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Live to Ride Ch. 03


Thanks for the comments and feed back. Be forewarned, you WILL NOT enjoy this story if you are just looking for quick jerk-off material. Also some knowledge of Biker culture and terminology will help you (as I am not going to explain every term), but are not necessary for you to enjoy my work. Constructive criticism and comments are always welcome, and if you're going to comment step to plate and leave a name. Huge thanks to my editor HMEdits without him and his ideas this story wouldn't be what it is.

Chapter 3

From the Ashes I Will Rise

We make ready to head out to the Farm in order to plan our mission of vengeance. The Old Man says to everyone assembled "I want anyone that can stay to do so. We are going to bring the Old Ladies and families in to stay here at the Clubhouse compound, while we're at the Farm, to make sure they're protected." About two dozen guys mention that they can stick around, this is perfect as it will leave enough room to house the families without them being too crowded, while making sure they are well protected. "Alright, I appreciate it guys, and your willingness to help will not be forgotten." The Old Man says, taking aside Shark, the President of the Las Vegas Chapter, to go over plans for the security.

I pull Tank aside and tell him "Alright, while you guys get shit together here I need to head to the house and get my gear, pick me up when you guys head out." I head towards the shovelhead to go home and get my "tools", plus the probability of a nice good bye from Amanda.

As I arrive at the house, I see Amanda getting around through the front window looks like she's getting ready to head home to get her stuff. I walk inside "Hey Babe, you headed out?" I ask pulling her in for a kiss.

"Yeah, I was going to go get some clothes, I thought you weren't going to be back until later tonight?" she says before returning a kiss of her own.

"Yeah about that..." I start to explain realizing she may not know the details leading up to my absence. "I need to go out of town for awhile to handle an old problem." I say flatly knowing she is probably going to want to know what is going on.

"Did you guys find the murderer or an informant?" She says looking at me in the eyes, my surprise is written all over my face. "What, did you think The Old Man would just let a stranger in your place? I'm a familiar Sarge." She says while pulling me towards her for another one of those famous Amanda kisses she has got me hooked in such a short time.

"The thought never really crossed my mind, I was a little too busy admiring and enjoying a beautiful blonde" I say beginning to plant kisses and nibbles along her neck moving towards her collarbone.

"You keep that up mister and we're going to need to go back upstairs" she says a familiar tone of lust returning to her voice.

"Well we got about an hour" I say before heading up the stairs, she quickly catches up to me. "We need to hurry though I do have some equipment I need to get around before I leave." I say between kisses, and nibbles around Amanda's neck.

"Oh there's some equipment I need right now too." She moans out, my attentions around her collarbone are not going unnoticed.

Realizing we don't have time for the teasing sex we have been enjoying, I take a more animalistic approach to this sex session. She nearly rips my pants off trying to get my cock out, I'm not the only one in a hurry, it seems. I gently throw her down so she's laying face down on the end of the bed, luckily she has a skirt on so I can just flip it up to speed things up. "You ready Babe?" I ask, not really waiting for an answer, before I slam into her pussy.

"GOD!! YES!!" she screams out, I feel like I have slid into a snug velvet inferno. I proceed to saw in and out of her pussy, rapidly increasing my pace enjoying this while I can. Amanda is thrashing and moaning underneath me, I love how my cock seems to be a perfect fit for her, her pussy is so snug and hot it is driving me closer to the edge. I paw at the sides of her tits to get my hands on them trying to further her pleasure, she lifts up off the bed a bit to allow my hands passage. I slide my hands beneath her shirt and grip her tits like a set of handles to further my frenetic pace, tweaking her nipples, "OHGODYESFUCKME!!" she screams out, another orgasm ripped from her body, again who would deny a beautiful woman that request? Her moans have just become a series of unintelligible grunts as I up the pace another notch. After a few moments at this frantic pace, I slam myself deep in her pussy and let loose my copious load. We collapse on the bed, me next to her still prone body. "That was exactly what I needed." She says coming down from her series of orgasms.

"Well Babe sorry to fuck and run but..." I say trailing off, realizing I may just be falling for this beautiful blonde beneath me.

