tagTransgender & CrossdressersLittle Sex Toy Ch. 06

Little Sex Toy Ch. 06


Squatting on my heels, feet just up under the curve of my cheeks, I can feel the ruffles on my sissy sox up against my bare legs. They would tickle if I weren't so afraid and focused on doing what he demands I do in front of these men.

My knees pushed up toward him and spread wide, don't dare hold them together, don't want to get slapped, I feel his hand on the back of my head firm and tight. Swallowing as fast as I can, have been doing this for him almost every day now for months, his legs pushed up between mine, I feel the hard stream of his urine hit the back of my throat.

I never get used to it. But I know how to do it the way he wants me to. I never question, just force myself to 'drink'. It tastes terrible. I never complain. He pees full force into my mouth, down my throat.

"I told you the bitch could do it."

He looks at the four men in the room. One pays the other five dollars. He bet that I'd get my face slapped for letting it run from my mouth. They've seen him slap me before. I hear him laugh, looking at the men, looking away from me.

"I told you he'd be a good boy."

I'm wearing pink velour sissy shorts, skimpy and tight, hot pants. They come just above the base of my penis at the waist band, cut very low, the soft rear and back legs expose most of my rounded butt, cut way up high. I have a pink tube top on, big pink bow at the top between my nipples.

I don't have breasts, which all the more accentuates my sissy status. I have on pink ankle sox with lace ruffled tops stick up out of my pink 4" high heel shiny black pumps. My hair is curled the way he likes it, pink plastic bows one each side of my head.

My mouth is wrapped tightly around his soft but still huge cock. I'm very careful not to let a drop spill past my lips and onto me or onto the floor.

I steady myself as I feel his hand reach down and firmly pull me up by my arm, gently tugging his large cock out of my mouth. He's finished. A soft 'pop' sound that only I hear as his cock is pulled from my mouth rings out. I stand being careful not to wobble on my heels, can taste the bitter acrid urine in my mouth. I feel the shame and submission I exhibit for him as a matter of course. I feel him hold my arm tight as I look to the floor, my shoulder cocked up slightly uncomfortable as he holds it up tight next to my head.

I don't have to force myself to do this. I am this. I am his bitch. And he knows it deeply.

"Go fix your makeup. You look like a tramp. Your lipstick is a mess. Get dressed like I told you to do."

He slaps my butt as I reach for my little pink purse on the table and the large bag on the chair he stands next to. He puts his hand on top of my hand as I look up at him.

"Make yourself pretty, real pretty. Put lots of that glossy shit on your lips like you do, make your sissy ass pretty and fuckable. And get the taste of piss out of your mouth. Don't keep me waiting. Put on that sissy slip I told you to bring. You're gonna show a friend of mine how you dress for me at home. Show off the sissy house bitch we both know you are. Right?"

He slides my purse over to me, removes his hand, stares at me coldly.

"Yes, Daddy. You know I want to please you."

"You really are a good boy. Today you're gonna get to be a better boy."

He smiles the smile that says 'I can do anything I want with you.' He can. He is my man and deep down I love what I am to him. I love being owned by him. I hurry to the ladies room clutching my bags.

He puts his cock back into his pants, zips himself and sits. We are in his favorite gay bar. And we are in the back room. Only a select few get back here.

I can hear the music from the room next to us as I walk past the door to the ladies room in this club. More accurate the 'sissy bitches' room, hear my high heels 'clicking' as I walk quickly.

The door swings open and two more men enter the hall, one I recognize as the big man that milked me for the first time. I look to the floor and try to avoid his gaze. He scares me and he knows it. I don't like this man. My heart jumps to my throat, can still remember vividly how he held me across his lap and finger milked me onto the floor in front of my boyfriend, in front of everybody in the bar. I feel my face turn bright red.

"Hello there, sunshine."

He laughs, takes my wrist and pulls me around facing him. He turns to his friend, a large and muscular man.

"This one cums like a baby, easy to make him drip, all you gotta do is stick one finger up his ass. And you are not going to believe the mouth on this little bitch. His boyfriend lets him do tricks if you ask him real nice."

He looks back at me.

"You're a good little cocksucker, aren't you sunshine." He smiles, leers. I can smell beer on his breath.

