tagNovels and NovellasLiving a Romance Novel Ch. 02

Living a Romance Novel Ch. 02


Author's note --

This is a work of pure fiction. There is no connection to any real people or places. Any resemblance to real life people, events, or someone else's writings is coincidental. It is for entertainment only and is not to be reproduced without written consent.


Ileeana Johnson had taken to bringing some of her romance novels to work to ease the boredom of nothing to do between the 10 minutes every hour she was actually required to do something. Her new book involved the heroin making her way in the world in the pre-Civil War era of the Old South. The words on the page had seemed so real to her. The antique cameo she wore was the only necklaces concession her company allowed. She found when she wore it, it put her more in character with the novel she was currently reading.

Opening the book to where she left off . . .

Leeann Ravenwood's journey across the Atlantic had been mostly uneventful, until the final day of the voyage and the run-in with the pirates. Captain Rutherford let her sleep off the exhausting final hours into Savanna harbor. Only when the ship was about 30 minutes from docking did he wake her from her slumber.

The droning machinery in the background left Ileeana's eyelids heavy, the constant cameo companion shimmering in the subdued light.

"Mrs. Ravenwood, time to wake up. We are a few minutes from docking in Savanna."

It was with sleepy regret that Ileeana raised her head from the Captain's bunk. On the chair beside the bed was a dress that Captain Rutherford had retrieved from her steamer trunk. Her storm soaked clothes had been picked up from the floor and had been hung to dry on a line topside. Slowly, the pantaloons, bustles, petticoats, and dress transformed her nude body into a well-to-do lady. A barrette at her neckline, transformed her waist-length, wavy black hair into a waterfall of soft semi-curls. As Leeann dressed and primped, she noticed the steamer trunk was labeled Mrs. Leeann Ravenwood. This was who she was, yet in the back of her mind, she was also known as Ileeana.

After having given Leeann time to dress, Captain Rutherford knocked on the cabin door and informed her one of the deck hands would take her belongings to a waiting carriage. She was grateful for Captain Rutherford's kind hospitality during the long voyage, giving him a passionate kiss before reluctantly climbing the stairs to the main deck, and disembarking. As the carriage pulled out, she couldn't help take a longing last look at the Captain, standing on the deck, watching her vanish down a cobbled street.

It was at least a half-mile to the brother-in-law's house where she would be staying until she found her own living arrangements. The horse's hooves on the cobbled stones, echoed noisily off the stone and wood walls of the businesses and ramshackle houses all along the way. As the carriage plodded along, Leeann's thoughts shifted back and forth from observing her surroundings to what life would be like in the immediate future.

Arriving at Thorton's house, the carriage driver helped her out and motioned for a servant to come grab her luggage. Her brother-in-law lived well but not too well. The shipping business was still small but expanding. Thorton's wife, Amanda, set to the task of getting Leeann settled in and updated her on Savanna life as she prepared the meal.

The following day dawned bright and shiny and there was much to do, filling Thorton in on affairs in London. Although Thorton had never met Leeann, his brother had described her to a "T", saying in one letter that she was "a long black haired busty woman with brains". While it was the former two attributes that had initially caught his brother's eye, it was the last that sealed the deal for marriage.

For the time being, Leeann's duties would be to visit some of the local farms and plantations to confirm deliveries of cotton and other raw materials, a large part of the shipping business's income. Until Leeann got her bearings with making calls on suppliers, she would start out with short trips, ranging further as she became more familiar with the area.

It was on the start of a heavy overcast day that Leeann set out in her carriage to visit a large plantation 20 miles south of Savanna. The weather was warm and Leeann had dressed modestly, without the usual multitude of stifling hot bustle and petticoats. With no sunlight to provide highlights and shadows, the landscape just seemed to be a dull gray. It was if all color had been wiped away and replace with a continuous gray. Animals large and small were hard to pick out among the trees and grasses.

Her mind was only half on the task of guiding horses pulling the carriage, mulling over quantities and quality of the goods she would be discussing in a matter of hours, and admiring the beauty of the countryside. As she rounded a bend, cresting a small hill, the road in front of her was blocked by three men dressed in well-worn clothes. Leeann had a very bad feeling about her current situation. Her instincts told her she should spur the horse to greater speed, causing the three men to jump out of the way and let her pass, least they be trampled. Her breeding overrode her instincts and she slowed so as to give them time to move out of the way. To cause injury to any of the three might lead to dire consequences for Leeann.

