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Little Slave Girl


There is a rattling sound and for a moment, I don't know where I am.

"Wake up, slave!"

Then it comes back to me. I slept the night in my cage. Usually I would wake up in bed next to my master but I was bad yesterday. He put me in here as part of my punishment and told me to think about what I had done wrong. It's cold and uncomfortable and I don't like being sent away from my master like that. It is a relief to open my eyes and see him looking in at me, even with his expression so stern. It gives me a fluttering feeling inside.

I sit up and narrowly avoid bumping my head against the top bars of the cage. "Good morning, Master."

"Good morning, slave." He turns the key in the cage door. It had been there all night and I could have easily let myself out but I know this is a test. I need to prove to him again that I can be his obedient slave. "I hope you will be better behaved today."

"I will be, Master. I am sorry for my conduct yesterday."

"We shall see if that is really the case. I have guests visiting this evening so if you show me up, then I will be even more angry with you." He opens the door. "Come on then." I crawl out of the cage on my hands and knees, stopping by my master's legs. I kneel with my back straight and my hands resting on my thighs. I am how my master likes me to be -- completely naked, except for the black collar around my throat. "What do you want from me today, Master?"

He strokes my head. "We are going out. Go and wash and be ready in 20 minutes."

"Yes, master."

While I shower, my mind races over what might be in store for me. I know that I will be punished severely for misbehaving yesterday but I do not know how. I vow that I will be the best slave possible from now on to make up for it.

I am thorough and quick and am ready with five minutes to spare. I present myself in front of the sofa on which he is sitting, on my knees again. He looks up from his newspaper and casts me a glance. Then he returns to his reading while reaching a hand down to me. I try not to move as he runs his fingers through my long hair, but it is hard not to shiver as he strokes the side of my neck, traces my collarbone. He is still reading while he walks his hand way over my left breast. He cups it in his palm then circles the dark nipple lightly, making it hard immediately, before pinching it. He rubs it between his thumb and forefinger before moving his hand to my right breast and caressing it in the same way. He continues to read slowly, paying no attention to me except that one hand playing with my breasts. I can feel the dampness increasing in my pussy as he turns me on, more and more.

Finally, he lays aside the paper and turns his focus to me. Undoing the flies on his trousers, he pushes them down and looks at me expectantly. He doesn't have to say anything and eagerly, I kneel up and take his cock in my mouth. I swirl my tongue around the width of it and start sucking, while my hands stroke his balls. Then, just as I can tell he's about to orgasm, he pulls out of my mouth and cums across my bare breasts. "Good girl," he tells me.

"Thank you, Master." He runs the tips of two fingers in the liquid across my body and presses them to my lips. I lick them clean as he drops his other hand to grab my crotch. He rubs the heel of his hand against my clitoris and makes me gasp before he pushes his fingers into my soaking pussy.

"My little slave girl is very horny, I see." He is still rubbing against my clit and I can only just get out my response.

"Yes, Master."

"But you're a bad slave."

I drop my head in shame. "I know, Master -- I want to make it up to you."

"You will. First we have to do some shopping. Go get ready."

He lets go of me and I nod. "Yes, Master." I start to stand up, just to feel a slap across my bottom. "What have I told you?"

"I'm so sorry, Master!" I can't believe that I forgot! When I am in shame, I must be on my knees at all times in front of my Master.

"You know what that means."

"Yes, Master." He sits down again and I lie across his lap, face down. Immediately his palm comes down hard on my backside.

"One," he announces. "Now you count from here."

His hand comes down again with a stinging blow. "Two," I say.

Two more in quick succession, one on each butt cheek. "Three. Four," I gasp out.

Once more, another loud slap. "Five!" His hand rests there for a moment, then squeezes and lets go. I slip off his lap, straight down onto my knees again. "I'm sorry, Master. Thank you for correcting me."

"Don't forget. Now hurry up."

"Yes, Master." I turn and crawl out of the room on my hands and knees, with him following behind me. I go to the cupboard under the stairs, find a length of black leather and grip it between my teeth. I crawl back to my master, who is waiting by the door. He takes the lead from my mouth and attaches it to my collar.

