tagIncest/TabooLittle Sis Awakening

Little Sis Awakening


My little sister and I never got along well, while I was the quiet one; she was always after me for something or another. She could never leave well enough alone. I love her as a sister, but would fantasize about us being more than just brother and sister.

She is a beautiful girl and very shapely. Our Italian heritage served her quite well in the looks department. Although she has always thought she was not very well endowed, I've always thought of her breasts as quite nice. I am four years her senior, me at twenty-three and her nineteen years, so I don't think she remembers when we were little and used to play, her with Barbie dolls and me with G. I Joes. We would have them kissing each other, and then we would act it out, kissing each other for real. Sloppy, wet little kid kisses.

As the years gathered, we grew apart. I've always had a love and desire for her, but she became bitter. Always wanting conflict and confrontation. I was never sure how to handle the situation, how to make her calm down and just live life. We spent year's hardly communicating at all during family functions and other get-togethers. We had mutual friends, so we saw a lot of each other, but she would shun me and always act like she had the one up on me.

Then one June day, at a Bar-B-Que I held at my house all things came to pass. I was at the grill laughing with friends and having a good time, beer in hand, when I heard her make a remark; a not so very nice remark, about me. I turned and glared at her, but she just looked at me and carried on like nothing had happened. Typical, I thought to myself, but this time I wasn't going to let it carry on.

I laid my tongs down and walked over to where she was gathered with some of our friends and, taking her gently by the shoulder, asked if we could be excused for a moment. I led her over to the other side of the yard and said, "Angela I know we haven't been the closest of siblings, but could you please refrain from denigrating me in front of my friends?"

She came back with, "Marcos, you deserve every word that comes from my mouth."

It was then that I couldn't take it anymore. My lust for her was at its peak as I looked down at her body. I am a good half a foot taller than her. Then our eyes met as we both anticipated the next comment. That was when I broke.

"You know," I said, " we've never gotten along well, and I don't quite understand why, but I would be willing to bet that if we had an incestuous affair, all that would change. I have the Italian Stallion you've probably never experienced and we could start anew"


Silence like I'd never heard it before.

She just stared up at me like she was in total awe. Her luscious lips were parted, and then she gasped and declared she had to go. She gathered her things and left the party with no explanation.

It was the following weekend as I was home relaxing when I heard a slight tapping at the door, almost as if who ever was there didn't want to be heard. I peaked through the curtain and saw it was my sweet sister Angela paying a visit. I went to the door and opened it.

"Hey, little Sis."

"Can I come in?" she asked shyly.

"Of course." Was my reply.

I opened the screen door for her and she moved in cautiously, timidly, showing an anxiety I wasn't used to from her.

She looked up at me for what seemed like an eternity, her eyes all a glow and those luscious lips wet with anticipation. Instead of looking down on me, she was looking up to me, and I knew she wanted the shaft that was growing within the confines of my jeans.

I asked her if she'd like a drink and she agreed, so I made us each a gin and tonic. All the while she was looking at me, looking at me in a different light. Her eyes were glowing and she was obviously physically aroused. More than once her hands went to her breasts or wandered to the heaven that awaits us at the junction of all women's legs. It was as if she were in a trance.

I handed her the drink and she commented; "I feel a little awkward right now."

She took a sip, her eyes never leaving mine.

I gazed into her eyes and told her it was an awkward moment for me, too.

I took her glass from her hand and set it on the table beside us. We gazed lovingly into each other's eyes, then I raised my right hand to her cheek and lowered my lips to hers and we had our first passionate kiss since our early years. We kissed and kissed some more. From short pecks to long lasting tongue sucking, there was no limit. We were totally lost in lust. We kissed and French kissed and kissed and licked and sucked each other's neck and ears as we thrived in ecstasy.

I unlocked my lips from hers and went to her cheek, her ear lobe, then her neck.

"Oh, Marcos." She uttered as my lips and tongue tasted her soft, delicate flesh.

I couldn't get enough of her and the smell of her woman hood. My cock was harder than it had ever been and feeling like it would explode at any moment. She was moaning and sighing and when I moved my right hand to her left breast she gasped as if she had never felt that sensation.

