tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLittle Sister Gets Help Ch. 2

Little Sister Gets Help Ch. 2


This is the second half of "Little Sister Needs Help".

* * * * *

It was a long walk home. Eric had left me at Look Out Point, after raping me in all three holes, hitting me and dunking me in the lake. My brother AJ had expected me home by midnight. My watch now said 2:30.

My house came into sight a couple of minutes later. I ran to the door and burst through it. My brother started from the family room downstairs.

"What's the matter? You can't call to let me know you're out fucking some guy?"

I walked into the room and waited for him to see me. His three friends, Peter, Devon and Shawn were leaning against the pool saw me first. I head them gasp and Peter whisper "OH SHIT."

AJ turned around and saw my bruised face, ripped clothes and tears. I flew into his arms suddenly needing him to tell me it would be all right.

"What happened? Tell me, Little One, what happened?"

I told AJ in halting sobs what had happened. He just held me close as I cried. I could feel him trembling and knew he was getting pissed. When I finally stopped sobbing and he pulled me back to get a good look at me, I could see he was ready to tear Eric apart. That was fine with me.

"I'm going to tear him limb from limb."

He grabbed a pool stick and headed for the door. He friends each grabbed something and headed after him.

"AJ, No!."

I ran after them and stopped them before the car.

"He will pay for what he did to you, Little One. No one hurts my sister and gets away with it."

"Fine. But I want to watch!"

The look of surprise on his face quickly gave way to satisfaction. I saw his smile before he reached down and gently kissed my on the mouth. I was surprised at the sudden heat and wetness that flooded my abused body. The guys quickly got in the car and drove off. I went inside to shower and wait.

It was almost 4:00 when they came back. Between Devon and Shawn was Eric, a piece of duck tape across his mouth and another binding his wrists.

They brought him downstairs and stretched him across the pool table after stripping his clothes. Each limb was bound to a leg so he was on his stomach, unable to move.

"Did you really think you would get away with hurting my sister? You scum!"

The pool stick came down across Eric's back. He arched in pain and tried to scream against the tape.

"My sister was a virgin!"

Another blow and Eric started crying.

"You ripped her apart."

This time the stick broke as it fell across his back.

"AJ, stop, he's crying."

I went to Eric and using the hem of my pajama shirt, wiped his tears away. He got a good look at my breasts. Slowly, I moved down his back, massaging the bruises that were showing. I moved farther down, massaging Eric's ass, then reached under him to take his cock in my hand. I pressed my head against his back as I slowly starting massaging his dick to life.

"Do you know how much you hurt me? Do you know what it feels like to have something rammed up your ass? Do you know what it feels like to have something shoved down your throat so you can't breathe?"

I looked at Shawn and noticed he had been wanking himself near Eric's head. Peter was doing the same. I knew they swung both ways. I nodded to them, then reached in front of Eric and ripped the tape off his mouth.


"Shh, that didn't hurt my little cocksucker, did it?"

Shawn positioned himself in front of Eric as Peter climbed onto the table. Eric was struggling against his bonds.

"You've got to be kidding me! No! No!"

Peter pistoned himself into Eric just as Shawn grabbed Eric's head and forced his mouth to take the cock. Both were thrusting in time, almost as if they were trying to meet each other in the middle.

I moved to my brother and kissed him softly. He held me close. I felt Devon come behind me and begin to lift my shirt. I lifted my arms and broke the kiss for only a minute. Devon and AJ guided me to the couch where I was laid down. Devon started suckling my breasts as AJ continued kissing me. Then, he started going lower. I moved my hips, wanting to feel him on that spot. My hands moved and I found AJ's pants and undid them, freeing his member. It was huge. I licked my lips in anticipation and then drew him into my mouth. I had just gotten all of him inside me when Devon's tongue found my clit.

It was amazing! I sucked hungrily at AJ while Devon sucked my tender spots. His fingers found their way into me and while it was tender at first, I quickly had my first orgasm. Carefully, Devon moved and started entering me. It hurt at first, but the pain became pleasure as he thrust gently. I sucked and slurped trying to take more of AJ into my mouth. He pulled out for a second and straddled my face. I groaned as Devon found a rhythm and I tried to match it with AJ. My hands grabbed at AJ's tight ass, trying to pull him closer. Devon moved and hit my g-spot and I felt my own liquids squirting as I exploded. AJ and Devon both came soon after shooting their cum into me. I swallowed everything I could of AJ's, trying to get more when he was done. I could feel Devon get soft in me and our mixed juices running down my ass to soak the cushion.


I looked over to see Shawn pushing as hard as he could into Eric. Eric looked like he couldn't breath as Shawn let loose and expelled everything he had down Eric's throat, not moving until we could see Eric swallowing. Peter was still pumping and he pushed harder and harder, making the pool table rock. He grabbed Eric's hips and pushed as hard as he could. I swear I heard a grinding noise from their hips. Peter's release was silent, but his face looked almost in pain as he finally found relief. He collapsed on top of Eric.

I got up and slowly moved over to Eric. My body was tender and naked, he could now see the bruises he had left on me. The tape made a ripping sound as I pulled it off his wrist and then ankles, taking all the hair with it.

"You can leave now."

I picked up his clothes and threw them on the table next to him. His face turned bright red. As he sat up, I could see he had a monster hard on. I smiled, knowing that this bit of information could prove very useful. It was then that he saw the video camera I had set up earlier.

"Yes, I have it all on tape. Everything that happened to you, including your hard on. Your huge, glorious cock, rock hard after being ass and face fucked by two guys. If you ever hurt another girl, I will distribute this all around the school. And if you've already graduated, I'll just send it to your parents, or your college, or your boss, or your wife. Whatever happens, wherever you are in life."

He nodded his head in understanding. Slowly, I turned and walked away, taking the tape with me. AJ and the others following me up the stairs. Eric could find his own way out.

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