tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersLittle Sister Ch. 02

Little Sister Ch. 02


Gene faithfully attended to Denise's intimate laundry for the next several weeks. Though he was a bit concerned that Helen or his father might catch him in the act of washing out Denise's undies he couldn't control the excitement that arose in him whenever he went into the bathroom and found the little net bag waiting on him. Outside of the apprehension he felt about being found washing-out Denise's intimate apparel, he actually enjoyed the opportunity to handle her undies and imagine her wearing the various articles.

One evening when Helen was out with some of her friends and his father was on a business trip, he heard the bathroom door open and close from Denise's side and then open on his side. He looked up from the magazine he was reading to find Denise standing in the bathroom doorway. The only thing she had on was a pretty, light blue slip that he recognized from her laundry. As Denise slowly walked toward him he couldn't take his eyes off of her luscious body. He could see her erect nipples straining against the silky fabric of the slip and he began to feel very aroused by the sight.

Denise stopped beside his chair and said, "you've been a very good boy, Gene. I really appreciate the way you have been taking care of my undies for me."

"Uh, thanks," muttered Gene.

"I think you deserve a reward."

"Really," said Gene.

"Yes, I do," she said. "I'll bet you've wondered how my panties look on me, haven't you?

Gene could only manage a nod in response. Denise raised the slip as she slowly made a half turn. When her back was to Gene and her panty-encased buttocks were staring him in the face she stopped. Gene could hardly draw a breath.

Denise giggled and asked, "would you like to feel these panties while they're on me? Gene couldn't manage to utter a word but his hand responded for him. He hesitantly reached out and let his open hand slide down the silky fabric covering Denise's firm buttocks. As he repeatedly caressed Denise's buttocks he became so aroused he thought he would explode. After a minute or so Denise let her slip down and turned toward Gene. Her eyes were half closed and Gene could tell that she was aroused also. She looked down at him and whispered, "I have a little gift for you."

Denise then reached up under her slip and began sliding her panties down. After they had cleared her buttocks, she let them drop down around her ankles and stepped out of them. Denise leaned over and retrieved the panties from the floor. She then dropped them in Gene's lap and said, "Here are a pair of my nicest panties all for your very own. If you think they felt sexy on me, they'll really feel sexy on you. Try them on if you dare but don't get caught with them, because I'll have to reveal our little secret if you do." With that she turned and walked back across the room suggestively swaying her hips as she went. In a moment the bathroom door closed and Gene was left sitting in a confused but highly aroused state staring after her.

Not many nights later, Denise appeared in Gene's doorway again. This time she was wearing a pair of black satin pajamas. She didn't say anything but only motioned for him to follow and then retreated back into her own room. Gene was drawn after her as if by a magnet. When they got to her room, Denise had Gene put nail polish on her toenails. She then asked him if he had tried on the panties she had given him. When he told her that he hadn't she insisted that he do it and model them for her. Gene agreed under the threat of exposure if he didn't.

Gene went into the bathroom and took all of his clothes off and put on the powder blue panties. The soft silky feel of the panties on his skin coupled with the thought of Denise seeing him wearing them was highly arousing. He got a terrific erection and was reluctant to go back into Denise's room. Before he could decide what to do, Denise opened the bathroom door to check on him. She was amused at his discomfort and chastised him for getting an erection and stretching out the panties. Denise led him from the bathroom and had him sit on her bed. She took the nail polish and painted his toenails.

Denise then had Gene go and sit at her dressing table. She told him she was going to give him a lesson on applying make-up, so that he could help her. She then proceeded to give his face the full treatment. After she was finished, she asked him to get up and walk around the bedroom, so she could evaluate her work. While Gene was walking around the room, Denise said, "You are very pretty and much too pretty for a boy. I think I shall call you Jean rather than Gene. In fact, you can be the little sister I've always wanted." Jean was both humiliated and aroused by his domination by Denise. He found the experience to be most confusing. He knew that Denise had him in her spell and he would do whatever she wanted. Finally, Denise said, "Jean, you'd better go wash your make up off and go to bed. I think you should sleep in the panties though. That will help you remember your new role as my little sister."

Jean had only nodded and left the smiling and amused Denise sitting on the bench in front of her dresser. He went into the bathroom and looked at his make-up job in the mirror for several minutes. He decided that he did indeed looked too pretty to be a boy. But, if that was true, what was he? Jean washed his face thoroughly but removal of the make-up did not erase his confusion and doubt about his identity. He wore the panties to bed as Denise had instructed and caressed himself through the silky fabric until he reached an explosive climax.

There followed many evenings in Denise's room. They dressed up in Denise's clothes and tried out different make-up techniques on one another. Jean became quite good at selecting items from Denise's wardrobe to make flattering outfits for both Denise and himself. Jean learned to put on stockings, snap garter belts and walk in high heel pumps. He loved the feel of dresses as they slid across the slippery fabric of slips and hose as he walked about Denise's large bedroom. Denise even got a couple of wigs, so he could have long beautiful hair when they played dress-up.

One night when he was alone in the house Jean went into Denise's room and dressed up in some of Denise's lingerie. He was sitting on the bench at the dressing table getting ready to apply some lipstick when Denise came home early from her date and caught him. She did not chastise him but simply sat down on the bed and said, "my, you sure look sexy tonight Little Sister."

