Little Sister


And he wasn't gentle---by no means. He sucked hard on my tits, compressing and pulling on them so that they would pop out of his mouth with a loud popping sound. Then he suddenly started to nibble on my nipples. At first a wave of pleasure swept through me, but when he started to pull at them with his teeth the waves of pleasure were suddenly mixed with a stinging pain. Oh, he pulled and tweaked my nipples, chewing and yanking at them with his teeth. My nipples were aching. They were red and swollen and sticking out now like the eraser end of a pencil. He liked that and really pulled at them. I clawed his back and begged him to stop. But he wouldn't. His attack on my tits just increased every time I begged him to stop so that in the end I just grit my teeth and let him do as he pleased.

And he did just that, sucking and feeding on my tits until the nipples were red and extremely swollen. He sucked on my tits for what seemed like a long time, slurping on them like a madman so that loud, slurpy sounds erupted from his mouth. His attack was relentless and within minutes the stinging pain I felt in my swollen nipples were suddenly replaced by a burning sensation deep inside me. I suddenly wanted him to suck my tits and I shoved myself against him and clutched his back. I could feel another onslaught of pussy cum slide down my vagina. I couldn't believe that Don was giving me another orgasm! My nipples hurt like hell but I didn't want him to stop. I threw my head back and let rip a long, gurgling wail as I came. "Ooooooooooooooooo!"

Don pushed himself away from me and grinned. "I just love your tits, Cindy. They're absolutely amazing! I should have thought of doing this much sooner." I brushed tears from my eyes and spat at him. He had made me come at least three times and I hated him for it. "Swine!" He laughed. "Oh, you loved every minute of it. I bet you're thinking about my big cock, eh? I bet you want it inside you!" My face went white. "No! Not at all. Don't you dare put your thing in me. This is as far as we go. It's over, got it?" Don shook his head. "I'm not done with you yet, little sis. Trust me on this one----once I'm done with you, you won't be able to walk!" I gave a cry of horror. "Don! Please!"

"Shut up!" He untied his bathrobe and peeled it off his strong shoulders. Man, he was built like an ox! I gazed down at the bulge in his shorts and I cringed at the thought of him throwing me across the bed. This just wasn't happening. I watched him pull down his shorts. And he did it slowly, too. I got to see the top of his penis and the hairy mound of his crotch. Then his testicles came to view, lurking in the shadows behind his penis. I have never seen a naked man before but his balls seemed huge----they were the size of oranges! I gasped with terror as he continued to pull the shorts down his legs.

How long was that damn penis of his, I though and bit my lips. It was only when he pulled the shorts down past his knees that his whole glory popped into view. Now I have no idea how long a penis ought to be but I was sure that Don's was bigger than I ever thought a penis could be. It was impossible to be so huge! It must have been at least twelve inches long and at least three inches in diameter around the base. The pink, oval-shaped head was about four inches long, thick and swollen. The whole twelve-inch shaft was thickly veined and full of lumps and bumps. I clasped a hand to my mouth and almost fell off the stool. "Oh my God!"

Don grinned as he kicked his shorts aside. "Yeah, I've busted many a virgin pussy with this thing. Now it's your turn!" My face turned as white as a bed sheet. "Busted? Please, Don. You'll kill me with that thing. Please!" Don shook his head. "It's a figure of speech, pet. You know----take a girl's virginity. You'll walk out of here alive. Well, stumble is more like it. It's sort of awkward to walk straight after you've had this monster inside of you.' I jumped off the chair and made a dash for the door. But Don's hands were on me in a flash. He sank his hands into my short, blond curls, spun me around and hurled me towards the bed. I fell against the bed, my body stinging from the pain. My head was on fire and I was sure that he had some of my hair in his hands!

"Get on it, you little vixen!"

"No! No! No! No!" I screamed and tried to get to my feet. Don was right there and he yanked me to my feet----by my hair! I screamed again and tried to kick him but it was a fruitless attempt. He lifted me off my feet and simply threw me on the bed. He was on top of me in a flash and he pinned my body down. I cried out, spat and clawed but he was much too strong. He rolled me over so that I was lying on my side, reached over my head and proceeded to strap my wrists to the headboard with the handcuffs he had used earlier. Then he got of me, tore my left leg up and wrapped the end of the rope around my ankle, tying it fast. He then got off the bed, picked up the end of the rope and tied it to the brass headboard. He then started to reel in the slack rope until my left leg was high up in the air. I shrieked with terror and my free leg plopped up and down. I could hardly move!

