tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister, Big Secret

Little Sister, Big Secret


Brad rarely saw his sister Emma anymore. Between their going to school in separate cities and busy schedules when they were home in the summer, it was rare if they spent more than an hour in each other's' company. He still always loved seeing her, though she and he both were changing as they followed their own paths. And oh did every time he did see her remind him that she was a stunner. As they were going through school Brad knew she was going to be a beauty when she got prettier and prettier each year. However, it seemed that she never stopped; her breasts got bigger and bigger until they looked like they could fill Brad's hand and then some, or so he imagined. Her face was adorable, with a beautiful smile and that sexy way she bit her lip when she did something naughty. And her body...her workouts kept it so slender at the waist and yet her butt a spank-able little cushion. Topped off with her soft, brown hair flowing down to her shoulders, she was a picture of perfection.

It didn't matter though, for all the torture he had to endure when she let her robe slip open as she lounged on the couch, revealing her bra and her taut stomach-- she was still his sister. He'd put up with the suggestive comment or two from guys at school, and maybe stolen a peak at her cup size when she left a lacy number in the drier (it was 34D) but other than that their interactions were mostly innocent. When they went to school they drifted a bit further apart, but of course, every time she came home she seemed to have gotten hotter, more tan, better legs, etc.

It was a Friday afternoon and Brad had gotten out of class early so he decided to make the drive back home and drop in on his mom and dad for the weekend. He could use a break from the action at school. So, a few hours later and he was pulling into his driveway. He arrived just as the mailman walked up and offered to bring the mail in himself. He grabbed it and walked up to the front door, flipping through it as he climbed the steps to the front door. Something caught his eye, a manila envelope with a letterhead he recognized. Embarrassingly enough, after thinking about it a few seconds he placed it as a porn company he'd seen on one of those video streaming sites.

'What's this?' He thought to himself and paused at the front door.

Thinking quickly he decided that whatever it was, his parents probably shouldn't be seeing it anyway so he slipped it into his duffel and rang the doorbell. After exchanging hellos and sitting a while with his dad before he headed back to work, Brad headed upstairs to his room. The envelope in his bag had nagged at him while sitting with his dad and he intended to find out what it was about. He had only glanced at the envelope earlier before stuffing it away and looking at it now he noticed that it was addressed to his sister. His heart spiked a bit at that, what the hell would a porn company want with Emma?

Ripping it open he reached in to find a letter and a DVD. He'd have read the letter but the cover of the DVD grabbed his attention for a very obvious reason. It was a porno called "School's Out" with a beautiful young girl on the cover, but not just any beautiful girl, his sister. His jaw practically hit the floor. She was posing on the cover in a sexy schoolgirl outfit with the naughty look on her face that Brad had come to know so well. The caption beside her read that it was her first scene, and once again Brad was speechless. The back had a few more pictures of her and other girls in the film but nothing displaying what her part in the film was.

He walked over toward his bag to retrieve his laptop and sat down waiting for it to power up before he really took it in. His sister... in a porno... the very one he held in his hand? She looked so cute on the front cover, so innocent and yet so god damn hot. How the hell had she become a pornstar? From what he knew, she was still in school and doing well.

'My God, porn?' He thought to himself.

In his haste he failed to even think that this was his sister he was about to see on his screen if he put that disc into his laptop. And not only that; she was going to be...presumably having sex with some random dude with a big dick. Christ he hadn't even seen her naked in full before and he was about to see a lot more than that. He hesitated as he stared at his desktop for a few seconds. Should he watch it...? Wow, it was like his dreams were coming true and he was simultaneously waking up.

'Maybe just a minute, to see if it's really true,' He rationalized as he slipped it into the drive and pulled up the menu.

The first scene wasn't her, or the second. It was as he suspected, the same type of story line he'd seen played out in plenty of scenes before. When his sister came on to the screen it was a third shock in only a few minutes. She was wearing her sexy little school girl outfit with her breasts pushed up and short miniskirt cutting off close below her bubbly behind. She had a pierced belly button (man did he love that on girls) and a touch of makeup. He watched in disbelief as she went through the motions with some guy, setting up the story of a sexy student trying to talk her way out of trouble. He had to admit, she was an adorable actress, and he found himself projecting himself into the role of the man being seduced by his student.

