tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLittle Sister Needs Help Ch. 1

Little Sister Needs Help Ch. 1


I was eighteen. My parents had died when I was sixteen, so my brother, six years my Senior, had dropped out of College to get a job and support me. He invited three of his friends to move in with us in our Parent's House, a six bedroom. They each paid $200 a month, plus pitched in another $200 for expenses. In return, they got full use of our indoor pool, our bar with a pool table and 48 inch TV, and our weight room. Not a bad deal I thought.

I played maid. My brother, Anthony Jr. (AJ), thought it would be better if I didn't work and just finished high school. I would do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry in exchange for an allowance of $30 a week and use of his car when I needed it. He bought me clothes and stuff when I needed it. I thought it was a good deal.

Anyway, it was the end of my Senior Year. I was dating Eric, a real jock. I knew the only reason I had a date with him is because I had finally learned the secret of make-up and short skirts.

I admit I'm pretty. I have Mom's Scottish in me. Long dark red hair that brushes and teases my ass when I'm naked. Long legs that seem like they're half of my 5'9". My breasts were nice and perky with rosy aureoles and tight nipples. (Being 39D helped too.) My waist was a small 25 inches and my tummy flat. My hips were a little too large for my liking at 37. I worked out and swam daily, helping keep my figure nice. I guess I'm vain about it.

Well, I finally discovered short skirts and makeup. AJ said I didn't need either with the way I looked. It was only after nearly causing a huge fuss in the store did he buy them for me. The first day I wore both, I had six guys ask me out. Eric was my first pick.

We went out Friday Night. We went to the movies. I don't even remember what we saw. I was too busy making out for the first time. I know I was so horny that my panties were soaked.

When the movie ended we went to Look Out Point, the local parking place overlooking the lake. Eric parked and pulled a blanket from the back seat. The dashboard clock said 10:45.

"Let's go look at the stars."

I agreed, a little nervous. He led me to a picnic table about 20 feet from the edge of the water and surrounded by trees. He put the blanket on the table and lifted me up so I was sitting on the edge. He spread my legs and was kissing me. I pushed back for a minute and told him to stop.

"What do you mean stop? What did you think we were going to do out here?"

"I'm a virgin. I want to stay that way."

He got mad. I got scared.

"You're kidding. A virgin? With the way you dress? You're asking for it."

His hands pushed between my legs and found my panties.

"You're soaked, no way could you not want it."

With a hard yank, he ripped my panties off.


I pushed him away again and he grabbed my wrists. He twisted my arms and held them behind my back. I cried out because it hurt. He pressed me against him so his hard on was pressing against my pussy and my breasts against his chest.

"Eric, no please."

I was begging and crying. He laughed. The Asshole laughed at me! He pulled my head back by grabbing my hair and kissed me hard. I bit him and then my cheek exploded as he hit me. I would have fallen off the picnic table if he hadn't been holding me.

With his free hand, he pulled himself out of his jeans. He pulled me off the table and I felt like I got slivers in my butt.

"So you want to stay a virgin huh? How about this?"

I was twisted around and he held me facedown on the table with my arms above my head. He lifted my skirt and rammed his cock into my ass. I made a sound, not quite a scream, not quite a sob. He let go of my wrists and grabbed my upper arms, pulling and pushing them as he thrust in and out of me. I heard my ass slapping his hips with each of his thrusts. It felt like I was being ripped apart and my ass was on fire.

I was begging him to stop, pleading crying. Suddenly, he stopped, his cock fully embedded in me.

"What will you do?"

The words didn't penetrate at first as the pain threatened to overwhelm me.

"I asked you a question BITCH. What will you do to make me stop?"

"Anything! Please!"

"Fine, suck me off."

His hands spun me away from him and I fell to my knees. I immediately tried to get up and run, but he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me down again. One hand was in my hair, the other slapping me across the face. He went to stand in front me and with both hands, pushed my face on his cock.

I couldn't breathe! His hands threatened to pull my hair out as he rammed his cock in and out of my mouth, forcing himself down my throat. The more I struggled, the more he laughed and pulled at me harder. I tasted my ass on him and something went came from him. I figured it was his precum. At that point I didn't care. I figured if I got him off, he would leave me alone. Suddenly, he stiffened and pulled out of my mouth.

He pushed me down so I was on my hands and knees and rammed into my pussy. I screamed as my hymen broke. He pushed once, twice, then pulled out and sprayed his cum all over me. My hair, my face, my clothes were covered. I was still on my hands and knees, crying. He knelt behind me and pulled me up so he could grab my tits. He mauled them, gripping and twisting my nipples through my bra and shirt.

"I never got to play with these either. That's okay. I will next time. Now let's clean you up."

He was pulling me by the hair and I was forced to follow. The water felt cold as he dragged me into the lake up to his thighs. I realized that somehow he had removed his jeans. He pushed my face into the water and I couldn't breathe again. He held me there while a struggled, letting me come up for air before dunking me again. His hand grabbed my ass and mound as he rubbed as if to clean me. Then, still holding my hair, he pulled me back to the picnic table where he dropped me on the bench.

"Thanks Bitch. I had a great time."

He grabbed his keys, jeans and the blanket and walked back to his car. I lay there for what seemed like hours before I looked at my watch, 11:07. My entire ordeal had taken 22 minutes.

I slowly began the walk home, barely able to stay upright for the pain in my pussy and ass.

"I hope you had a good time Eric, because my brother is going to make you pay."

To Be Continued...

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