tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLiving Sex Doll Ch. 03

Living Sex Doll Ch. 03


My two fingers split her. Knickers to one side, spreading open her filthy pussy. Lush hot thighs covered in our cum, all sticky and thick. My hand slid from her neck and down her body as I kissed her lovingly, softly, like only post-orgasmic kisses can be. She wanted my mouth, she was hungry for my tongue.

“Mmmm,” she sang, feeding me hers.

Tongue for me, my hand holding her breast, my other splaying her twat.

“You’re so dirty, girl,” I said, “you’re pussy is filthy.”

I felt at that moment we were doing this together. She wanted my bastard, impressed by my bastard. My two fingers slid from her slit and I drew them up to her mouth.

“You’re going to be so filthy for me,” I told her.

I smeared the cum onto her lips. I couldn’t wait to enslave her. Her beautiful spunky lips. I wanted her to have more, so I split her open again. There was lots, her vagina was really dripping. Very messy hairless cute pussy. Lovely and messy and swimming. The sound of her beautiful young squelching labia. I love dirty cunt, especially when it’s so young, so pretty, so perfect.

“I’m going to be so bad to you,” I said.

I smeared her bee-stung lips and they shone so beautifully. Cum all around her mouth.

“Lick your lips,” I said.

The girl obeyed, her tongue rounding her inflamed lips. Then pursing them just in time for another taste. Spunky fingertips rounding her mouth and across her lips. Each time my fingers went down on her, her ass bucked back, pushing her bound hands onto my hanging cock. I started to slowly finger-fuck her cum-filled hole and my beautiful sex doll took my dick. Her fingertips sliding around my slippery cock head. Pushing my foreskin back and forth as I lavished her purring pout with more of our cum.

Her gaping, shining mouth and her bandana eyes. Spunky lips and glowing skin, cheeks and chin greased with lovely warm cum from her sticky box. Again, my two fingers. This time inside her mouth. She sucked on them willingly, her tongue licking my fingers as they retreated.

She was all mine. I owned her.

“I like that,” I said.

She smiled and hummed, “Mmmmm,” as I gave her my fingers again.

Slick trails across her face and down her neck, which I felt compelled to lick off. A cocktail of our cum, sweet and salty, sticky and thick.

“Are you my bitch?” I whispered in her ear, my warm breath and a kiss on her neck. So softly.

A quiet room, just my voice and the distance traffic way below outside the window. Sunshine washing over her thighs and tits. Dull, warm air, fuelled by the light. A hazy toasty den. Quiet, so quiet, so we can hear our sex and I can hear her dirty mouth and her words, like they’re fuck-me-poems. So she can hear my bastard’s voice clearly. My cruel words. My hard talk and my instruction. In her place, behind her bandana eyes. Helpless and constrained. So alone with only me here in the darkness. Knees hurting, blind and powerless. Letting herself go, revealing her love to submit. Her vagina felt huge and she wanted something in her cunt-hole right now.

She felt my hand back in her knickers and she gladly and eagerly pushed her wet mound into my loving grip.

“Yes I am,” she decided.

My two fingers back inside her as her fingertips slipped around my swelling cockhead.

“Tell me.”

The girl choked a little at she felt my fingers push deep in her.

“I’m a bitch,” she hissed, “your bitch.”

It made me harder watching her lips say the words. She was trying to wank me, but the angles were all wrong.

“Convince me,” I said, coiling my free hand around her waist.

Her spunky mouth opened and I held her whole twat in my hand, squeezing it firmly.

“I’m a dirty whore,” she stammered, “.....I need lots of dick.....ooo-oh!”

She bucked hard into my dick as I fingered her roughly. Screwing her hard and squeezing her mound in my palm.

“Tell me,” I said.

“Tell me,” she countered, “.....tell me what will convince you.”

“Do you need instruction?” I said.

The girl nodded, breasts heaving, “Teach me.....tell me what you expect of me.”

My sticky fingers splayed her flower and my middle finger stroked her clit. I watched her expression become almost desperate and her thighs began to shiver, from trepidation or my strokes I’m not sure. Soft strokes to her clit and deep rough fingers into her snatch. I began alternating between the two and my cock was almost hard again. Her wet fingertips danced against my hot balls.

“You’re very cute,” I said.

She was surprised by my kiss on her spunky pout, and she hungrily took my tongue into her mouth. A spunk-sucking-smooch. Like dirty old men give to little girls who don’t want it.

“Let me prove myself to you,” she said as I raped her mouth with my tongue.

And screwed her cunt with my fingers.

“Your mouth is filthy,” I said, “like a cumslut.”

