tagTransgender & CrossdressersLittle Sister Ch. 01

Little Sister Ch. 01


A small, androgynous young man with delicate features and long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail sat quietly as the plane accelerated down the runway and lifted into the air. Atlanta was over an hour away and the first class section on this late night flight was almost deserted. It was going to be a long flight with nothing to occupy him except his own thoughts. Gene gazed out the window at the lights below growing ever dimmer as the plane gained altitude. His thoughts drifted to his step-sister, Denise, who had invited him to spend his first Christmas away from home with her. The invitation along with a plane ticket had arrived during the Thanksgiving break and he had accepted the invitation. He was enjoying his first year at college and being away from his step-mother. He was eager to extend the separation and the invitation was an opportunity to avoid going home for the holidays.

He was both excited and apprehensive about seeing Denise again after their separation, which was entering its third year. Gene felt certain that a renewal of the relationship with Denise would reawaken conflicts within him that had been largely dormant since she had left home to pursue a graduate degree and had found her way into a career in modeling. She must be doing well in her career he thought as he glanced at the first class ticket that accompanied her invitation. As he gazed out of the window listening to the whine of the plane's engines, his thoughts slipped backward in time to their first meeting.

His now deceased father had married Denise's mother when he had just turned eighteen and was beginning his senior year in high school. They had left their apartment in Dallas and moved in with Denise and her mother in their home in Denton. His father was often on the road seeking new accounts for his business. He had believed that the marriage would provide a home and companionship for Gene while he was away. Left unsaid, of course, was that it would also provide some supervision for Gene during his father's frequent absences. Gene had some misgivings about the prospects of having to adapt to a new situation and new people but was in no position to resist. He had moved in without having ever having met Denise and with only a few brief contacts with his father's new wife, Helen. He had learned that Denise was a very bright girl who was close to finishing a degree in biology at Texas Woman's University. The day they moved in Denise was away with one of her friends. Gene had been assigned to one of the two upstairs bedrooms, which were joined by a common bathroom. Helen told him to make himself at home and he had begun unpacking his belongings while his father and Helen worked downstairs on unpacking his father's things.

When he was about finished with his unpacking, he heard someone at the door and turned to find Denise leaning on the doorframe watching him. She was stunning. She was so beautiful that all he could do was stare at her. She was tall for her age but well proportioned. Her delicate face carried only a hint of make-up and was framed by long, luscious dark hair. The nipples on her modest but pert breasts gently strained against a sleeveless top that ended just below her breasts and exposed clear, smooth skin. Long but shapely legs extended beneath shorts that snugly hugged the gentle swell of her hips.

Denise smiled and stepped toward him extending a delicate hand with perfectly manicured pink nails as she said, "Welcome aboard, Gene."

Gene grasped her hand in his and managed to whisper, "Hi."

Denise had let her hand linger in his for what seemed like several minutes while her sparkling brown eyes held Gene captive. Gene felt as if her eyes were probing every recess of his mind. The warmth of her hand seemed to spread up Gene's arm. Her sweet scent filled his nostrils. Gene recalled vividly how entranced by her presence he had felt that day. Even now, just remembering that first encounter, he could feel a warm flush spreading over his body that left him feeling both aroused and yet passively under her control.

From that day forward Gene had been obsessed with Denise and anything associated with her. He watched her constantly and committed her every movement and mannerism to memory. One night, after he had been living with Denise and Helen for about three weeks, he went into the bathroom. There he found some of Denise's panties that had been left to dry. He was drawn to them and reached out and picked up a pair. The silky softness of them felt so erotic that it was almost like a charge of electricity running through his body. Gene drew them to his face and inhaled their fragrance. He hardly heard the other door to the bathroom open he was so absorbed in the erotic web spun by the feel and smell of the panties pressed against his face. He looked up suddenly to find Denise standing in the doorway grinning from ear to ear.

"Why Gene," she said, "I didn't know boys liked panties."

Gene felt so embarrassed that he could think of nothing at all to say. He had just stood there with her panties in his hand staring at her. He could feel his face growing hot and knew that he was going to just die on the spot. Denise, still smiling, walked over and took the panties from his hand. She reached over and ran her hand through his hair and said, "Come on into to my room and let's talk about this fascination you have with my panties." As she said this, Denise took his hand and led him into her room. Gene docilely followed, unable to resist or even speak. "You know mom and your dad are out for the evening, so we can have a nice long talk about my panties."

Gene felt acutely embarrassed and could feel the flush that was no doubt clearly evident on his face. In response to Denise's comment he mumbled, "If you want to."

Denise closed the door to the bathroom and released his hand. As she walked across the room toward her bed, Gene's eyes were glued to the sway of her buttocks, snugly bound by her tight pants. When she got to the bed Denise sat down crossed one leg over the other and leaned back on her out stretched arms. Still smiling and with an amused twinkle in her eyes Denise said, "Come on over here and sit in the chair so we can talk." Gene compliantly obeyed her suggestion. Denise sat and looked at him for what seemed like several minutes, apparently enjoying his discomfort.

Finally, she broke the silence, "Gene, I really don't know what to say about this. Is this something that you've done before?"

"No. Never before," he blurted out.

"Then you're not one of these weirdoes that go around stealing girls' panties in laundry mats and such?" she asked.

"No," Gene responded.

Looking very serious, she said, "I think this is something we should talk over with your father before it gets you into trouble."

"Oh no, please don't say anything to my father. He would kill me," Gene gasped.

Denise watched Gene squirm for a few moments and then smiled and said, "Well, I guess we could keep it between us for now anyway."

"Yes, please, thank you," Gene, said with obvious relief.

"However," Denise continued, "I do have a price for my silence."

"Anything you say," replied Gene.

With a mischievous smile, Denise said, "I'm really quite busy, so I could use your help."

"Oh, I'll be happy to help you anyway I can," said Gene, "what would you like for me to do?"

With a big grin that exposed perfectly white teeth framed by glistening red lips, Denise said, "Since you seem to like my panties so much, you won't mind washing out my undies for me will you?"

"Uh, I guess not," stammered Gene.

"Good. From now on, I'll leave my dirty undies in a little net bag in the bathroom when they need washing and you take care of them for me."

"Alright, I'll do it," said Gene, "can I go back to my room now?"

"Yes, run along," she said in a dismissive tone.

Gene got up and hastily began making his way back to the bathroom door. As he was opening the door, Denise called to him, "Gene, don't neglect your duties now or I might have to have that talk with your father."

"No, I won't. I promise," he said as he closed the door and let out a sigh of relief.

To be continued...

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Nice story

Having enjoyed this first part, need to know what happens next!!

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