To her dismay, the three men didn't move out of the way. Instead, one of them threw up his hands in front of her horse, causing it to come up short. As soon as the horse stopped, the center man grabbed the reins and steadied it where it stopped. As soon as the horse showed no sign of advancing, the other two men advanced on the carriage on each side begging for a few coins to buy food.

With an uneasiness brewing between the northern states and the southern states, businesses were not doing as profitable as they once were, throwing a number of men out of work. Some of these jobless men were now walking the byways, heading west and begging for food and shelter along the way. It was just such rabble that Leeann ran into on her journey to one of the farms. Most of the time, handing out a small sum would appease the beggars and they would let you be on your way.

Thinking a few coins would placate the men and impede her travels no more, she bent down to reach her purse. In doing so, the man on the right side of the carriage got a real good look at Leeann's ample cleavage. When she looked back up, the wicked grin on his face caused her to swallow hard. It was obvious she had given him more than what he'd been asking for.

"Would you looky here, I think we hit the jackpot. This pretty lady not only has money to give, but a few other assets as well." as he eyed her from head to toe.

The thought that these three men would be wanting more from her than a few coins, began to cross her mind.

Before she could formulate a plan to flee, the first man grabbed her arm and began to pull her from the carriage. The man on the left side, climbed across the seat of the carriage and help push her out of her seat..

Leeann's struggle to break the man's grip only alerted the second man to grab her other arm, holding her fast from escaping. The third man now approached her and began to give her a good visual examination as well. Reaching for the small purse at her waist, he grabbed it and shook it, listening for how well the coins inside jingled. The weight of the purse and the sound it made when shook, told him there was plenty to go around for the three of them.

"Take her up onto that grassy area over there and we'll see what else she has to offer." At 5'2", her assailants had at least another half a foot in height on her and her struggles were no match for their strength. From the time she was picked up from the roadway, to the time the three men reached the grassy area, her feet never felt solid earth.

The third man's rough hands brushed the shoulders of her dress down over her arms, causing Leeann to squirm in the grip of the other two men. Her first assailant then took hold of each side of the top of her dress and yanked violently down, ripping the fabric almost to the waist. All three men grinned ear-to-ear as her two perfect globes of smooth flesh spilled out into the open air.

Thinking she had a chance if she could cause painful indignities, she tried a swift kick the groin of the man in front of her but it was deflected. Almost as quickly, a flash of sharp, cold steel was inches from her face. Her eyes grew wide with fear and her mouth became as dry as a cotton ball. Her eyes fluttered then closed, unable to witness what was about to happen to her. She felt a tug on her dress at the waist and the sound of material parting. She could only surmise that her dress was being laid open by the blade of the knife.

When she was dragged off her feet and laid on her back, she still refused to open her eyes, hoping it was all a bad dream. The cool breeze between her legs signaled she was no longer wearing her pantaloons and that her legs had been spread wide apart. It could only mean one thing; her body was to be used by the men for who knows how long and in what ways. It was hopeless to reason with them and she felt the only way to get through the ordeal and keep her sanity was to completely close her mind to what was happening to her.

As rough lips sucked her nipples and rough fingers stroked her slit, she knew she had to let herself get partially aroused in order for her sex to create enough lubrication to avoid having her insides rubbed raw. Feeling the weight of one of the men covering her and a hard, warm shaft of flesh at the entrance to her sex, she braced herself. All hope that she could persuade her attackers to stop, faded when she felt his member push all the way into her, his hairy balls making contact with the bottom of her slit. Leeann was at the mercy of the three, as the first man drove his hard member into her sex repeatedly, as the other two were mauling her breasts and nipping at her nipples with their teeth. From the way they talked, it was going to be a long afternoon, leaving Leeann well used before it was all done.

A withdrawal and a repeat of the impalement was cut short when she felt the full weight of the first man's body collapse on top of her and go limp. She failed to notice the high-pitched 'pop' that preceeded his collapse. A warm trickle of liquid dripped onto her face.

As she opened her eyes to see what was happening, she felt one of the men that had been sucking her breast, suddenly release his grip and grab at a shaft of metal sticking into his neck. A few seconds later, the third man was pulled free of her and sent tumbling. Having been pinned to the ground by the man collapsed on top of her, all that she could see were two bodies thrashing around on the ground a few feet away. A flash of steel came down on both and the thrashing stopped.

