tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister's First Time Ch. 04

Little Sister's First Time Ch. 04


When dad didn't see anyone in Megan's room, he came right over to mine and opened it without knocking. I had quickly shoved Meg into my closet and jumped back into my bed so when dad entered I looked asleep. He asked if I knew where my sister was because she wasn't in her room. I told him I think she slept at her friend's last nite but he said he could have sworn he heard her come home. As he was about to exit my room, he caught a whiff of something. It smelled like a combination of sweat and sex, and then he was sure he smelled pussy! Knowing I didn't have a girl over, he started to get very suspicious, and of course my sister chose that moment to let out a sneeze. Dad walked to the closet, and as he opened the door, he came face to face with a set of giant tits, stacked high and firm atop an otherwise slim figure. He came face to face with a steaming hairy cunt that continued to leak man cum. He came face to face with his only daughter, whose face and naked body glistened with cum. He came….well..he practically came right in his pants. When he could finally look away, he turned to me with a long stare, then back to my sister. As every image and thought imaginable ran through his mind, Meg couldn't help but notice the growing bulge in dad's shorts.

Now dad was a somewhat conservative guy, lived his life pretty much by the book. He therefore would not be understanding of this situation and he was beginning to boil on the inside with rage. As the elder sibling who should know better, I was first to be targeted. Dad began to scream at me about what I have done and how dangerous it was, and how wrong it was, and what mom would say if she found out. As the rant went on, Megan grew bold and decided to try to save me. She reached to dad's crotch and rubbed his still noticeable bulge. When he turned to face her, she grabbed his head and pressed it into her endless cleavage, and she kept his face in there for several seconds. When he struggled free, the rage still showed in his eyes, so Megan yanked down his shorts and dropped to her knees. I could not believe what I was seeing and I thought for sure dad was going to hit her. When she got to her knees, Meg was eye level to dad's fat tool, which lengthened until it was larger than my own big dick. She wasted no time, this little cock whore, and she started to suck dad like a popsicle. She pulled his ass closer so she could swallow more cock, and she bobbed on his knob until his knees weakened and she sensed he would cum.

At the last second, Megan stood up and looked at dad.

"I'll let you finish off inside me if you don't tell mom," she said.

With that she lay down on my bed next to me and spread her sexy legs. Her pussy had dried cum still on it from our fuck session. Dad looked at me curiously as if to ask if she was serious. I just nodded and smiled.

All rational thought left dad's head as he stared down at his young slut of a daughter who was offering her hairy wet snatch directly below him. As his little head began to make up his mind for his big head, Meg spread her smooth tanned legs even farther apart as if to egg on dad. Her gaping pussy hole was too much for any straight male to resist and dad gave me one last look before moving in.

I watched as dad started at Meg's neck, slowly licking it and moving slightly further down to her collarbone, kissing it gently. Meg's legs trembled below him as he moved down to her oversized tits, grabbing at one while he sucked the nipple of the other. I noticed how dad was taking his time blowing softly on her nipples and then licking them all over, and I could see the effect this was having on Megan. My room reeked of pussy, and I noticed my own cock was now sticking straight out in front of me. As dad worked his way down his daughter's tight young body, I found myself thrown into the action as my sis grabbed my dick and led me to her face. She smiled at me and then opened wide to allow my cock to fill her mouth. More and more went down her throat until I felt my pubes tickling her lips. This slut was deep throating my thick meat while her own father was now between her legs about to get his first taste of heaven, in the form of dripping wet hairy cunt.

Meg now wrapped her legs around dad's body so his tongue could get further up her twat, and he took advantage of his position by giving her the tongue fucking of her life. He alternated between sucking her throbbing clit, and plugging her hole with two to three of his fingers. Within minutes Megan was shaking and about to come, and I kept my cock crammed down her throat to stifle her moans. The pleasure overcame her and she erupted, spewing her hot juices all over dad's face. I have never seen a girl cum as much as she did, she squirted out her cum for a good 10 seconds. Dad had no choice but to lick it all up since Megan had her legs locked around his head. Dad's tongue on Megan's sensitive pussy lips became overwhelming for her, and she actually had to beg him to ease up, which he did, still enjoying the taste of her treasure on his lips.

In the meantime, as her orgasm subsided, and dad stood poised to fuck Megan with his large dick, I was still being sucked like the pro my slutty little sister had become. She was slowly letting my cock out of her mouth and the strands of my precum and her saliva stayed connected to her mouth. Then she would suck me back in deep, little by little. As she repeated this sloppy , wet blowjob, I reached the edge of no return and she knew she was about to get my load. I looked down at her massive tits and then down to her cunt bush that was soaked in cum, and I exploded right into her mouth. When the cum wouldn't stop shooting out, she couldn't take anymore of it and I shot the last few drops onto her fat tits. As my dick softened, I rubbed it into her cleavage, making sure every drop of my cum was on her body. The look on Megan's face showed me that her life would now be devoted to taking cock and eating cum.

I lay down on my bed next to Megan with my softening cock, and she remained there with her eyes closed, her pussy slightly sore and achy from all the cumming. Meg forgot, however, that dad was still hovering with his now steel hard cock dangling between her legs. While her eyes stay shut, dad lined up his dick and shoved the whole thing right up his daughter's snatch. She was so wet that he slid right in, and her eyes shot open as she screamed her lungs out. It caught me off guard that dad was doing this so I had no time to stop her from screaming. But dad no longer cared, as he slowly pulled out before ramming his monster back inside his baby girl, over and over into her aching, soaking wet pussy.

By the time dad was ready to cum, about 30 seconds later, Megan was beginning to get used to the feel of this incredibly large piece of meat plowing into her, and as he announced he was cumming, Meg came as well, their hot juices meeting and soaking both their crotches while they moaned in ecstasy. Unfortunately, dad would soon remember that his wife, my mother, was still in bed, and had to have heard the noise. Even more unfortunately for dad, as he looked over to the door, not only had my mom heard the sex going on, she witnessed it. She stood by my door, arms crossed, staring at her husband whose cock remained inside her sweet young daughter's tight cunt. She had a look of rage on her face, like she was preparing to attack. Her eyes focused on each of us one at a time, and being even more conservative than dad, I knew we were doomed. My mind raced with thoughts of what would come, divorce? Murder? As I pondered our fates, though, I thought I could see from where I lay that mom's big nipples were poking through her nightgown, and it looked like there was a tiny dark spot near the crotch area?

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not ruined

Please nail Mom, then Aunt And maybe Grandma

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You ruined it by adding the dad

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