tagGay MaleLittle Sex Toy Ch. 07

Little Sex Toy Ch. 07


The cum all over my face mixes with the tear smeared eye makeup. It's running down my cheeks. It's in my hair, on my neck, I'm covered with cum.

The first man that came in my face came huge. He choked me too, deep throat fucked me and made me cry. I've been crying and tearing up ever since. That was three hours ago. He had very large spurts that soaked me, I was crying hard when he came right into my face.

The second man held my hair tight when he came in my face, so tight I screamed loudly, cried even harder. The men in the room ignored that, some laughed about it. I cry softly as my mouth is fucked for the probably the fifteenth time, repeatedly over and over. My moaning, whimpering and crying are muffled by the huge cock in my mouth. And the young man holding my head so as to keep his cock in deep in my throat stifle the choking sounds I make that fill the room. The man behind me is in deep too, as they all are when fucking me to cum. He was the third man to use my rear end and then cum all over my back and rear end. That was three hours ago. Cum drips down my legs, my sides, I'm soaked with it. My nylons are covered with their cum and soaking wet. One of my pretty stockings is down around my ankle and has large runs in it.

My pink dress and the ruffled lace panties I wore earlier are crumpled on the chair in the corner of the room. They watched as I stripped them off for them and then got onto the bed on my hands and knees as I was told to do. I still wear my pink heels. Other than the heels and stockings I am naked across the bed sideways, face forward, butt up and out at the edge of the mattress. The bed springs squeak loudly as I'm fucked hard, slammed into the man in front of me, which pushes his cock farther down my throat as I'm pumped rapidly from behind.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh..."

I utter deep guttural choking whimpers as I'm fucked hard from both ends. Finally, the man in my rear end cums. He's been fucking me for a long time. He slaps my rear so hard I cry out, only to choke as the man in front of me holds my head in place by my hair and pumps my mouth. I feel another young man step behind me and push into me. This goes on for what seems like forever. One after the other the twelve to fifteen men in the room, I've lost count, use me. They take turns using my mouth and rear end. I'm being gang banged. I'm being used as my boyfriend promised them they could use me. There is much laughter and noise in the room. I hear myself called 'whore', 'bitch', 'sissy' repeatedly as they use me for their pleasure and amusement. I have been used like this before but never by this many men. My boyfriend has had me do things for several men at his club. But not like this.

The man in front of me cums in my mouth. I start to choke as he holds the sides of my face. Cum runs out of the sides of my mouth, out around his large erection. I feel my eyes fill with tears again. He slaps my face hard.

"Swallow it, bitch!"

Two men waiting their turn laugh loud.

"He's almost like a fucking girl. Almost. Sissy whore."

The man in front of me pulls his cock from my mouth. He looks down at me. He traces my lips, my lipstick smeared all over my face and chin, with his index finger.


He says that as another man steps up to the front of me. And as quickly as the other man pulled out of my mouth he pushes his cock in. He starts to fuck.

After four and a half hours it's over. I'm a scene out of a bukkake movie. Thick strands of cum cover my face, back and rear end.

I'm a mess. All but two of them have left, laughing and joking loudly as they did. Many of them took cell phone pictures of me. I'm in just my shoes and stockings and still on my hands and knees on the bed. I'm covered in cum. It's all over my back, face, hair, legs, all over my butt.

"You can get up now, bitch. We're through with you. Get your ass cleaned up. Move you dirty fucking whore!"

He goes back to talking with the man across from him on the couch. They've been sitting and talking about me, about how much more fun it was than they thought it would be, sipping drinks, joking as men do. They talk about a 'next time'. I cry softly. I feel utterly helpless, utterly submissive and used. It's a state of mind that I hate when it's actually happening but crave and masturbate thinking about almost constantly when I'm not in it. It's like being whipped severely. I know that feeling too.

I hurry to my feet. I see the cum soaked mess that is the bed. I gather my things, my purse, and scamper to the bathroom off the side of the room, my heels clicking on the wood floor as I go. I look at myself in the mirror. A used and frightened little 'girl' looks back at me.

When I return to them twenty minutes later, come out of the bathroom after washing my face and rear end, my makeup and hair are perfect. I still have cum in my hair, have not washed it, but have wiped it out as best I could. My pink bow survived it all.

I'm in the pink dress I arrived in, cute little sissy candy jumper dress. I look almost like I did when I arrived except for large red marks on my rear end. Those are covered by my panties and dress. I feel my butt ache and throb, sting from being repeatedly spanked while being fucked. I could go to a bar or restaurant and look every bit normal, as if nothing that just happened had happened.

"You clean up nicely. Very nice, bitch. You can't even tell that we gang fucked you. We should call everyone back and do it again."

One of the men, the one that drove me to this house, smiles at me as he laughs loud.

"You're as pretty as you were when we paid for you. And you are pretty for a sissy boy."