“That’s what I am,” she said, “a dirty cumslut.”

“Like a cocksucking slut who loves cum.”

“I do....I love it,” she said.

She was in the midst of my tough finger-fuck, her fingers holding my balls, my cock digging into her back.

“Mmmmm,” she hummed as I kissed her, “I love your big dick.”

I licked her lips and drilled her dripping box.

“Big dick in your mouth?”

“Mmmmm,” she said.

“Fuck your mouth?”

“Fuck it.....fuck my mouth like you fucked my cunt.”

“Oh, sweetie,” I said stroking her neck with my free hand, watching her messy mouth say such glorious things to me.

“Stick it in my mouth and cum on my face.”

She bucked violently as I stabbed my fingers into her, holding her ass against my cock by my two fingers in her.

“What else is going to convince me?” I said.

She shook her head, “I dunno,” she said.

Fingers retreat, pussy splayed, my sticky two fingers massaging her clit.

“I’ll tell you,” I said.

“Yes, tell me,” she said, “I’ll do anything you want.....anything at all.”

Her head sank back onto my shoulder, sweet neck arcing as I started finger-screwing her tenderized vagina very gently, trying to find her cervix and touch her depths. My middle finger so deep inside her. Pushing hard. My finger wasn’t long enough to make her squeal.

“My bitch loves to suck my balls,” I said.

“Oh, yes please,” she sang.

“Tell me,” I said, “want it.”

Her concentration was fading, consumed by the rapture in her molested pussy.

“Please, Sir,” she said, catching breath.

“Please, Sir what?”

“Please,” she gasped. “I want your cock and balls in my mouth....I want to please you....I want you to be happy.....I wanna make you cum.”

“Anything I want?”

“Anything.....and everything,” she said.

She opened her mouth wide and my hand slid from her pussy. I liked the rim of her mouth and kisses followed, with a slow swirl of our tongues. She felt my hands on her hips. As I stood she sank back down onto her heels, thighs burning in the sun, knees aching for relief. Warm sun across her sweaty belly and her steaming breasts. And her neck and her face and through the bandana onto her eyelids. Disorientated in the darkness. Cooler, as my shadow lay across her.

I pulled her dress down over her knees and I stooped to kiss her, holding her head in my hands. Fingers through her hair. A suggestion to tilt her head back. She obeyed and licked her lips and waited for my balls. Standing legs part, I dangled my hot, hairless balls over her face. Sensing the heat on her spunky lips, she sent her tongue forward to greet me. Little wet paintbrush swirling around my smooth sack.

“That’s it, sweetie,” I said, “that’s a good girl.”

My balls slid over her creamed skin, cirling her mouth. Hot balls on her cheeks and chin. She was yearning to be used, turning her head, mouth opening. My cock was soaring and I wanked slowly, holding her head steady with a clutch of hair at the back of her neck. There was no complaint, just hunger. Hungry for a mouthful. Her soft lips slid around each in turn, making them soaking wet.

“Oh, that’s lovely,” I sang, “suck my balls, bitch.”

“Mmmmm,” she hummed, nostrils flaring.

One ball and then the next, as I stroked my cock up and down, up and down. I really wanted to degrade her. I wanted pure filth. What fuelled my desire was her. She was beyond performance and into the realms of real desire. I kept asking myself the question ‘How can a girl so beautiful cum the hardest when she’s being used?” My balls popping from her sticky lips and I rubbed my shaft across each cheek. Circling her mouth with my cockhead as I tilted her head forward.

I knelt in front of her and she bent right over until her head was in my lap, like she was praying. Hands bound behind her back. Her face was a sticky mess and I pushed my cock into it. Holding her head against my spread thigh and feeding her with my other hand. Sucking the head, licking the head. pushing my cock in and out of her dirty mouth. In and out, in and out.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said.

Especially with my bloated cockhead between her bee-stung lips, all greasy and slippery.

“Open your mouth.”

Her mouth opened and her chin dropped and I fed my bitch. My shaft didn’t touch her lips going in and her tongue instictively tucked down to let me through. My steaming dick in her mouth. At the back of her tongue. Shiny shaft and her yawning mouth. She just felt the head at her throat and she cackled and suddenly felt silent. Her head fell almost limp in my grip and I heard her grunt as my dick touched the back of her throat. Bandana eyes silent, lips closing around my shaft. It was so quiet. All quiet, but for her moan as I pushed my cockhead against her throat. It was exhilerating. Her nostrils were flaring wildly and she swallowed my head. Her head bucked in my grip and I held her steady and she wasn’t breathing at all, just swallowing. Head after slippery head into her throat. Rocking my hips from side to side as I held her head right there and she went down on me.