"It's alright Sarge, anything I can do to help?" she says while kissing me to thank me for those orgasms.

"Yeah you can babe, go in my closet there and pull me out a black hoodie, my bulletproof vest, holster, and my tactical vest and put them in this duffel bag. And while you're at it throw my Cut in there." I say handing her my tactical bag.

"Why the Cut Sarge? Don't you need to wear it?" She asks heading towards the closet.

After a sigh, I simply state, "We never do dirt in our Cuts." I put a please don't ask why look on my face.

"OK Sarge, anything else?" She responds simply

"Nope, thanks babe, you're a peach." I say planting a kiss on her lips before heading to the basement to get in my gun safe to get my M4 and my Glock .21 pistol, ammo, my cleaning kits, and my "tools" as I am probably going to need them for information extraction. I put all my gear in my bag and head back upstairs, my phone rings I see its Tank on the caller ID, "Hey Tank, what's up?" I say trying to keep conversation minimal.

"Yeah boss, we'll be there in about ten minutes" he says before hanging up. I sit on the couch for a minute to steel my nerves, knowing my mind must be right before this goes down.

Amanda comes down the stairs with my bag packed and sets it next to the couch. She sits down facing me on my lap, looking me directly in the eyes, she says "Hey Sarge, I would appreciate it if you come back in one piece, please? I'd like to get to know you better, OK?"

"OK Babe, I will. I want you to do me a favor as well, after you go home and get some clothes, head to the Clubhouse and tell them I said to let you in. Stay there till we get back." I say pulling her close.

"OK" She states rather simply before giving me another of those great kisses. We embrace for a few moments before there's a knock at the door, Tank and the boys are here.

"Alright Babe time to go" I say some dejection present in my voice. She grabs the bag with my clothes and I grab my gun bag and we head for the door.

Tank is just outside the door, "Amanda this is my best friend Tank. Tank this is Amanda" I say, just kind of going on autopilot. By the looks I am getting, apparently they already know each other.

"Of course we know each other. Tank is my brother, Sarge" she says making it sound as if I should already know this information.

After a few moments of wracking my brain, it dawns on me, we have met before at our graduation from boot although that was so long ago. "Oh shit, that was so long ago" I say, shame apparent that I had forgotten this lovely creature.

"Its alright, I wouldn't expect you to remember me. I was just a scrawny, pimple-faced 14 year old back then." Amanda says trying to relieve my apparent stress over the forgotten meeting.

"Hate to break up the trip down memory lane kids, but we need to go" The Old Man says leaning on one of the two blacked out vans.

"Hey Dad, can you do me a favor and have someone give Amanda a ride to her place and then to the Clubhouse since she doesn't seem to have her car here." I ask giving him my best please look.

"Sure, no problem Son." He then pulls out his phone in order to set it up.

"You didn't have to do that, I could have called a girlfriend or something." She says blushing as we head towards the two blacked out vans backed into the driveway.

"It's no problem babe, least I can do for a beautiful lady, especially one I'd like to get to know." I say pulling her into a tight embrace to say goodbye one last time. "I'll see you in a bit, alright babe?" I say before planting another toe curling kiss on her lips.

"OK, please stay safe" she says before giving me one last kiss as I climb into the van beginning to stow my gear.

"Hey Amanda, Wild Bill and Dirt will be here in a little bit and they'll take you anywhere you need to go." The Old Man says leaning out the window.

"Thanks, Old Man I appreciate it" she says planting a small kiss on his cheek in gratitude.

Off we head away from the sunset, this time towards the Farm as we call it, it's actually a lodge we have off from the Sonora Pass Highway, near the Nevada border. This place is effectively in the middle of nowhere and it allows us to collect information from people without having nosy neighbors. After around two hours on the road we arrive at the Farm. We set about unpacking the gear and getting ready for the mission at hand, I look around at the men assembled, as this is a veritable dream team for this mission of vengeance. With the Old Man leading us, who could plan any mission and execute it flawlessly even in the twilight of his life. And of course Tank my best friend, the man who I will ride to the gates of hell with. Of course we also have Smiley, Chibbs, Murph, and the four others who bring decades upon decades of experience to the table.

