tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister's Big Problem

Little Sister's Big Problem


Day 1

I sat in the waiting room, nervously tapping my foot against the floor. The doctor had called her in 30 minutes ago, what could possibly be taking so long? Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the secretary at the desk spoke up,

"Mr Adams? The doctor would like you to head in now. If you'd just proceed to the doors at the end of the hallway."

I was already off my seat and halfway across the room by the time she had finished speaking. I burst into the doctors surgery, Angie was sitting on a seating bench by the wall, hugging her knees. The doctor turned to me as I walked in.

"Ah, you must be the legal guardian," He checked his clipboard, "It says here you're her brother?"

"That's right. Please doctor, is she going to be okay?" I replied.

Doctor Bopkin smiled reassuringly at me.

"You can relax, I see nothing life threatening in her condition. And while it may be dangerous if left untreated, the treatment itself is easy and something she can take care of by herself."

He re-adjusted his glasses and narrowed his eyes at me,

"However, Angelina is still a peculiar patient. I have never come across another person like her. While she has external male genitalia, it would seem that she does have a uterus as well. However, it is not fully formed, and she has no vagina to speak of. It does however produce estrogen, which is what makes the rest of her appear undeniably female."

These was all things I knew already. My sister was just like any other 18 year old girl, except for her cock and balls.

"Yes, doctor, but what about the pain she's been experiencing?" I said.

"Yes, about that.." Doctor Bopkin looked over at Angie, who nodded in return. He continued, "Because of the unusual nature of Angelina's anatomy, her body produces excess amounts of semen. She is, unfortunately sterile, due to a low sperm count. This is caused in part by a lack of testosterone in the body. Regarding the pain, it can be relieved by simply ejaculating the excess semen. I would recommend she does this every day until her next check up next week. Although I do believe this process will solve the problem entirely, Angelina is remarkably healthy in every other aspect."

I let out a sigh of relief, Angie had been feeling immense pain in her balls for the past week. She'd often cry at night from the discomfort, and I had felt helpless and useless. Could the solution be so simple?

"For now," He added, "You should probably get her home as soon as possible so she can get started. She's still in pain right now, you know."

"I- Right! Of course." I quickly replied. I thanked Doctor Bopkin and rushed Angie to the car.


It was an hour long drive from the doctor. I glanced at Angie in the passenger seat. My younger sister was such a unique little person. Recently turned 18 years old, she was a bit of a shut in. Mostly due to self-image issues caused by her unusual anatomy. I always thought that was a bit odd, as she was an incredibly capable - and beautiful woman. It was also easy to forget her age, as she was a tiny creature, barely reaching up to my chest in height. Her long, and completely straight red hair (dark orange, more accurately) further added to her youthful appearance.

"Do you think you'll be okay? When we get home, I mean." I asked.

"Well," She shuffled in her seat. "I don't really know."

"What do mean? Doc said its a simple fix, right? It's probably something you've done a hundred times before."

"Not exactly," She looked down at her lap. "You know how self conscious I am about my penis. I haven't even actually masturbated before. It sometimes happens while I'm sleeping, but the last time that happened was months ago."

"Oh." I said after a pause, gripping the steering wheel tightly and looking straight ahead. "Well its super easy. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon, and probably enjoy it too."

She didn't seem convinced, and the rest of the drive passed in silence.


When we got home, I gave Angie a box of tissues and some lotion and told her to take care of it in her room.

"I'll make us some supper, you just take care of your business. I can see the pain you're feeling in your expression. So get it over with quickly, okay?"

She disappeared into her room. Thirty minutes later, after I'd made some sandwiches, she came out of her room. Her face was red and she looked ready to cry.

"I can't do it!" She cried. "I have no idea what I'm even supposed to do! It hurts so much! Please-" She grabbed my hand in her fists- "Just help me, just for today. So I can learn how, I'll do it myself tomorrow. Please."

I felt a tightness in my chest, I blinked to clear my eyes and tried to speak.

"Um, yeah. No, of course I'll help you. Lets go."

I led her to her room. She sat on the carpeted floor, her back against her bed. I sat down crossed legged in front of her. I noticed she was wearing a pair of loose fitting tracksuit pants. She always wore baggy pants, probably to prevent herself from being exposed in public.

"So, uh-" I began, but Angie already began pulling her pants off. She kicked them loose and wildly tossed them aside. She wasn't wearing any underwear beneath, and for the first time in my life I saw my little sister's cock.

It was huge. Bigger than mine even. It reached up past where I assumed her belly button was, and it had girth too. I wondered if my hand would fit around it..

"Well?" She asked impatiently.

"Oh right." I began, "So grab it by the-"

"Don't tell me!" She tossed the lotion at me and it bounced off my head. "Just do it, I'm in agony!"

I lotioned up my hands and carefully grabbed the base of my sisters cock in my hands. I quickly began jerking her off, twisting my hand slightly on each stroke, carefully stimulating the head and base, just as years of masturbating had taught me. Noticing that my back was straining in this weird position, I got down onto my chest and continued stroking her off. I looked up and what a strange sight it was.