That was until she reached for the guy's belt buckle. He realized she really was going to sleep with the guy and Brad covered his eyes with his hand. He couldn't watch this, could he? He peeked between his fingers and saw the guy reaching for his sister's breast. As he grasped it for a second and Brad found himself becoming angry with the actor for touching his sister that way. In a few more seconds she had worked the guy's pants open and was holding his semi-erect penis. He wasn't all that much larger than Brad he thought to himself happily.

And then the man worked Emma's breast out of its cotton sling and he saw her nipple for the first time. It was utterly suck-able, a big nub with a relatively tiny areola that his mouth watered at the sight of. She then started stroking his penis up and down in her tiny hand and kissing him in a way that he wished deeply to feel himself. Feeling his own cock begin to harden, a pang of guilt struck him for desiring his sister so.

He battled inwardly as the video played out and his sister started to disrobe and he decided to just click through. It wasn't as if he intended to see it, but the first click of the mouse brought him to a frame of his sister on her knees with a cock deep in her mouth. Even for the second he lingered he could see the side profile of his little sister and her rocking body. Bent at the knee as she was he loved the way the pads of her feet stretched to stabilize her and her curves led from her toned legs to her taut, arched back. Oh no, he thought as she swallowed the cock a few times and he averted his eyes. He haphazardly clicked forward into the video and this time she wasn't on her knees, but laid out on the bed with her pussy, which looked taut as hell, swallowing the man's shaft into her tiny frame. Piercing her over and over the guy shoved himself into Emma and Brad felt himself becoming angry, or was it jealous... either way a few more times of watching his sister's quim stretch to accept the invading member and he slammed his screen down, unable to watch it any further.

Her soft pants of pleasure rang in his ears, and it was as if he could see her, wiggling beneath him as he shoved into her. His cock was completely stiff. He was reeling from what he just saw. Firstly because he had just watched his own little sister, the one who he'd walked with to school when they were little and wrestled with in the back yard, do some different a kind of wrestling altogether. Secondly, he could not believe how unbelievably attractive she was and how badly he wanted to be in the unnamed man's place. He felt all at once shocked about his relationship with the young girl he was just watching be fucked, and strange that he'd felt lust for her. After all, that's what she was there for wasn't it? To be an icon for his desires, to arouse him enough to pleasure himself while watching her. Oh Lord, how would he face her now, knowing what he knew?

A sound woke him from his daze and he got up to see who was making it. Looking over the railing as he left his room he saw her standing in the doorway and shutting it behind her. It looked like he'd be facing her even sooner than he expected.

"Big bro!" she screamed as she dropped her things.

Bounding up the stairs Emma's breasts bounced in her shirt, a deep v-neck sweater showing off plenty of them. The shirt was cut short of her belly button and he could see the piercing that had gleaming there on her beautiful stomach. Below that she had a set of distressed looking low-rider jeans that could have been painted on for how tightly they held her beautiful legs. She practically jumped into his arms and he prayed that she didn't feel his already stiffening erection.

With her body pressed up against his and her breasts, her soft, full breasts, mashed between them, Brad resigned himself to the fact that he'd never look at Emma the same again. Instead he just wrapped her in his arms, returning the hug. Feeling her body against his, the warmth of it and the swell of her breasts, resurrected the war between his brain and dick. She pushed off of him and looked at Brad deep in the eyes, a questioning look on her face. It was the same adorable face he remembered, and it caused him to snap out of his stupor and realize he'd not said a word to her yet.

"So good to see you baby sis, I didn't know you were coming home!" Brad managed.

One of his hands came to rest on the exposed portion of her back, it was warm and smooth. He thought about how it would feel to grab onto her there, and about seeing that guy holding onto her waist as he plunged that big thing of his into Brad's little sister.

"Well, Jenna told me you were coming home and I decided that I had some free time this weekend so I'd join you. Are you happy to see me?"

