tagIncest/TabooLiving in the Woods with Grandpa Pt. 02

Living in the Woods with Grandpa Pt. 02




It's been a few days now since the death of my mother and my grandfather is getting ancy. Don't get me wrong, I want him as much as he wants me, but I don't want Dylan or Judith to suspect anything, not like it will be a big secret later.

Hearing the alarm go off, I reach out and slap my hand over the clock "damn alarm." I lay there in bed for a few minutes longer and stretch out before I begin my day as the "woman" of the house. With a big smile on my face, I get up and dress and head down to the kitchen to start on breakfast before I have to send Dylan and Judith off to school, I on the other hand don't have school due to some water main break in town, which means my grandfather and I will be alone.

"Good morning Alex." I look over my shoulder with a smile.

"Morning grandpa, hope you slept well?" Grabbing a bowl from the bottom drawer, I put it on the counter, when he comes up behind me and presses his body up against mine letting me feel his hard-on.

"How do you think I slept?" he moves his hips up and down on my ass as he hands move to the front of my body cupping each of my breasts. I respond immediately by pushing my ass back wanting to feel every single inch of him.

He lowers his head whispering next to my ear "How long are you going to make me wait Alex?" his voice sounding of want and need. "I want you in my bed tonight, do you hear me young lady. No more making me wait. Tonight, I make you mine!"

My body arches as he nips on my neck, dry humping me and getting me very wet.

"Alex!! have you seen my school bag??" Dylan's voice echoes throughout the house making me and grandpa stop what is going on.

Breathing a bit hard and a bit frustrated now, I turn around and look at my grandfather who is trying to push down a huge erection.

Grinning as I lick my lips, I answer my little brother who is hollering once again "Umm, I think you left it down here in the living room and will you tell Judith to hurry up or you both will be late for school--again!!" I look at my grandfather "I don't think I can wait till tonight."

The huge smile on my his face was all I needed to make me all hot and bothered inside, but that was short lived when my brother Dylan and my sister Judith came in fighting on who was better as some game, by the time they got down to the kitchen grandpa was already sitting down at the table hiding his huge bulge in his pants.

"Enough you two, now sit and eat your breakfast before Mr. Jones swings by to pick you two up." Dylan looks at me confused now.

"What about you? Aren't you going to school today??" he asks me as I shake my head.

"Nope, got a call from Jessie to let me know that there was some water main break and the college got flooded, so I have the next few days off." grinning big at the fact that I will be spending it doing god knows what with my grandpa.

"No fair!" Judith says, but laughs "Grandpa hope she won't bore you to death with her silly stories." We all look at him as he just smiles back us.

Twenty minutes later, I'm handing Dylan and Judith their backpacks and shooing them out the door "Have a good day at school you two!!"

Standing at the door, I feel two hands grip my hips firmly as he begins to dry hump me again "Grandpa." smiling I watch my two siblings being driven to school as my grandfather is fondling me behind the door.

"Hurry up and close that damn door girl, you said you can't wait for tonight, well now I can't either!!" he pulls me back just as I swing the door shut "come here!" he turns me around bringing me in for a deep passionate kiss.

My arms wrap around his neck, holding him tight. His tongue seeks entrance as it begins a game of chase with mine.

He picks me up easily and carries me to the kitchen table. Sitting me on the edge, we break our kiss "You do realize that grandpa hasn't had his breakfast, right?" he looks at me with a slight grin "and I am very hungry."

He leans down and claims my lips in another kiss till he leaves me breathless.

"If you want, I can fix you something." my mind going totally blank at that moment as he chuckles low.

"Oh it's not food that I'm craving right now Alex." seeing the blank stare on my face, he takes a seat at the end of the table "Take your shirt and bra off for me sweetheart." he leans back watching my every move.

A little bit nervous because I've never been with a man, I know I'm in good hands with my own blood. I reach down and pull the shirt up and over my head, tossing it to the side. My breast rise and fall with my breathing and he is so transfixed on them "You like what you see their old man?"

He moves his hand down to the front of his pants "I maybe old, but I sure ain't dead." he gives me a head nod to continue, I know I can't clam up now, not when we are this far into it.

I bring my hands up to the front of my bra and unsnap the little hook, letting my lace bra open up and slip down my arms "all yours grandpa." my voice low with desire, I watch him stand up and take a step forward. My legs open up for him as he puts his hands on my shoulders and gently begins to push me down onto the table.