They both laugh. I feel my face flush red.

"I think before I take you back to your pimp I want one more blow job."

He drops the sweat pants he's wearing to his knees, still sitting in the chair, his cock flops to his leg. He's semi erect. He's already fucked my mouth once and my rear end twice. Over the past four hours they all have.

"Yes, sir."

I walk to him, kneel in front of his chair, my purse still on my shoulder. I take him into my mouth. My lipstick begins to smear again as I suck him. He doesn't treat me roughly like he did the first time. He lets me suck him gently, just sits and watches as I masturbate him with my mouth. Ten minutes later I feel his hand go to the back of my head. I can feel him throb. He cums in my mouth, cums silently, doesn't make a sound. His friend just sits and watches as I swallow it all.

"Good sissy boy."

He pushes my head away. I move to the bathroom quickly, fix my lipstick for the second time.

"You want the bitch to suck you before I drive her home? Want to fuck that ass one more time?"

I hear him talk to his friend.

"I'm good. I'm going to pass out, one more beer and I'm gone. I've cum like three times. I'm wasted. I'm going to hit the rack. This was one of the coolest things we've ever done in this house. If my girlfriend found out she'd kill me. I can't believe you talked us all into this."

He laughed.

"I have to drive this bitch home. I'm the responsible one. Remember?"

The man who's cum I can still taste in my mouth laughs.

I return to them, purse in my hand. I say nothing. I stand passively, look to the floor. Just over five hours ago I was standing in front of both of these men, my boyfriend seated on a chair across from them on the couch in my house.


"He's just like a girl. Fuck, he's pretty, super pretty. Just like you said. Are you sure he isn't a she?"

A man leans forward on the couch, looks at me in amazement.

"Princess, you'll do whatever I tell you to do, won't you, girl."

My boyfriend looks at me sternly. I feel a twinge of fear, feel anxious to not say the wrong thing.

"Yes, you know I will, Daddy. You know I'll do anything for you. Do you want me to things for these men? You know I will."

He stares at me. He knows I will. I've fucked many men he's sent me to. I've fucked many men right in front of him.

"If I wanted you to, you'd lick my ass right now. I can piss in your face if I want too. Can't I? If I want to I can whip and beat you, make you cry. Can't I Princess."

"Yes, yes..." My voice starts to quiver.

"Don't you cry, bitch. Smear that makeup and I'll be very disappointed. I want you pretty for my new friends."

He looks to the man across from him, the man smiling up at me then back to me. My boyfriend speaks to them while looking sternly at me.

"He is the perfect whore. He's sexier than a real girl, way tighter too. And he'll do anything. He's been well trained to be a good girl. You get a blow job from this one and you won't go back to your college girlfriends. And he's just about passable. Tell me that is not a fucking girl, a pretty girl."

I'm wearing pink open toe pumps with 3" spike heels. My pink toenails show through the front of my shoes, through my white nylon stockings. My hose are thigh high with little pink bows at the front and back at the lace tops of each stocking. My sheer see-through panties are pink with small delicate micro-ruffles across the rear. The dress I wear has a flair skirt that just barely covers the tops of my stockings, a very slight petticoat slip on the inside of the skirt pushes it out, shows off my legs, an 'A' shaped flair. The dress has a jumper front that pushes up under my non-existent breasts, flair sleeves puffy at the wrists make me a perfect little girl. I look like a teenager. My blond hair is pulled off to the side, a big curl up just under my right ear, big pink bow on the side just above my left ear. My makeup is perfect, pointy dark Cleopatra eyes with huge lashes make for a very alluring and sexy look. Pink gloss lipstick and liner complete me. I am the perfect piece of sissy 'girl' candy. The men seeing me for the first time like what they see. I can tell.

"Show them your pretty panties, Princess. Show them that little ass."

I hurry to lift my skirt. I writhe, feminine, sexy, dainty, I do as my boyfriend asks me to do. I feel my face flush slightly as I expose myself to them. Turning, I mince on my heels as I present my rear end to the men in the room.

"You can't even see that little boy like dick of his. He's a girl, like I told you. You're going to be more than happy and so are your frat brothers. This bitch is a very good girl, knows how to please. She knows better than to disappoint me. You're going to have a very good time with her."

He stands. He walks to me and pulls my panties down just below my cheeks. He slaps my butt hard.

"Is this not the perfect ass?"

He returns to the couch, sits. My butt exposed, I arch my back to show myself off, panties down just below my cheeks.

He snaps his fingers, points to the room I came from. I hurry to leave, panties still dangling. I can hear them talk as I leave.

"You cannot hurt him, cannot damage him. You can spank him, paddle, belt maybe, whatever. But you cannot damage him. He'll do anything you tell him to so. Suck, fuck, French your ass, anything. Just have him back to me in one piece by 2am. If you keep him longer it's $500 for each hour or fraction of. Clear?"

"We are clear."