I look at the man next to him, nod 'yes'. I feel the man holding my wrist put his other hand up to my face, takes my cheeks in his fingers, pinches and turn my face side to side. He checks my smeared lipstick. It's all over my lips and chin.

"Looks like this bitch has already been doing just that, sucking cock like a good boy."

He laughs so hard it echoes down the hall.

Out of the corner of my eye I see my boyfriend coming down the hall behind me, fast.

"Get your fucking hands off of him."

He walks up to the man tightly holding my wrist, takes me by the arm and jerks me away from him.

"I told you to fix your fucking makeup and get dressed, move bitch! Should I take my belt off?"

He slaps my butt so hard it raises me up onto my feet, pushes me forward quickly.


I feel his firm hand in my back a he pushes me toward the ladies room as I whimper, cry out loud, almost stumble.

As my heels echo quickly down the hall I hear him say to the men, 'You want a blowjob you talk to me, not that little bitch. You know that. You don't want him until he brushes is teeth anyway, just pissed in his mouth, you missed the show. I should have made him kiss you.'

I hear them laugh loudly and start back down the hall into the main room.

I know what he wants. Extreme makeup is my specialty. Since I am with him, I makeup every day. Way too much eye liner, pointy and Cleopatra-like at the ends of my eyes, dark shadow, huge lashes and liner, lip gloss slippery and shiny to the extreme with deep dark lip liner, these are the things he likes.

I also am lubricated at all times, K-Y on my little hole. All times. If he touches my butt, feels anything other than instant slippery access it's a serious whipping for me.

Another 'girl' came into the room as I was starting to do my lipstick, staring into the mirror. I saw her in the shadows when we arrived at the bar. I saw her with her man and two others. I'd seen her there before, remember seeing her go down on her man in a booth. I loved watching that. She's pretty and he's not bad looking either. Remember thinking I could it better for him than she did, laughed to myself.

Seeing me at the mirror she hurried to the toilet, lifted her dress and lowered her panties. She left the stall door open, watched me as she sat on the toilet. She sat and started to pee. I can see she is wearing a cock harness, pushing it down into the toilet to allow her penis to drip out the end of it as she pees. She is locked up tight by her boyfriend, no doubt he holds the key. Our eyes met in the mirror. I said nothing.

"I saw what you did out there. You know he really treats you mean. I don't know why you stay with him. I've seen how he slaps you. I could never stay with a man like that."

She starts to clean herself, dabs around the cock harness with toilet paper and stands to raise her panties and lower her dress.

I don't answer, just continue to do my makeup.

"Look, I'm not trying to be nosey but...", I cut her off in mid sentence, quickly glance at her in the mirror.

"I'm right where I want to be. I wouldn't trade that man for any other. I've never been so turned on in my life, have fantasized having a man treat me like he does for years. And you can rest assured I do this because I want to, not because he wants to. Is it your business anyway? And look at you with that lock on your dick. Who are you to judge me?"

At that point we both laughed out loud. I glanced back at myself in the mirror. We both went about doing our makeup.

"Is he a good fuck?" She looks at herself in the mirror, applies mascara to her lashes as she talks to me.

"The best! And goes forever, you've seen his dick. You've seen me suck him out there before. I even winked at you a couple of weeks ago when I sucked him and you were watching with your man. He's beautiful. Fucking beautiful. And when he's naked and on top of me...honey, I get everything I need and much more. I would never go against that man."

She looked at me, raised her skirt and pulled her panties aside, showed me her cock harness.

"Mine makes me wear this. Never beats me, very nice to me, but he keeps the key away from me. I don't cum unless he says so."

She dropped her dress, went back to her makeup.

"And he buys me things. The only thing I don't like about him is he has a little dick." She laughed. "Little."

"He fucks good but he's not that big. I just go with it. He treats me nice and I never have to think about him fucking around with other sluts like me. But I wish I could masturbate more often. That's his thing, making me ask his permission to do it."

"I'd do that if he wanted me to, you know, wear a harness. But he loves to see me hard. I tease him by playing with myself, put on shows for him. Walk around his house in just heels with an erection, just for him to look at. He loves that, masturbates while he watches me. Really very erotic. He likes my little sissy dick soft and in my panties when I'm here with him. Says my little hard on is just for him. He even touches it sometimes. Says it makes me more his sissy bitch, seeing how little and boy-like it is."

I smiled at her.