I released her for a brief moment, we looked at each other longingly, and then we were in each other's arms in another passionate lip lock, our hands probing each other's bodies. I brought my hands up to cup her breasts again, and then decided it would be better to feel the actual flesh than her breasts through her blouse. I pulled away from her just long enough to pull her blouse over her head and toss it to the floor. She then grabbed me and brought our lips back together. We were breathing as if we had just run a marathon as I reached behind her and undid the clasps of her bra. I pulled her bra off and dove for her upper chest and then to the lovely mounds I had just exposed. My lips and tongue explored the velvety flesh, soft and white and delicious. My left hand cupped and caressed her right breast and nipple as my mouth explored her left. I found her nipple and sucked on it as she moaned and her hand went down to touch her sweet pussy through her jeans.

I brought my lips back up to her face as she reached over and grabbed my raging hard on through the shorts I was wearing. She gave a throaty moan as if in full agreement, then grabbed and pulled my shirt off and yanked my shorts down to my ankles.

Almost out of breath she gasped, "You are one hot dude, big brother." And dropped to her knees.

At first she just looked at my manhood, smiling. Then she began touching it with her right hand as her left hand cupped my scrotum and fondled the base of my penis just below the scrotum. Now I was moaning and waiting patiently for her hot lips to engulf me. She leaned forward and began licking and kissing my hard shaft, then she paused briefly and to my delight, wrapped her lips around the head. Slowly she inserted more and more of my man hood into her mouth. She then began sucking, first slowly, then furiously, as if she couldn't get enough.

I had both hands at the back of her head and was gyrating my hips in pure ecstasy as she sucked me with total passion. She had reached down and undid her jeans and was moving her hand down there, rubbing her sweet pussy and clitoris, and moaning and jerking her body. I then warned her I was about to orgasm and she began sucking furiously, letting me know it was okay, that she wanted to swallow my love juices. I almost pulled her hair out as I fucked her face and let go with a stream of semen down her throat. She was swallowing frantically and kept sucking until most of the flow of my orgasm was gone.

She then pulled her lips off my cock and smiled up at me. Then she rubbed my cock and tongued the beads of semen as they appeared until I was pumped totally dry.

I had just died and gone to heaven and I wanted her to experience the same.

"You taste so good, Marcos. I am so horny for you."

She stood up and wrapped herself around me as we kissed again. My stiffness pressed hard against her belly.

While we were kissing I reached down and began pulling down her pants. I pushed them down and my hands found the perfect roundness of her butt cheeks. I caressed them, first through her panties, then moving underneath her panties to feel the soft meaty flesh of her ass cheeks. I yanked her panties down and squeezed and caressed those cheeks again as we were joined in an unbreakable lip lock. I felt as if she were going to tear the flesh off my back as she squeezed and grabbed and caressed passionately.

I pulled away and gave her a knowing smile as I led her to my bed. She couldn't keep her eyes off my stallion and me as we entered my bedroom and she sat down on my bed.

"Make yourself comfortable, my love." I told her and she positioned her body fully on the bed. All the while looking either in my eyes or at my hard on. I crawled onto the bed with her and kissed those lovely wet lips again. The fingers of my right hand moved down her soft skin to find her pussy lips and I began rubbing and caressing her. She moaned and moved her hips in pleasure as I removed my lips from hers and began moving down her body, licking and kissing her soft flesh. I lingered first at her left breast and then at her right, licking and kissing that wonderful soft flesh, and then sucking on her lovely nipples as she moaned in pleasure.

I put first one finger, then two into the sweet folds of her very wet pussy and she gasped and moved her hips in anticipation. My lips moved down her body, exploring every inch of her delicate flesh. My fingers moved inside her as my thumb found her clitoris and my mouth found her belly button. She began jerking repeatedly and moaning loudly, then spasmed and cried out in pleasure as her woman hood soaked my hand with her juices.

"I want you inside me, Marcos." She panted, "I need you inside me. Make love to me."

"Not yet, baby doll." I replied.