Denise then pulled her skirt up to expose her pearl white panties. Her stocking sheathed legs were stretched out in front of her. Her feet still in her pumps rested on the floor beside the bed. "Little Sister," she said, "come here and pull my shoes off for me." Jean went over to the bed and knelt down before Denise. He reached down and raised her left foot as he slipped off her pump. He then raised her right foot and slipped off the other shoe. Denise looked down on his up raised face with an alluring smile caressing her lips. Denise said, "Come here and smell my womanhood Little Sister."

Jean moved forward and leaned into the bed between Denise's legs, which she spread wide to accommodate him. He lowered his head until his face was pressed into her crotch. He began to mouth her as her fingers played with his hair. The musky scent of her pussy so aroused him that he thought that his throbbing cock would burst. Denise said, " Pull my panties down Little Sister so you can taste my sweet girl juices."

Jean pulled the panties down and off of her ankles as she adjusted her position on the bed to assist him. As soon as he had the panties clear, Denise leaned back on the bed and spread her legs wide and said, "eat my beaver Little Sister. I'm so hot I can hardly bear it any longer." As Jean buried his face in her warm, wet pussy, he began licking her and tasted her warm, slick juices. As Jean busily worked on this object of his compulsion, Denise began thrusting her hips and squeezed his head tightly between her thighs. Soon she was moaning loudly and her body was wracked by spasms as one orgasmic wave after another rippled down her body.

Jean savored the taste and smell of Denise as she began relating to him the date she had been on that evening. "Oh, Little Sister, you should have been there tonight. Jeff wanted to fuck me so bad he was nearly crazy. I let him play with my tits, which really turned me on, but that is as far as I'd let him go. While he was groping my tits, I rubbed his cock until it was about to burst through his jeans. The feel of that big hard cock was just too much! I had to feel it in my hand and unzipped his pants and worked it out. Little Sister, it felt so good. That big, hot throbbing dick in my hand was such a turn on. I couldn't stand it. I just had to taste it. Before I realized what I was doing, I had Jeff's hard member between my lips. It felt so good in my mouth. It was hot to the touch and both hard and soft at the same time. Jeff began thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. It felt so good to be fucked by his big hard cock. I wanted his cum to fill me up. After only a few thrusts his cock was pressed hard into the back of my throat and I could feel it pulsating as he squirted his hot cum into my mouth. His baby juice tasted so good! His hot, hard cock felt so fantastic in my mouth I desperately wanted to feel it thrusting in my pussy. I was desperate to cum myself, but I'm not giving up my virginity to any of these local yokels! The last thing I need is to have my plans messed up by a pregnancy. I saved myself for you Little Sister. I know I can count on my sweet girlie boy to get me off and save me from my desire."

Jean's cock was about to burst out of his panties. Eating Denise's wet, sweet pussy and hearing her erotic tale was just too much to take. His hand rubbed his hard cock through the silky panties that he wore. Denise saw him rubbing his cock and she said, "take it out Little Sister. Let's play with your big clit."

Denise told Jean to jerk off into her hand. Jean stroked his throbbing cock until he felt a wave of orgasm rising from his gonads. As he felt the hot juice begin to flow through his member, Denise grabbed his cock and began to massage it. As his cock began spewing out its dammed up juices, Denise caught most of the hot, thick liquid in her cupped hand. As he collapsed into a heap on the floor, Jean could see Denise rubbing his thick fluid over her bare breast and then eagerly inhaling the aroma arising from them in a blatant display of unbridled sexuality.

In a moment Denise said, "My tits feel so good Little Sister. You don't know what you're missing. Come up here on the bed and I'll let you feel my tits." Eagerly, Jean crawled up on the bed and gazed enviously at Denise's pert, firm breasts rising and falling with her breath. "Go ahead and cop a feel Little Sister. Every guy in town has tried and I don't want to deprive my special "girlie boy." Jean reached out and began to gently knead Denise's flesh. He could still feel his wet, sticky cum that she had rubbed over the breasts. Denise said, "See how nice they feel. It's too bad you don't have anything in your bra except foam pads. Denise's breasts drew Jean to them like magnets and he quickly found himself with his face buried in them. He licked and sucked on them and could taste himself where she had rubbed his cum on her tits.

He felt himself getting hard again and straining against his panties. Denise must have felt his hardness as well because she sat up and looked at his arousal. Denise said, "I just don't know what I'm going to do with you. You're going to ruin every pair of panties I have. We're going to have to find a way to restrain you. Besides, that bulge looks ridiculous in a nice sexy pair of panties. Take them off and go wash them out."

"OK," said Jean as he reluctantly rose from the bed and moved toward their adjoining bathroom.

Denise soon modified an athletic supporter to tightly pin Jean's penis back and between his legs. She had covered and lined the device with satin fabric so that it was soft and feminine in appearance. Even so, Jean's tightly restrained cock ached when it was erect. Denise was very pleased with the result both because of the more feminine appearance Jean now had when dressed up and because her panties were not being stretched as badly by his arousal. Jean complained a little about his discomfort, but Denise would only say, "it hurts sometimes to be beautiful Little Sister." Thereafter, she always insisted that he wear his "satin pocket," as they came to refer to the device, whenever he dressed up.

To be continued...

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