"So beautiful, so firm, so perfect." his mouth covers one on my nipples as he begins to suck on it. His tongue flicks the tip of the nipple bringing it to a harden state, that's when he takes it between his teeth and tugs on it making me moan out.

"Yess, do it harder." I asked and I received. He begins to put more pressure on my nipple, while the other hand kneads my breast. Arching my back off the table, I want him to be as close as he possibly can be. My hands reach down and grab hold of his hair "grandpaaa" if this is getting me hot now, I can imagine what it's going to be like when he fucks me later.

He moves over to the other breast and does the exact same thing knowing it's getting me close to my first orgasm by him, but just before I can explode, he stops working on my breasts.

"I know you are close, I can tell, but I want you to cum when I'm feasting on you." he squeezes my breasts together "I can't wait to taste you." he places a kiss right in the middle of my chest "Now to remove the rest of your layers."

He sits down once again and pulling up a chair right between my legs "Now let's see what we have here." he teases me. My legs dangle off the edge of the table, when he gently takes hold of each ankle he places my feet on his shoulders

Caressing my calves, he turns his head and starts kissing down my leg "so soft, so smooth." he says after each kiss. Lower and lower he gets until his mouth is right over my now drenched pussy "my my aren't we a little wet."

I moan out as he palms my pussy and starts to just move his hand up and down "grandpa, please!!" my breath, now coming out in short pants.

"Ok, I won't torture you any longer." he stands up as my feet are still on his shoulders, but they slide down his chest where I'm now in an L position. He slips his fingers over the elastic band of my silk bottom pj's and begins to pull them down and over my ass cheeks, then up my legs until he completely removes them "that's better, right?" he looks down with a devilish grin.

"Yes, much." I quickly answer him.

He runs his hands up and down my legs once again as he takes a seat. My feet go back onto his shoulders where he now has a clear view of me. Nothing is said at the moment because I don't want to interrupt what he's doing.

He spreads my legs wider, when his hands slip under my ass and pulls me to the edge of the table "Bon Appetite." he says just before his face literally dives into my pussy.

Crying out in pleasure, I reach down and take hold of his head pressing him closer to me "oh god yes!!" I lift my head to look down as his eyes meet mine. His tongue flicks my clit sending shivers up my spine, but what has my body jerking a bit is his thick finger that is sliding into my pussy. He pulls back for a moment to look at me.

"I'll be inside of you soon, need to get you ready first." he slips in another finger, stretching me out, when he stops at the barrier "You know I'll have to break through your hymen and I won't lie to you, it may hurt, but only for a bit, then all you will feel pure pleasure I am going to give you." he pulls his fingers out and brings them to his mouth as I watch him suck my juices off his fingers "mmm I knew you would taste delicious." he goes back to fingering me and eating me out on the kitchen table.

The pressure is too much for me as I can feel my orgasm coming on strong "can't hold it much longer grandpa, I'm going to cum!!" it doesn't faze him one bit as he keeps going.

My lower body rocking up and down against his mouth, his fingers, I grip onto the side of the table as I scream out "I'M CUMMING!!" my legs clamp together, locking his head between my legs as I finally cum for him.

My grandfather pulls his face from my pussy licking his lip "Damn girl, I didn't know you were a squirter, that makes it even hotter for me." he says with such enthusiasm while I lay on the table trying to catch my breath.

"I'm glad you approve." I manage to say to him with a satisfied smile on my face. I watch him stand up as he's unbuttoning his pants, then sliding the zipper down. He lets his pants drop, pooling around his ankles.

"The next time, I'll have you pleasure me, but right now I need to be inside of you." he strokes himself as he steps forward. The tip of his cock slips into me, stretching me to accommodate his size, when he says to me "tight, but we're going to fix that."

He slips his arms under my legs and takes hold of the side of the table, opening my legs even wider making it easier for him to slide all the way into my virginal body.

Arching my back off the table from the sensation of him pushing his thick cock into me, I whisper out to him "it's big grandpa." but there is no way in hell that I'm going to tell him to stop and pull out, I want this as much as he does.