I hear them come toward me. My boyfriend laughs loud as he enters the room.

"His panties still down, see? I told you. This bitch does nothing without me telling him to. Princess, pull up your panties. You're going with these boys. You're going to a party. You be a good girl. You be a very fucking good girl."

He ran his hand over my butt as I lowered my skirt.

"You know I will, Daddy."

They took me to their car, led me by my arm as I wobbled on my heels trying to keep up with them.

I rode in the back seat all the way to their fraternity house. They said nothing to me, didn't even look at me. When we arrived and they took me into the huge house I saw the only ones at the party were a bunch of men and me. I heard the catcalls and laughter as soon as I was taken into the house. I knew I was going to be the party. I counted twelve men and could hear others in other rooms.

I was led upstairs to a large bedroom as soon we arrived. I was told to take off my dress and panties and to get onto the bed. Five men in the room, watching. That is how it started.

At first they took turns coming and going from the room, one at a time. But as they drank more two or three at a time would have me. I lost count after being fucked fifteen times, more. The drunker they got the more open they were about fucking me, using my mouth and rear. One man spanked me hard, made me cry, told me that if I got off the bed he'd slap my face. I stayed on the bed. He left marks on me. I didn't know if my boyfriend would mind or not. I said nothing, just cried as he held me by my balls and spanked me as I screamed in front the others. I was fucked non-stop for over four hours.


We walked out of the fraternity house to his car, several boys leering at me as I walked past them and to the door. One of them came up to me and ran his hand over my rear end. Smiled as I left the house.

"You know, I'm not that bad a guy. I'm actually a nice guy. You probably don't think that after tonight."

He talks to me as he drives me home. We are in his car driving out of his driveway. I say nothing. I sit and look out the window.

"Do you hate what we did to you?"

"No. I like what you did to me. If I didn't I would not have done it."

I look at him. He's a scared college boy. He's all alone right now, not with his fraternity brother 'support group'.

"I do what I do for my man because I love being his and doing what he tells me to do. I love being owned and used by him. And I love being a whore. Everything you and your friends did to me tonight, I enjoyed. Does that make it less fun for you?"

He looked slightly embarrassed. I put my hand on his leg.

"I even liked the part where I got spanked and cried. It really hurt. It still does."

I moved over and kissed his cheek, ran my hand up his inner thigh.

"Want me to suck your dick again, baby? I'll do it while you drive? I will."

I put my hand on his cock. He was hard.

"Not now. When we get to your house, maybe."

I could tell he was slightly afraid of me. He's away from the group now, not part of the gang. The peer group is gone. So was his bravado.

"I like you. I think you're cute. When I went down on you back there in front of your friend I loved it. You made me wet. And I liked the way you fucked me. Don't think I didn't feel that, honey. You didn't get lost with others. I remember you and that cock and how you worked it deep inside of me. I think you're cute and I think you have a very nice cock. I want you."

I moved away from him, took my hand off his leg after running my hand up over the bulge in his pants. I looked back out the window.

"I want to do things for you again. I hope you want that too. With or without your frat boy friends, I want you to fuck me. Just you."

He laughed.

"They want you again. Count on it. We've never done anything like that before. What would you call it? A transgender gang bang?"

I laughed loud.

"I'm hardly transgender, honey. Gang bang, yes. I live for this dirty lifestyle, baby doll. You have no idea. 'Sissy girl' is what I am, what I do. Way beyond whore."

We drove the rest of the way in silence. When we got to my house I turned on the seat and faced him.

"I like you. I want you to come inside? My boyfriend won't be in touch with me until tomorrow."

I leaned into him and put my hand on his cock.

"Your boyfriend won't get mad? Charge me another $500?"

I kissed his cheek.

"I'm very wet right now, my little thing is staining my panties. I want you between my legs and on top of me, want my legs up around your back. I want to be naked underneath you, baby doll. And don't freak out, I want to kiss you with you on top of me, want you to French kiss me deep. I want this to be the perfect end to a perfectly kinky evening. Come on. Take me inside. Do that for me. It's the least a big strong man like you can do for little girl like me."

He turned off his car, got out and came around and opened my door for me. We went into my house. In minutes he was in my bed. He actually made love to me, kissed me, felt me up all over and fucked me like I was a real girl. He was wonderful.

When he left I kissed him goodbye at the door, told him I would not tell anyone he was gay. That made him laugh.

After he left, me still dripping his cum, one more time, his cum running down my leg, I called my boyfriend.

"I made you very proud tonight, Daddy. My first gang bang at a frat house, super hot! And I know I pleased them all very much. And I made sure that the boy that set it up will do it again if you want that. He thinks he's special. He just left my house. I took very good care of him for you, Daddy. I fucked him extra special. He may even be in love with me. We'll see."

He laughed hard on the other end of the phone. I knew I pleased him. It's what he expects from me. And it's what I live for.

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