Jenna was Emma's best friend in high school and now attended the same college as Brad. She was a year younger than him and almost as sexy as Brad's little sister was; he'd seen her walking home from class and mentioned he was going home for the weekend. Man news travels fast, he thought to himself.

"Of course I'm happy to see you, this house can always use a little more action, right? Especially a knockout like you little sis, I swear you keep getting prettier every time I see you!" Brad said excitedly.

"Oh stop it," Emma blushed, and then there was that look again -- her cheeks puffing up the way they did and that little nibble of her lip. The frame of Emma first being penetrated came into his memory and he shook it off. "When did you become such a charmer, huh? And while we're handing out compliments, you've been hitting the gym a little yourself haven't you?"

He had, with a little free time here and there now that he had gotten passed the difficult years in school, he had tried to stay in shape. He was now a pretty lean 6'0" and 185 lbs.

"Well I gotta look good for the ladies right, and speaking of Jenna, maybe I oughta look her up when I go back to school!" Brad said leadingly.

"You wouldn't dare! She's my best friend!" Emma screamed.

"I don't know Em, she was lookin' mighty fine in that sundress today." Brad teased.

"Better than me?" Emma asked him and took a step back, kicking her hips out the side and posing for comparison.

"Hmm... let me think... turn for me." Brad continued to joke with her but she actually did spin around, showing him that her great little booty and the rest of her backside. "It's a close one, I think I oughta sleep with her to find out."

"No way mister, don't even think about it. And that wouldn't be fair, you'd have to sleep with me then and I'm pretty sure we're not supposed to do that." Emma shot back at him.

Brad had to hesitate a second at that, had she really just said that. He could hardly hold back the thoughts of bending her over the railing right there and taking her like the little pornstar she was.

'Get a hold of yourself' Brad scolded himself. See her mock upset look, he said: "Oh alright already, plus I don't think they have guys like me down at that school of yours. Little girls like you only go for the hipster type guys with jeans tighter than yours and a personality disorder."

"Ha, got a pretty high opinion of yourself there, huh sport." Emma joked. "I think it's me you couldn't handle. They don't make 'em like me in that winter wasteland you attend," Emma thrust her chest out while saying that and Brad practically shot in his pants. She looked so god damned sexy and she must have known it. "I bet the only girls you take home at that school have a bigger dick than you."

"I doubt that," Emma's eyes seemed to glint and shoot downward at that comment, but Brad continued, "But just ask your friend Jenna in a week or two and she'll tell you."

Emma gave up, "Ugh, you are relentless! Whatever, I'm gonna take a shower, will you please bring up my bags Mr. Manly Man?"

Brad watched her walk away, her beautiful hips swaying as she sauntered down the hall. What was happening! He had suddenly started talking sex with his little sister, and he had to reel himself back in. But he didn't really want to; truth of the matter was, he was imagining himself in that shower with her, fucking her brains out. Holding on to those gorgeous titties of hers and he could just pound away at her from behind.

'She's your sister for god's sake.' Brad knew he'd really turned the corner with the way he looked at his little sister. 'But the way she played into my jokes...' He argued in his head, 'She'd never go for it... or would she.' He took a few minutes downstairs to process what was going on. Even if she wanted him to, could he really do it? He poured himself a glass of water and drained it before grabbing her bags and heading upstairs.

Approaching her room he saw the door half open and beyond it, his little sister undressing. She peeled her sweater off and tossed it on the bed as he climbed the last stair. A few more steps toward her door and he could see her reaching for the button on her jeans and trying to wiggle out of their snug fit. Her breasts swayed back and forth and nearly spilling out of the confines of her bra, a simple white push-up. The curves of her smooth skin, sun-kissed by the California rays at her school, accentuated a flawless body. As soon as she had the jeans down to her feet, hopping once or twice adorably, she reached behind her to unclasp her bra and Brad made a coughing sound to announce his presence.

"Eh, hhem," he interrupted.

Emma, still with the jeans caught around one foot, reached for her breasts as the bra straps fell from her shoulders. She covered herself as best she could, and Brad looked away to give her her privacy.