"And that's what it's all about for me, being his to do with as he pleases, here or at home. I have come to realize I am a sissy and very fortunate to have met a man that rewards that. Even the spankings."

"To each their own, honey." She smiled back at me.

I hurried to finish, checked my makeup in the mirror. I started to strip completely, take things out of the bag. She watched me intently. I hurried to change clothing, dress for my man as he told me to do. I stood naked in front of her and then put on my 'house dress' as he calls it.

I wiggled into my slip. I tied a pink ribbon around my balls and up over my penis, big bow up in the front. I hurried to put my things, shoes, sissy sox back into the bag.

"I have to run, get my butt slapped real good if I keep my man waiting."

I patted her on the rear end and winked at her in the mirror.

"How do I look"?

I looked back at myself in the mirror.

"Do I have to tell you I'm jealous, that I'd kill to have your teenage girl look?"

She looked me up and down and then looked back into the mirror. I hurried out the door.

I can feel all their eyes on me as I walk back into the room. Feel them stare, check me out, as I swish past them and back to my man. I feel my little penis stir as I see the men around me. Real men, gay men that to the outside world are in no way fem like me. They watch, see my butt move, watch me walk to my boyfriend. They see it all. And I know most of them want me. I like that. Like that a lot.

When I got back into the room he was seated at the table with another man I'd never seen there before, a very handsome and somewhat dangerous looking man! I went to my boyfriend, put my arm around his neck, rested my hand on his shoulder. I felt his hand go up and around my waist and to my rear end. I bent slightly to put my bags on the floor next to his chair. I looked at the handsome man, our eyes met. I felt my little thing stir. He looked at me and got my total attention.

"Tell me this isn't what you're looking for."

My boyfriend spoke to the man, looking up at me. His hand goes to my lower rear. His huge hand cradles the exposed bottoms of my rounded naked cheeks. I'm wearing what I wear in his house. He's showing off 'his little house bitch', as he refers to me. I feel like a piece of candy. I like that a lot too.

I'm wearing a white short lacy slip, nothing underneath. Sheer lace shoulder straps with lace v-cut cleavage in the front, the lace around the bottom barely covers my cheeks in the back. The slip is form fitting, tight but not too tight. It moves on me as I move, sexy, clingy and fem. You can see the bottom my butt if I bend even slightly forward. My little thing pushed up and out from the ribbon tied up tight around my baby smooth balls, pink bow on top of the base of my soft penis shows through the sheer and delicate slip. I could feel the slip glide across the hole of my penis as I walked to him. I'm afraid I'll make a wet spot, something he's punished me for before. I arch my back ever so slightly to keep the slip from rubbing my penis, rear pushed out slightly too. He likes that bubble-butt look, has taught me to walk like I do with a leash in one hand and a riding crop in the other.

My hair in slight curls down around my ears, tiny girly pink bows on each side of my head accent my pink blush and shiny pink lip gloss painted on in a pouty accented fashion. My false eyelashes accent the dark mascara I wear.

I'm barefoot to expose my pink toenails. I can feel the cold tile floor under my feet. The men in the bar have all turned their attention to me. They've never seen one dressed like me, never seen one look so little girl-like, so passably teen model-like.

"Show my friend that little sissy dick of yours. Make it hard for him."

I felt him pinch my butt hard, feel his fingers cradle the crack of my rear.

The handsome man just stared. I hesitated slightly. I looked at the stranger, then at my boyfriend. I felt his hand come off my butt than come down hard against it.

"You need to be told again!?!"

I did what he told me to do. I was shocked.

I've been told many times my little erection is just for him to see.

I raised the bottom of my slip with one hand, felt the lace drift up across my penis, let my little thing out from underneath for all to see. I glanced around the bar as I started to pump myself, playing with my penis. I made it hard for him. I saw the girl I talked with in the ladies room walk by and wink at me as she hurried back to her man at the booth in the shadows. They watched too.

Several had noticed and were paying attention, watching me. I saw two men at the bar talking, laughing and one pointing in my direction, the one that won five dollars he bet on me not getting slapped. I was beyond caring about anything like that. I'd done much worse in this room.

My small erection sticking straight up over my baby smooth legs, the man with my boyfriend leaned forward and ran his hand up over my butt. I felt him start to feel me up.

"Nice. You were right."

I felt his fingers drift up the crack of my rear.