"You may stand up now." I get to my feet and he opens the door.


My Master's neighbours know him and I quite well by now and while the occasional stranger to the area may look surprised by my Master leading me through town, most people barely notice any more. However, this is in normal circumstances when I am clothed in public. Now I am naked, except for my collar and my Master's cum across my chest. Everyone can see I'm in shame and that I have been a bad slave and they are all staring.

He leads me through the town and occasionally someone shakes their head and tuts at me. "What did she do?" One of my Master's friends asks.

"She was extremely disobedient yesterday," my Master says, disappointedly. "She's being punished today."

"I've been having trouble with mine too," his friend empathises. They talk for a little while like this and I look demurely at my feet. I am sorry that I have made my master look bad in front of his friends. When they have finished, he tugs on my lead and I follow him down the road.

When we reach the supermarket, he ties me up at one of the rings for dog leads and I sit on the ground to wait, my legs tucked around me. Everyone knows by now that they are not to touch me and that I am my master's alone but that doesn't stop them looking -- at me secured firmly amongst the dogs waiting for their owners, at my bare, still sticky breasts with their very erect nipples. They can all see how bad I've been.

My Master has quite a lot of business to take care of. Once he has finished buying groceries in the supermarket, he walks with me to the bank, where he has arranged an appointment. I kneel next to him while he talks to the manager and when we leave, I carry the folder containing the paperwork in my mouth and continue to hold it between my teeth when he ties me up again, this time outside the Post Office.

Finally, he is done with everything he needs to do in town. "We don't need to rush home, we can take our time," he says. "Get back on your hands and knees, slave."

I nod (the folder keeps me from talking) and drop back down to my hands and knees. He keeps my leash tight and I crawl next to him, as he walks slowly home.


When we return, he sends me to get washed again and instructs me to expect my punishment when I am done. I am nervous about what he will do to me but I am glad that he sees fit to deal with my behaviour. He is serious about me being the best slave I can be and I want to live up to that. I enter the bedroom on my hands and knees and approach him where he stands by the window. "Yes?" he asks.

I look up at him, my dark eyes serious. "Master, I am here for my punishment."

"One that you are sorely in need of." He looks so disappointed in me, it hurts.

"Please Master, I just want to make up for it."

"You are to receive a thorough spanking, slave," he informs me. "Get up on the bed."

I look over and see pillows stacked up in the middle. Obediently, I climb onto it and lie down, so that my head is at the end of the bed and my bottom is held up high over the pillows. My master starts to secure me, tying rope around each wrist and ankle and attaching me to each bedpost. All the while he tells me about the punishment I am about to receive.

"I am going to spank your bottom as penance for your bad behaviour yesterday. You know what you did wrong -- your body is mine and it is my choice to do with it as I want. You do not masturbate unless I tell you to but you explicitly went against my orders. You are going to receive the spanking of your life, in order to teach you to respect my property."

He stops and moves around to look directly into my face. "I'm going to spank you however I want, as hard as I want and I will not stop. I will just keep going with whatever implement takes my fancy and for as long as it takes."

"As long as what takes, Master?"

"As long as it takes for you to beg me to stop."

I swallow nervously. "Only until then, Master?"

"Yes, slave. But if you beg me to stop, I will take that as a sign that you are questioning my authority over you."

"But Master!" I'm shocked. "I would never question your authority!"

"If you beg me to stop, that will be questioning it," he corrects me severely. "And I will not stop beating you until you beg."

I don't know what to say. Hesitantly, I ask a question. "What will happen if I beg you, Master?"

"You will be punished further, in another manner."

"What manner will that be?"

"That is not for you to know." He walks around to the side of the bed where I can't see him. "Now, are you ready for your spanking?"

I am scared but I want to please him so much. "Yes, Master."

Without another word, I feel the crack of the cane across my arse. I gasp in pain and then grit my teeth as several more follow. Red hot line after red hot line scorches my backside rapidly. I start to whimper and tears come to my eyes but I don't try and struggle. Then it stops.

