through the wolf infested forest she was gung ho and unafraid.

It was late afternoon when she set out upon her task, and Little Red was walking, humming a tune to herself when she came upon a group of robbers waiting by the road for a poor unsuspecting victim.

Little Red noticed all three were handsome men, and took it upon herself to break up the charade. "What do you think you are doing?" she asked.

The three men turned and looked at her, obviously surprised.

"Well, lookie what we have here boys," The roughest one said to his companions, "And what shall we do about our little problem?"

He gestured to his smallest partner, a blonde man who looked about her age, who proceeded to get behind her and pin her arms behind her back. The speaker then walked right up and put his lips to Little Red's. "Mmmm sweet" He muttered as he kissed her. She fought, but even to herself it looked half hearted.

"It would appear the little vixen appreciates our attention," he said to the laughter of his comrades, "Perhaps she will enjoy it more if I had some help...."

The young blonde behind her giggled to himself, a little excited with the girl he held before him. Red Riding Hood flashed the rough stranger a glare, half defiant and half daring.

"You never answered my question mister..." was all that the little girl could spit out of her mouth at the moment. Her eyes darting over to the one stranger that hung back, watching his two buddies taunting the girl, then back to the one in front of her. "Are you gonna stand there all day or tell me what's going on here?"

The rough stranger stood before her, a bit irritated at the brash, young girl's attitude at the whole situation. "Well, we didn't plan on coming across such a sweet surprise as yourself, but I'm sure that we'll figure out something to do with you..."

His hand slowly outlined her square jaw, down her neck, then down along the ample cleavage of her breast. Red Riding Hood drew a sharp breath in, watching the bandit's hand curiously, her lower lips slowly parting as she voiced a whisper, "My, my...what big hands you have there..." Her eyes locked on his hands, a lip gingerly drawn beneath her teeth.

The stranger smiled mischievously, his fingers playing at the fringy lace resting sweetly atop her breasts.

"All the better to fondle you with my dear." Straight, white teeth flashed from behind a stubbly beard as he pulled the neckline lower, slowly revealing more and more of those supple and firm young breasts. Red Riding Hood gasped under her breath, heard only by the blonde boy still holding her arms behind her back. Instinctively, her hips rocked, absentmindedly brushing her ass against the crotch of the youth behind her and the boy almost let her go in his surprise. The rough stranger chuckled, finally pulling the front of her blouse down until erect, pink nipples popped out from the tight restraints of this little tease's sexy clothing....

As she stood there, a breeze blew across her nipples, hardening them as she felt the erectness of the youth behind her. As the man behind her, in his excitement, pressed harder against her, the leader of the group motioned to the third man with a nod of his head. The third man, tall and thin with a small goatee, approached wearily as the leader stepped back to feast his eyes on the action he knew was to come.

The blonde stranger hesitatingly reached out his hand and cupped her left breast, stroking a thumb over her ready nipple. Little Red riding Hood had never felt like this, and she let out an involuntary shudder. When the man behind her let go of her right arm to rub up and down the side of her body, cupping her ass for a moment, she reached behind and gave his hardness a squeeze, bringing a grunt from him. Taking this as a cue to press on, the blonde brought his hand from her tit and brought his wet mouth to her nipple, while putting his fingers up to her mouth for her to suckle.

She threw her head back in pleasure. The man behind her raised her skirts and proceed to run his hands up and down the split in her ass cheeks, when she spread her legs to accompany him, he inserted a finger into her, making her moan. She pressed against his hand in a plea for more. Unbuttoning the trousers, she began to fully realize what the hardness pressing against her back meant, she regarded the size of him as she took him into her hand and began to stroke gently. She ran her thumb over his head, making him throb into her palm. During all of this, the leader who watched with a small grin on his face, began to unbutton his trousers............

The leader smiled, nearing Little Red Riding Hood with an intent look on his face. With a quick glance to the boy behind her, the leader stepped in front of the eager teen as she continued to jerk off the bandit behind her.

With her one free hand, she reached forward and pulled out the rock hard cock of the rough one in a swift motion, and almost as soon as it was out, was buried halfway down her throat. Soft, gagging sounds floated up to the leader's ears as she forced his cock into her mouth. The boy behind her continued to thrust his finger into her pussy, tickling at her clit with his thumb in each push.

Lil' Red tugged harder on both cocks, one with her mouth and the other with her hand. One hand soon was on the leader's balls, slick with the spit spilling out of the little whore's mouth. The piercing on her tongue ran along the length of the leader's cock as she slammed her head down on him again and again, her perky tits bouncing wildly as she lost control of herself. The man behind continues to pump yet another finger into her pussy as she greedily tried to drain his cock. The third stranger watched the trio, jerking himself off quietly in the distance. Red watched the third one out of the corner of her eye, keeping her eye on him while she sucked and jerked the other two...

