tagInterracial LoveLittle White Riding Hood

Little White Riding Hood


"Honey!" shouted an older woman's voice.

"Yes ma'am!" replied a younger female's voice.

"Could you come here for a sec?" requested the older woman.

The 18-year-old female came hopping into the room after being called by her mother.

"Don't hop too much honey. You don't want to give yourself black eyes," joked the mother.

The mother was referring to her daughter's gigantic chest. She couldn't understand why her daughter was blessed with huge, heavy firm breasts, while all the other ladies in the family could barely get D cups.

"Karly," the mother said. "I need you to take grandma her medicine. She forgot to take them with her yesterday during her visit. She just called and sounded very sick."

"Ok ma'am," Karly answered, in her sweet angelic southern Drawl.

Karly picked up the medicine off the kitchen table, threw over her fuzzy cotton sweater to still and hide her delicious curves, and was ready to head out the door.

"Now remember Karly. Do not take the back road to grandma's house. It's very dangerous. Be careful," Karly's mother warned her.

"I won't mom," Karly answered as she skipped and hopped out the door.

Karly was as beautiful as a super model. At 18, she had a slim body, narrow hips, long legs, and an ample bottom and stood 5'6. Besides her height not letting her become an actually supermodel, her 38FF cup chest also prevented a modeling career, even thought Karly didn't want to become a model anyways.

Girls in Karly's family were quite jealous of her enormous assets. Girls at school were also jealous and teased her a lot with nicknames like "Balloons" or 'Huge Melons" and "Baby Feeders." But Karly ignored them and was happy to have been blessed with large, naturally soft, breasts. It was a rare thing in their small town for a young girl to be so blessed.

Every male figure including married men wanted to take Karly home and have their way with her. But Karly was a virgin and had been saving herself for the right person.

She hardly went on dates because all the guys want to do is make out and feel her chest. The guys were lucky enough if Karly kissed them. Karly had never seen or felt a real penis before. She had only seen a penis on videos from Sex-Ed classes.

As Karly hopped and skipped in the happy part of town, there was a nasty car accident and any roads from there were blocked with "do Not Enter" signs. Unfortunately for Karly, she had no choice but to take the back road to her mother's dismay.

As she entered the back road, off the happy street, homeless people lay all around, searching for anything to eat and drink. Some homeless men tried to reach out for Karly and she quickly out-manoeuvred their grasping hands. She traveled further into the back roads and a street gang that owned the back roads were just up ahead, playing dice and blasting gangster music. Karly knew she would stick out like a sore thumb because she was the only white person in the back roads and her monstrous tits were easily spottable. But she managed to find away around the gang and continued on her way towards her grandma's house.

Unbeknownst to Karly, her grandma's house was being robbed by two buglers. They had tied up Karly's grandma and hide her inside a closet. One of the buglers had just happened to take a look outside and saw the busty granddaughter on her way over.

"Oh shit Rob! A little girl is coming this way. And man she has some big ass titties! That sweater isn't doing much to hide them.

Then the other bugler named Rob took a look at a picture on the wall with the grandma and granddaughter in it.

"This must be her. You said she has big tits, this little girl in the picture definitely has some huge titties," Rob said as he licked his lips.

"What are we going to do? She'll call the cops," panicked the other bugler.

Weird banging noises were coming from the closet. A mumbling scream could be heard.

"Damn old lady. Go into the closet and keep that bitch quiet. I'm about to have me some fun," said Rob.

The other bugler opened the closet and got in. He held onto the grandma whom tried to fight him off. Rob saw the old woman's robe just as her granddaughter Karly started knocking on the door.

"Shit!" said Rob. "Just a...oops!" (Feminine voice) "Just a moment please."

Rob quickly throws the robe on and hopped into the old lady's bed. He pulled the covers over his face.

"Come in....(Feminine voice) I mean, come in," Rob said.

Karly turned the knob and walked into a sort of messy house.

"Wow! Grandma. Your house is pretty messy," Karly said.

(Feminine voice) "Yes, well, I've been too sick to clean up lately darling," Rob said.

