tagTransgender & CrossdressersLiving Doll Ch. 03

Living Doll Ch. 03


After being awoken early by my mentor Alishia, I dressed myself in my maid's outfit which I put on after donning my bra, panties, garters and stocking. Alishia "fixed" me so there would be no cock bump showing from under my undies. Along with her supervision, I managed to do a decent job applying my make-up.

We both went to Cheryl's bedroom to wake her up but found her already awake. Tanya was busy munching on Cheryl. Alishia and I stood there watching and although it seemed like an invasion of privacy, it seemed natural for us to watch. We waited until Cheryl climaxed and sprayed Tanya with her girl cum. I had heard about and seen movies about squirting, but this was the first time I had witness it live. It was exciting and sensual to watch.

After ensuring Cheryl was aware of our presence, Alishia and I went to prepare breakfast. Simple juice, coffee, toast. It was a beautiful morning and Alishai thought it would be okay to eat on the patio. We all sat down at the table in the warming sun. It was then I noticed the pink pill in front of me. Neither Cheryl nor Tanya had one, but Alishia did except hers was a diamond shaped baby blue.

"It's a vitamin, Andi." Cheryl explained. "Now be a good girl and swallow it down."

Once breakfast was finished, I helped Alishia clean the dishes. She then told me. "Go strip Cheryl's sheets off the bed. I'll be by shortly to instruct you how to fix it."

I entered Cheryl's bedroom to find that she was still there dressing. She was just stepping into and shimmying up a powerful red coloured skirt over her hips. It covered up the black panties, garters and seamed stockings she had on. Next was a crisp, white linen blouse which covered up her black, half cup bra.

"Andi, be a dear and help me with the buttons." Cheryl asked but I deemed to be an ordered and obeyed.

The blouse was tight around her torso. The buttons strained to hold against the force of her ample bosom trying to pop them apart. Her hard cherry nipples very evident through the starched material but covered up by the red suit jacket I help her put on.

Cheryl and Tanya left together for work at the Doll House offices. I stripped the dirty linens from the bed and waited for Alishia to provide me with more instructions. It was a number of minutes before she arrived. She showed me where the sheets were kept and told me how Cheryl preferred to have them put on. "You will change Cheryl's daily. You can change Tanya's once a week or when she asks you to change them."

I later realised that Tanya spent more time in Cheryl's bed than her own.

I took the soiled sheets along with whatever washable items Cheryl and Tanya had in their laundry hampers down to the washer/dryer room. Alishia showed me how to work the machines. She also told me I would need to hand wash the delicates by hand before she left me to do some other work around the house.

I picked up a pink satin and lace panty. It was darkly stained especially in the gusset area. I took a sniff and immediately identified it as girl juice. Pretty much all of the panties I washed out were stained in a similar manner.

Finished the hand washing and needing to wait for the machine wash to dry, I went up to see what help I could give Alishia. She was busy writing out a list. "Cheryl called to tell me there is some special news so we're preparing a nice meal for tonight."

After changing into some nice, outside appropriate clothes, we took the Lexus LS to the store where Alisha gathered and purchased her groceries. It was a nice, privately owned store that provided everything we could need. Everything was put on account.

"Andi, this is Mr. Green. He is the owner of this establishment." Alishia took me to a private office and introduced me. "Andi will soon be taking over shopping responsibilities from me in the future."

"Very nice to meet you, Mr. Green." I smiled. The short Asian gentleman smiled back as he rose to accept my offered hand then looked at Alishia.

"Mr. Green provides us with special delivery and services to the Manor." Alishia told me. "While it is free, he does expect some sort of gratuity."

With that said, I stared in shock as Mr. Green unzipped his pants. I stared in awe as he pulled out a thick, eight inch penis. I stared in amazement as I watched it harden to over ten inches.

Alishia placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees. Mr. Green stood in front of me and guided his erection to my mouth. The large gob of clear pre-cum moistened my lips. I needed no more prompting or instruction and opened my mouth. I surrounded my lips around his plum sized knob to suck down the nectar from his leaking pee hole.

I wanted to take it all but couldn't manage more than four inches. I choked and coughed as Alishia chuckled. "Don't worry. I did that too when I started. I'll teach you how to suck cock properly."

Although it had to be twenty minutes of sucking, it seemed too soon before Mr. Green emptied his balls. I'm not sure of the last time he came, but there must have been a cup of cream that poured into my mouth. It filled my cheeks too quickly and was too much for me to swallow it all. What I couldn't gulp down, squirted from my mouth or out through my nose.

