tagTransgender & CrossdressersLittle Sister Ch. 04

Little Sister Ch. 04


When Jean and Denise awoke the next morning, they lay in bed for a little while, listened to music and talked. After they were both fully awake, Denise said, "You should go take a shower. You'll find a razor, cream and depilatory in the bathroom so you can really get cleaned up before we go on our little outing. I plan to do the same and then I'll come in and see if you need any help. We can have a light breakfast before we take off, if you're hungry."

After Jean had completed his bath, he came out and began looking through the closet and chest-of-drawers at the considerable wardrobe Denise had provided. About this time Denise entered the room. She was wearing a pair of boot cut, white jeans that hugged her body tightly. She wore a knit blouse that was black with a V shaped cutout in both the front and back with three-quarter length sleeves. She was wearing a pair of open toe black mules, which exposed the sheer flesh tone stockings that she wore. In her hand she carried a white denim waist length jacket.

Jean's gaze took in her appearance and commented, "You look fabulous Denise."

Obviously pleased, Denise said, "I think you have an outfit very similar to this one. Perhaps, we should dress as if we were twins today. By the way, in the closet there is a box that has some special items that I bought for your visit that should help out with the outfit."

Jean grinned like a kid and asked, " What did you get for me Denise?"

Denise replied by going to the closet and taking a box off the shelf. She brought the box over and sat it on the bed and opened it. Inside was a pair of modest sized silicon breasts. There was also a pull on spandex brief with a padded posterior. "These falsies should help fill out all your outfits in a more flattering way and the briefs will improve your appearance in tight fitting pants or skirts," she told Jean.

Denise then helped Jean brush out his shoulder length blond hair and worked with him to put some subtle cosmetic touches on his face. Finally, Denise went to the dresser and got some earrings and a bracelet to finish off Jean's outfit. With their preparations complete they went to the kitchen for some whole grain toast with sugar free jam and hot tea before heading down to the Mercedes in the parking garage and their excursion.

Denise drove the Mercedes along Peachtree Street in the light mid-morning traffic.

"Where are we going?" asked Jean.

"We're going to a large shopping area called Phipps Plaza," replied Denise.

When they entered the shopping area Jean was at first impressed by all the high-end stores. After the initial excitement that seeing all the stores brought, Jean began to have some reservations about being this public while dressed as a woman. After Denise parked the car and turned off the engine, Jean said, "I'm not sure that this is a good idea."

"What on earth do you mean?" asked Denise as she put the keys to the car in her purse.

"I mean, it is one thing to dress up and be your little sister at home but I've never tried to be your little sister in public and this is very public. I'd be terribly embarrassed if people could tell that I was a man dressed in drag," answered Jean.

Denise reached over and took one of Jean's hands in hers and said, "Trust me Jean. With your small stature and delicate features you're a perfect girlie boy. You're a better-looking woman than three-quarters of the women that we'll see in the mall. Oh, we'll be stared at you can be sure, but it won't be because you look like a TV. Pretty much all the men will be attending with lust in their heart and most of the women will be envious of the male attention that we'll generate.

Jean thought for a moment and said, "I understand why the men might look at us but why would the women be envious?"

Denise smiled and answered, "Men, especially in the presence of women, would describe us as pretty or beautiful, which are code words for sex appeal or sexiness. We are sexy and will attract a lot of male attention. The more male attention a woman has the broader are her choices and the fewer prime choices available to the competition. Many women refuse to consciously admit this basic fact of life and will even deny it or try to rationalize it away. However, when another woman demonstrates greater sex appeal most women recognize it and in their gut know that the competition has displaced them. It is a rather blunt way of putting it but the name of the game is capturing the best sperm and then monopolizing it!"

Jean giggled and asked, "How on earth would one know who has the best "baby juice"?"

A girl looks for indicators that provide good clues to who is a "prime choice," answered Denise.

"And, what would those indicators be?"