“Oh, fuck,” I cried.

I held her head lightly, guiding it, as she bobbed up and down on my prick. Straining to deepthroat me. The head and a little bit was all she she could take, but that was more than enough to send me to heaven. She was masterful, and finally, after a dozen swallows she came up for air. I took the opportunity to kiss her ravenously and wipe my now dripping cock onto her lips.

“Again,” I commanded.

Her mouth gaped again without ceremony or introduction, her nostrils flaring as she swallowed my cock. Bobbing, giving me the deepest head. Shaft running through her stretched lips and my cockhead in her throat. Her lips tore from my shaft and she squealed as I pulled her onto me. It was suddenly and it made her gag. Really deep. Just one, almost two strokes and I pulled her off. Her mouth yawning and she coughed twice and moaned almost deliriously. Lots of spit. Makes a girl’s mouth run when she deepthroats. All wet and running and slippery as she sucks my cock. She’s humming beautiful yummy-noises as she goes.

“Mmmmm.......mmmmmm.......mmmmmm,” and a grunt and a gasp for breath.

She’s right back on my dick. Being a glutton about it. It’s so beautiful to see a girl so hungry, exposing her private slut. I pulled her head back by her hair and she whinced and I kissed her cocksucking mouth. My sweet fucktoy. I kissed her, rubbing my cock over her breasts. Lifting my ass and circling her stiff nipples. Round and round as I licked out her mouth and jacked my cock. Stroking my cock against her chest and down and around each tender young breast.

“Sticky young tits make me want to cum,” I said.

She smiled, and laughed and I silenced her with cock.

“Nice and deep, sweetie.”

She opened up and I fed her and I pulled her head down on me.

“Take as much as you can,” I said.

And she tried. She tried so hard. I was so proud of her. Choking to get me down and bobbing, bobbing.

“Deeper,” I begged.

Deeper, I could hear it in all this silence. I could hear the stickiness of her throat and feel all her efforts to swallow me.

“Mmmm, yeah,” I sang, holding her hair back and watching my bitch deepthroat me.

As she began to strain, I began to cum. I pulled her head off and my cock slid from her mouth and she gagged and began panting feverishly. Eager for air, eager to swallow.

“Stick out your tongue,” I said.

Her lovely, pink, dripping tongue emerged. My fist was rampant around my dick. Pumping as hard as I could. Driving me to a frenzy. I pulled her head forward and I beat my cock ferociously in front of her open mouth and tongue.

“Encourange me,” I demanded.

She smiled and licked her lips and said, “Give it to me.....cum on my pretty face.”

“Oh, you dirty slut.”

“Shoot for me,” she insisted. “Come on......I want you to.....”

Her tongue came out and in the darkness she found my cock and lashed at it.

“I’ll drip for you,” she said, “....let me feel it.”

She did. Right then, making her flinch under the bandana. My hips jerked and my cum shot across her lips and the blindfold. Again, her tongue swirling in the air trying to catch it. The third jerk splashed her tongue and she licked her lips with it. I managed a fourth short burst than struck her chin and ran down her neck.

“So, beautiful,” I said, sliding my cumming dick around her covered mouth.

“I aim to please,” she said.

She sucked gently on my deflating prick, suckling the softening head. As I stepped away to admire her, she began dripping. I could only imagine she was dripping from her pussy to the carpet, but I could see my spunk dripping from her face. Ocassional streams across her tits and a torrent over her chin. She looked so gorgeous. Creamy drips of cum on her little black dress where it sags between her thighs.

I sat back on the love seat under the window. I took a swig from the bottle of wine and looked at her. My dripping sex doll. My cock was wasted and she looked so pretty, so pretty-made-messy. I watched in silence as her legs collapsed and she rolled onto her side, dress hiked, tits spilled. She just wanted to breathe at that point, as did I. This being Amsterdam, I lit a joint. All sweaty, mind crystal clear all of a sudden. Enraged lust discipated as I sat there limp and contemplative. My doll lay below, spent for the moment, savouring the dull pain in her knees. A relief to be off them, all aching, like her pussy.

I had an urge right then to tend to my girl. She needed tender loving care and a sip of wine and a pee, no doubt. I felt nothing but love, knowing that loving this girl would bring us back to where we’d just been. Although the urge to go over to her and fuck her with one of the dildos I bought in the sex-shop was huge. I reminded myself I had all day and all night, too. I’d fucked my cute young whore and I was going to rest for a while before I fucked her again. Thinking about it, I could hardly wait to make her cum again.

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