"Like a baby, no?" My boyfriend leaned back in his chair.

I felt the man take hold of my butt with his very big hand, guided me to his lap. He just grabbed me by my left cheek, thought he'd pull my cheeks apart and split me in two. I felt his fingers dig in between my rear end and up against my little hole.

Before I knew it I was sitting on his lap. Looking at my boyfriend across from me, I felt fear, thought he'd be angry. He said nothing, drank from his beer, smiling at me, my little erection bouncing from being thrown onto this man's lap.

'You be a sissy boy, precious.', my boyfriend said that so softly but I heard it clearly.

I felt the man's other hand cradle my penis, brushing my hands away from it, felt the hand on my rear hold me in place. I was so turned on I almost came in his hand. Didn't dare. He was stroking me! Stroking in such and erotic way I could have cum. His touch! I loved it instantly. Had never been with any man other than my boyfriend like this, this man had my undivided attention.

I fought the feeling off, felt his finger probe my slippery butt, felt it enter my hole. He was finger fucking me! His middle finger deep in my rear end, his hand in a fist spreading my butt wide apart, his finger moving easily in and out of me. I melted for him, started to breath so hard, felt my arm go up and around his neck. I closed my eyes. I was lost to him.

"I like. I want. I want him for the rest of the month. You won't recognize him when I'm through with him."

Iwas in shock hearing those words. It brought me back to reality. Looked to my boyfriend, panic on my face. I was being given away.

Felt his finger go all the way up inside of me deeply, felt myself wiggle and squirm on his lap as he moved around in my little hole, felt myself close tight around his finger. I felt my cheeks clench his fist so hard it hurt. I wanted to pull away from him.

"He's yours. Tell me when to pick his little ass up. It's up to you. Precious will be a very good girl, won't you baby. You'll make me proud. You do everything you've been taught to do. You're about to learn a whole lot more."

"Please, I don't even have clothes, please..." My mind started to race.

"You won't need clothes, baby. Trust me."

The man felt my penis go soft in his hand. I was afraid. Felt like running. He said nothing, just kept pumping my soft little dick.

Then he kissed me. I felt him push his tongue into my mouth. Kissed so hot I felt my penis start get hard again in his hand.

I kept my eyes open when he kissed me, staring at my boyfriend. I saw him smiling back at me. I was being given away, that thought shocked me. I thought he'd never allow another man to use me like he uses me.

He just watched as I was kissed, fingered, stroked, eyes wide open afraid to let myself go. I kept thinking that any minute he'd get mad, pull me off of this strangers lap. Slap me to the floor if he thought I was enjoying it. He didn't, just watched, stared at me.

And then the handsome and dangerous looking man took me away.

I felt his hand move off of my penis, felt his finger come out of my butt. He guided me to my feet in front of him, felt his large hands pull me off of his lap. He stood and took my arm. Said nothing, started leading me to the door. I was numb, in a state of shock, felt his fingers and thumb dig into my arm as he dragged me. Felt like I was being sold, kidnapped, taken. Barefoot, naked, only in a slip, I was being led from the bar.

My boyfriend said nothing. Just watched as I was marched roughly to the door, I saw him turn and look away. I felt tears come to my eyes.

Next I knew I was in the parking lot being led to his car. Barefoot! Barefoot and naked except for a flimsy little slip!! I struggled to keep up with the powerful man gripping my arm, pulling me along behind him, could see traffic moving on the street, see men in the parking lot. I was dizzy, in a daze. Then I felt him pushing me into the front seat of his car so fast it shook me, came crashing down onto the seat. I was thrown into the car. It was like a dream, a movie.

"We start the next phase of your sissy training, my little doll. You just be the best little girl you can be and we'll get along beautifully. You can start by sucking my cock while I drive."

I heard him say this as I watched the bar fade away, felt helpless and taken as he drove off. He was a huge man. I couldn't have stopped him even if I tried. I leaned over the top of him and did as he told me to do. I took his cock out of his pants as he drove I put it in my mouth.

I had tears in my eyes the whole time I sucked him. I was very afraid.

When we got to his house he took his time and concentrated, came in my mouth while we sat in his garage with the door down. I'd sucked him all the way from the bar, at least a half hour drive. I tried to make him cum twice. He controlled it, would not let me make that happen. Until we got to his house and into his garage, he came huge, almost choked me.

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