While watching the third man out of the corner of her eye, it occurred to her that he should not be missing out on such fun. She took the cock out of her mouth but a moment.

"Come here" She ordered. He pointed at his chest as if to say "Me?". She nodded. He came over and she pointed to her dripping cunt and proceeded to orally pleasure her rough charge. The quiet man kneeled before her. She reached down and spread her pussy lips to allow better access to his tongue. Taking her hand away from the ready to spew cock she had been pumping, she bent over, praying that the naive youth would get the point. He did. Taking the fingers out of her soaked pussy he proceeded to insert a finger into her tight asshole. Moaning and trying to accommodate the cock in her mouth and the face in her cunt, Little Red thrust her ass towards the throbbing member awaiting behind her.

Putting his hand on the bottom of her spine, the eager youth put the head of his dick into her tight ass, teasing her with it. She let go of the cock in her mouth once again, looking over her shoulder with pleading eyes. Seeing her look and the exasperation of the leader for being let go, he proceeded to slam his hardness into her, making her cum around it.

After she had calmed down a bit, Little Red pushed herself forward, letting the cock in her ass come out, and laid down on the ground.

"I have always wanted to have a cock in each hole and I think you are just the men to help me out...

The leader smiled, winking to the other two partners as Lil' Red pulled the blonde youth down onto the ground. She straddled him, one leg on each side of his waist, taking his rock hard cock in one of her hands and parted her cunt with the tip, just sliding it home before turning around the third man.

"Okay sweetheart, don't just stand there. That one there has my asshole written all over it." She leaned forward against the blonde boy, reaching back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks as far as she could, holding it open for the third man to ram home. The third bandit eased behind her, tickling her asshole with the tip of his cock.

She turned to face him, "Spit on the fucker...don't you dare think you're shoving that thing in my ass dry..." Smiling, she turned to face the man beneath her, lowering her head to his neck and waiting for the cock to pierce that tight little ass.

She gave a loud, deep grunt as the tip pushed past the muscles in her ass, biting her lip she rocked back and forth, helping each cock bury itself further into her ass and pussy. Tears welled in her eyes as the pleasure/pain coursed through her body. She raised her body up slightly, forgetting the one cock that hadn't found a spot yet and smiled to the bandit leader. She reached forward eagerly, grabbing his thick cock in her tiny hand and began pumping away. She leaned forward and spat on the throbbing meat in her hand, her fist rising and falling quickly as she pumped away. She then sat up almost completely, taking the total length of each cock into her. A quick, short scream of pain issued forth from her lips as she did, not realizing the pain that it would bring. But she smiled, wanting even more she rocked back and forth with a quickening pace.

Red Riding Hood grabbed the base of the rough stranger's cock with both hands and opened her mouth wide, forcing every inch of it into her mouth, her throat constantly readjusting itself to let every last inch of him down her throat. She closed her eyes and relished the moment. Every one of her holes had a thick, meaty cock buried deep within them. With look up to the leader and a quick wink, Lil' Red teasingly pulled the cock that had run down the back of her throat from her mouth and smiled, a dirty little look on that pretty young face, "Fuck my mouth, and then you and all of your friends make a mess of me...shoot those hot fucking loads of cum wherever you want..."

And with that, she pounded her face against cock that was once again forcing it's way back down her throat....

Once again gushing around the cocks that filled her, Little Red awaited the streams of cum to cover her young body. She felt the hardness that filled her mouth begin to throb and knew what was coming. She removed the cock from her mouth and stood up. The three men stood up as well and proceeded to stroke their pounding cocks until each one spewed at once. Caressing herself all over, Little Red rubbed in every last drop into her tits and stomach. The men stood there holding their now limp penis' in their hands and looked at each other with watermelon grins, struggling to breath.

Little Red lie down on the ground, unable to hold herself up after such a fucking, moving her hands over her exhausted body, breathing deeply. She had her eyes closed and as she was laying there, the thieves looked at each other, and the leader nodded his head to the right. The three got dressed quietly as not to disturb Little Red Riding Hood's down time, grabbed her basket and ran into the woods. She opened her eyes at the sound in the brush and realized her basket was gone.

She got up cursing, used some leaves to wipe the nutt off her body, and got dressed. Walking home, she quivered at the thought of what had just happened, her legs were still weak. She figured she would tell her father she had delivered the basket, her grandma was so old and senile she would not remember. Little Red was almost home when she spotted Hansel and Gretel walking through the woods. Contrary to popular belief Hansel and Gretel are NOT brother and sister, but neighbors. As she came upon them, she noticed that since the last time she had seen them (in high school) both had matured considerably. She went up to say hello.

The End

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