tagBDSMLiverpool Ch. 11

Liverpool Ch. 11


A huge thank you to my editor sdbnnc for all her help and encouragement over the last two chapters. Thank you also for all the people who have given me so many nice comments, I'm glad you're all are enjoying my story. And now on with the fun.


Suzi came bouncing into the kitchen with a big smile on her face. I looked up and said, "Did you hear me putting the kettle on?"

"Of course, why else would I be here? Certainly not to get you ready for your first party. Are you excited?"

"Does wanting to throw up then run away count as excitement?"

"Yes, I had to get dragged to my first party; nerves are allowed. What you have to ask yourself is this, what's more frightening, going to a party or letting down Sir?"

"That's easy; I could never let Him down. I told Him I loved Him today."

I don't know if she understood the significance of those three little words to me, she grinned and threw her arms round my shoulders and giggled, "So, you shall go to the ball. Right; has Clive said how He wants you to look tonight?"

I went over what Sir had told me with her as we put her stuff away in the room Sir had said was to be Master Ross's. The house had four other bedrooms as well as Sir's, and they were all going to be used tonight. Sir appeared from downstairs to tell us who would be sleeping where, and what each person or couple needed. Once we had everything sorted out, He took my collar off and Suzi pushed me into the shower, by myself this time.

I used my special soft creamy soap that made my skin feel like silk. It was horrendously expensive, so I saved it for special occasions when I want to feel extra sexy. I was still really smooth from where I'd been waxed, and I felt good, so confident and sexy, though this might have had something to do with the large glass of wine I had thrust into my hand the minute I was out of the shower; whatever it was, it worked.

I sat in front of the mirror listening to a Carol King CD I had discovered in Sir's collection, sipping my wine and waiting for Suzi to come and do my hair and make up. I'd nicked Sir's dressing gown again. I was always nicking His clothes, especially His shirts; I'd wear them the day after He had so they still smelt of Him before they went in the wash. Suzi found me daydreaming about Sir, and started combing my wet hair out. As long as I was talking to her, I didn't have time to feel nervous and the wine was definitely kicking in now. I could feel my belly start to heat up, and my pussy was turning to liquid. Suzi deftly French-plaited my hair down the sides of my head, catching most of the stray little hairs there, and showing off the curve of my neck and shoulders. She dusted my face and body with pale powder, drew perfect milk chocolate coloured lines around my eyes, making me look wide-eyed and innocent. My face was almost completely healed, only a tiny pink line was left from where it had been split open and that was soon covered by the make-up. The palest pink lip-gloss completed my transformation from the slightly clunky me to a little fairy. I was a bit stunned I could look this good, I was scared to move in case I frightened my reflection away, and I would be left looking like I normally did, awkward and clumsy.

Suzi disappeared off to get in the shower, and Sir came back with my collar. He kissed the top of my head as He buckled it snugly around my neck. I pulled it round so the tag lay flat in the little hollow where my collarbones met. I looked at His reflection as He stood behind me smiling. "What?" I asked Him.

"I just love how innocent you look right now. No one would ever guess what a hot little slut you really are."

The name He called me took my breath, not with horror as it had in the past but with lust. I was a slut, yes, but I was His slut. It was that distinction that took away all the shame of the word, and I could revel in the hot feelings that flooded my body. I leaned back against His body as His hands stroked down over my shoulders underneath the dressing gown in search of my breasts. He found my nipples and began pulling on them, gently at first, then with more force. Soon I was squirming on the stool, my hips moving of their own accord. His hard cock was digging into my shoulder blades, and I wanted to please Him so badly. I twisted round and started playing with Him through His jeans. Looking up I opened my eyes wide and asked, "May I play Sir? Please?"

He moved back a little, just out of reach and shook His head with a rueful smile. "Not right now, pet. You'll have plenty of opportunity later on to play and please me. Go and help Suzi get ready while I go sort out the last of the food."