"Well Grandma, ma'am send me over here to give you your medicine. You left it at our house."

(Feminine voice) "Thank you child. You're so precious to me. Why don't you come a little bit closer so I can get a real good look at you," Rob said as he eyed her large melons.

"You don't remember how I look grandma?" Karly asked suspiciously.

(Feminine voice) "This sickness is affecting my vision and my memory darling. Come here and let grandma see how beautiful you have become," he said.

Karly walked over to the bed and stood next to Rob in disguise as her grandma. His eyes widen at the sheer sight of Karly's enormous tits. They stood out far from her chest, they were enormous.

"Good God!" Rob said in his head. "Those things must weigh a ton and they may be bigger then my own head."

Karly leaned over and got up close to inspect her "so-called" grandma. Rob's eyes widen as he looked down Karly's cleavage.

"Wow grandma! What big eyes you have."

"The better to see those tits my dear," he answered softly.

Karly swore she heard the word tits.

"Wow grandma! What a large nose you have."

"The better to smell that sweet pussy of yours," he said softly.

Karly thought she heard her say pussy.

"Wow grandma! What big feet you have."

"You know what they say about people with big feet honey."

Rob's eyes lustful watched Karly's huge knockers jiggled and bobbled with each breath and moment she took. Rob couldn't help himself as his cock throbbed. He whipped it out and started jerking off under the sheets.

Karly looked over in the middle of the sheets and saw lots of movement.

"What are you doing grandma?" Karly asked curiously.

"Oh! Just got a snatch my dear...That's all," he replied.

Karly pulled the sheets down and was shocked.

"GRANDMA! What a huge black cock you have!" Karly gasped.

(Normal voice) "The better to fuck you with my dear."

Suddenly, the closet door opened and the other bugler came out holding Karly's grandmother at knifepoint.

"Now be a good little girl and start sucking my cock or, your grandma sees death a little bit early," Rob said as he stood up in bed and pulled his jeans and boxers all the way down. His monstrous black cock bobbed and swayed against his thick thighs and half down to his kneecaps.

Virgin Karly looked over at her grandma and the bugler. He held the knife at her throat. She had no choice but to give into the black man's demands.

Karly kicked her shoes off and climbed onto the bed. She realized that she was face to face with her first real cock and it was a big one too. His balls were enormous in their own rights. The size of mango fruits. She grabbed his cock with one hand. It barely fit in her grip. So she used both hands and stroked the monstrous dick.

"I said suck it!" Rob demanded angry.

Karly opened her virgin mouth and sucked up his huge ballooned cockhead. Her warm mouth on his cockhead sends chills through his body.

In the back of her mind, Karly knew this was wrong. But on the other hand, she became extremely horny and never felt such a wonderful thing in her mouth before. She began moaning over his cock and really got into it. She sucked and slurped on his cockhead and slowly moved her lips further down his juicy thick shaft.

Rob closed his eyes and moaned. He felt like he was in heaven. He had never had a white girl suck his cock and now he wished he had let them more often.

Karly bobbed her head faster and harder between Rob's crotch. His friend watched with excitement. Grandma watched in horror as her granddaughter sucked the criminal's cock and loved it.

The sucking noises got louder and louder as she slobbered all over his large black cock. She sucked his cock so hard, Rob thought the skin was going to come off. She tasted his pre-cum oozing from his cockhead. Everything she moved her head up his cock, it never left her mouth and she suckled his cockhead before moving back down his shaft.

She continued to slurp and suck his cock like a woman possessed. She had never tasted cock before and loved it. She pulled his massive prick from her slobbery mouth with a slurp and rubbed it all over her dove white face. She licked the shaft up and down and moved her tongue to his big balls. She licked each enormous ball and captured them between her lips. She sucked his balls hard and vacuumed them in her mouth. She stroked his wet shaft while bathing his balls in her mouth.

"OH GOD!" moaned Rob. "This granddaughter of yours sure is hungry."

Karly licked back up his shaft and took it back between her lips. She sucked and sucked his cock harder and harder. She felt his cockhead hitting the back of her throat. Rob wanted to cum but not at the moment, so he pulled his cock from her mouth with a loud pop sound and sat on the bed. His slobbery cock flung saliva all over his thighs.