My petite sister, sitting on the floor with her legs apart, with this massive (glorious) monstrosity between her legs. I quickened my pace and used my other hand to fondle her balls. Angie clearly wasn't used to maintenance and they were slightly hairy, with tufts of bright orange pubes covering her crotch. I pumped away at her, her dick reddening with anticipation. I looked up and noticed her breath was quickening, her face and chest noticeably rosy with the intensity of the situation.

"Somethings happening." she said. "Is this what it feels like to masturbate?"

"Grab some tissues," I instructed, "You need to catch all of it, can you do that?"

She did as I instructed and held the tissues over her penis. I sat up slightly , my sisters cock warm and twitching in my hands. I began working the tip more and more. Without warning, Angie suddenly let out a scream of ecstasy and clamped her hand down onto the head of her penis. I continued working her cock, trying to extract every drop of cum from her aching balls. The tissues proved to be a failure as she began shooting her load right through it. Cum leaked through our hands and onto the carpet. I hastily grabbed more tissues and did my best to clean the mess up. Angie had cum more than I could possibly have imagined.

I got up and tried to hide my own arousal, and went to throw the tissues into the trash.

"So, uh. Lets eat!" I said.


Day 2

"Alright, so I have a late class at campus tonight, and I'll only be back at 10." I buttered up some toast for her and put it on her plate. "After school, I want you to do your homework and try to masturbate on your own. Got it?"

"Um, yeah sure. I feel better already." She beamed at me, pushed her oversized glasses back onto her nose and took a bite of toast. "Thansh for hemping me lasht nighph!" She said through a full mouthful of breakfast.

I smiled at her, grabbed my car keys and left for another busy day.


(Later that evening)

It was already 10:32, I noticed, glancing at the clock on my dashboard. I texted Angie again.

- "Still stuck in traffic, seems like a big accident just off the highway. Did you manage to get off on your own?"

I waited for her response. It came immediately.

- "No, still trying though. Try to get home soon."

However, the traffic jam was worse than I had hoped, and it was already well past 11 when I got home. The house was dark. I checked in on Angie and she was already fast asleep. I covered her up properly with her blanket and decided to go to bed myself.


I sat up, immediately on high alert as a high pitched scream rang through the house. 3:04 am. I got out of bed and rushed towards Angie's room. She was flailing around, blankets strewn about. She was clearly in heavy distress. I noticed a huge bulge in her pink pajamas as her cock strained against it. The pajamas wet with pre-cum around the head of her cock.

"Angie!" I shook her violently, trying to wake her up. But it was no use. Whatever dream held her refused to let go. She let out another ear shattering scream. I trembled, and pulled down her pants. I'd have to take care of the problem she had obviously been unable to fix herself last night. I climbed onto her bed and grabbed the base of her cock. I realized I didn't have any lubrication, and I looked up to see if the lotion was still nearby.

It was at this point that Angie thrashed violently and let out another hair raising shriek. In a panic, I took Angie's cock in my hand and lowered my mouth towards it. I wrapped my lips around her and began to calmly but quickly suck on my sisters cock, covering it in saliva. (This is the first time I've had a penis in my mouth, I thought to myself. I didn't mind at all.)

I came up for fresh air, spat on her cock to try to get some more lubrication in there, stroked her with my hands and dove back in for more. I sucked her. I licked her. I deep throated her. For twenty minutes I had my sisters cock in my mouth as I strove to get her off and soothe her pain. It seemed to be working, her screams and thrashings had died down. I somehow sensed that she was close. I cupped her balls in my left hand (they were clean shaven, did she do that today?) stroked her shaft in my right and worked her tip with my tongue. After a few moments I felt her balls stiffen in my hand, felt her cum surge through her dick, and tasted it as she shot rope after rope into my mouth. I swallowed a mouthful. And more came. I swallowed again. And still more came. Finally it seemed she was finished. I took her cock out of my mouth and licked it clean. Squeezing a final drop from the tip onto my tongue.

I looked up and saw my sister finally awake.

"Angie.. I can explain." I got up onto all fours.

"Thank you.."She whispered. Tears began welling in her eyes. "Thank you. You saved me. You saved me again."

I reached down and embraced her, holding her tight. She cried into my shoulder. But I held back my own tears,

"I'm here for you." I said, stroking her head, feeling her hair in my fingers. "I'll always be here."

We fell asleep holding on to each other.


Day 3

"I'm staying home today. And you are too." I poured coffee into her cup. "I think we tried too hard to go back to the way things were. We need to take our time. Get used to this new situation. I need to make sure you're okay, that you're ready and comfortable before we move on."

Angie sipped her coffee. After a minute or two, she responded.

"Can we," she paused, took another sip and looked at me, "watch a Star Wars marathon like we used to? Oh and maybe play that new game we picked up!" She beamed at me, her smile showing on her entire face.

"Sure." I glanced at the clock. It was already almost 12, I'd let her sleep in. "Tell you what, I'll make some popcorn, get some snacks ready. We'll dim the lights and make a day of it. But first, go have a quick shower to refresh yourself, you stink." I joked.

She pulled her tongue at me but went to have a bath anyway. I made some popcorn and set up the movie. I closed the curtains to block out the sun and waited for Angie to arrive. It was a bit chilly out.

