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Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee...Kelly Ripa

byFormerly Ty©

Ever since last summer, when Kathie Lee Gifford left the show, Regis has been holding auditions for the other seat. You know the seat where the woman sits and just looks beautiful while Regis wears his trademark suits and drinks his coffee. Well this last spring, Regis hit the jackpot with Kelly Ripa, one of the stars from "All My Children." Kelly was determined to do her best job right beside the famous host of "Who wants to be a millionaire" and look as beautiful as she can. But she didn't have fun for the first few months she was pregnant. Now, she had gotten out of the hospital with her new daughter. Everyone was waiting to see the beautiful baby, and they did. Kelly knew deep down inside that she wasn't having a great time besides the man. He was interrupting her and making smart jokes about her on national television. A new week started for Kelly but it would be very embarrassing.

Announcer: "Welcome and good morning to Live! With Regis and Kelly Ripa." They came out from the clear door and greeted the audience. "Hello, thank you, thank you," said Regis over the clapping of the audience. The both sat respectively on their stools. Kelly didn't like the stools, they hurt her perfect ass, and it wasn't that perfect since she had the baby but she was still looking great.

"Welcome, we have a great show today," said Regis "we have the star of sex and the city, Sarah Jessica Parker"

"And we have Jessica Alba from Dark Angel" said Kelly in a low voice. You could barely hear her over the audience clapping. "And musical guest Jessica Simpson" the crowd settled down in their chairs.

"Gelman, what a coincidence, we have an all Jessica show today" said Regis.

"It just happened, we had no idea" responded Gelman. Regis gave Gelman a weird look and the crowd laughed.

"Well I love all three Jessica's" said Kelly the audience laughed.

"So how was your weekend?" asked Regis.

"It was really great, not like the other weekends" responded Kelly. Minutes past as they talked about their weekend which they really weren't interested in.

"Gelman, bring it down" said Regis. The trivia travel wheel came down right near Regis. Kelly didn't like this part of the show, this is where Regis would get all the attention while she sat back and announced the prize. "We have Misty Jordan from Buena Vista, GA. Hello Misty" "Hello" said the caller.

"Say hello to Kathie Lee" said Regis, the audience burst out laughing and Kelly looked really embarrasses but covered it up, laughing at herself. The show went on, it was a great show overall. After the show Regis signed autographs while Kelly left backstage unnoticed. She felt really bad. She wanted to do something about this name-calling asshole. She decided to take a trip to Kathie Lee Gifford's house. She took a limousine to Kathie's house on the hill. She wanted to talk about what Regis has been doing to her the past few weeks. Kelly rang the doorbell to a loud sound. It had to be loud since the house was so damn big. The door opened to see Kathie in a tight blue skirt and top with of course, no bra.

"Hey Kelly, what makes you come here?" asked Kathie.

"Did you see today's show?" asked Kelly "He called me Kathie Lee"

"Oh you alright baby? Come inside," said Kathie. Nobody else was inside the huge house. Kathie was home alone and Kelly wondered what she was doing, they both sat on the big sofa. "So he called you by my name, he hasn't forgot about me huh?" Kathie daydreamed about her man Regis, he wasn't anything like Frank, and he was better.

"What should I do?" asked Kelly. Kathie moved closer to Kelly and rubbed her shoulders.

"You know what I used to do when things got rough on the show, I masturbated" said Kathie.

"That must've been why you always had hard nipples huh?" asked Kelly.

"That's half of it" responded Kathie. She then lay back on the sofa and lifted up her skirt, she wasn't wearing any panties. Kelly could see her nice hairy clit. Kathie sucked on her sweet index finger and moved it back down towards her clit. She started to rub her clit and get it wet for the penetration of her fingers. She slowly inserted her ring finger inside the cave walls of her wet slit. Kelly looked in amazement and felt a trickle of drool drop on Kathie's clit. "I see you want some of me, come and taste it baby"

Kelly moved her face down towards Kathie's wet slit and started to lick on it. "ooh I love your tongue" moaned Kathie. Kelly was getting the hang of Kathie's clit flicked it faster and faster. Her taste buds visibly loved the wet clit. She then stuck her tongue inside Kathie's clit and twirled it around. The walls of Kathie's clit tasted great as Kelly twirled her tongue around and cleaned the excess of juices. Kelly was soon able to hit Kathie's g-spot and she came right inside Kelly's sweet mouth.

"Ooooooo" moaned Kathie as she came. She pinched her nipples hard as she came on herself. Kelly was ready to get her clit eaten and get to know how it feels. Kelly then sat on the sofa after she took off her one-piece blue dress. She had a couple of stretch marks but Kathie ignored it and moved her huge tongue towards Kelly's clit. She was wet and sweating. The pussy was aching to be eaten. And Kathie did so she took her tongue and bit the pubic hairs of Kelly. Kelly felt her tongue getting closer and closer to the spot. Kathie then started to ravage on Kelly's clit moving from side to side as fast as she could. Kelly voice screeched to the pussy eating and she loved it. Putting her hand on the back of Kathie's blonde head and forcing her farther inside the aching pussy.

Kelly was focusing on holding her breath; she spread her pussy lips apart for Kathie. Kathie rubbed Kelly's smooth thighs and made her feel especially orgasmic. The stimulating experience was starting to get to Kelly's wet pussy and she soon let her juices go off in Kathie's mouth. She moaned loudly as Kathie ate her even wetter pussy. Kelly now knew how to ease the stress of Regis' name calling.

"I just want to thank you for everything you've done, you really helped me" said Kelly.

"No problem, maybe we can do this again" responded Kathie. Kelly left the house and felt refreshed for the day ahead and a new day tomorrow where she knew how to deal with Regis.

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