We settle in around the giant table that is the center the great room in the lodge, maps and photos are being laid out by the Old Man all over the table. I sit down to clean my M4 and my Glock and while I am at it I clean my snub nose. The rest of the guys set out unpacking the rest of the gear and begin to mentally prepare for the task at hand. After a short while everyone has their equipment ready, "Gather round everyone, we'll get this meeting underway." The Old Man says nodding at me.

"Alright guys, our target goes by the name of Elmo. He is a patched member of the Solteros Motorcycle Club." The Old Man begins by showing us a picture of Elmo from his time in prison. "He stands about 5'9" and weighs in at around 190 pounds, both arms sleeved in Solteros tattoos. He lives in Oakland and is always with at least two other Solteros members. Now I'll open the floor to any comments and discussion on the plan for these fucks." We take some time to pass the pictures around to study these guys, including pictures of the house they are known to stay at.

Smiley starts the plan, "I say we roll in after dark to use the night to cover our approach, at the house we have one four man element breach the front door, and another four man element breach the back simultaneously. The two men left will be good runners to track down anyone who may get out. Sound simple enough guys?" Everyone nods in agreement, this should be a relatively easy snatch and grab.

"One thing to keep in mind guys, we need these fucks alive, at the very least Elmo as he was most likely the brains of the hit and we need to learn who his source is. Alright then, lets all get something to eat and make final preparations we roll out in about three hours." The Old Man states, some disgrace evident in his voice at the possibility that we could have a leak.

The meeting breaks up, I go over my gear one last time to make sure all my magazines are loaded and everything else is set before I head to the kitchen to get some food. As me and Tank sit at the table enjoying chow with a few of the other guys, he asks, "So where you think they got their information? You think we have a leak, or worse a mole?" Concern evident on his face, we have always prided ourselves on not getting infiltrated by outside entities.

"I don't know Tank buddy, but I can't wait to find out." I say a dark gleam showing in my eyes. It's no big secret to the guys that I have a knack for information extraction when it's needed.

Time passes at the Farm, the plan is fully polished and honed over the three hours so we can contend with any mishap that may rear its ugly head. We all fill up on food, but no booze, we need everyone clear headed so this mission will be flawless. We get to know our targets inside and out from their files the Old Man got from our contact inside the prison system. As six o'clock rolls around we prepare to head out as it is a three hour ride to Oakland from here. On the ride the van is quiet, as all of us are focused and getting our minds set for what must be done. By the time we arrive at Elmo's house its dark, we all have all black clothes and wear black face masks. This makes us look like we are a Police Narcotics unit getting ready to raid a house for a warrant. This is all part of the plan as none of the neighbors will think twice when they see us haul out Elmo and his boys with their hands zip-tied behind their backs.

I take a deep breath and count down in time with my heart beats. 3, 2, 1...

CRACK, the sound of the front door breaking echoes through the house. The next noise is a loud BANG and an intense flash of light, these fucks never knew what hit them. As the four of us move through the smoke enveloping the front room we split into teams of two to cover everything faster, As Tank and I enter the living room we spot three guys covering their ears, smoke clouding their vision. "ON THE GROUND!! GET THE FUCK DOWN!! EVERYBODY DOWN!!" we holler out, instantly they comply clasping hands behind their heads. "Clear!" Comes a shout from behind us, Thor and Diesel have gone through the bedrooms. We zip-tie hands behind backs and take these three outside, as we arrive at the van, The Old Man and his team come from the back of the house, dragging along two more fuckheads.

"Roll Out!" Smiley yells out, Chibbs and Murph come running from their posts on opposing corners of the house.

We load up into the vans, now five Solteros heavier, and head back to the Farm. They get a little suspicious when we tape their mouths shut and put bags over their heads, but that's not really our problem. They should've remembered that sooner or later everyone must pay the piper. So off we head into the night back to the Farm and to the portion of the mission where my knack for information extraction comes into play.

We arrive at the Farm, by now even these dumbasses are sure that something is wrong. We take them down into the basement of the lodge, putting each one into a separate room, tying them to a chair so they can't move. After they are secured we all head back upstairs to get prepared for the next part and to think of ways to get rid of the bodies. As we all get back upstairs celebratory beers are passed around and a toast is made by Smiley, "To Vengeance!"