My hands had been caressing the sweet soft flesh of her thighs and my lips wanted a taste. Without hesitation I moved down and began licking and kissing first her right thigh, then the left one. I would lick each one until I reached her pussy hair, then move on. She moaned and grabbed at her own breasts, massaging them in pure ecstasy.

Ah, that pussy hair. I brought my face to her loving lips and drew in a deep breath. I could smell her sex and my cock became like a rock. I moved in and began licking her sweet lips. She moaned. I stuck my tongue in her sweet pussy. She moaned again. I brought my tongue to her clitoris and began frantically licking and sucking, wanting nothing but to please her. I inserted two fingers in her wet aroused pussy and she began gyrating her hips and making sounds of pure pleasure and excitement. She screamed "AH, AH!!!" and exploded into my mouth.

Her hands were at the back of my head, pushing me into her pussy as I readily drank her sweet juices. My cock was rubbing the sheets all through this as I orgasmed once again, spewing my semen onto the linens and drowning in the ecstasy of the moment. We were both so completely out of control and enjoying the moment. I drank her love juices just as moments ago she had drank of mine. We were both panting and breathing hard as I kissed my way back up her body. I made a brief stop at her breasts when I felt her hand grab my stiff cock and pull it toward those sweet pussy lips.

"Cum in me, Marcos. I want your baby, baby. Fuck me hard! NOW!!!"

The tip of my penis met her lower lips and I pushed inside those moist folds easily. She moved her hips and brought her legs up to wrap around my ass as she moaned, her hands first on my back, then moving down to spread my butt cheeks apart. We moved and thrashed together like young lovers doing it for the first time. My cock exploring the wetness of her vagina, our lips meeting each other's, then each other's cheeks and necks as we made passionate love.

We moved in each other for several minutes, then.

All she had to do was say it.

"OH, MY GOD!!!"

I began thrusting into her as she screamed in orgasm and danmed near split my ass cheeks apart with her soft, velvety fingers as she orgasmed again, growing more moist by the millisecond. My thrusts made wet noises as I swelled and spilled a load of semen deep inside my sweet little sister. We both made guttural sounds of pleasure as I collapsed on top of her and she lay, first stiff, then limp beneath me.

After a few moments I raised my head and we were once again in a lip lock. Exploring each other's mouths with our tongues. My cock stiffened again and she flinched, making cooing noises. Then she took over and rolled me on my back as I slipped out of her, but remained rock hard. She kissed me while caressing my hard on with her left hand, then brought her left leg over to straddle me. She grabbed my hard cock and guided it to those sweet pussy lips once again. I easily sank inside her wet hole as she sat on me and I thrust myself up into her.

We were both on our way to our fourth orgasm and loving every moment of it. She would bring her lips to mine, and then move so I could suck on those sweet, soft breasts as she rode my stallion with no inhibition. After a few moments I reached down and began massaging her clitoris and she gasped and her breathing became erratic. She began moving her sweet fanny on my cock more furiously and screamed as she reached yet another orgasm. I gasped and rolled her over so I was on top of her and began pumping my genitals into hers like there was no tomorrow.

She wrapped her legs around my ass, grabbed my butt cheeks with both hands and we both erupted in yet another orgasm; screaming and moaning and panting in pure ecstasy as our genital juices mingled as one. I couldn't stop moving as I continued to slide my erection in and out of her sweet pussy lips. I thought I would never go soft again.

I kissed first her neck, and then her cheeks, then a warm passionate kiss on her lips. When our kiss broke we each made a big sigh and she said, "I love you, Marcos. I really love you. I believe I may be 'in love' with you. That is why I always had to belittle you, because I felt ashamed to express my true feelings."

As I lay there on top of her gazing into her beautiful eyes, she uttered: "Please say something, my wonderful brother."

I snapped out of my trance and told her I loved her and wanted us to be together always. I moved from on top of her to lie side by side with her and we fell asleep in each other's arms, caressing each other's ass cheeks, a loving smile on both our faces.

Over the course of the weekend we made love in every position imaginable. We explored each others bodies and I licked and kissed every inch of her numerous times.

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