"Let me get at these delicious titties," moaned Rob.

Karly grabbed Rob's huge cock and stroked it furiously while Rob undid Karly's cotton sweater. Once the sweater was on the floor, her shirt was next to go. Her gigantic 38FF tits were barely contained inside her white bra. Rob planted kisses on her bare chest and slithered his fat tongue over the ample slopes of her breasts. He reached behind Karly and unfastened her bra. He lifted her bra off her breasts and slobbered at the humongous sizes of them. Pale white with large light pink aureoles and cherry red nipples.

Both the bugler and the grandma's eyes widen to the bare sight of Karly's titties. Rob wasted no time and buried his face between her virgin melons. He squeezed them while he kissed, sucked, and licked the inner swells of her tits. He licked and kissed up and down her cleavage while smothering her soft creamy white globes against his head. His head practically disappeared in between them.

He removed his head and cupped her heavy jugs from the bottoms. He sucked on one cherry nipple loudly. Slobber poured out of his mouth and dropped down her big tit. He then sucked as much of that tit into his mouth as possible and stretched it from her chest. He let it go and watched it bounce up and down her chest, covered in his saliva. He did her other tit the same way. Then he squeezed them together and alternated from sucking one nipple to the other, and then sucked both nipples into his mouth, while he kneaded and squeezed her fluffy melons.

Karly had lost herself in the tit sucking and creamed her panties. Never before had a guy sucked her tits and she loved it.

After bathing her breasts and nipples in his saliva for a good 4 to 5 minutes, Rob laid Karly down on her back and pulled off her jeans. Karly was now only in her cotton wet panties and white socks.

The grandma couldn't bare much more of her granddaughter being forced to suck and fuck this bugler. She even felt the other bugler's hard cock pressed up against her ass.

Rob kneeled down between Karly's legs and pressed his face against her soaked panties. He sniffed and kissed her panties.

"Hmmmmm! Nothing like the sweet smell of a white girl's pussy," Rob moaned.

His hands gripped the sides of her wet panties and pulled them down. Karly lifted her ample ass up so he could get them off her crotch and off her body. Now Karly was only in her white socks, which Rob thought was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

Rob kissed her thighs and slowly slipped his fat tongue between her swollen and wet pussy lips. He licked and sucked on her pussy for a minute. Karly quivered all over her body. No man had even played with her pussy.

Rob stood up between Karly's long legs and parted them further across the bed. Karly was very flexible so it looked like she was doing a split while lying on her back. He rubbed his hard shaft up and down her dripping cunt. Karly moaned nervously as this would be her first time having intercourse. And she knew a dick this big, would hurt her during her first time.

Her pussy lips parted and Rob's huge dick forced its way inside. Karly jerked and gripped her grandma's bed sheets.

"It's ok darling. I won't hurt you," Rob teased.

Karly's pussy was so wet, that Rob had no problem sliding his entire cock inside her.

"AHHHHHHH!" shouted Karly, feeling a monstrous cock inside her for the first time.

Rob grabbed her legs and rested them on his shoulders as he began sliding in and out of her cunt. She began breathing heavy and sweating feverishly. Karly locked her fuzzy feet around Rob's head as his prick moved in and out of her love tunnel.

"Unh! Unhhhh! Ohhhhh GOD! Unh! Unhhhh! Ahhhhh!" cried Karly as Rob rammed his giant dick harder and faster in her bold wet snatch.

Karly's grandma had tears going down her face as she watched in horror a large black man fucking her precious granddaughter right in front of her.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Ohhhhh fuck! Unhhhhh fuck!" moaned Karly.

Rob looked down and enjoyed seeing Karly's enormous sweaty tits flopping up and down and slapping into each other as he fucked her faster and harder. Her feet tightly squeezed her head and he held her slick thighs as he plunged his cock in her cunt.