He turned and left quickly as I got up, and went in search of Suzi. She was just out the shower, drying her hair in front of the mirror in her room. Her clothes for the night were laid out on the bed, a tight little brown suede skirt that would barely cover her arse if she knelt, and a green ribbed jumper that opened up down to her belly button. It could be laced up quite tightly but I guessed it would be as open as it could be tonight. As per usual there wasn't any underwear to been seen. I helped to plait her hair so it hung down her back in a single thick rope and flicked bronzing powder over her whole body. Suzi used it cleverly to boost the size of her breasts by darkening underneath and around them, making them stand out. She had me do the same with her arse cheeks and on either side of her pussy. She wriggled into her outfit before handing me her nail varnish to do her toes.

We sat on the floor of her room, sharing the bottle of rosé and getting a little giggly. Suzi had her foot resting on my thighs so I could paint her toenails but I was finding it a little tricky to concentrate. From where I sat I could see right up her skirt to her pussy, and every time she moved it would open up to reveal how wet and shiny she was. As well as that I was sure she was pushing her foot down between my thighs, trying to get her heel on my groin, and I was still horny from Sir's actions before. I opened my thighs ever so slightly and felt her foot slip down. I closed my legs around it, holding it still, savouring the cool flesh on my hot pussy. Once I was finished with painting her toenails, I bent over to blow on her them. She curled her foot round, pressing more firmly in to me.

"We are going to get in to trouble if we carry on," I said with regret.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, but I want to play tonight, and if we get caught we'll get banned."

"Sweetie, sometimes you are far too sensible, but you're right, we'll save it for later. Come on then, let's get you dressed."

We wandered back across the hall to Sir's room where my "outfit" was waiting for me. It couldn't really be counted as clothes: the basque was strapless, and the shorts were so tight they left nothing to the imagination. Suzi undid the countless hooks that closed the top and held it out for me. I stripped off Sir's dressing gown and let her truss me up. My breasts were pushed up and in; there was a serious danger of them popping out when I bent forwards. The nice thing about being halfway to drunk and about to attend my first sex party was that this didn't bother me really -- nowhere near as much as it would have if I was going out on the town. I pulled the shorts on and tucked them underneath the bottom of the basque, then looked at myself in the mirror. A few hairs had escaped the plaits already, but instead of making me look messy, I looked even more elfin like.

The doorbell rang, making me jump. Suzi took my arm and led me out onto the landing, switching off the lights so we couldn't be seen. A tall lady was standing in the doorway with two people behind her. As she entered, I could see she was dressed in a tight red dress that flowed over her hips and stopped just above her knees. The couple behind her, a young man and woman, were both wearing long smart trench coats. When the tall lady clicked her fingers, they took their coats off and hung them up. The young man was dressed in tight black jeans and a black jumper; the lass was wearing the same dress as the tall lady, only hers was white. Suzi told me who they were as they disappeared into the sitting room.

"The tall lady in the red dress, that's Tasmin; she's brought two of Michael's subs, Lilly and Peter. They were a couple before Lilly met Michael, and they very nearly split up until Peter discovered he loved being ordered around as much as Lilly does. Two subs alone together does not make for a happy relationship. Now Tasmin is a switch, there isn't a particular gender she'll submit to or Dominate, but as a sub she needs very firmly squashed and most Tops can't handle her. As a Domme, she's really learning a lot and Master says it probably won't be long before she's ready to have her own place."

"So what should I call everyone if I speak to them?"

"For a basic rule, use a sub's name. For a Dom, you don't know, call him 'Sir.' If you know the Dom, use the name you have been told to use. Dommes are a little tricky 'coz there are so many words to use. See, Tasmin hates being called 'Ma'am,' she says it makes her sound like the Queen; so you should call her 'My Lady.' I knew one Domme who would only answer to 'Duchess,' but then she was awfully stuck up. And here's Michael and Mia."

Michael was the same height as Ross, though about half the width. He was wearing a smart suit, and leading a lass my age by a collar. She had long brown hair, and a tiny little light blue dress covering her tiny little body.

"The lass who was over in America?"

"Yep, Mia is probably even shyer than you, though she's better than she used to be. She never would have gone to a party a year ago. Michael is a saint though. He's been so patient with her and she's getting there, which is good news for us 'coz once she lets go she can be so wild. Master and I went to dinner at their house once, and she ended up lying in the middle of the table with the three of us playing with her."