"Sorry sis, I was just bringing your things," He snuck a peak once or twice over his right shoulder.

"Ha-ha, I guess I gave you a bit of any eyeful huh?" She was rustling around behind him and then said, "okay, you can look now."

As he turned he realized she wasn't all that better covered, she had a tiny towel covering the essentials but the tops of her breasts and the very bottom of her butt was clearly peeking out on either side. He could do nothing to stop his cock from hardening in his shorts and he could have sworn he saw Emma's eyes catch it once or twice.

"What's the matter Brad, am I making you nervous?" She teased.

"No, you're just not wearing very much and your my sister," he responded

"Hmm..." was all she said, glancing clearly down toward her brother's crotch, if only for a second.

Brad left her alone for the time being; whether or not something was going to happen between them, Brad knew he needed to cool down and take things slowly. If he had only waited a few more seconds earlier he would have probably seen Emma strip fully nude and he wasn't sure he was ready to see that in person (even if he had seen her being stuffed full of cock in the video just before she arrived home herself)

Emma showered and he heard her ambling down the stairs to the living room while he was sitting and watching TV. He shouldn't have even been shocked when he saw that she was wearing only a tiny orange top that could have been a bathing suit and yoga pants, and yet his jaw nearly dropped seeing all that exposed skin.

"Jeez sis, you comfortable?"

"When did you become such a prude, huh? It's my own damn house and I just had a long drive, I would have gone naked but I couldn't risk mom or dad coming home early," Emma responded with some sass.

"Because it would be fine for you to be prancing around in the nude in front of me..." Brad questioned

"Like I said..." Emma said almost inaudibly, but not quite, "...prude."

Brad heard it, and wasn't pleased by being accused again. "What's gotten into you huh?"

"Oh nothing." Emma lied, she wasn't about to reveal that she was thinking about becoming a full time adult film star, especially not to her brother.

So they just watched TV together like that, Emma lounging across the couch with her gorgeous tummy stretched just so, and her breasts hugged in the strip of cloth across them. The yoga pants left absolutely nothing to the imagination and she was, put simply, and absolute knockout. She was way too pretty for porn he thought to himself, wishing again he hadn't seen her being used by an unnamed actor. Regardless of the fact that he was defenseless to her beauty, (he knew for a fact that every other man was anyway) Brad simply couldn't shove off the protective feelings he had toward Emma. He'd been looking out for her since they were little.

"Let's do something, I'm bored," Emma whined.

"Like what?"

There was a pause, and Brad watched her as she looked deep in thought. Then, as if a light bulb had gone off in her head, she sat up straight, causing her breasts to shake in the orange top and her abs to flex gorgeously.

"Oh shit... I just forgot," Emma trailed off, clearly deep in thought again.

"Earth to Emma!" Brad called out to her.

"I have to do something, I can't believe I forgot." Emma

"Umm... okay."

Emma hopped off the couch and took the stairs two at a time up to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her before Brad could even enjoy the sight of her spandex covered ass. He stayed where he was on the couch nonetheless, half enjoying the episode of one of those shows brain-dead he watched sometimes and half processing all of the information he'd taken in over the last hour or so.

Visions of Emma came in and out of his mind, some of them from the clip he'd just seen of her a short while ago. He dozed off a few times and was making peace with all of the chaos Emma had caused within him since he'd returned home when she quickly opened the door at the top of the stairs and walked out.

"So......." Emma said, walking to the stairs and looking down at him,

"So......." Brad questioned her.

"I have this thing I have to do, and I usually have my roommate at school help me with it, but she's not here now and I forgot it was due tonight,"

"We're not exactly in the same program Emma, I'm not sure I can help you with your homework." Brad replied.

"Yea.... It's not that kind of thing, actually."

"Ugh, okay. What is it?" Brad responded to her as he got up off the couch. "Well, that's the thing. I know I shouldn't be asking you, you being my brother and all, but I really need your help." Emma had a guilty look on her face, and Brad was still clueless.

"Well what the hell is it already?" Brad asked, growing impatient.

"Just... can you come up here and I'll show you." This time, the look on her face was more naughty than anything else, and Brad liked it.

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