Rob pressed his bulky body down on top of Karly's and started fucking her harder. His ass lifted into the air and thrusted down quick and hard. Her huge soft tits squished against his chest and her hard nipples dragged into his skin. Karly felt her first orgasm surging through her body and it scared her. Her pussy became wetter and wetter with each hard thrust Rob gave her.

She gasped for air, as it was hard for her to breathe being so close to her first powerful orgasm. Rob lifted his body up a few inches from Karly's. Her massive tits were still able to wobble up and down his chest. He looked down at her flushed and sweaty face. Her mouth was wide open and her eyes were in a state of amazement. Her feet bounced up and down his jiggle ass and his cock was balls deep in her cunt.

Rob rolled over on his back and Karly was now on top of him. His cock was still buried deeply in her cunt.

"Ohhhh! Ughhhh! Unhh! Ohh! Ohhh God! Ohhh!" cried Karly as she rode Rob's giant cock.

Pleasure consumed her body and her pussy poured out sweet juices down his cock and balls. Karly never knew getting fucked could feel so good. The big dick stretched her pussy wide and she loved it. Her mammoth knockers flopped in front of Rob's face. His hands squeezed her ample ass cheeks as they bounced off his thighs. Her feet locked under his thighs. The fabric of her socks rubbed against his trembling thighs furiously as his huge cock fuck her faster and faster. Her first orgasm was mere moments away.

Karly squished her upper body against Rob's and planted him with a long kiss. Rob sloppily tongued her mouth as he kissed back. Feeling her gargantuan tits against his chest made his cock grow harder as he picked her up and lied her back down on the bed. He bended her knees down to her shoulders and drilled his meaty dick hard in her cunt. His cock was so far up her pussy that his balls squished against the outside her of swollen cunt lips. Her toes curled within her socks with each hard thrust. Rob fucked her so hard that the bed banged up against the wall and made loud thudding sounds. So loud that the next door neighbors could hear.

Karly's moans and groans and the bed thudding filled up the room.

"Ohhhhhh God! This is the best pussy I've ever fucked man!" Rob moaned as he pressed his fist into the bed and gave her pussy slow, hard thrusts. "I have to fuck this pussy from behind."

Rob released Karly from her position and forced her over on her hands and knees. Her enormous tits dragged across the sheets. Rob got behind her and rubbed his cockhead up and down her dripping wet pussy and with one swift thrust, he stuffed her cunt balls deep with cock. He thrusted hard and fast, feeling her ample ass bouncing against his crotch. Rob couldn't help but to squeeze and knead her redden ass cheeks.

By now Karly's grandma was near a heart attack. Her eyes were closed because she couldn't stand to watch her granddaughter enjoy her first time. The other bugler was so horny, that he decided to feel up on grandma. She was helpless to do anything about it.

Rob fucked the shit out of Karly from behind. Her feet were crossed and her pussy was fill of big juicy cock. His big balls bounced on her cunt. Her huge fat tits were dripping with sweat and violently dragged into the bed sheets. He felt his balls tighten and his orgasm near. Karly's entire body surged with a sexual sensation. Her pussy was on fire, heart pounding, and her moans became silence.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHH! OOHHHHHH GOD! OHHHHH!" cried Karly as she came for the first time in her life.

Her entire body was burning and her pussy was throbbing as her cunt juices spilled all over Rob's thrusting cock. She lost all feeling in her limps and felt weak as Rob continued to cram his big dick up her creamy cunt. He lost his breath and then came.

Rob unloaded his a massive amount cum into the once virgin pussy. He moaned loudly as he emptied his balls into this beautiful white girl's cunt. He caught his breath and pulled cock from her soaked pussy. His cum oozed from between her cunt lips and down her thighs. Small drips of cum dripped out of Rob's cock onto the back of Karly's legs. Karly fell forwards. Her giant breasts cushioned her fall.

"My turn!" said the other bugler.

Rob smiled at his friend and suddenly the door fell down.

"FREEZE!" shouted an officer.

Dozens of cops entered the house and arrested Rob and his buddy. A medicinal team checked on Karly and her grandmother. Karly was asleep with a huge smile on her face, as she could never forget this trip to her grandma's house.

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