She walked into the room clutching a blanket and she threw it at me. I noticed she was wearing nothing but a regular pair of panties and a red tank top. Her cock was clearly visible through the thin, tight cotton.

'Is that comfortable?" I asked.

"What? Yeah. I like the snugness of it. Plus, its not like its something you haven't seen before."

She fondled her cock while looking at me. She jumped onto the couch and through the blanket over us. However, something about seeing my sisters bare legs like that, her creamy skin; her long, red hair; even the sight of her flaccid cock tucked snugly to the side of her panties, affected me. The events of the last two days had made me being to see her in a new light, and something stirred in my own shorts. I pushed such thoughts out of my mind and tried to enjoy the movie.

Angie rested on my shoulder and we enjoyed the first movie, munching on our popcorn. After it was done, she rushed off to the loo. Wanting to stretch my legs, I got up and sat on the reclining armchair, kicking it back. Angie returned a few minutes later and without hesitation she picked up her blanket and jumped onto my lap on the reclining armchair.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked her

"Shhh." She replied, snuggling into closer to me. "Play the next movie."

I started the movie, but it was different this time. With my sister basically sitting on my crotch, I couldn't keep my attention off her hot hot body on mines; her warmth and her smooth, pearly white skin. Even the rise and fall of her chest from her breathing was all inexplicitly turning me on. Before long I was sporting a full hardon. I pushed her up a little so I could re-adjust it but she just settled directly onto it, my dick falling perfectly in between her butt cheeks. I knew I should've protested but Angie snuggled further back into me, it felt so good that I wrapped my arms around her and held her there. Her breath quickened at this move. We watched the movie for another five minutes, but her continued labored breathing told me that this was turning her on as much as it did for me. I reached down and gently held her cock. It was rock hard. She let out a quick gasp.

"We'll have to take care of this soon." I said.

She nodded, unable to use her words at the moment.

I continued holding my sisters cock through her panties. After a few minutes she grabbed my other hand and slipped it up her top to hold onto her bare breast. My sister had modest boobs- petite as she was, but it was still a delightful handful. I slipped my hand into her panties and held onto her cock tightly. She let out out an utterly adorable moan. For a few minutes a just teased her, flicking her hard nipple in my left hand and squeezing her cock in my right. My own penis still lodged in her butt cheeks.

I felt a few drops of her pre-cum dripping down her cock and used it to start jerking her off. This caused her to shift on my crotch, she through her head back in pleasure. I continued stroking, her moans getting louder and more frequent.

"Just do it," She moaned. "I need to cum NOW."

I flipped my sister over so that I was on top, the blanket discarded to the side. I pulled her tank top over her head and grabbed her cock again. I stopped and looked into her eyes. Her fiery orange hair around her cute, innocent face. I slowly lowered myself towards her, and she came forward as well. Our lips met gently at first, but then were joined intensely as we explored each others mouths. Her cock twitched in my hand as if it had a life of its own. I brought my own hand away and put it into her mouth, she sucked onto it longingly, and I used her own saliva as lubricant when I brought it back to her cock. I jerked her off for an eternity as I kissed her, nibbled on her neck and sucked on her nipples. This wasn't just for health reasons anymore, I was enjoying toying and playing with my sisters body. Ravaging and her and letting her pleasure last as long as possible, as intense as possible. I came back to her mouth and we kissed again. Our tongues finding a home in each others mouth. Why did this feel so natural, so right? I didn't want to move away, to leave her. And she responded in kind. The taste of her in my mouth was unlike anything I had tried before. I was in heaven.

Eventually though, she neared her peak.

"I'm close,' She whispered. "Do you have any tissues?"

"No need." I said into her ear. "I want it all in my mouth again."

She kissed me again and held my head tight. Too tight, I couldn't move to swallow her cum. She groaned as she finished, me holding her spasming cock between us. When she was done I was pleased to notice that I managed to aim most of her cum onto her own body.

"Stay right there, don't move." I warned her.

I lowered myself and licked the cum off her belly. I lapped at the cum that landed on her chest and breasts. I sucked her skin clean and then licked her some more. I knelt on all fours and looked down at Angie's glorious body.

"Am I taking advantage of you?" I asked.

She raised an eyebrow and looked at me. "What? Don't be silly. I needed this. There's nobody else I'd trust to do it. Besides, it's just like you said before."

"What do you mean?" I asked, dropping down next to her on the wide armchair. She snuggled into me, her leg falling over mine and her head on my chest.

"I am starting to enjoy it."


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Great read

Great read.
where's part 2 really waiting to here how brother is gonna help sister.

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Student /teacher relation part 4!!!

You left us hanging after Part 3.. I liked this story, but you have a following who is wondering why you left us hanging on THST story.. look, it's cool that you have other ideas for stories, but whenmore...

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that was damm hot!! More Please

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Yes, a very hot story that needs more chapters. Her brother needs to educate her on how else to get herself off and enjoy it. Maybe she will resiprocate and suck him off ?
Nice plot and yes we need more,more...

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We need more please

Great story we just need it to continue please

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