"I'm almost all the way in baby." he says when I feel the tip of his cock reach the barrier he has to push through "remember what I told you, it's going to hurt for a moment, then it's all pleasurable." nodding at him and giving him the thumbs up, he doesn't waste any time. He pulls back just a bit, then thrusts into me in one quick motion, ripping through the thin layered skin making me his woman now.

He doesn't move right away, until I let him know I'm good "fuck me grandpa, fuck me hard." all I hear is a low moan from him, when he pulls back and slams his hips forward "yes, that's it!!" I keep telling him as he drives into me harder and deeper each time.

All you can hear in the kitchen is the table screeching, our bodies slapping against each other and our moan and groans from our fucking session.

Grandpa leans forward still holding tight to the side of the table as he drives his cock into me "You feel so good Alex, I don't think I can last too long here." he leans his head back when I sit up and kiss his neck and wrap my arms around his torso, digging my nails into his back.

"I don't think I can last either grandpa, I'm about to cum again!!" he moves his arms to where he can embrace me and hold me still when we both cum.

"Alex, baby...I can't hold it, I'm about to cum in you." his hips begin moving faster, his cock going in as deep as it can go to the point it's hitting my cervix "Cum with me Alex!!"

We both cry out from our simultaneously orgasms. My head drops back as he buries his head in the crook of my neck as he fills me up with his seed "oh yes grandpa, that's it, give me everything you have!!" and that he does. I never knew he has do much spunk in him that it felt like he would never stop filling me up.

"Holy Shit Alex." he laid me back down on the table as he rested his upper body on top of mine "I don't think I have ever came so much like I just did, not even when I screwed your..." he stopped himself before mentioning my mother.

"Not even when you screwed momma." he looks at me shocked that I knew he messed around with her. "You looked surprised that I knew." caressing his face "I found out 2 years ago that you and momma were sleeping together. It should of creeped me out, but instead it turned me on." giving him a kiss, he lifts himself off me and pulls out, helping me sit up on the table.

"What else do you know that I don't know?" He reaches over and grabs the paper towels, tearing a few sheets off he hands them to me.

Taking them, I begin to clean myself up as he does the same thing "I know that you have an older daughter that had a son, but grandma chased her off." he nods as he cleans himself up.

"I know that Dylan and Judith are yours, but they don't know that. They think their father is dead and that momma came to live here because of that." he exhales as I continue "Dylan thought that Mark, my father was his father as well, but Mark was a total asshole to him and told him that he wasn't his father and he didn't know who the hell it was and he didn't care." feeling bad telling him this, he asked what I knew.

"How do you know that Dylan and Judith are mine?" he asks me while pulling up his pants.

Chuckling "Are you serious? Have you seen Dylan and yourself? You two look exactly alike as well as Judith." I hop off the table and move over towards him "Look grandpa, I don't care if you're their father, I've kept that secret so far and I don't plan on saying anything to them, if you want to tell them, then that's on you, but I won't say a word. All I want is what you and momma had. A serious relationship like if we were a couple. Why do you think I said to you that I'll do anything for you?? I want what momma had and that's you." pulling him in for a kiss, his arms wrap around me holding me firm against his body until I pull back and stare up at him "and that includes you getting me pregnant. I want to have a baby, your baby."

He grins "just like your mother, huh." I nod "well then, I guess it's official, huh." he claims my lips in another heated kiss when I feel him getting harder again.

I break our kiss and step out of his arms and say to him "I'm going to shower if you would care to join me. Who knows, you can get me pregnant in the shower if you already haven't gotten me pregnant just now?" I look over to him with a huge smile as I already know the answer to that question.

As he's about to answer me, there is a knock on the door. He looks at me "Go on and I'll meet you up there after I take care of this, ok." I nod and make my way up to the bathroom that's connected to my bedroom as I wait for him to join me.

Downstairs my grandfather fixes himself and makes sure that the table is clean and not like he just had sex on it. "I'll be right there." he calls out and does one more inspection.

He walks over to the door and opens it "Can I help you?" his voice dies when he sees who is standing right in front of him.

"Hi Daddy." says the woman on the other side of the door.

His only response is "Roxanne, you're back."

End of Part 2

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You’re writing is awesome and me being a grandpa, gets me very excited.

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Wonderful story

More grandfathers should love their granddaughters the same way

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Please continue....

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Yes, a family fuck fest!! They all need to fuck.

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