"Here! Here!" everybody else responds in near unison.

"So who's taking who?" The Old Man asks after we all finish our beer.

"Well, Elmo is mine. I could care less who takes the other four and I don't think they are going to have much information." I say, all the while steeling my nerves for what is to come. Chibbs and Murph say they'll take one of them, they always do everything together. Tank says he will take one, man I feel bad for that guy as Tank is like the Hulk, you won't like him when he is angry. Smiley says number four is his, now while most of us are violent by nature, we are usually not sadists, this does not apply to Smiley, he sets the standard for crazy within our club.

"Number five belongs to me, can't let you have all the fun, can I Son?" The Old Man interjects, that time in the Vietnam POW camp is going to pay some dividends, that is for sure.

"Alright, take a few to stash the gear, let's give these three about an hour to stew before we lay into them." I say while heading over to my bag to drop my gear, picking up a rag to wipe the sweat from my brow. The guys spread through the house, some getting food, others passing out celebratory beers, and the six of us set about retrieving our "tools".

The Old Man takes the six of us aside, to explain the rules of this session, "OK guys, I know we want a measure of revenge from these fucks, but we need to make sure that we get any and all information we can before anyone is snuffed. You hear me?" Everyone shakes their heads vehemently in agreement, we know the implication, find the source at all costs.

The six of us head downstairs to get some answers and a measure of revenge. Throughout this night they are going to curse the day their fathers mounted their mothers. As we gather in the main room of the basement I take note of all the "tools" that everyone brought. Tank has just taped up his fists much like a boxer would before putting on the gloves. Chibbs and Murph have two car batteries and some jumper cables, need I say more. Smiley has what looks like a big fishing tackle box, I don't want to know what is in there. The old man carries only a length of piano wire between two handles and a corkscrew, kind of old school but, like they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it. I have my knife bag and a blowtorch.

I enter Elmo's room and pull the bag off his head, it looks like he is going to shit his pants, apparently he recognizes me. I pull up a table in front of Elmo and start unpacking my knives laying them neatly on the table before his eyes. I proceed to untie Elmo's hands but only temporarily. As I get his arms around in front of him, I pull out a roll of duct tape and attach his hands to the edge of the table fingers spread out. At this point I start my speech about how our session is going to work, "OK Elmo, do you know why you are here?" He shakes his head no, not really sure if he meant 'no, I don't know' or 'please no, don't do this', but that is inconsequential. "OK, here is how this works, I am going to ask you a question if you don't answer me, or you lie to me, I am going to cut one of your fingers off." I pull out the blowtorch at this point, "And this is to stop the bleeding, can't have you dying on me before I get the information I need. So, you ready Elmo?"

At this point I pull the tape off from his mouth, and he starts in, "Do you know who I am? You can't do this to me! I am a full patched member of the Solteros and they'll kill you for this!" Elmo says.

Apparently he needs a little lesson in how this works. I reach out my right hand, running my hand across the blades from right to left. I select out my k-bar, a hold over from my days in the Marines. "Oh Elmo, I probably should have mentioned, don't waste your breath trying to intimidate me." I say before pressing the blade to his trigger finger and...

I'll spare you the more gory details, but needless to say I found out who the source is, and it's deeply troubling to say the least. I go back outside Tank is in the hallway when I return, he's sipping a beer leaned up against the wall, blood soaked tape on his knuckles. I lean up against the wall as well, using a rag to wipe my hands clean of all the blood. "So did he have anything useful, Tank?" I ask passing him the rag so he can clean himself up as well.

"Nothing ground breaking, Boss. What about Elmo?" Tank asks, passing me a cold beer.

"Yeah we'll talk about that. Go tell everyone to meet around the table, we'll let the others finish up and then go over our information." I say.

We gather round the table, rags are passed around to aid in blood removal, Diesel heads to the fridge and grabs all of us a beer. Tension hangs heavy in the air, Tank begins the information sharing, "Well my guy didn't know anything, though he was there." Tank goes about the task of removing the blood-soaked tape from his hands.

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