Don fastened the rope such so that my leg remained high up. Then he got on the bed next to me and slipped up behind me. His huge penis poked my lifted thigh and I cringed with fear. He drew me close towards him, slipped one hand under my body and cupped my right breast. Then he grabbed his huge cock in his free hand and guided it slowly towards my swollen pussy. I cried out as I felt the massive head push against my lips. "Here we go, Sis," Don groaned. "I'm gonna crack that tight virgin cunt of yours wide open!" I cringed with fear. "No, Don! Please . . ."

"Sssh! You're gonna like it!"

"Please, Don," I begged him. 'I'm not on the pill! This is the time of month for me, damn it! Do you know what that means?"

Don let loose a load, roaring laugh. "You're fertile? Excellent! I'm gonna give you something to remember me by. My huge balls have so much jism that I never miss. You won't be the first bitch to bear my child!"

"No, Don! Please!" He pushed a little, lifting his hips and the massive head slowly slipped into my pussy. I thought that he was going to split me open! Only an inch or so of his bulbous head was in me but it was enough to make me cry out with pain. He pushed a little harder and I thought that I was going to faint. My poor pussy lips were being stretched to the limit as his huge head wormed its way deeper into me. I tore at the handcuffs and shrieked in agony. "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Don wrapped his free had around my lifted thigh and gave a strong, forceful push. The whole four-inch head slipped into me. My pussy lips slapped shut around it with a loud sucking sound. The pain was unbearable. My head was swimming and I felt as if I was drowning.

Then Don started rocking his hips back and forth, slowly slamming the massive head in and out of me. I could feel how my pussy sphincter was being stretched wider and wider. "Oh yeah, baby! It's so nice and tight!" Don groaned as he started to heave his huge penis deeper into me with every push. I tore at the cuffs and screamed. Suddenly he couldn't push any further----he had reached that virgin barrier. I started to sob between my cries and begged him to stop. But Don was to far gone to think of stopping now. I could sense from his tense body that he was going to put it in all the way, all twelve inches of it.

He suddenly clutched me tightly and heaved his buttocks forward. I emitted a shrill shriek as he burst through my hymen with one, brutal push. I could feel something wet slosh past his massive shaft and knew that it was blood. He gave me a few, slow thrusts----then pulled out. I breathed a sigh of relief as my pussy lips slowly closed. The pain I had experienced from his large penis and the pain from my ruptured skin was still dancing in my head and I though that if he continued that I would surely lose conscious. But my evil brother wasn't finished with me yet----far from it.

I heard him chuckle and before I knew it he had thrust that big beast inside me again. He slipped in about five inches of it with one push and surprisingly it had gone in without a hitch. I let loose a fearful scream as that big thick split me apart. He started to ride me then, pushing not more than half of his long penis in and out of me with soft, gentle strokes. It was still painful, but not as much as before. In fact I started to like the feel of his thick penis rubbing the soft insides of my vagina. It was definitely something I've never experienced before. It was pain, but a pain that I was willing to endure! I started to pant and groan, suddenly overcome by a wonderful sensation. Don started to push harder and harder which sent tingles down my spine. I arched my back and groaned. I was torn between various emotions. The swine was raping me and I wanted him to stop yet it felt so damn good that I wished he would never stop. It was so confusing. I started to cry with the shame of it all. And then suddenly he was ramming it in and out with hard, powerful thrusts. The pressure against my vagina as unbelievable and I could not help but to cry out with uncontrollable pleasure. I came then for the fourth time that night and I think it was the most violent one. I trashed about the bed, gasping and groaning while Don held me tightly in his big arms.

Soon the wave of pleasure subsided. Don's huge penis was now starting to irritate me for he still had half of it in me. His constant little jabs were driving me insane. And then he really started to push forward. I threw back my head and cried out with shock as another inch was thrust deeper into me. And he was taking his time, too. He would draw back about an inch or so of his huge cock only to thrust it back, shoving it in deeper than it had been before. He rode me like this while I screamed my throat dry. Inch by inch, deeper and deeper. My pussy was on fire. The pain was excruciating but I couldn't help feeling terribly turned-on at the same time.

My whole pussy was being stretched beyond any imaginary limit. The deep end of my virgin pussy was being forcibly stretched as the monstrous head wormed it way deeper into me, deeper than I thought any man could venture. At the same time my swollen labia were being stretched even wider as the thicker base of Don's penis inched past it. I trashed about the bed, whipped my hips up and down and moaned. And Don liked it! He started to worm his immense cock in and out faster and faster, ripping my pussy wide open. Then with a grunt he came then and I could feel hot liquid gushing deep inside of me. "Yeah, baby. Yeah!" Don moaned like some wounded animal, a deep growling sound that came from deep within. He pulled out his penis and gallons of cum and blood squirted out of me to stain the bed sheets. I sighed with relief, thinking that the ordeal was over. How wrong I was!

