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Live a Fantasy


Authors Note: This is my eleventh story it’s purely fiction. It was written upon request from an online friend about him and I, though none of it was ever acted out.

As always, comments are always more than welcome and please take a look at my other stories!


It had been a long ride up from Edmonton to Peace River. Cory had come down early Saturday to pick me up, we’d gone out for lunch and then headed back onto to road.

We’d known each other for a while, after meeting online and emailing back and forth for a while we embarked on phone conversations, which from the very first time tended to include one or both of us getting off on the phone with each other.

He’d come down to Edmonton for a weekend the month before and we’d holed up in his hotel room together after going out for dinner. After all the phone sex there was an incredible amount of sexual tension between us and neither of us was shy about it.

We’d spend the entire weekend pleasuring each other until he left on Sunday.

Now here I was driving up to Peace River with him to spend the week there with him. He was the principal of the elementary school, but it was Spring Break and so he had the week off. I had booked the time off work plenty in advance and so here we were, driving up to share a week together, the darkness all around us as I curled up next to him in his truck.

I’d had a long day of work and was exhausted as I curled up, lying across the seat of the truck. I put my head in his lap and found myself dozing off as he drove down the almost deserted highway, occasionally running his fingers through my hair.

I awoke just before we drove into Peace River. I rose up from my sleeping position in his lap and looked down to find that having my head in his lap had obviously excited him. I could see the outline of his hard cock through his pants and I giggled to myself. “And what are you laughing about sleepy head?” he asked with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Oh nothing,” I replied grinning from ear to ear and trying desperately hard not to look at the obvious bulge in his pants.

“Well, don’t laugh about it missy you caused it,” he said glancing at me with a look of obvious lust in his eyes.

I smiled back at him and leaned forward to kiss ever so lightly on the side of his neck. I heard him own low in his throat and I smiled to myself.

I heard him clear his throat before saying, “Mind if we stop off at my school first before we go to my place? I have some loose ends there I should tie up.”

I grinned to myself remembering all the times we’d talked about a fantasy of his of us licking, sucking ad fucking our way through the school, “No, I don’t mind in the least,” I said with a big grin on my face.

He glanced over and asked with a perfectly straight face, “Now what’s that grin for?”

I gave him my best ‘innocent little girl’ face and said, “Nothing dear, just can’t wait to get to see your place is all.”

He made a noise to let me know he didn’t believe me but that he’d let it drop.

We got into the school and he went straight for his office. He sat down at the computer and started typing away and pulling up files and printing things off and getting up to grab things out of the filing cabinets.

As he was sitting and going through a file on the computer I stood behind him and started rubbing his shoulders. I must have hit a knot because his head moved forward and he let out a low moan. “Mmmmm…does that feel good baby?” I asked as I hit the spot again with my thumb and leaned my body closer into his. I could hear the lust boiling in my voice and it turned me on more to know he could hear it as well.

He turned his mead in the chair and looked up at me, “You naughty little girl, your not going to let me finish my work here are you?” He asked with a slight grin on his face.

“Not a chance,” I said as I bent down and started kissing and nibbling on his neck.

He moaned low in his throat as my mouth trailed it’s way along his collarbone and up his neck to finally kiss his soft lips. The kiss was intense and full of passion and need. We wanted each other bad and neither of us wanted to wait until we got to his house.

He turned the chair a little more and moved his legs apart allowing me to stand in front of him between his legs as he sat in the char. I bent down over him as I was kissing him passionately and his hands trailed down my back, over my ass, down the backs of my thighs and then up the fronts of my thighs, across my stomach and up to my breasts. I’d worn my white lace bra and a low scoop neck tank top and he easily slipped his large hand inside the shirt and under the bra to cup my breast. As his fingertip slipped across my already hard nipple I moaned into his mouth, only causing him to intensify the kiss and give my nipple a little squeeze.

I was dying to feel him and I knew he was dying for me to feel him so as his hands worked at unclasping my bra I slipped my hands down across his chest, over his stomach, down to rest each palm on one of his thighs. I trailed my nails in little designs on his thighs working ever higher towards his hard cock.

When my hand finally pressed against his cock through his jeans I heard as much as felt him moan into the kiss we were still locked in.

I stood there over him with my hands working his cock through his jeans for a few minutes as he proceeded to undress me. Finally there I was standing naked in front of him and him sitting there with a cock that felt like it was about to burst and he was still fully clothed. It seemed a little unfair to me but before I could say anything he stood up and pressed his body against mine and kissed me once more as he turned us both so I could feel the edge of his desk against the backs of my legs.

I knew where he was going with this. He’d said many times it was a fantasy of his to have me in his office on his desk with him sitting in his chair and eating my pussy. I have to admit it had also become a fantasy of mine as well and I was more then willing to have us act out this fantasy.

Without any prompting from Cory I reached behind me and moved the papers and debris from the top of the desk and hopped up to sit on the edge. He pulled away from me and grinned at me impishly, “Well now, what do you have in mind my dear?” he asked with a hint of laughter in amongst all the lust in his voice.

“Oh I don’t know, I was thinking maybe you could fulfill one of your fantasies” I said smiling back at him.

He knew what I meant but he kept pushing, “And which fantasy would that be?”

I let the lust and need I was feeling fill my eyes and I said in a voice husky with passion, “For me to be on your desk, and you in your chair with your face buried in my hot, wet pussy making me cum again and again and again with your incredible mouth and tongue.”

He let out a low moan and sat down and place each of my feet over his shoulders and almost tenderly kissed the inside of each of my thighs and I heard him whisper, “As you wish” before he dove right in and started licking my clit with all the enthusiasm of a horney teenager.