Leeann felt the weight of her limp attacker rolled of her body. Too emotionally drained to care, Leeann felt her body being carried to her carriage. The opposite side of the carriage dipped and the carriage was thundering down the road. Still in a daze, she barely heard her savior tell her his name and explain that he just happened to be riding by when he saw her being attacked. She should not worry about her attackers making a second attempt, as he had put a bullet in to one's head, a knife into the throat of the second, and the third joined his cohorts demise, with a blade to the chest.

With an air of expediency in the whip, the carriage's steed made good time to her rescuer's home. She again felt her body carried, but this time to an upstairs bedroom where she was placed on a soft bed. She felt the moist coolness of a wet cloth remove the dirty evidence of her recent ordeal from her skin, then have her body covered with a thin bedspread. Hours later, she would find the strength to alight from the bed and find a dress, of her approximate size, laid out for her on the chair.

The house was mostly quiet when she ventured down the stairs. As she made her way down, the only sound she heard was occasional footsteps in the study. Peering around the doorway, she spotted the man who had saved her. His mind seemed preoccupied with something. When he did notice her, it was a look of concern that then changed to relief when he was able to tell she was up and moving about.

"It appears you are feeling much better. Are you unharmed?"

A nod from Leeann eased some of the tension and helped him be more at ease.

As he tried filling her in on what had happened; how he had just happened along when she saw the three men attacking her. A single shot from his pistol dispatched the first man, his knife thrown at the second man eliminated him. The third man took more effort. It took much more effort to overpower him and dispatch him as well.

As Jonathan spoke, Leeann seemed more intent on studying his features than listening to his words. From his looks, Leeann could tell that Jonathan was a man of good breeding. Dressed in white breeches and black waistcoat, he was an impeccable example of a gentleman; nearly six foot tall, black hair, brown eyes, and solid muscle all over.

Taking her by the hand, he took her on a tour of the grounds, stopping at the stable to show off some of the fine mares in a small fenced in area.

From his earlier conversation with her, he had learned her name. Now he used it to pose a question.

"Would you like to take a ride around the grounds, to get a better idea of my plantation? I'm sure you will be most impressed with what you see. Besides, the ride will help you forget what you went through earlier."

Since this gentleman had saved her life, Leeann felt obligated to at least accept his invitation. It took only a few moments to saddle two of his sleek mares. When both mounts were saddled, his strong hands lifted her onto the back of her horse. A quick swing of his legs and he was atop his own steed. A light touch of his heels and they were off on a brisk walk down one of the fence lines. Leeann was indeed impressed with Jonathan's accomplishments. She could tell there was much about his plantation that showed promise for the shipping company.

As they made the rounds, her thoughts sometimes strayed, thinking what a fine specimen of a man that was riding next her. By the time they made it back to the barn, she was totally enamored with Jonathan. He had saved her life and had been such a gentleman.

Dismounting, he gently lifted Leeann down from her horse, bringing her close to his body. Feeling no resistance from her, his arms drew her closer until her lips almost touched his. She knew it was not entirely proper for her to kiss him but she couldn't resist. As her lips touched his, it felt like electricity tingled her body and a fire in her breast. It was only a matter of moments until she had succumbed to him totally.

Before she knew it, she was laying beside him on a pile of hay, his strong arms around her, taking her to heights of passion she had not known since the last day of the sea voyage. His lips played across her body, drinking in the softness of her bosom, lapping at the sensitive areas that formed the peak of her breasts. His gentle thrusts into her sex brought exquisite moans to her lips. When it came time, she wrapped her legs around him and shuddered with climatic excitement, finally to bask in the afterglow of her release, and the smell of fresh hay. Exhaustion and contentment allow her to drift off into a satisfied slumber. Her bliss was broken by what sounded like a light banging of the barn door, swaying in the wind.

"Ileeana, snap out of it, its two o'clock, time for you and I to make our rounds to take readings."

With that, Roger left the room, the heavy steel door banged on the doorframe on his way out. It was a repeat of the way he had made his entrance. A half awake Ileeana lifted her head from the table where she had been napping, and followed after Roger through the same door he had walked out of. As she opened the door to follow after him, a puff of air blew a few bits of straw from her hair, unnoticed, onto the floor.

To be continued . . . .

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