I let out the breath I was holding, waiting for the next onslaught. My master said that he wouldn't stop until I begged and I do not doubt his word. I am right not to. The slap of the paddle lands heavily on my bottom. This does not burn the same way as the cane but it stings across a greater area. The smacks come down at smooth, regular intervals and I try to count but soon the mist of pain makes me lose focus. Just as my bottom almost feels like it's going numb from the pain, again it stops.

A thin streak of pain whips across my buttocks -- this must be the switch and it hurts so much! I can't hold in the sobs this time and tears roll down my cheek. There is a pause and my master comes round to look at me. "You understand how bad you have been?"

I nod. "Yes, Master," I whisper. "Please keep spanking me."

"There's hope for you yet."

He disappears again and I screw up my eyes, bracing myself for the next blow. Smack! Solid and unyielding, I cry out as the hard-backed brush connects with my bottom. There is nothing that hurts like the brush and after the rest, I can't bear it. The tears start flowing freely and I scream out at each smack, straining against my ties. "Please! Please Master!" There is no stop in the flow. "Please stop, Master! I can't take any more!"

It's suddenly quiet. I slump forward, whimpering.

"What else?"

"I'm so sorry Master, for my behaviour yesterday and for not taking the punishment you chose for me but I can't bear any more. Please, don't spank me any more but do whatever else you want with me to teach me to be a better slave for you. I need your correction and beg you to do with me whatever you will."

He lays the brush down next to my head and runs and hand over my painful bottom. "All right, slave. When I tell you, you will beg me for your punishment again." He wipes the tears from my face and kisses me on the head before he unties me. Once he is done, he squeezes my sore bottom. "Go and prepare food for this evening. I have visitors coming at five o'clock."

"Yes, Master," I say and remembering this time, leave the room on my hands and knees.


It is starting to get dark and before the guests arrive, my Master commands me to come into the front room. I enter (on my hands and knees). "Stand up," he instructs. I do so and he lifts me onto the windowsill. Climbing up himself, he ties my wrists together then loops the rope over the curtain rail. He climbs down and holds up a bamboo cane and for a moment I am scared he will beat me again but instead he spreads my legs apart and ties each ankle to the cane. As a last touch, he ties a length of fabric around my mouth to gag me.

I am held, standing on the tips of my toes and in full view of the outside world. He runs his hands up my legs and over my bare arse, which is still bruised and striped from my earlier punishment. He kisses up the inside of my legs, stroking my sore bottom and fingering my arsehole. When his lips reach the top of my legs, his tongue flicks out to lick the tip of my swollen clitoris, driving me crazy before he starts to lightly suck on it. His tongue pushes deep into my hot pussy and I moan through the gag -- it feels so good. Then suddenly the sensation stops. I am so disappointed but I know better than to complain. He steps back from the window.

"Everyone can see how naughty and horny my little slave girl is now," he informs me. The blush is spreading through my cheeks. I am highlighted in the window and the people walking past in the gathering dusk look up at my bound and suspended body. I can feel the wetness between my legs increasing, glistening in the room's light. My nipples are pointed and my Master, after surveying me for a few moments, attaches a pair of clamps to them. There is a chain holding them together and when he moves it, it sends shocks into me. The doorbell rings.

My Master turns me so I am facing into the room and goes to answer the door. The first of his guests has arrived and before long there are several other people, men and women, milling in the room. Some of them look up at me and they start a conversation about disciplining slaves in general and me in particular. It is embarrassing to hear them talk about my behaviour, my Master has informed them why I am in disgrace, and one of them comes over to inspect the results of my beating that afternoon. Eventually, they move into the next room and my Master lets me down and removes the gag. "Go and serve our guests."

I take drinks and food through to the visitors and once I have served everyone to their satisfaction I sit on the floor next to my Master's chair. He strokes my head absent-mindedly while he talks with his friends and drinks from his beer. Once he looks at me and says, "I need somewhere to put down my drink." Obediently, I move onto my hands and knees and keep my back as straight as possible. My head drops forward and my hair falls in front of my face. Once I am settled, he rests his bottle on it and while they talk and laugh, I concentrate on keeping as still as possible, even when he strokes my breasts, or pats my sore bottom, fingers my pussy. I do not want to upset the beer everywhere. At some point, my Master places a bowl of crisps on my back too and I am very careful not to move as people dip into it.