He started again. I couldn't believe that he was still rock hard! He slipped it in again, real slow this time. He did it so slow, so very slow, allowing my swollen pussy to get accustomed to the massive intruder. He didn't ride me at all----none of that agonizing thrusting in and out. He just kept inching that huge monster deeper into me! Deeper than he had gone before! The pain was out of this world and I couldn't help but shriek with every push. Yet the most wondrous sensations were ripping through every nerve ending at the same time.

Eight inches, nine inches, ten inches of his massive penis ground its way deeper and deeper into me so that I thought that I would burst apart at the seams. And then the massive head nudged my cervix and a titillating sensation exploded throughout my body. I gasped and gasped as a fifth, even more powerful orgasm ripped through my body. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think or see. All I wanted to do was scream. And scream I did as my mind exploded and loads of pussy juices swept down my pussy. It acted as a lubricator, allowing Don to push even further. I cried out with agonizing pain as he stretched my cervix, flipping it back. And with one final heave he was in all the way, all twelve inches of it, the massive and bulbous head buried deep in my womb. He left it buried in there and clutched me tightly against him. His right hand started to squeeze my breast and he bent down and sank his teeth into my neck. That set me into orbit. My whole body shuddered as another orgasm, the most violent one yet made me trash around and grind my hips against him. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Yes! Yes! O-o-o-o-o-o-ooooooooooooooooooo!"

Don suddenly reached up and unfastened my leg. He pulled his massive penis slowly out of me and rolled me over onto my knees. He lifted me up off the bed by my tummy and spread my thighs wide. I was panting and gasping and I stared back over my shoulder as he positioned the bulbous head against my pussy again. And then he was in with one push. I thought I was going to die right then and now. The pain was out of this world. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as his huge balls slammed against me. He was in to the hilt! With one massive push and he had buried his entire length deep inside me, ripping through my tight cervix again so that his head lodged itself inside my womb. I threw my head back and screamed like I've never screamed before. But Don didn't seem to care. He was heaving himself in and out like a madman while he simultaneously grunted: "Take it, you skinny bitch! Take it!"

In and out he slammed his huge monster. He would pull out until only the head was lodged inside me and then lunge forward. All the way in. His huge head would slam through me like a piston, the huge swollen head spreading my cervix wider and wider. Relentlessly he pumped himself in and out of me, again and again. I thought that he was going to rip me apart. My whole body ached. His huge balls slammed against me with every push and it drove me crazy! His cock was starting to swell, too, stretching my sore vagina even wider than before. I suddenly couldn't help the burning sensation that was burning through me like a forest fire. It was a new feeling, one that was impossible to describe. I probably had several orgasms right there, one after the other, one more violent than the other. I was in a daze----I wish it could go on forever. Every nerve ending was tingling as if it had received an electrical charge. I was beyond feeling, beyond caring, beyond anything at all. A total wave of ecstasy swept through my body. I stopped fighting and just let it happen. Don kept thrusting in and out with long, purposeful thrusts, slipping it almost all the way out only to ram it in to the hilt again. It was a sloppy affair----tons of pussy juices were being forced out of me every time Don drew his dick back. My knees were squatting in a pool of cum----the sheets were soaked. I didn't care. I wished that Don would never stop----never!

And then suddenly his cock swelled to immense proportions. I shrieked as I felt it tear through my raw pussy. And then Don gave a loud roar and buried his huge thing deep inside me. His body tensed and then I felt his hot cum shoot deep into my womb. Plop! Plop! Plop! Loads of the stuff kept shooting out of him. He had an endless supply----it just wouldn't stop. The sensation of his hot cum slamming against the delicate walls of my virgin womb just swept me off my feet. I experienced my last and final orgasm as he unloaded the last of his sperm deep inside me. I had died and gone to heaven. The sensation just wouldn't stop. Even after Don drew out his partially limp penis from my swollen pussy I was still in the throes of a terrific orgasm. It rocked my entire body.

"Thanks, Cindy," Don said quietly as he slipped on his shorts. "If I were you I wouldn't continue to hide that wonderful body under all that frumpish clothes. You're one hell of a good fuck and you should share your body with other men." He bent down and kissed the top of my quivering head. I was just lying there, panting like a wounded animal. I was too far gone, completely devoid of any sensations other than what I was experiencing right now.

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