"A prime choice," said Denise, "is a man who is healthy, intelligent, personable and who has put those attributes to work to make himself successful."

Blushing a little Jean asked, "Do I really need to know all this?"

"Yes, because you need to get your head wrapped around the idea of being a beautiful woman. The big test for you is not in your appearance but in your attitude. If you go in there thinking of yourself as a man in women's clothing, it may show through. If you go in convinced that you're a knockout looking babe, you have the appearance to carry the attitude. Can you do that?"

"Yes, I think so," replied Jean with a thoughtful expression on his face suggesting that he was still processing Denise's comments.

"Oh, and another thing that you may encounter," said Denise, "is the displaced will try to diminish the competition. This is often done through slanderous comments about the competitor using pejoratives like slut or whore. They may also try to discount the men whose lustful attention has been captured by calling them pigs or other demeaning names."

"But, I'm not real competition in the sense you're talking about."

Denise looked steadily at Jean with a twinkle in her eyes and said, "You can't compete with genetic women as a biological vehicle, but that doesn't prevent you from distracting men's sexual attention away from genetic women. If women knew that you were an impostor, loathing would be added to their envy."

"Why loathing?" asked Jean.

"Because not only would you have displaced them in the great competition but you would pose a challenge that would confound them. They wouldn't know how to compete with you except perhaps to expose you as a fake. However, there are many men who won't care if the object of their sexual desire is not genetically pure as long as they can have their way with you. There are others for whom your sex appeal will actually be enhanced by such a revelation. The few that will be completely turned off will represent a small victory for any woman who uses exposure as a defense. As a successful imposter you will be feared because you represent an unknown quantity in the game and fear generates loathing. Do you understand now?" asked Denise

Jean looked a bit confused and perhaps a little embarrassed by Denise's frank discussion as he answered, "For me, it is an unfamiliar way of looking at things and seems to be fraught with potential snares, but I'm sure you will help me understand," answered Jean.

"Of course! I'm with you all the way Jean. I know the territory well and will delight in being able to guide my little sister. Let's go in there and strut our stuff," said Denise as she released Jean's hand and reached for the door handle.

Denise and Jean entered the mall arm in arm. They paraded down the mall, heels clicking on the tile, breasts gently jiggling as they walked. Jean could sense eyes turning to look as they passed and smiled. He felt sexy and turned on by the attention. He could feel his organ grow hard in his special "pocket". He became so aroused he thought he might have an orgasm. Jean began to more closely mirror Denise's sensuous way of moving as they paraded down the mall.

Denise looked over and smiled at Jean and said in a very quiet voice, "I knew you'd get into it. There isn't anything that's a bigger turn on than moving through a public place and having every man, young and old, staring at you and wanting to fuck you," said Denise with a grin. "I love to think that we'll leave a hundred hard cocks in our wake and will probably make a lot of women happy because their husbands come home horny and fuck them for the first time in a month. Think of it as a public service that comes with knockout looks," she added.

They reached the beauty salon where Denise had made an appointment and entered. Andre, Denise's hair stylist, took one look at Jean's long, straight blond hair and said, "Honey, if you're Denise's sister, you need something that looks sexier than this plain Jane hair style. Denise told me that you've just moved in with her and I need to help you fit in with her and her lifestyle." So while Andre did Jean's hair a manicurist came in and went to work on Jean's nails. When Jean looked in the mirror he saw his long hair in spiraling curls that hung down almost touching his shoulders. The curls were almost like springs and bounced slightly when he moved. The curls framed and further softened his face, enhancing his already delicate features. "Viola," said Andre, "you're ready to party."

Denise thanked Andre gave him a big hug and pressed a nice tip in his hand. Jean and Denise headed back up the mall arm in arm. Denise said, "You see, I told you you'd do fine and you look fabulous. You're adapting to the female mind beautifully. Just imagine that little prick between your legs is a big clit protruding from a hot, wet pussy that is ready for action. My little sister is going to be a hit at the party were going to tonight."

To be continued...

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