I don't know how long it is before the things are taken off me and my Master instructs me to sit up. I do so and ignoring all the other people, look up into his face. "I think you were going to ask me for something, weren't you, slave?"

I realise what he means and I can feel myself getting wetter as it dawns on me that he means to punish me with even more humiliation. "Yes, Master," I agree. "I want you to punish me because I've been a disappointment to you as a slave and my behaviour yesterday was inexcusable. Please teach me that my body is for your pleasure alone and treat me however you see fit, so that I will always remember for the future."

"You beg very nicely, slave and I think your punishment should fit the crime." I swallow nervously and sneak a look at the other people in the room. They are all watching interestedly. "I want you to play with yourself, here in front of my guests and show them what a naughty, depraved little slave you are."

My cheeks are hot from blushing but I nod. "Yes, Master. Whatever you ask."

"Play with yourself for my satisfaction, slave and don't stop until I tell you to but you are not allowed to climax. You understand me?"

This will be torture. "Yes, Master."

"Start then."

I keep my eyes fixed on my master's as I start to run my hands over my own breasts. Hesitantly, I start to brush my fingers over the areolae around my nipples before circling them a little more decisively. I rub them between my fingers and keep tweaking and teasing them with one hand, while the other moves down my front, over my stomach and down between my legs.

"Make sure we can see all you are doing," says my Master in a low voice that feels like it reverberates inside me.

Obediently, I lean back against the chair and widen my legs so that he and all his guests can watch as I slide one finger either side of my clitoris, slick with my own juices. I start to rub it from side to side but I'm already so sensitive and turned on, that I realise it won't take much before I bring myself to orgasm. Instead, I push my fingers past and thrust them deep into myself, feeling for the rough wall of my g-spot. I close my eyes as I thrust in and out rhythmically, my breath becoming more laboured.

My left hand keeps fingering my nipples, my right fingers pump in and out of me and every now and then my thumb grazes over my clit sending more thrills through my body. I can feel my back starting to arch but I keep going, holding onto the wave of orgasm that threatens to overwhelm me. I don't know how long I can hang on for though and open my eyes to meet my master's gaze. I can see the bulge of his cock, pressing against the seam of his jeans and know this is teasing him, almost as much as it is me. I am panting hard now and little moans keep escaping me. I am so close!


Agonisingly, I stay my hand and withdraw my dripping fingers from myself, sitting up straighter as I do so.

"Lick those clean," my Master instructs. I do as he tells me to.

"You have been bad, my girl," he says sternly. "And now everyone has seen you for the naughty slave you are."

"Yes, Master. What else can I do to make it up to you?"

"In order for me to be proud of you again, I want you to make sure my guests are happy." He turns from me to one of his friends. "Shona, I think you said you wanted to test my slave?"

The dark-haired woman nods. "Yes, please. I have a boy at the moment but have been thinking of having a change. Do you mind if I give her a try?"

"Go ahead."

My head's awhirl but I can't say anything. I have only ever been my Master's alone but I must do whatever he tells me to. If I'm to please him, I will have to please her.

"Lie down, slave," she instructs.

I do so and she lifts her skirt to show she's wearing no underwear. She lowers herself to sit on my face and I open my mouth to receive her, darting out my tongue to lick firmly down the centre of her pussy.

"Good girl," she says. "Now make me scream."

Obediently, I keep licking. First, quick darts with the tip of my tongue, tickling and teasing her sensitive clit before sucking it into my mouth. I press my tongue to the mouth of her pussy, massaging the lips. I nibble her clit delicately then plunge my tongue as deep into her as I can. I keep sucking and licking steadily and firmly, listening to Shona's moans above me. I don't stop, even when she is screaming and writhing on my face and eventually, she pulls away, tumbling onto the floor next to me. I stay where I am and wait for my next instruction.

"Well done, slave," my Master says, approvingly as Shona readjusts herself, smiling. "Come back here." I move to kneel by him again and spend the rest of the evening replenishing drinks and food when needed.

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