Sir was out in the hall greeting everyone as they came in. He kept glancing up to see us; we must have looked like a couple of monkeys with our faces peering through the bars of the banisters. There was knock at the door, and Sir opened it to reveal another couple; this time the lady was leading a man through the door. As Sir took their coats and the man's shoes, I could see he was wearing nothing but a pair of white y-fronts.

"That's Sean," Suzi whispered. "And his Mistress, Alice. They're the ones getting married."

Alice was wearing a fitted black trouser suit, and a pair of gorgeous shoe boots with five-inch stiletto heels. She told Sean to kneel, and kissed Sir on the cheek. They stood and chatted for a few minutes, both ignoring Sean, who knelt behind Alice with his head down. When Alice tugged on his lead, he followed Her on his knees into the sitting room. I found it strange to watch a man behaving like that. I'd always thought of men as the dominant ones, and that any man who submitted was strange. But seeing how happy Sean was -- and he did seem happy -- made me realise there was a lot about this world I still had to learn.

Charlie turned up soon afterwards with his arm around one of his boys. He stood in the hallway while Sir took his coat, and looked straight up at me, waggling his fingers at me to say hello before steering his date for the evening in to the sitting room.

"I didn't know Charlie was a Dom."

"Oh, he's not. He's not a sub either. Charlie's basic philosophy on life is never judge, always enjoy. And if he can get free wine, free food and entertainment for the evening he'll be there. He and his boys live above the shop, and when they're not working, they're usually playing. I sometimes think he would have been more suited to the Woodstock era, all that free love and peace."

"I can just see him with long hair and a headband," I said, collapsing into a fit of giggles. It was the thought of neat and tidy Charlie looking like a hippy, and Suzi must have got the same image 'coz she ended up leaning against me, trying to smother her laughter. Sir came out to answer the door again, and He frowned at us snorting with laughter, so we tried to pull ourselves together as He opened the front door again. A man and a woman stood there and it was tricky for me to work out who was the Dominate of them at first. Then the woman took her partner's coat and hung it up before returning to stand just slightly behind him.

"That's Mr. Smith and Karen," Suzi said once she had herself under control. "They've been together for about ten years. Master and Mr. Smith met when they were at uni together in the seventies, and Karen's kinda the agony aunt for us subs. If we have a problem, we go to her and she always has a solution. Mr. Smith lived over in the U.S. for a few years, and that's when He met her in a S&M club in San Francisco. It was love at first sight, and He brought her back when He got a new job in Wales. That should be everyone now. We'd better get you ready for your entrance."

She led me back in to Sir's room and checked me over, making sure I was secure in the basque, powdering over the shine in my forehead with one last sweep of the brush. Carol King was singing "Where you lead'' from the speakers when Sir came in with my lead in His hand. Suzi gave me a hug and left to find Ross. Sir told me to kneel in front of Him; from my position He looked huge. He was wearing dark blue pinstriped suit trousers and His favourite grey shirt and He seemed to tower above me, making me feel very small and insignificant and yet completely safe. He clipped the lead on my collar and pulled me into position by His left knee.

"This is where you should be for the night, unless I ask you to get something for me, got it?"

I swallowed and nodded, I didn't trust my voice not to break and betray my terror. I didn't look up at all as He led me out of the safety of His room. It was tricky going down the stairs on my hands and knees, but concentrating on that meant I didn't have to think about what was waiting for me at the bottom. We reached the hall, the flooring changing from carpet to wide oak boards. Sir's shoes clicked loudly in my ears as I watched them out of the corner of my eye, matching my pace to Him. He walked over to the sitting room and I heard murmuring voices on the other side of the door that blossomed into conversation as Sir led me in and onto carpet again. He moved over to the group that stood by the drinks area, and I heard Charlie's voice giggling over something Suzi had said. Sir stopped and told me to sit before introducing me to one of the suited legs in front of me.

"This is my new pet, Megan. Pet, this is Mr Smith."

He crouched down and took hold of my chin, lifting my head to meet His eyes. "Hello, little one. How are you tonight?"

"I'm good, thank you, Sir."

