tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister's First Time Ch. 03

Little Sister's First Time Ch. 03


Saturday night I stayed in to do some schoolwork while Megan went out with a girlfriend to the local bar. Around 1am I heard a car door slam and some giggling and I could tell Meg was a little drunk. She stumbled a bit as she walked to the door and couldn't seem to fit the key in the door. Afraid that mom and dad would hear her and find out that she'd been drinking, I ran downstairs and unlocked the door for her. Meg smiled when she saw me, and leaned in to kiss me on the lips before I had to push her away.

"Megan, mom and dad are upstairs and are probably awake now, we cant be seen doing anything with each other!"

She just kept smiling and started to inch up her super short "I'm a slut" skirt. I knew there was no reasoning with this girl so I threw her over my shoulder and brought her up to her room, where I told her to get undressed, get some water so she wouldn't be hung-over, and get to bed. Her intoxicating scent didn't go unnoticed by me as I started to get a hard-on while helping her to her room. Once she was safely on her bed, I told her to get undressed, and I went back to my room.

About ten minutes later, while I sat rubbing my cock through my shorts while pretending to do my work, Megan appeared at my door. My jaw dropped as I saw my hot little slut of a sister totally in the nude standing in the doorway for anyone to see.

"I got undressed like you asked; what now?"

She smiled as she cupped her massive tits (42DD, I checked a discarded bra in the laundry). She pushed them up with her tiny hands and stuck out her tongue so she was able to slowly lick her big nipples. My dick tented out of my jeans while she alternated back and forth between her tits sucking gently on each nipple until they stood hard and erect. I was so caught up in the show that I forgot my parents were down the hall and could come out anytime.

I whispered as loud as I could for her to get in the room and shut the door before they see but she ignored me and continued her show. She spread her legs and gave me a perfect view of her thick mass of hairy pussy.

"Let them catch me, I want them to know what a slut their daughter has turned into and how much she loves their son's huge prick."

She spun around and stuck her flawless ass out and wiggled it at me while she held onto the doorway. I jumped up, grabbed her arm, and shut my door before she could stop me. Megan turned in my arms and kissed me full on the lips in the most sensual kiss of my life, while her fat tits pressed against my chest. Her smooth sexy legs were already slick while we grinded together, and I knew she wasn't leaving my room until she was properly fucked by her big bro. I lay her down on my bed and told her to wait there while I locked my door.

After locking my door, I climbed onto the bed and began to devour my baby sister. I started at her neck, kissing it gently while slowly sliding down to her collarbone. She moaned out, and I had to muffle her as the walls are somewhat thin. I slid further down as if I was going to suck her massive tits, but I teased her by continuing down to her tight flat stomach. I licked her tummy while her legs shook and her pussy juice leaked out in anticipation. I came face to face with her sweet smelling crotch, but I teased the slut more by licking all around her treasure, until she begged me to tongue fuck her. I lined up my tongue at her hole while her twat oozed its juices and I buried my face in her cunt. She writhed around my tongue while she played with her nipples and squeezed the pillow tight over her mouth to keep from yelling. I licked and ate her hairy pussy for a long time until she could take no more and she spread her legs wide before cumming all over my face. Her girl cream glistened on my face, my bed, and between her legs and I lapped up all I could before Megan sat up on the bed and grabbed the top of my shorts.

She gave a quick yank and out came my fat monster, right in her face. She gave me her sexy smile before taking me in her mouth a little at a time until she developed a rhythm and then she used both her hand and mouth to bring me close to orgasm. This was her first blowjob but she knew I was about to cum and she stopped and turned around on my bed with her ass sticking up in the air. Her hairy lips showed between her legs and my cock was drawn to it like a magnet. I got behind her and gave her snatch a quick lick before sticking the tip of my cock in her. She pushed back at me so I slid in more and more cock until she started to scream out. I almost stopped fucking her out of fear that our parents would hear but she grabbed her pillow again and bit down on it. I pumped into her cunt nice and hard, changing speeds and plowing into her from different angles, while her huge tits hung down like utters. I couldn't resist grabbing onto them while I rocked her back and forth on my big cock. She was so soaking wet and her pussy was so slimy that I kept slipping out, but every time I put it back in, it was faster and harder than the last time.

Megan whispered, "Fuck me, fuck my hot pussy, hurt me!"

I leaned forward and pulled her hair as I slammed into her hole, and I gave her gorgeous ass the occasional slap until it began to turn red. I felt my balls boiling and she must have too cuz she climbed off of me and lay down on my bed. She said she wanted my load all over her big fat tits so she could rub it into them, and she barely got her words out before I exploded all over the place, but I made sure the last few spurts landed on her tits like she asked. I collapsed next to her as she licked my jizz off her nipples, my room now smelling of our hot fuck session.

Megan and I lay side by side for a moment until we heard the door creak down the hall.

"Oh shit," I said. "It's 4am and dad's getting up for his jog."

When he saw that Meg's door was open and she wasn't in there, he would panic and flip out. Luckily there had been one or two times in the past when Meg slept in my room on my futon because her room was too cold. The problem this time was that she had no clothing in here to throw on. That, and she was covered in dried cum like a slut whore. We heard dad coming down the hall and stopped in front of Meg's door. Hmm, part 4 should be good.

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