I was in heaven as his skilled tongue danced across my clit and made me cry out with pleasure. As his tongue was busy flicking and licking my aching clit I could feel myself wanting more. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and closer and closer to cumming and I needed something inside me. I was moaning and groaning from the intense pleasure he gave me and I knew I needed more, “Oh God, oh Cory I’m so close, oh God, please, lick my clit Cory please don’t stop, oh God, oh my clit! Yes! Oh please! Oh God! Oh Cory please, my pussy, please finger my pussy, please, my clit and my pussy! PLEASE!” I felt him moan as his mouth locked on my clit for a moment and then I felt him slowly slip one long finger inside my hot pussy. He pulled it out ever so slowly and I pushed back onto him.

He kept his tongue on my clit, licking me like a wild man as his finger moved ever so slowly within me. “Cory please baby, please I wanna’ cum so bad, please, my clit, yes, my clit, faster on my clit oh baby yes! Yes! Oh God oh my pussy! Please Cory! My pussy! Faster oh please Cory faster baby faster!” And faster he did, his tongue started licking my clit even faster then it had before as his finger started working my pussy incredibly. I was in heaven and I could feel myself cumming, “Oh God Cory! That’s it baby, oh yes! Yes! Faster baby! Faster please I’m cumming, oh God! Oh my clit! Oh yes! YES! YESSS! I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried out as my orgasms shook my body. He kept his finger inside me until I stopped shuddering, when he started to tenderly lick at my clit again. The orgasm had been too intense, I couldn’t take any more, “No baby, no it’s too much,” I said pushing his head off of me.

He moved his mouth from my pussy but placed his head on my thigh and I heard and felt him take in a long deep breath. I lifted his face up so I could see into his eyes, “Are you all right?” I asked, lust overridden by concern. He gave me a slightly dazed grin, “I’m perfect. It’s just been so long since I’ve smelled, touched or tasted your pussy and I just didn’t want to stop. I could eat your pussy all day and all night if you’d let me.”

Hearing him say that just turned me on more and I knew it was my turn to drive him insane.

I reached for his hand and said, “Come, show me around the school.”

He, still fully clothed, and me, completely naked, went walking through the office until we came to the staff room, “And this, is the staff room” he said as he opened the door and turned on the lights. This was what I’d been waiting for. As he moved to turn the light off and walk out I reached for his hand and led him to the middle of the room. He followed and stood there, waiting to see what I’d do next.

I moved in as if to kiss him and moved my head to the side at the last second and kissed his cheek, down to his neck and heard him moan as I kissed right against his artery and stopped to lightly suck there.

With my mouth, tongue and teeth working across his neck I undressed him until we stood there, both naked, both wanting, both full of lust.

“Lay down” I said pushing lightly on his chest.

“Here? On the floor!?”

“Yes, now do it!” I said pushing a little harder on his chest. Being a smart, not to mention horney man, he did as I said. As he lay there his cock was rock hard and I was just dying to feel it. I sat down on the floor beside him and leaned over to kiss him, I filled that kiss with all the passion and need inside me as my hand trailed it’s way down his body, stopping to rub and lightly tweak his nipples, then down to cup his balls in my hand, making him moan into my mouth and shudder slightly, finally my nail trailing up the underside of his cock from his balls to the head before I grasped him in my hand and began working up and down ever so slowly.

He was moaning now, head thrown back, eyes closed, lost in the sensation of my hand on his cock. I moved my mouth down his body this time, licking and sucking on his nipples, then down to lick and suck on his balls while my hand continued to work up and down his hard cock. I knew he was getting close and I wasn’t done with him yet. I moved my mouth up and took the head of his cock into my mouth, taking my hand off him, and just holding the head of his cock inside my hot mouth. He let out a low moan of frustration and tried to push his cock up into my mouth but I moved my mouth up more, not letting him in any more and not letting him slip out. I kept him there like that for a few moments before moving my mouth off his cock and placing a single tender kiss on the head.

I sat up and kissed his chest as I moved to straddle him. I grabbed his cock with my hand and guided him into my waiting pussy. I lowed myself on him until he was buried to the hilt inside my pussy, and then I laid against his chest and stayed there, not letting him move inside me. Again he groaned in frustration and I giggled to myself before sitting up on his cock and beginning to work my muscles. I felt them work around his hard cock and saw his eyes roll back in his head at the sensation.

He laid there on his back, letting my pussy work his cock for a few minutes before he let out a noise that was more of a growl then a groan and threw his arms around my back, pulled me down to him, and rolled me only my back keeping his cock inside me. I moaned as he lifted himself off me and lowered his head to suck on my nipple as he pulled his cock almost out of my pussy and then slammed it back inside me.

He lifted his mouth from my nipple and said in a voice that was pure lust and need, “God you drive me crazy” as he began to shove his cock into my pussy again and again, hard and fast.

I was gone in his passion and was lost in how wonderful it felt, I knew he was close and I moved my hand down between our bodies to rub my clit, “Oh God, oh God Cory fuck me! Fuck me Cory! Oh God, oh yes, oh harder! Harder! Oh God fuck me! FUCK ME!!! I’m gunna’ cum baby! Fuck me, Faster! Faster! God Cory I’m cumming, yes! Yes!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!” I cried out as he pounded his cock into my pussy and my finger rubbed my clit hard and fast in time with his incredible fucking. As I felt myself contract around his cock he cried out, “Uuurgh God Yes!!!!!!!!!” and I felt him cum deep inside my pussy again and again.

We laid there together, him on top of me, his cock still buried inside my pussy for a while.

As the afterglow wore off he sat up off me and smiled down at me, “Two rooms down, the rest of the school to go. What do you say we go to my place and get you settled in for the week and come back here tomorrow and I’ll show you the rest of the school?”

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