Then I couldn't take any more. I could barely surround his base with my hand and pulled away from his ejaculating erection. He just kept cumming as I jerked him. A couple of final blasts painted my face with creamy white.

Alishia laughed loudly as she told me. "Come along. We need to get back to Doll Manor."

Mr. Green offered me a tissue but it was quickly cum soaked as I tried but failed to wipe myself off. I had to walk through the store to the parking lot with my face and clothes obviously covered in cum. Safely in the car, Alishia told me how proud she was of me. By the time we got home, it had caked and crusted that I could hardly smile.

There were a number of things to do first. Alishia did not provide me with time to clean up. Then Mr. Green's son arrived with the groceries. He was taller and much more built than his father but was not as blessed. "Tipping" him was much easier, although I now preferred Mr. Green. Most of the groceries were perishable. Alishia made be put the things away before she would let me change. When I finally returned to my room, I looked at myself in the mirror. Mr. Green's dried cum and his son's fresh cum was everywhere. In my hair; on my face, neck and chest and all over my clothes.

I thought it would be easier to shower than to just wipe it off. I stripped down; I peeled off my panties to find them soaked with my own cum. I slipped under a warm spray. I used the DH wash products to clean off Mr. Green's DNA but wondered how to clean the wig? "I'll have to ask Alishia for the best way."

I dried off and found Alishia had laid out some wardrobe for me to wear. The pretty coral pink underwear included a new triple A bra and panties along with of course garters and stockings. Hanging from the wardrobe was a new pretty sundress that would match my underwear perfectly.

"That is for tonight at dinner." Alishia told me. "For now, get dressed in your regular clothes and help me with dinner. Make sure your face is done up nicely."

That evening went Cheryl and Tanya arrived home, Alishia told me to go change into my new outfit. I took off my house work things. My stubby nipples stuck out hard like a magical force was pulling at them. When I put on the bra, the loose, lacy cups tickled them and almost made me orgasm. The panties were actually tiny G-strings. The small triangular material easily covered my penis especially after I tucked it under. The thin string cut between my ass cheeks and I could feel it against my asshole.

After hooking on the suspenders, I unpackaged the new pair of stockings. They felt different; softer; sleeker. I looked at the package and was pleased and surprised to find them made from silk. As I carefully pulled them over my pointed toes and up my hairless legs, the sensation was completely new and unimaginable. I attached the clips onto the darker welts and adjusted the length. The way the felt. The way they made my legs look. I started to cry. Good think I hadn't done my make up yet.

I sat at my mirror to apply my paint. I decided to try to match the prettiness of my underthings and used more coral and power rose colours. I carefully pouted my lips as I smoothed on a bright pink shade of lipstick then lined it slightly darker. I sealed it with a gloss to help prevent any smearing.

I did the front buttons of my pretty dress. The hem was about five inches above my knees. The shoes were matching pinkish, 5-inch heeled pumps.

I was so ecstatic until I realized I still had to put on my wig. It still had big splotches of Mr. Green's and now his son's dried cum in it. Unsure of what to do, I put it on anyways then made my way down to the others for dinner.

I entered the sitting room where I found Cheryl and Tanya waiting and enjoying a cocktail. Cheryl looked at me and smiled. "Andi. You look very beautiful. I hope you like the new outfit I got for you."

"Yes, thank you so much. I especially love the stockings." I felt a lot better until...

Tanya stared at me. "Yes, you look so pretty. But what's that in your hair?"

"We went to Mr. Green's. It's probably dried cum." Alishia told them as she entered the room. "Dinner is ready."

Appetizer was Scottish smoked salmon with avocado and mange toute.

"So Andi." Tanya started. "Tell me. How did you like sucking on Mr. Green's big, fat cock?"

I was slightly taken aback by the question. Quickly recovering, "I was surprised when he pulled it out and shocked at the size it grew to but after that I just felt the need to suck him. It was very difficult to get more than a couple of inches in my mouth."

"I think he enjoyed it a lot." Alishia added. "You should have seen how much he came all over Andi!"

Entrée was prosciutto wrapped tenderloin of Bison and au jus.

Magical tasting Mousse torte for dessert with coffee.

"Cheryl." I wanted to broach the surprise topic. "Alishia said there was some special news."

"Ah yes. A special surprise for you, Andi." Cheryl sipped her tea then put the china cup back down. "The Doll House wants to launch a new line of Doll House clothing. Tanya and I decided that you would be the perfect model to show the buyer."

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