"I haven't quite been knighted yet; Mr Smith is fine. This is Karen," He pulled her towards me. "Karen, this is Clive's new pet. Megan."

"Hi, there honey." Her voice was soft with a strong American twang. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"'Yes, thank you." I was shaking a bit at all the attention. Sir looked down at me, and asked me to get Him a glass of wine. I crawled over to the table, and poured Him a glass. Crawling back without spilling it was tricky, but I handed it to Him without a drop reaching the carpet.

"That was gracefully done." I glanced up quickly to see Alice smiling at me.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"You have her very well-trained, Clive. I don't think I've ever met such a polite novice."

"It's part of who she is.' He stroked my hair as I knelt beside Him. I was getting more comfortable now, being with all these people who were like me. Sean was kneeling behind Alice, and he looked over at me and smiled. He put a finger on the back of his Mistress's knee and waited until she looked at him.


"Mistress, permission to speak to Megan?"

"Granted." She said, smiling at us both, then turning Her attention back to Sir and Mr. Smith.

"So, how are you enjoying your first party?"

"It's good, thanks. A bit scary at first, but it's ok now."

"I can understand that. We're all the same here though so there's nothing to be scared of really."

"Until this week, I'd never been naked in front of more than one person at a time, and I'd certainly never been in front of more than one person wearing nothing but this," I replied pointing at my "outfit."

"If you did the same thing every day though, it'd get boring and I'm wearing less then you," he pointed out with pride.

"Have you been to many parties like this before?"

"'Bachelor parties, you mean, or play parties?"

"Play parties. Sorry, I forgot this is your, what, stag party?"

"It's Mistress Alice's party, and, yes, we've been to quite a few play parties," he looked up at the clock. "We'll be going through to dinner soon. Did Suzi explain to you how everything works?"

"Kinda; we're serving the food. Do we stay with our Masters while they eat?"

"No, we'll go back into the kitchen and eat there."

A little bell rang in the dining room, and we moved the party through there. Those of us that were on our knees were given permission to stand, and told to bring out the food. Sir had hired a cook for the evening, a friend who understood His lifestyle but who had no wish to join in. She had put all the food out ready for us to serve. As soon as we each had a plate (Suzi and I carrying extra ones for Charlie and his friend Sam), we walked out in single file, and served each Master or Mistress quickly and quietly before leaving them in peace. If they needed anything they would ring for us, so we were able to gather round the kitchen table and gossip. Sean and Suzi introduced me to the others, and then started questioning Mia about her time in the States. She answered everything in a quiet voice. She didn't really look at any of us, keeping her head down as she ate, though as she drained her wine glass she relaxed a little.

She was very pretty, her eyes were the colour of milky coffee, her skin was a little lighter and closer up her figure was a beautiful hourglass with full breasts and hips. Peter and Lilly kept to themselves, curled round each other, constantly touching an arm or a hip as they squabbled over the food. Karen watched over us, making sure we had enough to eat and drink, or stopping us teasing Sean too much. When he brought over extra rice, I asked him why he put up with it.

"They don't mean any harm by it, if they did Karen wouldn't let it continue."

"Can I ask you a question? It's kinda personal though."

"Fire away."

"Why are you a sub?"

"Why are you one?" he answered.

"I don't really know, it just feels right I guess."

"There's your answer then. It feels right to me to be like this, to act in this way. Most of the time, I have to make the decisions when I'm at work, but it's not something I particularly enjoy. Being Mistress Alice's submissive means I don't have to act any more; I can be myself. And that's worth a lot to me. When we met, She told me She preferred to be the one in control and something inside me just sighed with relief. That was two years ago and I can't believe I'm getting married in three days time. Oh there's the bell, can you grab the glasses while I get the brandy?"

I smiled and nodded at him. He seemed so excited about his life that it was infectious. I followed him back into the dining room with the eight balloon glasses arranged on a tray, and Karen came in from the sitting room with a box Mr. Smith had brought with Him. Mia and Lilly carried in two big bowls of fresh fruit while Peter had plates to put it on. We set everything down, and cleared the table of the first course, leaving Karen standing behind Mr. Smith. He told her to open it, and hand out the contents.

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